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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon - Kaboom!

Good afternoon, BB Lovers! As we rejoin our HGs, the hunt for the maple syrup continues..

Kenny and Sarah are searching every inch of the storage room... and not finding what they're after: Maple Syrup

Sarah: I'm gonna die.
Kenny: There's a little bit in that container.
Sarah: I used it, and the little bites I had that didn't have it, I wanted to throw up.

They go to the couch and join Rachelle.  Talk turns to slop constipation.  Kenny isn't suffering.  Sarah is, badly.  Arlie is studying aloud within earshot.

While Sarah was weepy yesterday, today she just looks pissed.  This is the look that overtakes her face at the sound of Arlie's voice.

Sarah, Sabrina and Rachelle

Rachelle: Jon is so pissed.  He was like, "Do you think it's that bad?  You're a girl.. would you leave me?" (whispers) Talking to Neda. I was just sitting there, waiting to pee.  And she was like, "I wouldn't.  I think you're fine."  And he's like, "I wanted to go through this whole experience with her, and if something like that is what it's gonna take to end it, well so be it."

Sabrina: I don't know what happened.. that he thinks  his girlfriend would leave him.. and then Arlie came..
**and BB sends us to Hush Hush, very briefly.
Sabrina: He's mad about something.
BB: Stop that.
Sarah: I don't understand why we're allowed to talk about it and we're not. It doesn't matter. I actually don't care at all.

Sabrina takes off, leaving Sarah and Rachelle to figure out a new outfit for Sarah.. perhaps for the live show?

Arlie, Neda, Heather, Jon, Allison, Adel, Kenny

Chatter about a tv show.. Then on to Kenny's injured foot. Back to movies..  And a lull..

Heather: I remember the 1st week being here, and I was like, it's gonna take so long to get to the end.. and now there's 4 weeks and 2 days.
Neda: Crazy shit's gonna happen.
Heather: It's goin' down.

Cam 1 flips to Sabrina, Rachelle and Kenny being miserable on the couch..
Cam 3 follows Sarah around the bedroom.. 

Arlie and Heather

Arlie: I'm good. I'm so glad we can finally chill, Heather, and not have to hide. How are you feelin?
Heather: So much better.

Arlie: Me too. It's so much nicer to not have to pretend.  Too much having to coddle Sabrina and have her feel safe and secure.
Heather: That was really nice of you though.
Arlie: The days were so slow thew last couple weeks.. Now they're back to normal.  Nothin but props to you for everything.  Makin' a big move..
Heather: Thank you.
Arlie: It's important to feel comfortable.  It's good to have real connection and..
Heather: Alliance.. And people who have your back.

Arlie and Heather congratulate themselves for paving the SS' way to the end, although admittedly one or 2 may get picked off... 

Arlie: Me and Deli were talking about it, and we were saying me, you and him have the coolest storylines in here.
Heather: Hit man Shahban.. It's gonna be hilarious.. I hope, when we watch certain episodes, we'll call each other, and be like, are you watching right now?  I'm actually getting nervous that we only have 4 weeks left.  I'm gonna miss you.
Arlie: I know!!! I don't want it to end.
Heather: I wanna see my friends and faimly, but I've really come to like it here.  It's so nice being here.
Arlie: I had an easy road, a weird middle of the riad tough patch, and now glory.. and fighting to the end.  You've made the biggest move so far of the season.  You decided what was going to happen your week.. You had the final say.. You get what you want.  This is your week.
Heather: Your opinion, and the rest of the alliance, meant so much to me.

Arlie: Remember the first time we talked?
Heather: That was game changing.. all thanks to you..
Arlie: It's honestly more you.. I'm so grateful.
Heather: We made a good team.
Arlie: I'll never forget it.  You are the 1st one I had Alliance, Let's Do This talk.. That's why I know with you, the bond is just a bit tighter..
Heather: It's warming.  I'm so glad you turned out to be the good guy I thought you were.

