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Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Overnight Report - Is that Gunshots?

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Saturday!☺  Today in the BB16 house, PoV Player Picking and a PoV Competition.  When will either of those happen? Your guess is as good as mine.  I'd lean towards later on the comp though, since the backyard is still open as I write this..

Either way, we'll be here with the live feed updates and spoilers, so you can get out and enjoy your weekend however you choose.  BBDish is super mobile friendly.  Just take us along, and stay in the know.

For a quick sum up of Friday,  Derrick nominated Caleb and Jocasta.  Nicole nominated Amber and Donny.  Amber and Donny won the Battle of the Block, which unseated Nicole from HoH, and left Derrick in power and Caleb and Jocasta on the block.  As it stands, Devin is still the backdoor goal of the week.  For quite a bit more detail on all of this, please have a look at yesterday's posts: Battle of the Block SPOILER & Aftermath, Nominations Spoiler and Aftermath, Friday Morning - Last Minute Scramble Before Nominations, The Overnight Report - Caleb the Knight in Shining Armor, A Brand New Week - HoH Reveal.

Cam 1
Christine, Nicole and Amber

Christine: Did you feel like you were gonna throw up too?
Amber: No
Nicole: I know Jocasta wasn't feeling well this morning, and that would've dehydrated her more.
Christine: You guys, starting tomorrow, I'm gonna eat healthier.
Amber: I'm down.  I'll do it with you.. unless I'm on slop.

Christine: How does it feel being in a Frog Suit all week?
Nicole: Well, Julie, it Sucks!
Christine: You have 5 personalities and they all Suck!
Nicole: I'm taking over Pao's word.
Christine: She was such a firecracker.
Amber: We'll see her soon.  Well, not too soon.

Christine: Donny convinced Nicole that she was gonna be backdoored if she didn't put another BombSquad member up.
Amber: Oh Donny.. I told her today, if I won HoH, she'd be safe.  If you know you can work with someone and just put things aside.
Christine: And now you're safe. no matter what.
Amber: I feel bad for Caleb. I think he really is just hoping.. I don't know where his head's at..
Christine: You gotta get him pumped.  Did he feel guilty for doing that?
Amber:  I don't know.. I gave it my all.  I said going into it, let me just play the game. I wanna see how I can do.  I wanna beat you..

Brittany and Victoria enter.

Cam 3
Backyard Couch
Nicole, Donny, Hayden, Amber joins..

Donny: She even sits like a frog. Maybe the Veto, we can be in on it, and they'll offer 10,000 dollars..
Hayden: There's gotta be a money comp soon.
Nicole: Ya never know.
Donny: We ought to notice how they have stuff when they lock us in and when we come back. Like these pears here..  If they get us up at 9..

Amber: Honestly..
Hayden: Hey Nicole, do you know how many hops a frog takes in one day?  All I know is I would take one hop and it would be to you.
Amber: Oh my gosh, Hayden..That'd be cool if you made frog pick up lines.
Hayden: I've already got like 8 or 9..

Nicole: Devin, work up that sweat.. How many laps did you do?

Amber and Donny notice how much Hayden's form has changed.  He's gotten a lot more definition..

Hayden joins the guys playing pool..

Brittany and Victoria
Cam 1 and 2

Brittany: Caleb's the one who's manipulating everyone's votes.  He will not give up on anything. Any competition that deals with strength, he's got it.  He was in the military.  He's trained to not give up.  Not just that.. He's playing for 2 people right now.
Victoria: But Devin..
Brittany: Trust me, I want him gone too.. But he's weak right now.  And.. he's going after guys.  He's not worried about us right now. Caleb is vicious.   He'll go after you, unless he wants to use you like Pao.
Victoria: I don't think Derrick would take out Caleb.
Brittany: No..
Victoria: You have to win the next HoH.
Brittany: I feel like I'm mentally not into it when I'm out there.  Maybe it's because I'm not sleeping.
Victoria: It's definitely because you're not sleeping.
Brittany:  I get too paranoid.  I wanted to apologize to Nicole and Christine.. I just think we'll never get Caleb out.. Why not get him out first.
Victoria: I wanna win HoH.  But the HoH is so confusing.
Brittany: Yeah

Victoria: You really think we're Caleb's targets before the guys?
Brittany: Who else would he put up?
Victoria: Cody..
Brittany: Why Cody?
Victoria: Because Amber flirts with him all the time.

