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Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Brother 13: The Overnight Report

Good Morning, BB Lovers!

Happy Monday!

Good luck on your first Monday back to work after the live feeds kicked on! ;0) I have extra coffee going for anyone who needs it.

As I begin writing at 2:42am BBT, the HGs are up and active on the live feeds.

Cameras 1 & 2 are with Jeff, Cassi, Shelly & Kalia on the backyard couch. At 2:45am, Cassi & Shelly say goodnight and head inside, taking Cameras 1 and 2 with them into the bathroom where they are talking game. Cameras 3 and 4 are with Lawon and Dominic on the Hammock. After the ladies head into the bathroom, cameras 3 & 4 split between the backyard crew.

Spark up your feeds if you've gottem, and get the free trial if you don't.

New to BBDish? The Overnight Report begins around the midnight hour and continues til each of the HGs is asleep. It covers important, funny and dramatic moments from the live feeds that happened while you were sleeping... The Overnight Report also includes time stamps and camera numbers, so you can go watch and enjoy for yourself in the flashback section of the feeds.

Just for flashback giggles, pick your 10pm BBT poison.

On Cameras 1 & 2, we have happy backyard bonding with Jeff, Jordan, Lawon, Kalia and Cassi.

On Cameras 3 & 4, a funny drinking game with Rachel, Brendon, Porsche, Adam, Dominic and Dani.

OK.. time to get crackin' on it! I'll be posting a couple sections at a time, so please feels free to refresh this post every 30 minutes or so, until she's all done!

There was an intense amount of game talk in the house last night, I'm starting TOR (The Overnight Report) a little early...

11:33:20pm BBT
Cameras 1 & 2
Rachel & Porsche

Porsche tells Rachel the Cassi has talked about nominating her and Brendon.

Porsche: Keith's all, "I just want you to know, don't trust Dominic...because he's working with them..."
Rachel: With us?
Porsche: Yeah.
Rachel: There's no them against us, 1st of all, cuz that's just not gonna work..
Porsche: And then Cassi's all, "We have to have the balls to get rid of them" and then she's like"Do you have the balls, when you win HoH, if you're able to win HoH, that you'll be able to get rid of them?" And I'm like, "It will be a while before I can win HoH...

***since she'll be getting the golden key, if she stays and Keith goes, and will therefor not be able to play in any comps, but will also be safe from nomination or eviction until there are 10 players in the house.

Porsche: ...and by then you'll be a bigger threat.
Rachel: Do you know for sure that Cassi said that?
Porsche: Yeah, she said it to me and Dominic in the room.
Rachel: When did she say that? Recently?
Porsche: Yeah, today, before we all fell asleep.

***...after you brought her in to the fast disappearing circle of trust.

Rachel: oh my gosh.. She's such a schemey...
Porsche: She's all, just out of curiosity.. And I'm like, well, personally, I like to know what people are doing... For sure, they're schemers and Dom is 100% with them...
Adam said he's going to vote with majority,. but he likes me and he doesn't like Kalia... And yeah, (Adam also said) Cassi's a schemer, Dominic's a schemer... I'm pretty sure he said that to me to see if it would spread...

Rachel: Wait, so who was in the room when Cassi said that?
***Testing Porsche, are we, Rachel? She told you 90 seconds ago: Dominic was in the room.
Porsche: It was Lawon and Dominic.
***Good test!
Rachel: Lawon was there?
Porsche: Mm hmm.
Rachel: Cuz, I don't think Shelly feels that same way.

Porsche concurs. Talk turns to Keith and his not campaigning right now, which they both attribute to a plea for sympathy votes.

Following this conversation, Rachel heads into the Storage Room with Jordan to tell her what Porsche has said about Cassi's being after them... Both Jordan and Rachel agree that Cassi is a bigger threat than Dominic. Jordan and Rachel also both agree that they themselves will be the targets within their duos in the event either pair goes up on the block.

OK.. we've gotta press on to midnight. There's a ton of ground to cover.

12:01am BBT
Cameras 3 & 4
HoH Room
Shelly & Rachel

This conversation begins with Rachel telling Shelly that, paraphrasing, "Someone told her that Cassi's trying to get the newbies to get her and Brendon out.." Also, Rachel compares Cassi to Erika Landin from AllStars, in terms of her game play - the ultimate floater and manipulator extraordinaire. Shelly confirms to Rachel that Cassi wants to keep Keith. Oddly, Rachel tells Shelly that "Brendon told me I'm not allowed to talk game without him."

