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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Zingbot PoV Saturday to you! If you were away from the feeds last night, you are in for shock!  You'll want to check out the Battle of the Block Spoiler & Aftermath first, and then head over to the PoV Players Already! post.

Camera 3
HoH Room

Derrick is alone in the HoH room.

We cannot see his eyes, but from the sniffles and the wiping of the eyes, it appears he's crying.  Victoria walks in.

Victoria: Are you crying?
Derrick: No.
Victoria: You're such a liar.  You want time to yourself?
Derrick: Nah, I'm just chillin..
Victoria: What's wrong? You're so cute. I'm obsessed.
**it's a language thing.  Everybody is "cute cute cute" in modern Hebrew... to the point where, it's my email address. 
Derrick: Why you say that?
Victoria: Cuz you're so cute.
Derrick allows himself to cry a little in front of her.

Derrick: Ohhhh man..
Victoria: Finally some emotion from Derrick.

Victoria: (and she gives him an out) Is it about your family?
Derrick: Yeah.
Victoria: I like seeing this side of you.  I mean, I don't like to see you said, but that you're human and you're taking.. You always talk so game to me..
Derrick: We're almost 60 days in.  It's a long time.  It's a long time.
Victoria: I know.
Derrick: (sniffle)
Victoria: Do you want me to leave you, to have privacy?
Derrick: I'm good.  I just want these comps to keep comin', do what we gotta do and let the chips fall where they may.
Victoria: At least we know it's not tonight.

Camera 1
Zach, Caleb, Frankie, 
Zach is preparing his Not a Have Not Feast.

Zach: Just so everybody knows, I made a banana split with chocolate, cool whip, chocolate ice cream and a cookie.
**he's a 5 year old with a CBS expense account.. and I love it.

Caleb: Frankie, you want me to sleep up there with you, or no?
Frankie: I would love for you to sleep up there with me.
Zach: Perfect.
***Team Zankie: Boooo!
Caleb: That gives him a bed.
Frankie: (irish accent) I would love it.. I would love to have me some company upstairs.. It gets awful lonesome..
Caleb: (some smiliar-ish accent) How come Beastmode Cowboy's yet to go in the DR? I've not been in the DR yet today..
Frankie: (real voice)  Really?!
Caleb: (real voice) After all that.  Everyone's been like twice, and I aint been yet.  I told you, they save the best for last.
Zach: They really do.

His mega banana split is ready..  As is some real food..

Zach: I give thanks to Christine for making me a Have Not, Frankie for being my friend and Caleb for making me laugh.
Caleb: Amen
Frankie: Wow.. That was a beautiful thing.

Zach: Mmm

And here we have it.. The joy and delight of the first post have not bite. 
Zach: OhmyGaaahd..
Frankie: That's so erotic.
Caleb: So sexy.
Zach: OhmyGaahhd
Frankie: You've got a little something on your face, but I like it there.

Zach plays it up to tease Frankie..

Frankie: Oh my Gahhhd..

Zach realizes he didn't wait for Donny, and gets up to make him a fresh hot cookie.

Camera 3
Derrick and Victoria

We have open sniffling..

Victoria: Well if I do go, you better f'in win, because.. I do not want to see you at jury.
Derrick: Like I said, if I see you at jury, I would be just as happy as if I see you at the finale, because honestly, I'm realizing very quickly that not all the cards are in my hand.
**for the 1st time in 8 weeks, this is a true statement.
Victoria: There's no way you're leaving this house before me.
Derrick: You never know.  But regardless of what happens, if you were to go home this week, I still have to beat out..
Victoria: You better fight your heart out.
Derrick: I will, I will.  Listen, I'm not gonna ever quit, and you shouldn't either, but.. We can only do so much, Victoria.  You know?  We can only do so much.  Either way, in a couple of months, we'll be havin' some mixed drinks..