Brittany: Come join us!! At least you don't have to sleep on a lillypad.
Nicole: This sucks.
Brittany: But you look adorable.  You really do.

They're appreciative of the wine BB gave them.. Brit complains that they don't get more.  Talk turns to Devin.. He's on the elliptical, smiling.

Brittany: He's all yeah, look at me, be scared.  Maybe we should call you Lilly.. for Lillypad.. and we'll put a pink bow on you.
Nicole: I can not not not believe I have to wear this on the live show... Brittany.
Brittany: We should paint your toes.
Nicole: For my goodbye message, I'm gonna say, Ribbit.. I hope it's Devin.

Nicole: I finally cried today.. It felt good.  HoH sucks you guys.  Clearly, I'm in a frog suit, and I had to nominate 2 people and I didn't want to.  But hopefully, everything's fine.  Joey and Pao are watching the show.  It's nuts.  I was running out of clothes, so this is great.  I get to take a break, my clothes will seem brand new, and hopefully I'll get a rockin' body.
Victoria: I'm really tired.
Brittany: Me too.
Victoria: I'm gonna go to sleep soon.
Brittany: Me too.
Victoria: Are you sleeping with Amber?
Nicole: I wanna sleep in the Rock Room.  I wanna cuddle up with Hayden.  I'm kidding.  I'm sleeping with Christine.. I hate the Rock Room.
Brittany: I'm not cuddling with Amber.  She's nice to me out of nowhere now.
Nicole: Well she was definitely throwing your name around last night.
Brittany: I'm sure.  It's so funny how she can put you up, but you put her up..
Nicole: I put her up back.. back.. Comes storming in our HoH Room, doesn't knock..
Victoria: I was in shock.

Nicole: Someone's gotta win HoH next week.. 2 people get it.. It's Endurance.
Victoria: I have to win HoH.  If I stay HoH, I'm gonna make a big move.
Brittany: I would put up the people that I want out.
Nicole: I told Donny he could put me up, but Amber, if she puts me up, it's war.  She doesn't like me at all.
Brittany: She doesn't like me.
Victoria: She doesn't like anyone.  She talks bad about every single girl in this house. The boys can't stand her.

Brittany: I absolutely adore Derrick and Cody.  I adore them like family.  I'm tired of people going up to them and telling them that I'm throwing their names around.
Nicole: I told Derrick that you love him..
Brittany: I was gonna be put up by the one person who is like a frikkin' brother.   I told her, from day one, i thought it was her, Devin and Caleb working together.  It's obvious.. they're trying to split up people who are close.  I'm surprised they haven't put you and Christine up together.

This is ongoing..

Cam 3
Shirts v Skins pool continues.. OK.. Skins v Skins.. 

Cam 3
Derrick, Christine, Brit, Frankie, Caleb

Christine heads outside to say goodnight.  The boys are midnight snacking.  Brit's fixing herself a snack as well.

Derrick: I know I'm gonna get crushed for saying this, but did anyone else get instant gratification seeing her this afternoon?
**hmm.. there was a visitor during the comp. 
Zach: Especially those humans.
Frankie: Oh my God.. Love her.
Zach: She probably had a cel phone on her. We shoulda jumped her (for the phone).  I sorta forget sometimes we're playing a game.

12:54am -- Stretch!

1am - 1:04am  Fishies..

Cam 3
Devin's solo in the backyard, working out and looking up at a passing helicopter..  The helicopter is circling.. an unfortunate regularity in Los Angeles.
Cody comes outside and they chat about what Devin ate today, and how many calories he needs to maintain.

Devin: Dude, if I laid in bed all day, I'd burn 2500.
**i hate you.
Cody: So what did you have today.
Devin: I had a huge deficit today.. I ate so clean, and I only had about 300 calories.  You lose in your face first.  I just wanna look lean for eviction.
Cody: Dude, if you get on slop, you get ripped.
Devin: I can't wait to get back on a normal schedule.
Cody: Sleeping, eating, getting to bed at a reasonable hours..
**ooh.. talk dirty to me. 
Devin: There's nowhere to go.. it's like a prison yard.  Today I was dying.. with the sweater and the hoodie?!