***This is ongoing.. 2:54pm.  It's so overly sweet, I'm about to go into a diabetic coma..

Meanwhile, in the land of the significantly less perky, due to having been boned by Arlie..

Outside, Arlie's now bashing Andrew to Heather.


Sabrina and Jon talk end game.. 

Jon: There has to be a double eviction every single week..
Sabrina: Or an instant.  Do you think it's immediate?
Jon: Yeah.  I think Canada will vote someone like you out.
Sabrina: I think the 6th person.. This week I think is double eviction.
Jon: Double or instant.

Adel announces his spring rolls and fries are ready, and all the non slopsters go to chow down. 

Jon: I'm goin' for 60 laps today.
Adel: Are you?
Jon: I have to. Look what I'm eating.
Adel: I'm doin' 50. 50 with 50 pushups. 

Sabrina: It's so beautiful outside.. Now it's sunny, sunny, sunny blue skies.. I wanna go in the jacuzzi.

Talk returns to how much time they have in the house..
Sabrina: I'm starting to think it could be 90 days.
Allison: Me too.

Back to the food.. All of which is beige and fried.

Arlie: This is gonna f'in put me to sleep.

Arlie and Adel are the only ones left eating. Everyone else ate like there was a fire under their seats.

Jon: Your boob's half out, Ro.
Rachelle: Thanks, Jon.

Adel: F*ck, we can eat, eh?
Arlie: mm hmm
Adel: I might try an eating competition this year.. at the exhibition.. probably get a free pass in it. These turned out not bad.
Arlie: mm hmm.  you cook em good.

Jon, Sabrina, Sarah, Rachelle, Neda, Heather..
More join

Chatter about the 1st 5

Jon: I knew since week 2.
Sabrina: Arlie.. what a nice human.
Jon: Oh, Arlie didn't tell me.  Kenny did.
**say what?

More speculation about what's coming for them in the weeks ahead, in terms of double evictions and instant evictions.. 

Jon: Sarah, you've watched every season?
Sarah: Every season, but I don't remember things like they do.
Jon: I've never watched a season.
Heather: I watched the one with Rachel Reilly.. and that made me want to watch the Canadian one.
Jon: Didn't people hate her?
Sarah: First season people hated her..

Heather: My voice only goes high when I get excited about things.
Sarah: I haven't heard your horrible voice in a while.
Heather: Thank you.

Allison and Sabrina

Sabrina: Why can't someone just defend me?
Allison: I did defend you.  It's killing me to listen to them saying they're gonna take you guys out.. This is not what I want.  I've been trying to figure out in my brain what I can do..
Sabrina: I just want to make it to jury.. I never sad a bad thing about Jon, until I heard that stuff in the pantry. I wish someone.. could just.. Like, I don't think it's a big deal if you say, she really didn't say anything about you until she heard you say something about her.

Door opens.. it's Rachelle.

Sabrina: No, it's fine.
Allison: It wasn't even extra mean.  It was just.. intense, because he was mad.
Sabrina: I wanna know what's the difference of what I did for my alliance, than what Arlie did to us?  What's the difference?
Allison: There is no difference.  At any rate, that's me being real with you..
Sabrina: Thank you.

Adel walks in..

Sabrina: I appreciate it though.  Thank you for that. I wish you would be able to say the truth.. That would mean the world to me. Please.
Allison: (inaudible)
Sabrina: Thank you.

Sabrina: He was talking mean stuff about me, to the point where he was told to stop.
Rachelle: She didn't say what?
Sabrina: No.. just mean stuff.
**This is all backlash from Sabrina's comments about Jon's girlfriend yesterday, which were over the top rude, and may well have caused the girlfriend to revoke her waiver.. No one in the house is allowed to say her name anymore.  Sabrina has a very selective memory of her own words in the house, and therefor has no idea where this new animosity is coming from.

Green Couch
Neda, Jon and Sabrina

Neda: You, Allison and Rachelle were working together.. against your alliance.
Sabrina: What?? I cannot wait for you to watch theshow.
Neda: I can't wait either.