Victoria: hehehe
Derrick: On the beach.. In Florida.. Hangin' out with T-Money.. Probably Yaya will be with you.. Am i sayin' it right?
Victoria: Yael.  Probably my family.. my mom, my dad, they're all gonna want to..
Derrick: They'll all be down there.
Victoria: The one person I actually like in this game.
Derrick: I'll be there.

Victoria: Man, Derrick, what would I do without you in this game?
Derrick: You'd be lost.
Victoria: I would.

Cam 1
Donny and Zach

Zach: I wish I could've seen what went down out there.
Donny: I wished you could've too.  Do you have an idea of what happened?  Breaks my heart. We don't have to talk about it. I wish you could play in the veto.
Zach: Win it for me.
Donny: Think about it. Everybody that plays in it will use it.. but.. ya never know.
Zach: You never know.

Donny: Let's go to a real bed, Zach, and get a real night sleep.  We deserve it.
Zach: We do.
Donny: We laid on a cold slab..
Zach: Dude, it was the worst.  I'm gonna take a shower..
Zach: I haven't showered in 2-3 days maybe?
Donny: I took me a good long cold one..

Long pause.. then..

Donny: It's a rough feelin'.. feelin' alone.
Zach: I can't even imagine how you feel.

Donny:  It's a very rough feelin'.  But if you have this person alone, this person alone, this person alone, this person alone.. What do you got?
Zach:  Preachin' Donny..
Donny:Well, it's between me n you, Zach.

They move to fix their beds.. Then decide to brush their teeth..

Zach: If that Veto's used, and I get thrown up there, will you vote to keep me?
Donny: Oh absolutely.  I promise ya. 
Zach: Ok. That makes me feel comfortable.

Donny:They wont be able to make me vote Zach out, even if I'm against them.  You got my vote. 
Zach: ok
Donny: I'm just.. I'm reluctant to talk with ya, cuz I don't want you to say anything.
Zach: (whispers) I understand.
Donny:I've never talked to many people.  I wait til they approach me, cuz..  Especially tonight.. I would definitely not go say nothin' to em. Wait til after the Veto..
Zach: yeah.  I know, that out of all them, I'll be the person to go up. 
Donny: Oh, absolutely. So now, you need to think about who you've got here that can help ya.
Zach: Yeah.

Donny: And you've seen, I can help you if I can..
Zach: Yeah.. You're a beast.
Donny: I'm not a beast, but I'll help you if I can, because I'm one person.  I just wished you had an opportunity to play in the Veto.
Zach: I know..

Donny: But don't say nothin', because they're sayin' Victoria.  Lettem think we think Victoria, because it may be.
Zach:  mm hmm..  Man it feels so good to eat again..
Donny: Absolutely. My stomach was growlin' grrrrr...

Victoria comes in to use the bathroom.

Donny: (whispers) Zach, week by week,  I'm safe this week.  I want you to be safe.
**and in this instant, Team Zach suddenly adopts Donny into their hearts..

Camera 3
Derrick, Frankie, Cody, Zach, Christine

Derrick: He knows.

Zach: He knows for sure.
**"he" being Donny and "knows" referring to their attempt to sabotage his BoB efforts.
Cody: And he's not going to tell us.  By the way, did anyone say what his color Skittle was?
Derrick: No.
**Yes you did. Have you forgotten?
Christine: Orange.
Cody: Cuz he did f'in ask me.  Remember when I said, "well, what color was his Skittle?" cause I felt like he would f'in ask it.  He asked me this morning.

Derrick: What'd you say?
Cody: I said orange.  I said he was Zach's color.
Zach: Smart.
Cody: Cuz I was like, f*ck.. Zach's color's in there.. ok, orange.
Derrick: Has he asked anybody else yet?
**he asked you and you told him red. 
Christine: mm mm .. but that's good to know.
Frankie: Caleb doesn't remember that he was there.  He was like, "So, we got picked by Skittles?"  Caleb was like, "Apparently."
All: (laugh)

HoH Room

Topic: Victoria
Derrick is trying to get Zach to speak negatively about her... 