Talk turns to the clothing they brought to BB, much of which was not allowed by production..


Devin: (re the Helicopter) I think the car is stopped and they're trying to get him out of the car.  They just said, "This is your last chance."  I feel like I'm watching an episode of cops.
**ahh, USC memories.. Fight On.

The heli is still circling.

Cody: I'm kinda confused.
Devin: Are they filming a movie?

Talk turns to Devin's legs, which go numb when he's working out.   Camera 1 flips to Zach and Brittany who are now on the double chaise..

Zach: I can't imagine being here for another 60-70 days.  It'd be terrible.
Brittany: You trying to go home again.
Zach: The days go kinda fast though.
Brittany: We're already been away from our family for like a month.. We're a third of the way there.

The copter is still buzzing..

Zach: What the hell is this guy looking for?
**not what, who. 

Cam 3
Rock Room
Donny and Derrick

Derrick: Did Frankie tell you the absolutely genius idea?
Donny: mm hmm
Derrick: We're gonna tell Zach that there's a rumor going around that he's related to Amanda Zuckerman..
**That'll be great for my Amanda/Amber typo issue!
Donny: I think Nicole would tell Christine..
Derrick: If I tell Victoria.. She tells Brittany..

Donny: 3 people have to spread it, but they can spread it to the same person..
Derrick: Even if they all tell the same person.  OK..
Donny: I'd rather do it in the yard..
Derrick: ok, buddy.. have a good night.  I love it. 

Cam 3
Living Room
Derrick, Caleb and Amber

Derrick and Caleb are sleepy and say they'll soon be going to bed.  Derrick tells Caleb it's not a good idea for him to sleep up in  HoH tonight, because people are already whispering that they're working together.  Amber comes through and Derrick suggests she and Caleb snuggle up.  She's not interested.

Cam 3
Cody, Derrick, Amber

Devin has just left.  They all comment how nice Devin's being.. and how he blew up their games and now they have to start fresh.

Derrick: He even came up, shook my hand and said Checkmate.  And he asked to be host if he doesn't get to play for PoV.

The helicopter is still circling.

Amber: They're looking for somebody..
Cody: They said, "This is your last chance."
Derrick: Is that gunshots?  That is absolutely gunshots.
Amber: Who're they lookin' for?
Derrick: They're firing. That's gunshots.

1:34am -- Fishies. And Firefox Crash.. lol. Timing.

Cam 1 and 2
Amber and Brittany

Brittany: I think Pao stirred up a lot of things intentionally before she left. That's why I didn't vote for her.
Amber: Out of respect, I did go to her and tell her my reasoning..
Brittany: When I saw you and her together, and it seemed like the opposite of things she'd tell me, it just felt like high school.
Amber: I was trying to do everything to save Pao.. Everyone knew you were Devin's target.. I hated it.  It was hard, but at the same time, it's kinda sad that I can trust Brittany more than Pao, and you and I hadn't even clicked yet.  She would try to make me feel guilty.. I ended up telling Pao - I want Brittany here..
Brittany: I hadn't even ever talked to Zach.  I was like, why is that kid even here.  But when we became Have Nots together.. you just bond in a different way.

Cam 3
Cody and Derrick
HoH Room

Derrick: And she's like, I'm hearing that she might not be trustworthy, and she might be with another group of people and be puttin' us up.  Every time I turn around, Brittany's working with somebody.  I asked her about it, and she gets teary eyed.  That's her game.  I'm like, you keep telling me we're good.. Now I'm HoH and I have the opportunity to keep you off the block for the first time this season.  THen apparently, Nicole went to Brittany and said, I have no idea why Derrick asked you that.. and Brittany told me.  We would both be naive to think..

Cody: I was like, I'm not gonna accuse you of bein' in cahoots with Devin, but we're 21-22 days in, and what is she gonna not talk to anyone in the house?  Yesterday.. we wouldn't even look at each other in the face.  I felt like the trust was gone.  I'm telling you right now.. I didn't put my neck on the line.. I was like, don't get it twisted, Caleb did nothing to keep you safe.  We didn't put our neck on the line for you week 2, Brittany, to just vote you out week 3 or 4.  She's like, I'm a target for people, so I'm gonna branch out and make sure I have some votes.  I don't believe that she's never talked game to Donny.
Derrick: No, there's been confirmed reports. 