Rachel offers an overview of the house dynamic as created by the casting choices, then moves forward into the present... and the cloud now over Cassi's head. Let's remember what Shelly said in her DR last night - While Shelly adores Jeff & Jordan and everything they stand for in this game, she is pretending to like Rachel because she's in power and she will say anything she wants to hear. Has that changed since that DR was filmed? Only time will tell.

Rachel: So Dick is gone now. It's totally different now. We all know it.
Shelly: Right. Well, and you guys are in control. It's obvious. I mean, you're very strong at competitions. That's what's so different about this year: you're in control.
Rachel: Right.
Shelly: It's a great way to be. Believe me, as great of a person as she (Cassi) is, and she's a great gal, but you can't play both. It never has worked. It never will work.
Rachel: Ever.
Shelly: And so, when I hear that, it makes me nervous, because it puts the suspicion on us.
Rachel: Well, i want you to know, the reason I asked you to come up here, is because ew know that it's not you. 100%.
Shelly: Yeah, you will never hear my name...
Rachel: We know that.
Shelly: It's not me, and I wont do it, and no one will ever come and say that I do it, because I just don't.
Rachel: The thing that really drives me crazy is that..
Shelly: She knows that if you, Jeff & Jordan and Brendon get down to the end, she has NO chance of beating you, so she's trying to get the other people to knock you guys down, so she can go further.
Rachel: Of course. I understand. It's a game.
Shelly: But what I don't understand is how people (Cassi) think it wont get found out.
Rachel: Right.
Shelly: Cuz it does.
Rachel: It does get found out, and we offered you guys a deal, and we pulled you guys aside, and.. we're not saying that to everyone..

**ahem.. cough...

Rachel: There's no point us saying that to everyone. We wanted to like, legitimately work with you.. You never know how the games gonna go, but if we can trust each other, then, even if Brendon and I get split up, well, that's fine, but when it gets down to the golden key and there's 10 people, we're gonna be like, it sucks that I lost Brendon, but I have all you guys, and we're all fighting for each other.
Shelly: And I'll fight like crazy for you too.
Rachel: Me too.
Shelly: I will. Like I told you from the beginning, I have different motivations. I will fight for you.
Rachel: Thank you.

Shelly: I'm not gonna play that game. If Cassi wants to play that way... I love her as a person, but.. If you're gonna get blood on your hands, get blood on your hands. Don't try to put if off on someone else.

And we're pressing forward! If you'd like to watch the this exchange between Rachel and Shelly in the Flashback section of the Live Feeds, please go to July 11 2011, 12:00am, and I recommend Camera 3, because it alternates the most close-ups of both women.

12:06am BBT
Camera 3
Purple Room
Jeff & Jordan

Jordan tells Jeff what Rachel said about Cassi. Jeff berates himself for wanting to trust her... among other things.

Jeff: Yeah, he's (dominic?) leading the charge, so if we cut his head off...
Jordan: Mm hmm
Jeff: I like the odds, but I hate the f'ing game. I might as well just pick with my eyes closed, cuz i get the answers wrong anyways. I went out on my own question last time, remember?
Jordan: (tells Jeff what Rachel said)
Jeff: They're all rallying together.. Of course they are.. I think she just draws hysteria... We know it's gonna be this way every single week until these couples go.
Jordan: I know.
Jeff: Sucks because like, we get out Keith, who's a good player and Porsche gets to go to the jury house.

***He's not keen on the Golden Key situation, as it applies to others, especially newbie others..

Jordan: I know.

Jeff: Know what I mean? It doesn't make any sense. And say it goes our way next week.. We get Dominic out. Adam automatically gets to go to the jury house. (long pause) It's an uphill battle for sure.
Jordan: mm hmm.. I wish we could both get that key.
Jeff: That's what makes it sh*tty. We split. No matter what, one of us gone, one of us to Jury. So if they get us now, we're not gonna to spend the whole summer together, ya know?