Frankie: Victoria is just so much more pleasant to be around.
Derrick: I know Zach can't stand her.
Zach: I love her.

Derrick: Well, he loves her now. Honestly, no clue what's goin' on in this house.  No clue.
Zach: do do do do do
Derrick: And I know Zach disagrees with me, but I think outside this house, she's not a bad person.

Frankie:  No, she is not a "bad" person.
Zach: I don't think she's a bad person.  She's just..
Derrick: Spoiled! Privileged! Sheltered!
Zach: Unintelligent.
**and that's one point for Derrick, who is clearly baiting Zach so he can use his own words against him.
Derrick: She's not the brightest person I've ever met, but I think that what she does do, she's probably good at.. Like if you give her a camera and a photoshop tool..
Zach: That's her career.  She better be good at it.
Derrick: Right.  And you'd probably be impressed by some of the photos she's taken.

Talk about Victoria continues, centering on her fees as a photographer and how much of what she's told them is based in fact.

Derrick: I'm not sayin' she's the best.  I'm just tryin' to see the best.. in everybody.
Zach: She follows you around like a frikkin yoyo.
Derrick: She does. But that's because I don't make fun of her like you do.

Cam 1 and 2
Caleb, Derrick

Derrick: I think you'll be fine.  You know I got your back, but.. I don't want that to happen.
Caleb: Me neither.
Derrick: That'd be worse case scenario. 
Caleb: Yeah.
Derrick: Because both you guys are big contributors and.. I want both you guys to stay.

Caleb says how he told Donny that if he's on the block after the Veto Ceremony, he wont campaign, because his pride will get in the way of begging anyone to stay.

Caleb: When it comes down to it, I know where everyone in this house stands.
Derrick:  Right.  And ultimately, you're not going to say anything that's gonna change their minds.
Caleb: Exactly. I told Christine and Zach right out.. I told em both..  (fishies)

We return and Frankie has joined them..

Derrick: Ultimately, like I told Nicole, you'll know where people lie when you get the votes.
Caleb: Yeah..  I honestly don't feel that it's gonna be me n Cody on the block..
Derrick: The only way..
Caleb: I think even if Donny wins the PoV, he could be persuaded.
Frankie: That's my job.

Caleb: He told me, he goes, "Me n you are the only country boys in here.  Everyone's been tryin' to pull us apart." He said, " Me n you are from the same neck of the woods." I said, "I know man.  I'm gonna hate it if I have to get separated, and you go through this game by yourself."
Caleb: He didn't really say much after that, then he got called to the DR, and he said, "We'll talk soon."
Derrick: That's good.  I'm glad.  I'm glad Donny's ahhh makin' moves.
Frankie: For the 1st time, right?
Derrick: For the 1st time..  Well, he's safe now.  Why not make your moves a couple hours ago?
Frankie: Yeah

Frankie goes to the restroom.

Caleb: Do you think it'd be a smart move for me to go, "Hey, if you win the Veto, would you use it on me?"

Derrick: Can I be honest with you?  Right now, I wouldn't say a word to that man.  After the Veto, that's when you talk to him, because literally, for all you know, he's gonna be like, "Yeah, Caleb," and as soon as he wins it, or as soon as you win it, or whatever happens, he could use it against you, just like every other f'in rat in this house.

Camera 3
HoH Room
Frankie and Zach

Zach: It just gives me the chills, thinking if Victoria wins it, we are f*cked.
Frankie: Yeah. mm hmm
Zach: You and I, hopefully aren't f*cked.
Frankie: You and I are fine.
Zach: I'm not f*cked, I hope.
Frankie:  You and I are fine.
**Like Zach, I really need to hear the words, "Zach, I will not put you on the block in any circumstance" come out of Frankie's mouth.

Frankie: But like, as a group, it would be the worst thing ever.
Zach: My God..

**Zach starts singing some Ariana song, and blows way too much smoke up Frankie's bum about how amazing she is.. I imagine Frankie is pretty sensitive to this too.