Cody: I said to her, listen Brittany, that wasn't an alliance, that was a week to week deal.  She's like, I trust Derrick.. but I still think Caleb needs to go.  I said, I agree with you.
Derrick: The one thing I do like about Caleb is this: the kid is loyal.  He's all about numbers and loyalty and trust.  Now down the road, he's gonna come at the guys. 

2:01am -- Fishies

2:04am cont'd

Cody: Donny said to me, we still need to go after Caleb.
Derrick: He keeps sayin' to me, Devin can stay, Caleb needs to go, he's the ringleader.
Cody: He's really not.  He's just a bull.
Derrick: He's only won one competition since he's been here.
Cody: And he showed his true colors.. He was shaking on noms day.  He has a lot of heart..
Derrick: I think he's a different person since he fell for Amber too.
Cody: And this week, with endurance, it's a good week to have him still on our side.

Derrick: I don't care what he says.. I don't think he threw it today.
Cody: He told all of us, me, Christine, Frankie, Zach, that he was throwin' it.
Derrick: Jacosta lost it for em..
Cody: She knocked the stuff down, and she was panicking..  I love Jacosta, but I really think she is straight a floater.

2:11am Talk turns to Dan Gheesling never winning an HoH til he absolutely needed to.. and how good a strategy that was.

Derrick: As far as noms, the reason I picked Jacosta, what I said during the ceremony was mostly true.
Cody: I was lookin' at Devin getting pissed.  It's hard for me to control that shit in here.

Talk turns to Donny.  Derrick did not like the way Donny was speaking to him earlier this evening, "like a f'in Don."   Then to Nicole.  Both Derrick and Cody agree that Nicole is very smart and a formidable opponent.  Derrick tells Cody that he called her on it - playing Dan's game. Derrick also compares her to Ian Terry.

Cody: I trust Nicole.
Derrick: I trust Nicole too.
Cody: I feel like I'm trusting too many people.

Derrick: Here's who I trust.  You. You're the only one that I tell everything to. I'm with you to the end.  Zach, I love Zach, but I don't trust his game play at all.  He talks way too much.
Cody: His emotions are out of control.  When he said "put me up, I wanna go home," he didn't do that gamewise.  He did that because he was bein' a little..


Cody:  I honestly trust Christine over him.
Derrick: But Christine relays information.. I know she talks to people.

2:21am I spy Hayden and Nicole on Camera 1 and 2.. Let's join them.

Nicole's nervous that Derrick will backdoor her.

Hayden: I don't wanna win HoH til the whole 2 HoH thing is done.  Don't worry.. even if for some ungodly reason that either of us go up, we have the numbers to stay.  And both Derrick and Caleb have said that if they get HGs choice, they'll choose me.
Nicole: If I was up next to Jacosta, I think I could figure out a way to stay.
Hayden: You're fine. I just don't want you to go to bed stressed.
Nicole: I hope he doesn't pick me to be a Have not.  That'd be miserable.

Hayden: My thinking is though, after this week, we should form a big group of people to pick off the Bomb Squad.  It'd be fun.
Nicole: Like outsiders.. Like who?
Hayden: The only thing is, there's a couple people in there who just run their mouths too much. Donny and Brittany.
Nicole: I just hope Donny will work with me.
Hayden: Donny's smart.
Nicole: He has his PhD for sure.

Nicole: I don't wanna win the Veto, cuz I wouldn't want to use it.
Hayden: I wouldn't use it. Everyone, all of the outsiders want Caleb gone.
Nicole: I think I could convince Derrick.
Hayden: If we sent Caleb home, everyone would believe the Bomb Squad dosn't exist.. So we could get the others on board.  Irt would be really funny if Caleb drew HGs choice, picked me, I won and didn't use it.

Hayden: You're turning into a frog.  I want to kiss you out of that.  I just really want to cuddle with you.
Nicole: But not in the outfit.  If you keep flirting with Victoria, that's a good idea.
Hayden: I'm gonna start flirting with Amber..
Nicole: See ya.
Hayden: You're the cutest little frog ever.
Nicole: Thanks, Hayden.

 BB: Caleb, please go to the Diary Room.