12:18am BBT
Cameras 1/2
HoH Room
Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan

They're discussing the events of the evening and they've now correctly concluded that Cassi, Keith, Dominic and Lawon are in an alliance, and that those 3 will be voting to keep Keith. Be that as it may, they still feel confident they'll have the votes to oust Keith, because of their own 4 votes - Jeff, Jordan, Brendon & Dani - plus the newbie votes they do feel secure about: Kalia, Shelly and Adam.

They move on to talking about their targets. Jeff is honed in on Dominic as target number one, but says he has no problem sending Lawon or Kalia home either..

12:32am BBT
Camera 3/4
Cassi & Adam

Cassi's campaigning to Adam on Keith's behalf. More, she's campaigning hardcore against Porsche.

Cassi: (talking about having Keith under her influence) ...I'm like listen, we saved you, we kept you here, and I'm tellin you right now, you put up one of us, it ain't gonna matter if you make it to final 2, you will not have our votes, so You're gonna be stickin' around and spending your summer, but you will not have a shot at the money... if you don't put them up. Call it a threat. Call it whatever you want. Right? Do you agree with all that?
Adam: I do.
Cassi: Right? I just don't see anything good about keeping her. She's not gonna put them up. If she hasn't already made a deal with them, she probably will...

Cassi's campaign continues, if you'd like to catch it on flashback...

12:39am BBT
Camera 1/2
Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Dani

They're discussing the weeks ahead, planning their best options for who to have available to compete in endurance... Dani says she's almost positive Endurance will be week 4. Rachel say is was week 3 last season.

Meanwhile, on Cameras 3 and 4, Brendon is talking with Lawon in the Purple Room. He tells Lawon that they were good to their word in keeping him safe this week, and they'd like to see him up in HoH later to get his input on who to put up next week. Lawon assures Brendon he's with them 100%.

Back up to HoH...

Dani, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan rehash the endurance comps from their own seasons for a moment, Jeff talking about what an animal Russell was in one of the endurance comps...

***aaah.. Russell... happy sigh.

This conversation is long and touches on their feelings about all of the newbie HGs, who they want to target, which of the newbies they believe will be throwing the HoH, which of them are being honest, and who they feel they really can trust... Around 10 minutes into the conversation, Dani tells them that she feels like Lawon is the sketchiest HG in the house.

12:53am BBT
Cameras 1/2
Lawon & Dominic

Lawon tells Dominic he'll vote to keep Keith, if that's how the majority of the house is going, but he'll also hold it over Keith's head forever. He plans to tell him...

Lawon: Just remember, you needed me before I needed you, and you f*cked me, and I want you to remember that. You f*cked me, and I didn't want you to."
Dominic: Yeah.
Lawon: And after all that, I still voted for you.

Still, both are saying they'll vote with house majority, whichever way it goes...

Then they move into rehash mode over the altercation between Lawon and Keith the other day that was orchestrated by Jeff, who sidestepped all blame of association because Brendon and Rachel took the reigns...

Dominic tells Lawon that Keith told him that Brendon told him to call Lawon out in front of the whole house, and that he told Keith not to fall into the trap the Alumni were trying to set for him..

Dominic: I was like, How Stupid are you that you don't see that? And he's like, well, who are you with? So I'm like, if you have a problem with Lawon, talk to Lawon, but don't call him out in front of the whole house. Then he goes to Porsche and asks if he should do it, and Porsche told him not to, because it would make the 2 of them a bigger target.. and then he went and did it anyway. It was in front of everyone. We we all sitting over there watching.
Lawon: I thank G-d that I didn't snap like I could have...
Dominic: What started it all?
Lawon: I think he was scared.. and I totally understood that. The main thing was he said, you went around the house and told everyone I was human resources. Dom, the truth,when he told us that, I never told anyone.... He went on and on..

Daniele joins them around 1:04am, and game talk ends.

Meanwhile, up in HoH, Jordan's talking about Cassi with Kalia and proving she's got game.

1:12am BBT
Camera 3
Kalia and Jordan

Jordan: I don't know.. I haven't talked game to Cassi.