Zach: She's amazing.. No, Amazing doesn't do her justice..
Frankie:  Yeah..  I don't know what to do.
Zach: You have to win the Veto.. take off whoever..

Frankie: Yeah, exactly.
Zach: ..and say goodbye, Victoria.
Frankie:  That's simple.  I don't wanna have to make any other decisions.

Zach: Then it's 6 on 1..
Frankie: At this point.  Each week we're gettin' closer together.. We're figurin' it out, ya know?
Zach: Figuring out what?
Frankie: Us.  The 6 of us.
Zach: What's gonna happen when it's just 6?  From there, whoever wins HoH, then everyone's just like..

Zach: (blowjob noises) Don't put me up..
Frankie: Oh my God.. Will you actually suck my dick?

Zach: For 50k?  Yes.
Frankie: Oh, just let me suck yours. 
Zach: Ok
Frankie: That's fine. You'd be so happy.

Frankie sits up to gulp down some water.

Zach:  I just can't.. Well, I can.. but, really, Donny?  Really, dude?  He knows..
Frankie:  Of course he does.  I didn't realize there was an announcement on the inside.. "Christine you cannot give your bones to other players." ha
Zach: (gasps)
Frankie:  She was like, "You can only put them in your own board."  She was like, walking to the other board.

Zach: Really?   Well, he's comin' after her.
Frankie: That's for sure.

Zach: And Donny's not gonna mess with me and you.
Frankie:  That's what I'm saying.  I don't think he is either.
Zach: He's not.
Frankie: I think he legitimately likes me in a weird way, and I think that he, I guess, legitimately likes you.. I don't know. He doesn't speak to me about other people.
Zach: He says he does.

Frankie and Zach, cont'd.

Frankie: I've never heard my name come out of his mouth, to anyone.
Zach: Ever.
Frankie: And you've really never heard his name come out of my mouth.
Zach: No.
**whatcha drivin' at, Frankie?
Frankie: Like, I agree with people..
Zach: You say positive things about him, if anything.
Frankie: I'm always like, I like that man..

Zach: Dude, we're so close to final 2.
Frankie: I know.. I'm really close.. to ejaculating.

Talk turns back to Donny.. then...

Zach: Let's get Victoria out, then next week, we all know who the target is, and then we're the last 6 people here.
Frankie: If Donny's in the Final 2..
Zach: He's winning.
Frankie: Duh! He'll beat anyone.
Zach: Anyone.
Frankie: I was looking at the board.. Jocasta's not voting for me, Hayden's not voting for me, Nicole's not voting for me.
Zach: No chance.
Frankie: None.  Those are 3 people who would never give me the money.
Zach: Ever.

Jury vote counting continues, then..

Zach:   I think Derrick beats anyone.
Frankie: Hands down. Including me.  And I think he knows that.  I think me telling my story may have helped people realize that I'm beatable.
Zach: Caleb could beat a lot of people.  I don't think Cody would beat people.. He's extremely attractive..
Frankie: If it was me and Cody, he wins hands down.
Zach:  We're almost at that point, dude.

And we're moving on..

Camera 1 and 2
Caleb and Derrick

Guess who Derrick wants Frankie to backdoor this week?  Zach!
**I wish them the success of the Titanic in this endeavor. 

It takes Derrick less than 15 minutes to get Caleb so on board with backdooring Zach that Caleb thinks it's his own idea.  Cody joins the conversation around 2:18am, and he's on board as well.

Derrick: If Victoria wins the PoV, we will get her to use it. Period.

Camera 1
Derrick and Zach

Derrick: You play differently when your life is in jeopardy..
Zach: Remember I told you (when I was on the block and had to win PoV), I'm winning..
Derrick: Because there's no choice.  You have to.   When you're in that mode, it's a natural instinct of survival.  That's my thought on it.. So.. I think one of these fine gentlemen will win.. We'll be all set.  But this was not good.. Plus Christine's game got completely blown up.  He knows 100%.  He doesn't know that we know, and we would never say anything, cuz it would only hurt us..
Zach: Right..
Derrick: Hey, by the way, I knew.. Guess what, m-f'er, you're goin' up too.  So we have plausible deniability.. We never knew.  We just picked skittles. 