**Neda, although very smart, is dead wrong on this one.

This is getting very heated, covering the whole season.. I've never seen Neda nasty before. It's rather shocking.  Here's the clip:

If you've got feeds, now is the time to spark em up. It's a must watch!

Sabrina leaves the couch area.. Neda, Jon and Heather chat nicely. Then it's Sarah's turn to blow up on Sabrina..

Sarah and Jon, Arlie listening

Sarah: Don't ask me to tell you stuff now, when  I had your backs, and I'm backdoored. Now you've got people definitely in the house who are coming after you.  Allison will go whereever the power is.
Jon: We are the power now.
Sarah: I can't handle Sabs.. You know I can't. It's a game.  I know I make it easy for you guys to evict me, because I'm not mad, but I wish you hadn't done that.

Sarah and Kenny

Sarah: OhmyGod. It was so crazy out here.
Kenny: I didn't hear anything..

They move to the Jacuzzi area..

Sarah: Jon told Sabs that you told him about 1st 5 week 2.. She looked over at me and I'm like, I don't care. To me, it didn't matter, because I wasn't 100% 1st 5.. I was 100% us. She came downstairs and started some big family meeting, and they were all yelling.. and after all the yelling, she was like, "Jon, I was never coming after you!!"  And Sabrina looked at me, and she's like, you were with the other side?  I'm like, :Stop Right Now.  Go Somewhere else.  I'm not speaking one more word with you." THen you came out.
Kenny: Jesus.. Can't leave the kids alone one minute.
Sarah: I think she may need a psych consult.  I was like, "Sabrina, I'm going home. If anyone should be screaming, it's me."

Kenny: Anything that's in the past, I don't care..
Sarah: She's like, "I'm just so hurt.. Did you know Kenny told him?" For her to feel so betrayed.. Be quiet.
Kenny: I did tell Jon. I wanted him to be in.  I told him, but then I told him it was over.. Basically I was telling him to establish loyalty.
Sarah: That changes absolutely nothing for me.
Kenny: For me either.   She can see nothing that she does, but only things that are done against her.
Sarah: Neda was pissed.. Really going at her.  I think it's kind of ironic though, with Neda, since she was in this girls alliance doing the same thing with Jon. 

Kenny: I should just go in there.  Yes, I told him.  Who cares. Everyone was doing the same thing.  It just turned out that now you guys are on top.  If I win HoH, watch the f*ck out.  Whatever. Oh my.

Sarah: I just need her to stay away from me for a little while.. 

4:04pm -- Sarah tells Kenny her bathroom conversation with Jon.

Sarah: I do kinda hope another blow up like that happens, though. It's so entertaining when you're not a part of it.

Checking the other feeds.. Neda, Jon, Heather and Allison are chatting on the couch..  No game or explosiveness from anywhere but Jon's bum... Then... back to Sabrina, Neda's fierceness, and Kenny's having told Jon at week 2.. Talk turns to the scary nightmare Jon had last night.

Sloppy Pow Wow

Heather: It started with her asking how long Jon has known for.. ANd then he tried to say it was breaking apart.  Then she said, let's be real for a minute..
Arlie: I don't get what she was trying to say.. She was like, "Why do they think Jon was a target of mine," And I was like, "because he was a target of our whole alliance for the past few weeks." Then she's like, "You'll see." Yes, we will. Then she'd say I swore on my Nona this..
Neda: She kept saying you do everything for your alliance, and she said, but he wasn't my personal target.
Arlie: Then Neda's like, you didn't answer the question at all..
Heather: Then she called her out to Rachelle.. For being in an alliance, and Rachelle's like, I'm not in an alliance with her.
Arlie: When she called me over and said Real Talk, I was really ready for it.  I've acted like such an idiot in all conversation with her..

And on and on.. The video's up there.  This is their recall of it.  I'll let you now when they say anything new.