Hayden: This is kinda cute.  A Hammock date, a couch date..
Amber: I didn't wanna interrupt you guys.
Hayden: Hey, did she just call you last option??

2:30am --Devin comes outside and joins Hayden and Nicole.. He tells them about the carb content of his sandwich. 


2:44am Skippy has a thing for the fishies. He's been sending us to see them every 30 sends for the past several minutes.

Cam 1
Devin and Amber.  Frankie passes through.

Frankie: I mean.. Oh my God..

Devin: Did you get called somewhere
Amber: What're you doin?
Devin: He's goin' to the doctor.  Any time he has that bag, he's goin' to the doctor.
Amber: Poor thing.

Devin's fixing himself some more food, while calling himself a "fat f*cker."

Cam 3
Hayden, Cody, Derrick

Derrick; What size slipper are you?
Hayden: Like 9?
Derrick: Go in the bathroom. There's an extra pair in there.
Hayden: Dude, these are straight up amazing.

Cody: Dude, here's the thing..
Derrick: We're comparing notes.. to make sure everybody's above board.
Hayden: Brittany..
Derrick: She's playin' the game hard.
Cody: Nicole straight up said to me.. We thought Amber was playing you guys the same as Caleb.
Hayden: Amber will float to whichever side she has the best opportunity to stay with.. No one trusts her.  Just think about.. if Caleb got out.. it would cut off both Amber and Devin.
Derrick: I'd like to get Devin out, because Caleb is loyal to the boys.. He's loyal to us.  But.. if Devin wins PoV, some of the house is gonna want him out.
Hayden: Dude, all of the house.
Derrick: To have Devin here without Caleb would be horrible.

Hayden: If we were to get Caleb out, it diminishes the rumors of the Bomb Squad, cuz why would we vote out one of our own?  If Devin wins it,  you have to make a deal with him, and say, we're gonna keep you..
Cody: I don't think he'll make a deal if he wins it.  He'll be like, I'm stayin, and I can go after you next week when you can't play.
Derrick: What is your reading on the house since nominations?  Does everyone get the gist that we're trying to backdoor Devin?
Hayden: I haven't heard anything bad at all.
Cody: If Caleb goes this week, that's one person I know wouldn't nominate any of us..
Derrick: If Caleb wins HoH, he's lookin at us all and sayin' you're safe.

Hayden: Thinking about it just strictly game-wise, getting rid of Caleb could potentially be really good.
Derrick: Or we could be sitting here in a week saying, damn, we f'd up.

Talk turns to Donny.. His Harvard Medical shirt has them suspicious.

Derrick: If Devin wins the PoV, Jacosta comes off, who do I put up?
Hayden: Do you think he would take Jocasta off?
Derrick: If he needs a person he can work with..
Cody: if he doesn't use it on her, Caleb is a sitting duck.
Hayden:  In that situation, it would suck, but keeping Caleb would reveal all of us to the house.

They all agree that Victoria would be the choice in that situation, and that Caleb would approve that selection.

Hayden: If you think about it, strictly game move..
Cody: If you think about it strictly game, it completely doesn't make sense.  He is loyal to a fault, and he's not coming after any of us.
Derrick: He has nobody else.  Amber's not even Team Caleb.  

They all agree not to bring Zach in on the decision making process, referring to him as the little brother - just tell him how to vote.

Frankie joins the boys up in HoH.. He had gone to bed, but the DR woke him up.

 Timecheck -- 3:10am -- Hitting publish for the East Coast early risers.

Devin joins the boys up in HoH and tells Cody and Frankie that he'll be crashing with them tonight. No need to spend another night in Have Not til it's absolutely necessary. 

 HoH Room
Hayden, Cody,

Hayden's controlling the remote, following girls around the house, but not to Cody's satisfaction.

Cody: Hayden, you suck.
Hayden: Cody, go f*ck yourself, man.
Cody: Alright, well I thought about it, but..

Hayden: I would love to go f*ck myself.
Frankie: ME TOO!
Hayden: I would love to rub one out, real hard.
Cody/Frankie: (groan in agreement)
Hayden: That would be a dream come true right now.  Dude, I don't even know if I can get a boner anymore.  I like forgot how to do it.
Frankie: I don't remember either.