Kalia: Yeah, I wouldn't. I honestly wouldn't.. The only conversation I've had with her was, "I thought you and I were vibing, then every time I came over to the conversation, you left." She's like, "No, no, no... if anything I felt like we've been talking more. I would say something, if otherwise."
Jordan: I like her, but I feel like her and Dominic are like, too close...
Kalia: Then it's probably one and the same.
Jordan: And we heard that (they're coming for us). I'm not saying we're gonna win. That's a long ways away.. I just wanna make it...
Kalia: Yeah..
Jordan: Get all those other people out and then when the clicks are done and we all play on our own, it'll be like, alright, now you can put me up.
Kalia: Play our own game. Exactly. Cuz it's not like that double... whatever. And Adam? He's such a Chicken George/Jerry.. He knows who he would put up. I think it would be easy to work him, especially working the whole angle of "look, we haven't made any deals with anyone, but we'll pull you in, if you don't put us up, " kind of thing..

***which they've already done.

Jordan: Right..
Kalia: Umm.. I think that would be a shot with him.. Cuz you have to cater to the things people respond to, and he's such a big fan. Umm.. Dominic would put y'all up. Lawon.. maybe, maybe not..
Jordan: If it's still in clicks, we're not gonna put y'all up..
Kalia: The only reason I say, not Lawon, is he'd have to get through me first... He's beginning to realize that of the two of us, he's flubbing up and trusting the wrong people. Like, think about the stronger people in the house, if you put them up and they get off, they're gunning for you the next week.
Jordan: Right.
Kalia: Umm.. Cassi and Shelly? Who the hell knows who they'd put up. But I think Cassi would put you up, because of her association with Dom.

***All Jordan has to do is sit there. She's not HoH. She has no power this week. All she has to do is sit there and say yeah, and Kalia's giving her the straight dirt on everyone in the house...

1:42am BBT
Camera 3
Have Not Room

Kalia's alone in the Have Not Room, deep in thought, and bless her, she decides to share those thoughts with us...

Kalia: ...Dominic would put up Jeff and Jordan, and they're my biggest allies. I could do the same thing with him. I could tell them to put me and Lawon up... just give him the golden key.. I don't wanna do this.. I wanna go back to my man, get married and have kids.. (snort!) So not true.. But.. that's what I could say to appeal to that... I know you want to get bigger threats, but take the easy out. You don't wanna put up people who fight hard coming after you. You don't want people who can win sh*t coming after you.. And Brendon and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan can win sh*t. Honest. They've already done it.

Kalia: Cuz that's the beauty of it.. The people with Golden Keys can't compete, but they can still vote. So, I'm like really safe. I just need to keep my allies in the game. Honestly, the best plan may be to put me up, knowing that we have the votes for me to stay.

***Slow down. Offering yourself up to the whim of the HGs is never the best plan. Being super sure about it, even worse. Ask BB8 Dustin.

BB: (we hear) Brendon, please go to the Diary Room.

Kalia: If I go to them and I say, look, I think I may have come up with the perfect plan, in the event we don't win HoH... I can go to any one of them and give them a free pass and basically say, I don't wanna be here, this is not what I wanna do.. Y'all know that I've been back and forth, and weird and moody and whatnot. And basically, literally ask to go home. Ask whoever it is to put me up. This could be amazing, if it works.

Kalia: Ask them to put me up, knowing I have the votes to stay... Gah.. watch Lawon's shocked face when he walks out the door.

The feed leaves Kalia and goes to the Candy Room, where Jeff and Jordan are about to partake in some "Canoodling."

Come 2 am, Brendon and Rachel are Up in HoH on Camera 3, talking game. They're nervous about next week. However, Brendon's confident that if they're nominated next week, they will win the PoV.

Brendon: It sucks, because, at this point, I feel liek I would be more confident on the block than off it, if we're not in power. Know what I mean?
Rachel: Yeah.. If we get to play in the PoV.

It's all conjecture at this point, since we don't know who will be in power next week yet, and Jeff's downstairs talking game with Cassi, so we're going to join them...

2:am BBT
Cameras 1 & 2
Backyard - Couch
Jeff & Cassi

Cassi: The way things felt comin' into the house, ya know.. the unsaid thing amongst everybody, with the sides of the house.. Like I've said to you, I didn't come in here to play that way. I thought it was gonna be 13 random people, all never been in here before, playin' a game.