Arlie: From that conversation, I'm just convinced Sabrina..
Neda: is a dumbass.
Arlie: Is a liar, and is confused with what's real in her own mind. I'm just confused why I got called over.  What else could she have expected my answer to be?
Neda: i don't get what she expected you to say.
Jon: She was like, you'll see, you'll see... I found it weird..
Neda: Then she turns to Ro.. And she's like, Ro knows I was gonna vote her out over Kenny.  I feel bad for Ro.
Heather: She's so nice, and she had offers of other alliances in this game.
Adel: Did she?

Neda: Sarah and Sabrina were already stewing..
Jon: Sarah really exploded.
Neda: She just kept saying "I don't get why you guys are getting me out." She's the closest ally to Kenny, that's why.
Arlie: She could've been here with us if she was more trustworthy.. But she wasn't.  She's too shifty.

Adel: I was telling Heather and Neda the whole time.. Mumsy's gonna come over. Just wait..  (then to Allison) We were like, who's the strongest to beat Kenny.. You.
Jon: And you spelled Cry!
Allison: I'm sorry! I feel like the reason I was put up was so I would come over.
Arlie: That is the only reason.
Heather: And I wanted to make sure we could trust you and have you want to come over.
Arlie: But the inception of the reasoning was for you to beat Kenny.  You're a better competitor.. 

Adel: And if any of us won, you were coming off.
Arlie: Fact.

Timecheck --4:45pm

Neda: All I can imagine of the 1st 5 is you guys having meeting in the slums.. and Sabrina coming out like a little rat.  I was like, can you be any more obvious..
Arlie: She just had a lot to say, and she felt good when she got it all out.  Me and Sabrina rarely ever met.. We didn't talk for long long periods of time.. THen in the end, I started meeting with her, and she started giving me all this extra info about Kenny and Sarah.
Adel: That must've been so hard for you.
Arlie: It was.  It was the worst.
Heather: This is what I always imagined Big Brother to be like.. Separate alliances all in the open..
Arlie: In different areas..

Allison runs through the week by week for BBCan1..  Last year this week, there was an instant eviction.  This week, in case you tuned out during the live show or the Sunday show, there will be a double eviction on Thursday night.

Adel: This bear reminds me of my little niece and nephew.  You can totally manhandle them and they can't do anything about it.

Talk turns to Andrew. It's his birthday tomorrow. Allison may bake a cake...

Allison: All the times I was told not to talk to you, Deli, and I was like, why?  He's so cute!

Arlie climbs under the covers with Adel.. The girls may work out..

Sabrina and Rachelle

As I arrive, Rachelle's just getting out. Sabrina's wondering what's going on inside, but she seems worried about Rachelle getting pulled in, and then she'll have no one.

This concludes the afternoon update!  I hope you've made it home safe from work or school! Enjoy the feeds tonight.  I'll see you back here in the morning. 

If you're not in Canada, and you'd like to watch the FREE Big Brother Canada live feeds or participate in the show, you'll need to use a VPN to get around their geo-blocking.  I recommend HMA.  It's $11/month and worth every penny.   There are cheaper options, but they tend to be rather problematic and laden with malware.  Get going with HMA, and you'll be able to watch the feeds in HD, catch up on any episodes you've missed, participate in the show and have full access to the bigbrothercanada.slice.ca site.

☺ P.S. Though super easy for most to install, HMA has really helpful customer service for the less than tech friendly, like me..  If you'd like more info, I've got a How To post just for you.



Blogger Unknown said...

Good afternoon Carolyn...

1/1000 checking in to say hello...hot in L.A. today so enjoying the spring day...different from summer heat...

Thank you for you posts...xoxo
enjoy the day..


April 8, 2014 at 12:06 PM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hi Pammm! :0) Hot here too! I took a quick ride at noon - drenched! It felt about 90.

April 8, 2014 at 1:24 PM  
Blogger erinnyc said...

You arrived just after Rachelle peed in the jacuzzi. Ewww.

April 8, 2014 at 7:03 PM  
Blogger Mom2Five said...

Thanks so much enjoyed reading hugs all around ❤️❤️❤️

April 10, 2014 at 5:33 AM  

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