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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Caleb Tells Donny: "Me, Frankie and Derrick want Nicole to Go Home"

It's been an intensely gamey night on the live feeds with more back and forth than a tennis match.  Where will this ball land?  Nobody knows, but all Donny needs are 3 votes.. and in the conversation below, Caleb tells him, "Me, Frankie and Derrick.. We kinda want Nicole to go home."  I count 3 there.  How 'bout you?

Here's the transcript and pics.  Check it out...

Camera 4
Living Room
Caleb and Donny

Donny: Are they considerin'?
Caleb: I talked to em earlier.. Definitely considerin' it.  I think it's more about who would you put up, if you win HoH.  Them not knowin' what you would do.
Donny: Yeah, but don't you think she'd put up Frankie?
Caleb: Probably.. I think she'd put up Christine, for stabbin' her in the back.
Donny: Me n you are even.  I wouldn't put you up.
Victoria passes through en route to the kitchen.. Conversation pauses..

Caleb:Yeah..  That's what we were all upstairs talkin' about.
Donny: Cuz how would you like to know that she (Victoria) outlasted you?
Caleb: Oh, that'd irritate me. That'd make me mad.
Donny: I've won 6 competitions and she outlasts me.  That's sad.
Caleb: Hey, I'm with you, Don.  I'm with you.
Donny: Maybe ya'll talk about it later on again.
Caleb:Yeah.. tomorrow.. quite a bit of time tomorrow.  There's 2 people that're just like, Man I'm thinking.. I'm trying to think on it.  For me, I'd like to keep you.
Donny:  I appreciate it.
Caleb:  But.. I'm only one person.
**Darlin', you're Not just One person.  You're THE person.

Donny: Yeah, I know..
Caleb: This is where the game gets tough.  It gets tough.

Donny: If for some reason I leave, I wish you all the luck.
Caleb: Only one person's gonna win it.  That's the sucky thing. 
Donny: The good thing.. If I leave, I'm a vote.
Caleb: Yeah, if you leave, you're a vote. Literally, anyone leaves, from here on out, it just sucks.  Cuz we've all grown together.  It just sucks.
**I agree. I'm still completely in love with this crew of HGs, and seeing any one of them go is tough.

Caleb: But, you know, at the end of the day, everyone's here all for the same reason.
Donny: Why are they hangin' onto her? (Vic)
Caleb: Why? I would probably say just because...
Donny: She can't win..
Caleb: Easy to beat. She can go whenever. That's all I can think of.  I know if I win HoH, she's goin' up.. but then it's just the vote.  Who goes home.  I don't wan another Andy year to happen to me.  Tough game.

Donny: Was uh.. Cody in on the conversation?
Caleb: Yeah.. Yeah, he was there.  He uh.. He was sayin' that if you stayed, you would put him up. (whispers)  Me, Frankie and Derrick.. We kinda want Nicole to go home.  Cuz she's more of a threat all around..

Derrick enters the Living Room.. 

Derrick: What's goin' on boys?

Donny: Christine?
Caleb: I haven't talked to her.  I don't know.  I don't really talk to Christine much.  I don't know who does though.

Derrick sits down and joins them. 

Donny: Well, we all got our Big Brother shoes on..
Caleb: ASICS.. These shoes are literally made for your feet.
Donny: And to take shock.
Derrick: I love these shoes.

Silence falls... Then..

Caleb: What're they in there talkin' about?
Derrick: Everything.. Previous HGs.. tweeting people.. who Jeff likes, doesn't like..

Caleb, Donny and Derrick

Donny: Well, it's toothbrush time.
Derrick: ♫Toothbrush time.  it's 11:30?
Donny: Lemme check..

Donny leaves the room, opening it for talk about him..

Derrick: So where are we, man?  What'd you say?
Caleb: (stealth whispering) I said there's still a few people who are undecided.. who think if you win HoH, you're gonna puttem up.. He was like, "who?"  And I was like, "Cody thinks you're gonna put him up, if you win HoH.  He started to say somethin' like, "I wouldn't.  You would have my word that I wouldn't"  And then uh.. He said, "you know if Nicole stays, she's puttin' up Frankie."  I said, Yeah. THen he said, "But if I do go home tomorrow, I wish you the best of luck.. and I have a vote."
Derrick:That's all you can do.
Caleb: So.. He said the part that makes him the maddest is that he could go home before Victoria.
Derrick: But everybody says that. 
Caleb: Everybody.
Derrick: That's the game, bro.  That's the game.
Caleb: yeah.

Derrick: She ain't gettin' to the final 3. Period.
Caleb: No.
Derrick: We won't let it happen.
Caleb: No.  He was like, "Why is everyone keepin' Victoria?"  I said, "Because she can't win." That's part of the game.  You have to keep one..
**And this is why Donny is dangerous to Derrick - He's the only HG in the house who is even close to having D's game figured out.

Derrick: Right.  When we're down to 4, then she goes. (Derrick corrects himself)  Down to 5... Then she goes.  Final 4.
**I'll believe that when I see it.. but they're good words for Caleb to hear, since they stave off any sort of disloyalty in the ranks.

Derrick: Not right now.. cuz if Christine wins next week, she aint puttin' Cody up.. and she ain't puttin her up. So..

OK.. The next post you see will be the Overnight Report.. If you'd like to get caught up on the earlier part of the evening, please see Michigan Man's detailed comments at the end of the Wednesday Show Viewing party.



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