Devin: Dude, get outa there bro.  Just get outa there.. Right now, bro!  Just get your hand outa there!

Hayden: Dude, like, how do you do things with it?
Cody: Is it true that if you don't use it you lose it?
Devin: Hahaha!
Hayden: Yeah, is that a true thing?
Devin: Yeah, that's a true thing. Yes, my penis is slowly disappearing.

Cody and Frankie have a quick wand war on the couch.

Frankie: That was so good for me. 

**hehehe.. ahem.. stretch!

Derrick and Frankie

Frankie: Either way, tomorrow will decide his fate.

Derrick: It's game changing.  Either he gets to play in it, or not.
Frankie: We have you and Caleb, and you're smart and physical, and Caleb's physical and physical.. If it's like a counting, stand, fold one, then it's all you.

Derrick: Devin's kinda smart too though.. He's not the dumbest guy in the room. For my own personal reasons, I want to win..

Derrick ticks off his list of BB accomplishments.. and fills Frankie in on the plans for their 1st task as Team America.  Frankie thinks Brittany is a great one to tell, because she talks to everyone.  Derrick also recommends Amber, because she's so paranoid. 

While Derrick and Frankie are upstairs talking, Cody, Caleb, Amber and Brittany are downstairs tidying up the kitchen area... and making snacks. Amber's fixing quesadillas for whoever would like one.

Camera 3 and 4
Derrick and Frankie

Derrick: You're definitely a gay cop.  That's why they love you.

Frankie: I'm standing up  for what's right in the gay and straight communities.
Derrick: How do you say your last name again?
Frankie: Grandimarshioni.
Derrick: Officer Grandimarshioni wins Big Brother 16.. I'll be like, that kid totally pulled f'in reverse psychology on me.  No, I honestly feel you're exactly who you say you are.
Frankie: I am.
Derrick: Or you're the best gay cop dancer in the world..  Who do you think in here is hiding what they do for work?

Frankie: I'm pretty sure Zach actually does nothing.
Derrick: I agree.
Frankie:  Um.. I have absolutely no idea what Caleb does.
Derrick: He definitely doesn't work at Lowe's no more.  He told us in the beginning he worked at Lowe's.
Frankie: He also has no ability to lie.
Derrick: I think he's a personal trainer, because he said his instagram was Insain_Physique.  And a veteran and an aspiring singer.
Frankie: Yeah, exactly.
Derrick: And he's like, freakishly talented.

Frankie: I don't know if I believe Christine is as destitute as she says.
Derrick: I think Nicole might be more than she says.. I can see her being in med school now.. I can see her being a doctor.   Amber totally what she says - supermodel.  Brittany, I think she is what she says.. She does show.
Frankie: Pao, believe her.  Donny, no clue - jury's out.   Cody.. He's definitely a model.
Derrick: He says he works at EDP.
Frankie: Well, he's definitely gonna be a model.. a big one.. after this.  Is he related to John Travolta?  It's uncanny the resemblance..
Derrick: It really is.

Frankie: It's gonna be a crazy day.  I'm really excited about tomorrow.

 This conversation is ongoing, if you'd like to check it out on flashback.  With Frankie's last words, this just feels like the perfect place to say... And this concludes The Overnight Report. ☺ 



Blogger Unknown said...

Good morning! I slept in this morning, just finished the overnight.
Looks like Derrick is ready to vote out Caleb and keep him because he's loyal. :-)
I think all of these houseguests are nuts.
I'm liking Nicole more and more, Derrick less and less.
Have any of Team America started the rumor yet?
I think it would make it very interesting if the winner of POV didn't use it or used it on Jacosta and had Devin and Caleb on the block together.
Though it looks like Devin is defeated and probably wouldn't cause any drama. I do think that if Devin won POV he'd probably take Caleb off, What would happen then,,,, hmmm, that sounds interesting,

We need a chart for alliances. :-)

Enjoy your day, ride your bike, and get some sleep.... see you later.

July 12, 2014 at 4:44 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Good mornin

Derrick is playing to fast and showing too many people that he is all game all the time. He will be a target soon

Im sorry, but Nicole's innocent act gets pretty annoying in my eyes

Amber seems to be very bad at this game, but Golly!...Britt too though she is a much better player than Amber

I still have no favorite this season. Donny is great, but I dont know that he has enough game to make it very far. Hopefully he is just playing possum

July 12, 2014 at 4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Caro! I fell asleep watching feeds last. That's never a common occurrence in the summer months. So very thankful for you these past few years.
Have a wonderful weekend!