They continue talking about Donny, including his 6 comp wins and how he's a lock for the 500k if he makes it to the end..  However, both Derrick and Zach promise their final vote to each other if they're up against Donny in the end.  Alliance fraternity type loyalty..

Okie dokie, Dishers!  It's all speculation til someone wins that PoV.. and then more til the PoV Ceremony.. and as we all know, it's not over then either! It's going to be a very interesting week in there!  If you'd like to check it out for yourself, and see what all the fuss is about, here's a 2 day free trial of the feeds for you.

And this concludes the Overnight Report.. ☺ Thank you for being a part of the dish!

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Blogger Dianne said...

Fun to see Derrick scramble for a change.

August 16, 2014 at 4:07 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Oh Victoria, like a lamb being led to slaughter by a wolf with the guise of a shepherd. I think Victoria has already accepted defeat in her heart.

Derrick must genuinely be missing his family. When you are on a competition like BB, it's almost as if you're living in two separate worlds, I'd imagine.

So happy that Donny could find a friend in Zach! As he was saying, the outsiders have a comradery of their own now.

Unfortunate Zach fell for Derrick's trickery. He has leverage(unintelligent/career smack tack) and an excuse(because I don't make fun of her like you do) for Victoria's vote should Zach be renom'd. Of course, he'd fashion himself as some knight in shining armor fending for her.

August 16, 2014 at 4:16 AM  
Blogger Wolfe13 said...

Ha, Derrick.......karma could just turn out to be a female dog for you! We can only hope....and now that Donny has proven himself to be a Phoenix and attempting to get something started with Zach - maybe things in the house could get more interesting for we Donny/Zach fans.
There are so many unlikable HGs left, I can't even decide who I'd rather go out next, but I would settle for a backdoored Derrick this week. Frankie and Christine could be next.

August 16, 2014 at 4:25 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good Morning.

I hope Victoria, or Donny, win the POV.

What will the boys do?

I think Frankie would wimp out and put up Zach. I don't think he's ready, yet, to put up Derrick.

At any rate, it should be an interesting week.

August 16, 2014 at 4:52 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

If the power of veto is used, I hope Frankie carefully considers the numbers before renoming someone. There's a very real chance Derrick or Cody could be sent home this week. Possibly a 3/3 tie, or 2/4 in favor of eviction.

August 16, 2014 at 4:58 AM  
Blogger C.Montes (Cattyana) said...

Morning carolyn!
This was a perfect read with my morning cup of joe. So glad that Donny is finally talking game. I agree that he and Zach and Hayden could take over that house. I'm really hoping Zach wins POV, although it would be hilarious if Victoria won. I think it's pretty perfect that Derrick gets to sit this one out. :)
Btw, can Zach and frankie stop having those type of conversations and just make out already? Hahahahaha

August 16, 2014 at 5:20 AM  
Blogger C.Montes (Cattyana) said...

Btw, I sure hope Victoria isn't starting to look at Derrick as a showmance. I know she knows he's married but it really grossed me out when she kept saying how cute he is. Lol

August 16, 2014 at 5:25 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning!

Christine trying to throw the comp by trying to give caleb a bone but was stopped by BB production I am sure did not go un noticed by Donny….maybe she even put a fire under him to win it! Thanks Christine!

One more hurdle for Donny and Zack. Winning POV.
Not sure if Zack will truly have Donny's back. Z/ doesn't say much to Donny when they do talk which say's a lot .

If Frankie is counting Jury votes and bows to the house and puts up Zack… there goes one pissed off Zack to Jury house…. campaigning his heart out against them and especially Frankie.

Have a great day all!