Kassi: My big thing is just um.. I like people personally, and as long as I can leave here with my integrity.. That I didn't attack anyone's character or hurt anyone on a personal level, then when people gotta go, they gotta go. I like everyone here. There's people I'm closer to than others, as far as friendship wise.. But I wanna go as far as I can. I want Shelly to go as far as she can.. As far as "sides of the house," Shelly and I both agree we can't play that way.
Jeff: Yeah, that's why I try to stress, let's get to the final 10, and then let's play. Cuz then everyone's on their own. Everyone. You can fight for yourself to get off. Then it's the game. This is hard with the Golden Keys. No one wants to bust that trust. Everyone on your side still thinks it's "sides."
Cassi: Absolutely. And just being honest.. Because everyone feels that way, would it scare me getting towards the end with you and Jordan and Brendon and Rachel? Yeah... Because I know y'all wanna protect each other and ya'll are in duos that have history beyond this house. I just want a fair shot. I told Brendon and Rachel the same thing... Same scenario as with Britney last season..

Jeff: I totally get what you're saying.. But people who play both sides in this game get caught up.. You're not gonna go to the final 4, if you don't get with someone to get to the final 8.
Cassi: Absolutely.
Jeff: I know you gotta do what you gotta do. I personally would like to pick off the weaker players, but then you're giving the other player a golden key.. which is f'd. Here, every week is nuts.. Final 2 is so far away, I'm not even thinking about it.. I'm just trying to get to the final 8. I can't look ahead. But I'd like it if it was the strong people who play.
Cassi: Yeah. This is a complicated game.
Jeff: And this is really complicated.. this one. Cuz usually it's not til later that people have their little clicks...

**no kidding!

Jeff: If I told you that you were safe, it wouldn't necessarily be the same if you told me that, because your people would get pissed. Know what I mean?
Cassi: You mean as far as me tellin' you, I wouldn't put y'all up?
Jeff: Yeah.
Cassi: Well let them do that.
Jeff: If you won HoH, you'd be super persuaded.
Cassi: Like I told Shelly, I just want us to get far along, I want us to be with people who can play the game, and that's y'all.
Jeff: Yeah.
Cassi: Like I told her, let's get as far as we can get... My biggest thing is I want Shelly and I to get to the final 10..l
Jeff: As a team.
Cassi: Yeah.
Jeff: I think you guys are strong. At least to the final 10. I wouldn't put you guys up. You guys would be the couple that I wouldn't want to touch. I'm tellin' you that.
Cassi: Just remember, I'm very careful about what I tell anyone, because I don't want to put myself in a position of making promises I can't keep.

3:00am BBT
Camera 3
Lawon & Kalia
Backyard Couch

Lawon and Kalia are touching base, and both agree they're looking pretty good for next week, no matter who wins.

Kalia: I think we're completely fine. I think, honestly, if either side wins this next HoH, you and I are fine. Cuz I was worried.. I was like, do we really have to gun for this next HoH, and I thought, you know what, the way we are, we don't even have to.. which is great.. because I told you, my whole plan was to lay low the 1st 3 weeks. F*ck the Golden Key. We can just walk into the 5th week.
Lawon: (giggling and agreeing)
Kalia: Week 5, I'll be missin' people, I'll be good and ready for a letter from home in HoH...

The HGs were up a bit longer, but I think I've got all the key points covered for you... This concludes The Overnight Report.

As I finish up and look in on the feeds at 7:58am, Shelly is up and puttering about. At the moment she's doing her laundry. We'll open the Morning Report more HGs get up, or in the event Shelly starts talking mad game to us.



Blogger Meredith S said...

Morning my friend,,Can't slee so i'm snooping on you..lol Have a wonderful day Carolyn:)

July 11, 2011 at 3:47 AM  
Blogger Marie-Andree said...

Good morning Carolyn,
How is your back today?
Just listened to E-Dick explain why he left and hope that all goes well with his friend.

July 11, 2011 at 3:58 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good Morning, BB Lovers!! :0) I'm totally in the weeds getting the Overnight Report together for you, so I'll be publishing comments when it's all done.

July 11, 2011 at 5:01 AM  
Blogger christyleigh said...

Good Morning Caro!

July 11, 2011 at 5:30 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn! Good morning BBDishers! This is my first attempt at commenting since The Great Blog Disaster on Premiere Night. I have been trying to keep up with all of your comments though. I'm still getting in the swing of things with the feeds, WOW... I have alot of flashbacking to do! I can see how the feeds can take over your life! :-) Well, I look forward to more interaction with you all. Back to catching up on things. I'll be peeking in periodically. Have a great day!!!

