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Friday, September 12, 2014

Frankie Clears the Hitmen of All Wrongdoing

It's been a night of Memory Wall studying in the Big Brother 16 house.  Memory Wall Studying and Blame Laying.. With Caleb upstairs listening, singing along and dancing to his music, it gives Frankie the opportunity to address some tough issues with Derrick and Cody, and for them to cover their asses..   Let's listen in... I'm curious to know if you think Frankie's buying it.

Whether he believes them or not, I'd say Frankie's doing a good job by not blaming the only voters left in the house this week... pre-PoV Comp and Ceremony, that is.  And they're doing a fine job of letting Frankie know they're still Team Frankie.. just in case he does win the PoV, pull himself off and become a voter himself.   It's tricky-sticky business this final 2 weeks of BB! ;-)

Memory Wall
Frankie, Cody, Derrick

Cody: What are we staring at, guys?
Frankie: Um.. nothing.. I'm just looking into the thing.
Cody: Right? I feel like I'm looking at the faces and I'm just like (blank)..  If I don't have it.. If you don't have it yet, you don't have it. Give it up, already.  Know what I'm sayin?
**perhaps Caleb's Study Mask would help? teehee. ;-)

Frankie: Oh yeah..
Cody: Bad attitude?  I mean, I've stared at it for a lot of hours..
**Every time Skippy shows this angle, a melodic version of Three Blind Mice starts playing in my head..

Frankie: It's more about what you can retain.
Cody: Like if your eyes pop up there, and I don't immediately get them, there's nothing I'm looking at right now that I'm not gonna get.
Frankie: Correct.

Derrick remains focused..

...with Tenley's blankie on his head.  I'm having a Little Bo Peep moment here..

After a bit more discussion about study methods, they move on to real talk...

Frankie: Do we have to talk about anything?
Derrick:  You're bein' way too paranoid, bro.

Frankie: No, I'm not being paranoid!
Cody: He's not being paranoid. You're absolutely not being paranoid.  At this point? No.
Frankie: He actually told me..  He said it to me.

Skippy flips up to "he," grooving in the HoH Room.
 **if you need a good giggle, flip up there and watch him dance..

Derrick: It's not necessarily true.
Frankie: No, I know.  I understand that.
Cody: Dude..
Frankie: I'm just asking.
Derrick: You're fine.
Cody: And at this point..
Derrick: You wont feel fine until, if you don't win the veto, if you don't go home..
Frankie: Exactly.
Derrick: You'll be like, oh, ok.. I get what they were saying now.
Frankie: I know.. I just.. And I understand it.. But again, it's like..
Derrick: But if something's brought up, it doesn't mean it's..

Frankie: I understand, but it's.. You..  But you have to also understand it.  (pointing up to HoH) Who you're talking to..
Frankie: Like, you have to.. Like, you're talking to him.  So like everything that's said is "true."  You know what I mean? 
Derrick: Is it though?
Frankie: nono.. In his mind.  Like if you say, Frankie could potentially use the veto on Victoria, he's like "True!!!"
Cody: Yeah, but here's the thing.. When the thought even came up, I was like, dude, he coulda did it last week.  And we were like, yeah.. But this is my thing..
Frankie: But now this is twice that this is happening.
Derrick: Kinda like for me, it's a little like over.. Like, it's gettin' ridiculous..
Cody: Well, I'm over..
Derrick: We went through the same thing a couple weeks ago, and you didn't go home, and you didn't go on the block, and it was like, but this happens..  It doesn't matter what's said; it matters by actions.  You're still here.
Frankie: Exactly, exactly..  Obviously he and I are.. We're.. At odds.
Derrick: You're on different pages?
Frankie: Let's put it that way.  We're at odds at the moment.  So.. it's not Beauty and the Beast anymore.  It is just beauty.
Derrick: Yeah.
Frankie: No, it's Beauty and the Beast, and they're both within me.

Derrick: Yeah.
Cody: You are both.  You are both, buddy.
Frankie: That's the thing.  I just feel like we're on two different pages. That's all. 
Derrick: It is.
Frankie: And I just want both of you to know that I understand..
Derrick: We're not idiots.
Frankie: You're not idiots.
Derrick: We could do our own..
Frankie: Right.  And I'm not an idiot.
Derrick: I'm not speakin' for him, I'm speakin' for myself.

Frankie: You're not idiots, I'm not an idiot, We're not dealing with someone who.. No, we are.  He's an idiot.
Derrick: hehehe

Frankie: But, the point of the matter is, regardless of the way he makes it seem or sound, there's nothing that you guys.. I don't think you guys had anything to do with his actions..  And I love you..
Derrick: I love you too.
Frankie: ..and I have your back.. as much as I have had.. for every single week for the entire game. 
Cody: Me n you have had this conversation a number of different times.
Frankie: Too many times!
Derrick: That's it.
Cody: For me it's like, I never am having the conversation with you, cuz I'm like, Frankie's gunnin' for me, so lemme go talk to him..
**nice 3shot, Skippy. How very Dali-esque of you. #eyeroll

Frankie: (deep exhale) That's the thing... especially with him.. It's like, Caleb I had this conversation with you.. Now like,  45 times in this game.  if you feel like I'm coming for you, come talk to me.. I'm just happy he didn't backdoor me last week.
**he means the week before.               

Frankie: Because now I can actually play in the Veto.  But also, and he doesn't have a vote, so..
Derrick: He doesn't.
Cody: Exactly.  he does not.
Frankie: So even if ..
Cody: This is what pisses me off.. He almost makes it seem like, the only 2 people who are going to vote for you, he almost makes it seem like we're not going to.  We are.
**going to vote for you to be evicted, if you don't win the PoV.

Frankie: He didn't make it sound like you weren't going to vote for me, but..
Cody: No, but now you're feeling like..

Frankie: ..but that "your trust in me was wavering."
Derrick: Ah. Ok.
Frankie: And I was like, well that makes me feel ... not great. 
Cody: Yeah, just about as great as I felt when one of the 2 literally said to me, "the thought crossed my mind about sending you home.."

Derrick: I think everyone here is thinking about the repercussions of what you do and who you put up, and they try to soften the blow of.. their actions. 
Frankie: Oh, I 100% agree.
Derrick: By just.. kinda.. blanketing it.
Frankie: Exactly.

This conversation is ongoing.  If you'd like to watch the rest of it in the flashback area of the live feeds, please go to September 11, Camera 3 at 11:01pm.  To start from the beginning, go to 10:55pm.



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