August 16, 2014 at 6:05 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Every day derrick is sinking lower and lower on my list.
LEAVE ZACH ALONE..He can't even be back doored, NO!!!!
SO GLAD Christine's cover was blown,
I wish to god Frankie would put Derrick up and send him home, because he's gonna win if they don't.
At this point, it doesn't really matters who wins POV today does it? Zach or Victoria, my two favs are probably gonna go up. SIGH
One thing for sure, I hope it's Zach, or Hayden who has the chance to come back in, NOT NICOLE, It's clear after her interviews she thinks Derrick is the Bomb.com UGh is she ever wrong...

August 16, 2014 at 6:05 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

and yes, i'd be happy if Victoria won POV too

August 16, 2014 at 6:06 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning

I am exhausted. I stay up fairly late. I am a restless sleeper to begin with. The RA causes my shoulders to ache which makes it hard for me to stay comfortable. Then the squirrel wakes up at the crack of dawn for her morning exercise routine which shakes the whole cage. (Yes, I do have a squirrel living in my bedroom.)

So...POV is not a bad draw. Of course I would love Donny to win but he is safe for the week so it shouldn't matter. Obviously Cody or Caleb would use it. Derrick lucked out. He isn't going to want to explain why he wouldn't use it on one of his boys. I think Frankie might use it assuming that Victoria was supposed to be the back up target if they couldn't get Donny out. I want to see how Derrick manages this one. The only other person he could push for is Zack. I don't think Frankie will go for that after all that has happened. If Derrick pushes to hard to save Victoria he may give away his game. I know everyone talks about his mist but I have seen Derrick a little bit panicked and down right nasty when things aren't going his way. Hoping to see that side of him again and hoping that Donny is not the only one to pick up on it. Yeah, he's still no Dan in my opinion.

August 16, 2014 at 6:11 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

It won't work. Victoria would have to win in order for Derrick to be renom. If anyone else wins Victoria will be the renom.

If Victoria did win she would probably use it on Cody. If Derrick went OTB it would be against Caleb. He only needs 3 votes. He would definitely have Cody, Christine and Victoria.

Back to plan A-DONNY WINS POV!
Plan B-Bye bye Victoria. Your extensions need a rest at the jury house.

August 16, 2014 at 6:34 AM  
Blogger earlybird said...

It amazes me how all these sheep, err, people allow Derrick to control their minds, and games so completely.

I can certainly understand Derrick's desire to back-door Zach, given his past betrayals, however, if Frankie doesn't agree, and still wants Victoria on the block (if she doesn't win PoV), are they going to threaten him that if he doesn't put Zach up, he'll be the target next week, just like they did Christine last week?

That is really some alliance they have there, held together by fear and distrust of all of it's members.

August 16, 2014 at 6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'm a lyrical genius.." lolol Caleb was hilarious last night

August 16, 2014 at 6:37 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


There are only 5 votes this week. No chance for a tie. I don't see any scenario for Derrick to go. Maybe if Caleb wins POV and it's Derrick/Cody OTB. But even that could go either way.

August 16, 2014 at 6:38 AM  
Blogger curlerchick said...

Morning Carolyn, Dishers.

Thanks for the TOR. I don't think Frankie will backdoor Derrick because he really doesn't have control or confidence in his F2 alliances right now. He will wait, at least that's my thoughts. He knows he needs Derrick out but not till he has that F2 and F3 nailed down.

Looking for to Zingbot today and POV.

August 16, 2014 at 7:00 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Sounds like BOB was the one Elise won last year where there were lanes and numbers in the mud. I think it had something to do with voting booths? I dont know

They talk about what if victoria wins... Zingbot is usually a puzzle. I dont see that happening

August 16, 2014 at 7:04 AM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

FINALLY – Derrick feels a bit afraid. Whether he goes or not, I really hope he is on the block; this journey has been entirely too easy for him – and I’d like to see how he responds facing eviction.