July 11, 2011 at 5:40 AM  
Blogger Danny Deuceman said...

Jeff really hates that Golden Key twist. I wonder why Shelly is throwing Cassi under the bus (which is Rachel), I thought they were friends. I'm loving this season so far. Carolyn you're doing an awesome job with the blogs and FB updates :)

July 11, 2011 at 6:14 AM  
Blogger sodapopp said...

I watched Dick's statement just before I went to bed and I am not totally buying it. If his friend was in some dire need he could have, I'm sure, arranged through CBS anything his firend needed AND sent his friend a personal video message, if his friend was a true friend he would understand that ED was on BB and that that was very imprtant to him aqnd his friend still had his supprt.

Dick needs to realize he is not bigger than the game, he is a player and the game goes on. ED tends to see himself as the Sun of BB and no the game of BB does NOT revolve around him.

July 11, 2011 at 6:37 AM  
Blogger Janice said...

Good Morning Carolyn!!

Thanks so much for your great Overnight Reports, because I ALWAYS fall asleep during BB After Dark and the Live Feeds!

I forgot to congratulate you on reaching 125 lbs; WOW you did great; I need to know your secret! This last 10 lbs is hanging on forever!!


July 11, 2011 at 6:44 AM  
Blogger Dani Garza said...

G'morning Caro and all! :::pouring an espresso and passing it down...:::

Bummer - I missed last night's episode live, and thus that opportunity to chat live while watching with ya'll! :(

Two questions: Am I the only one who thinks that The Regulators are dumb??? 1) That name? really? 2) How can you think you are controlling the house when your little band of four does not have a majority rule? 3) The REGULATORS???

I digress...

Question #2: Has anyone else noticed that there is a sort of cage around the staircase to the second floor? Is there anything else up there besides the HOH room and the chess nook? Any ideas what this might lead to later in the season?

July 11, 2011 at 7:17 AM  
Blogger Andrew Gibson said...

GOOD MORNING BB LOVERS!!! It was a long weekend so im sorry my commenting has been down for a while i should be pretty active the next 3 days before i go on vacation for 4 days but i will be reading from my phone all the bb drama going down...well wow what a first week in the big brother house...i think that keith will go home this week but witht he waivering and fence riding that is going on you really never know and we will have to wait until thursday. But the biggest part about thursday is going to be that HOH competition and i can not wait to see how it plays out looking forward to wedensdays show to see dicks exit not looking forward to actually seeing him leave but looking forward to seeing how it will be cut and spun. I love jeff and jordan so much seeing them on the sow last night and the moments between them they are my favorite alum...right now i think there are two people to watch in this game 1st Dani wow that golden key has sat her in a great oppurtunity right now at this point to watch absorb and let brenchel do dirty work while she makes connections with the newbies...danielle is playing a great game so far and its week 1. 2nd adam watching his dr sessions last niught he has a head on his shoulders a likable personality but what i find intersting is he filld that ED spot that everyone was wanting in the game so i think that will almost play to his advantage also....i still like cassi but nervous about the damage control she is going to have to do after porsche revealed what she reaveals she is still my all around most likable player besides jeff/jo but we will see...ready to see what this week unfolds

July 11, 2011 at 7:19 AM  
Blogger Dani Garza said...

Oh yeah! And one more question, mostly for the Queen Bees of Dish: has anyone gotten a closeup cap of Rachel's ring yet? ;)

July 11, 2011 at 7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

Good morning BB family,

I am going to go read TOR, but wanted to say hello first..

Pam :)

July 11, 2011 at 7:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

Good morning BB family,

I am going to go read TOR, but wanted to say hello first..

Pam :)

July 11, 2011 at 7:40 AM  
Blogger Autumn said...

Good Morning Carolyn!! Thanks for all your hard work!! I am just sitting here eating my Banana catching up on what I missed while I was dreaming and screaming at my dog to stop barking and just get in the bed! She hates when get pushed out by the other dog..Such a baby.

I will be back around lunch to read the rest.


July 11, 2011 at 7:45 AM  
Blogger Cris said...

Good Morning Everyone!!

I'm feeling a bit whiny this morning. Whenever I try to get into the BBDish chat it's always full & it feels like a lot of people are not posting their thoughts here cause they are already talking about them in chat. Feels like I'm missing out on what everyone is thinking.