July 12, 2014 at 5:20 AM  
Blogger cindy Williamson said...

I hope they do not go against Caleb yet. He is loyal to a fault, and I would like to see him leave in a less shady way than being betrayed like this. That being said, volunteering to be on the block is a dumb move every time.
Too bad Amber cannot go back up, I would like to see Caleb play without her. Wonder if he needs a cause/person to play for and he would find another one.
Devin is being nice, but he is still irritating.
At this point Hayden has the best game, but better be careful with the Caleb thing or the other guys will start to wonder who he is aligned with for real. Better to not push too hard for anything this early.

July 12, 2014 at 5:40 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Everyone,

Haven't been able to be to involved in BB right now due to family illness and neighbor issues, although I take quick peek 24/7 as I am getting little sleep....SOOOOOOOOOOO THANK YOU, ThAnK yoU, ThANk You for all you do here Carolyn...if you only knew how "loved" you are all year, not only during BB season..hehe xoxoxo ((((((((HUGS))))))))


July 12, 2014 at 6:03 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning Carolyn!
Thank you an amusing TOR again!

Good effort on Hayden's part to mention Caleb being the one the hs to evict.( I got my eye on this kid)…. He may just out smart them all.I do love an under dog! wuf!
Although Derrick feels Caleb is loyal and for now someone to keep, If the plan to back door Devin does not go as planned, they may have to reconsider.
The outsider's will rally to evict Caleb, finger's crossed have the votes.

The other day on the hammock Derrick said to Brittany he wants someone who has kids to win, much was made about that but IMO it's part strategy. He simply was trying to find a common ground to bring her back into his circle, to control.
And guess what it worked….well eventually it did.
(after marathon convo's)

Is it possible for Nicole to get any cuter, RIBBIT!

Caleb is looking sad…..do you think it's finally dawning on him what he's done? to him self for a girl that is not into him…..He's going to kick him self all away back to Kentucky.

July 12, 2014 at 6:30 AM  
Blogger TrueOriginal12 said...

USC is my dream school,Carolyn! I'm applying there this fall for broadcast journalism

July 12, 2014 at 7:14 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Everyone!☺

Heading out for a quick bike ride.. See you back here in a bit with the Morning Updates...

July 12, 2014 at 7:15 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

god morning every one. I hope brit and donny can pull the targets off there back. I hope devin goes home this week and brit and donny win hoh next week lol

unless its Endurance then hum maybe cody and brit could win?

July 12, 2014 at 8:19 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Good Morning Carolyn & Dishers!!!

Well, Well.....what a mess we have in the house now...

Donny seems to be suddenly personna non grata, just because he told Nicole the truth?

Even the very people "controllling the house" can't keep control of themselves and decide on a viable target.

Here's a suggestion for Derrick, and I do wish he could hear me...this isnt a tiebreaker week, so HoH has no say after POV...why not see to it that if Devin doesn't get picked to play and/or doesnt win POV, that Jocasta comes down and Devin goes up next to Caleb. Problem solved, the majority decides who they want gone, you escape with no blood on your hands...

I'm so glad to have you this year Carolyn...I cant seem to get onto the BB time schedule this season...normally by now I'm waking with them and hitting the sack with them....these kids never hit the sack...and I can't live on 2 hrs of sleep a day!

July 12, 2014 at 8:38 AM  
Blogger pixie said...

Since Derrick has started talking non-stop game and now I'm not sure where he stands, I'm pulling for Hayden. I love Donny but I don't know how far he can make it. No one seems to take him seriously enough to be in a real alliance with him.

July 12, 2014 at 8:47 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good morning. I also slept in today and am just starting to read TOR.

I'm getting tired of hearing the same old, same old deny, deny stuff. Derrick has got his point across so now he needs to shut up a little bit.

Has Team America decided who to plot against yet?

July 12, 2014 at 10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys, does anyone know if Frankie is sick? I keep hearing rumblings about him needing to take meds and I am worried for him!

July 12, 2014 at 11:16 AM  

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