I hope Donny wins veto. I hate that Zach isn’t playing. I sincerely hope that Frankie doesn’t put zach up; I don’t think he will because I believe he has a better shot at winning against Zach than Derrick. Hopefully everyone keeps “thinking” because they’ll finally realize that Derrick can beat any of them in the final. Donny is safe. Christine is safe. Caleb is predictable (and is on a Frankie binge). Victoria being evicted is a waste of an HoH – I’ll give that much to Derrick cuz he’s right. BUT Derrick wants to see Zach leave not himself. I hope he orchestrated himself right out the door.

I’m glad that CBS didn’t allow Christine to cheat (or help Caleb or whatever happened). I will be looking forward to Sunday’s show to see exactly what happened (or if it is aired).

I cannot wait for a returning houseguest to re-enter the game. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they don’t HAVE to win HoH in order to get back in and that one reenters no matter who wins HoH. I secretly hope it’s Hayden. He’s had the fewest opportunities to switch up the game. He knows Derrick is the master puppeteer. He trusts Donny. He has Victoria’s trust too. He’s a physical beast. He’s intelligent and he is a NICE person. Sorry Jacosta – you had little game. Sorry Nicole – love ya but you had opportunities and made mistakes.

My final wish is for Zach not to have any ZacAttacks this week. He needs to be calm, circumspect, and calculating. Do NOT draw negative attention. If he, Frankie and Donny get in a room together, they could have the guts to put Derrick up and send him packing. I think Christine would come on board; Caleb needs to be left out of the loop since he’s too loyal and has to go anyway. That’d be 3 votes to evict Derrick. Just pull the Brittany and don’t let him know; let him think Cody/Caleb is leaving. bruwhahahaha

August 16, 2014 at 8:17 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Just watching BBAD. So now Caleb is a rapper. MC Beast Mode Cowpie coming to a town near you. Make sure you have your boots on. The sh*t is getting deep.

August 16, 2014 at 8:33 AM  
Blogger Stephanie from the West Coast said...

Also, who ever is evicted this week will be joining the jury house HG's to fight to get back in to the house .... Julie did tell them that there is a possibility that one of the jury members could get back into the house ...

Thanks Caro for all you do!!

Not caught up with this weeks TOR's but read todays ...

August 16, 2014 at 8:55 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


That's why I am torn as to what I would like to see happen. I really want to see 2 of the guys (other than Zack) sweat it out OTB. But Victoria leaving would be no competition for Nicole or hopefully Hayden to win their way back into the game.

Can you imagine if Jocasta won. The ONLY way that would help anything is if she automatically became HOH.

August 16, 2014 at 9:31 AM  
Blogger Carlos said...

I cannot believe NO ONE is talking about back-dooring Derrick. If Frankie is smart, (and I cannot stand Frankie for using his sister and a charity in Africa to fatten his pocket), he would know it would be a waste of a HOH to get rid of Victoria & not make a big move. These HGs are the worse except for Donny.

August 16, 2014 at 9:56 AM  
Blogger Steven said...

I can't remember, do they tell them before voting that a jury member is coming back? They should consider sending out who they think will beat the jury guests although it only seems Frankie and Donny are the only ones left able to win challenges. Hope Hayden gets back in Donny needs an ally.

August 16, 2014 at 10:00 AM  
Blogger cynthia said...

hello, Carolyn, everyone!

don't you just love this game? just when you thought there is no hope... a monkey wrench is thrown into the skittles! tihihihihi... :)

August 16, 2014 at 10:07 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I know Donny has a lot of fans, but I don't get it. Maybe because I live in Florida, in a hugely agricultural area. I see Donny's every day lol
But with that said I don't NOT Like him either. But when is he going to play, other than Comps Winning comps will only get you so far. SO, with that said, he is very smart, he has reached out to Zach as in recent, so it is my wish that Donny and Zach Bond and turn up the ZachAttack and BeastMode and start making the rest sweat. I'm truly praying DONNY WINS POV TODAY ! Go Donny..
ZingBot will slay these HG, with the exception of Donny, I think he'll tease him about his predictability , pop tarts every day, going to bed and waking up the same time etc lol, Can't wait for them to go and do it..