OK enough whining. lol

Can someone tell me (if we even know) how is Shelly really leaning? The DR clip makes me think she isn't on the returning houseguests side as much as she acts but we all know those little snippets of DR can be misleading.

July 11, 2011 at 7:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone! ((hugs)) all around.

ED's video was great!

Have a super day! I'll try to pop in later. Work comes first!! :(

July 11, 2011 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Goooood morning!!! :0) Phew!! Finished!! What a bear of a TOR! :)

I'm gonna take 5 then come back and greet everyone properly. :)

July 11, 2011 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger Talifalana said...

Hey all recappers,

Just want to say to all the recappers that you guys are doing an awesome job and this is the first place I look for my updates.

I'd just like to bring up a point for possible discussion. For someone who has said that he is over what happened between him and Keith, Lawon sure talks about it a lot. Just about every time he's on camera he's talking about how bad Keith f'ed him and how he's over it and done with Keith. Yet he keeps bringing it up to make sure everyone knows about it.

Do others feel the same way as I do about this ?

Keep up the great work :)


July 11, 2011 at 8:07 AM  
Blogger Terry said...

Morning everybody! I'm ready for some major post-POV ceremony drama that's sure to come in the next few days.

I also saw on my tv listings, ChenBot will be on Craig Ferguson tomorrow night.

July 11, 2011 at 8:11 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good Morning, Meredith! :) Thank you!! I hope you have a wonderful day too!

Good Morning, Marie - Andree! :) My back's feeling pretty darn good, thank you! :) I ♥ Relax the Back!

Good Morning, Christy Belle! :) Happy Monday!

Good Morning, Lucky13! :) I feel ya man! Fingers crossed, we're alllll good now! I look forward to seeing more of you in here! :)

Good Morning, Danny! :) lol! He sure does! Thank you sooo much! I think Shelly's just working the power...

Good Morning, David! :) Happy Monday! I'm quite satisfied with Dick's statement...

Good morning, Janice! :) Thank you very much!!

Good mornin, Dish-Dani! :) Espresso.. YOU ROCK!! I wish you'd been able to be here last night too! We had a lot of fun in the comment section!

3 Answers: 1. No, you are not alone! ;) 2. I definitely noticed the cage. I'm impatiently waiting for some HGs to climb it! I think it's just part of the house design... but who knows what BB has up his sleeve! :) 3. Nope! Not yet!

Good Morning, Andrew! :) Yayyyy for Active you in the comments! Here's the cel link: bit.ly/BBDishMobile :)

Good Morning, Pamela! :) MWAH!!

Good Morning, Autumn! :) Mmm bananas.. Breakfast.. There's a concept! I think my belly wants some too!

Good Morning, Cris! :) No need to whine. ;) Creating the chat rooms on Premiere night was my way of stopping *myself* from whining, because the Comment Section, nay the whole site, was SOOOO incredibly glitchy! I missed the second half of the Premiere completely, whilst banging my head against a wall trying to get it all figured out and fixed! 2 and a half hours later, I decided to let it be for th enight and create chat rooms, so we could all play together. ;)

Now that the Comments are working properly again, we should be all good in here.

Good Morning, JulieB! :) (((Hugs))) - I agree - very satisfied w/ED's video. Have a great day at work! :)

Good Morning, Talifalana :) Thanks very much! Welcome to BBDish! I hope to see you often in the comment section! "All the recappers..." that would be me and Genie Sea :)

July 11, 2011 at 8:25 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Terry!! :) Thanks for the heads up about Julie Chen on Craig Ferguson!! :)

***OK.. time for me to get some excercise!!!! Genie will be opening a Morning Report as soon as either BB wakes the HGs or Shelly decides to talk...

See you later on!!

July 11, 2011 at 8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great TOR..MWAH!!!!I fell asleep watching the feeds, so your report was great..Thank you!!!!!

I still do not trust Cassie, I want to but I don't. I am not sure what Shelly is up to, I think she is trying to work both sides.

Porche was right to go to the Vets and talk to Rachel..Good move..

So much is happening so early in the game, and the GK is really putting a different spin on how everyone is playing.

I am not sure if I believe everything ED said. There has to be more. He loves the game to much.


July 11, 2011 at 8:32 AM  

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