August 16, 2014 at 10:07 AM  
Blogger Dianne said...

The HG don't seem to think anyone is coming back, oh lord, I would die if one of the BS/Detonaters got evicted & came right back in, would rather it be Hayden. Nicole is too gullible, not a steady player.

August 16, 2014 at 10:12 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

HOLD THE HORSES....I might have spoke to soon about Donny lol, It seems he is having a vent session with Zach on the HG and how they think and treat him..OMG FINALLY, Preach it Donny!! He also promised Zach his vote if somehow he makes it to the end. Asked Zach "WHO" was the Head, Zach whispering "Frankie" Actually, you are half right Zach, but don't forget Derrick...They are the two headed monsters.

August 16, 2014 at 10:14 AM  
Blogger Tella @TellaKG said...

I am surprised the PoV has not started yet. But the talks with Zach and Donny are interesting. Zach better not blow his game this week and stay on the down low.

Donny: "If I won HOH, who's the 2 biggest anti-Donny?" Zach: "Definitely Christine for sure - she's the biggest.
Donny: "That's good. I won't dwell on it."

Donny: "Who is the head of this. Who makes the decisions?"
Zach: "Frankie."

I swear, I wish we could have thought bubbles over all of their heads.

August 16, 2014 at 10:31 AM  
Blogger David Lockner said...

Here's how I see the week panning out....whoever wins POV will use it to take Caleb down(with some persuasion of course) Victoria will then go up in his place and out the door. Waste of an HoH yes, however Frankie, Derrick and the rest of the "upstairs crew" are determined to "keep the numbers" until all of the outsiders are gone...

I've never understood, why at this point keeping the numbers is even a thing anymore....once Jury starts it's an individual, or 2-person week-to-week game, it's not about the collective anymore. Do they really think that once it's just them that they'll say "oh well, none of us want to put each other up now, so lets just draw skittles for the winner"?

So this week Vic goes....easy eviction and no blood for Frankie...this crew ALWAYS takes the easy way out to avoid putting each other up.

As far as the returning HG, there is no doubt there will be one. Julie wouldnt even tease about it if they didnt intend to actually bring one back...

This will be just like last year's wall endurance...6 competing HG's, 4 returning HG's in a seperate mini competition amongst themselves...longest lasting returnee stays on wall and wins their way back in, and is eligible to continue on in the endurance to try for HoH as well...first 3 returnees to drop go to jury permanently...seems pretty cut and dry, and right out of the playbook from last year...

I'm just hoping for a "pure" endurance...no baseballs or other things thrown at them for them to catch, dodge and collect, just the wall, with wind and rain...make them actually have to want it bad enough instead of "he who has the longest streak of luck" I kinda miss the epic endurance comps like ED in 8, and hanging in the clear boxes in 9...seems nowadays they are designed to be over in a couple hours max, and usually before feeds come back there's already 2 or 3 out...

August 16, 2014 at 11:28 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I am getting tired of the casting they do now. The past few years they get together a bunch of youngsters and they try to pick the most outrageous people, like Frankie. He should have never been cast, and they get together a group of guys that are more like a fraternity and it's just become so predictable. I would like to see it go back to normal everyday people of various ages. Now they always have what I call a token older person that usually have no chance of making it very far at all, although Donny has put a wrench in their plans more than once, unless he pulls off a great deal of lucky and miraculous moves, he also has no chance. It is just disheartening, my husband and I have watched the show every season but we are becoming bored with it because it has become so predictable. Lets go back to the game as it was in the beginning and get everyday real people and not these outrageous people that are just looking to make a break in Hollywood. Yes there are still the few that are normal people but it seems BB looks to cast all young and crazy people these days. I would like the ages to be more variable too and see more older or middle aged people. Ok that is my soapbox rant for today. I hope more people agree with me and that BB gets more requests for the same as I asked for. Thanks for keeping us updated and I would like to know if there are more people out there that feel like I do???

August 17, 2014 at 8:43 PM  

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