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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Derrick & Victoria Talk Final 2

Following Cody and Derrick's private conversation while Victoria was in the DR...  which took place after Part 1 of the Final 3 HoH Comp, a cool Superman-esque Endurance we watched on the feeds last night, and which Lessa covered beautifully.. we rejoin our Final 3...

BB: Cody, please go to the Diary Room.

Thus, the door opens for Derrick and Victoria to speak privately.  You'll be seeing a lot of this over the next few days.  Whenever someone is called to the DR...
..And as soon as the door closes. 

Derrick: You knew about this.  Don't act like you're surprised. I told you last night.
Victoria: I know!  Why didn't you tell me about the name??
Derrick: Cuz honestly, I didn't think it mattered.  Victoria, I love you like a little sister.  I really do.
Victoria: I know.

Derrick: But I always told you, no matter what, what you hear, what you end up finding out, know I always did it for us, and honestly, by making these connections, I mean, this guy is not working for me, obviously, he's not here to like promote me, right?  He's like my competitor, and what's he saying to you?
Victoria: (positively oozing with happy) Yeah.

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Wednesday Evening with the Final 3 - Derrick and Cody Talk Final 2

The plan that Derrick put in to motion so many moons ago came to fruition tonight.. His ideal final 3..  Immediately following Part 1 of the Final 3 HoH~ Endurance Comp, exquisitely covered by Lessa, there was this.. and it was good.

In this post, Derrick and Cody have a chance to speak privately in the beginning and the end.. In the post that will follow, Derrick and Victoria will have that same chance.. 

Cam 3
Derrick and Cody

Derrick: She says to me in the bathroom, "Did you throw that comp?" I'm like, "Are you f'in kiddin' me? I was up there 20 minutes longer than you were. How'd I f'in throw it?" She's like, "you just stepped off." I'm like, "I couldn't feel my hands.  I was waitin' til it went low, and then I jumped off."  I'm not gonna jump off from 10 feet in the air.
Cody: She said that?
Derrick: She said it right to my face. Pissed me right the f*ck off.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Final Three HOH Part One!

Just after calling Derrick to the DR, and then giving us a tight shot of the Diary Room Door - the feeds went back to Jeff Loop at 7:22pm. We can only hope that means the start of the Endurance competition, and our hope that we get to see it on the live feeds. Carolyn is taking a little cat nap - I'll call her as soon as the feeds come back, and we'll have all the coverage for you right here!

Thanks so much for being part of the Dish!

7:58 PM
We're back!

Here we go!

They get rain and wind.. looks like the wall is moving.. Everyone's still smiling - it could be a good one!

Cody: here we go. Now it's a party.
Derrick: Got some clouds coming through!
Victoria: hehehe

Derrick: These things can't move though right?
Cody: I don't know man..

8:05 - back to jeff loop

Cody: That one's the worst, it wets the bar. Better not wet my bar! Here we go. Here it comes. It's party.
Derrick You wanted to be on Big brother right?
Cody: AUUGH! AAAAH AHHH! That is torrential! Take it easy! Crushing us!
Derrick: Oh my god...

Derrick: wow, that was intense!
Cody: We were down there dude!
Derrick: Unbelievable..

Cody: Is that lightening?!
Me: Yes. Yes it is. :)


8:10 - recovery time.

Derrick: Do you love it?
Cody: Dude we got DOWN THERE.

Cody (points to his hair): The line looks clean? We're good.
Derrick: Good!
Carolyn (I'd imagine): Wet cody - VERY GOOD. :)

Cody: Jesus!
Derrick: are you serious right now?!

Cody: here we go.

Everyone's hanging tough - got some heavy breathing from Cody when the wall comes down, but nothing unexpected.

And here comes the rain...

Cody: Ah it's lightening! Dude, if they put us down there again, that's tough..

Victoria sounds like she's singing - we get jeff loop briefly. They keep trying to dry off their bars with their sleeves...

8:20 - everyone's hanging in tough. Even Victoria.

Cody: How ya feeling?
Derrick: I'm hurtin!

8:23 - Hello workers behind the walls..
Victoria: Frankie never would have survived this.
Derrick: he would have crused it!
Victoria: He'd have fallen - his fingers turn purple in a second!
Derrick: Oh, true.

Cody: Here we go...

8:27 - we have some heavy breathing from Victoria - she's trying to stretch her.. well, everything in turn.
Derrick's hurting:
 Cody looks like he's havin a party:

8:31 - this looks brutal. Everyone is shaking out their hands when they get the chance, drying their bars as best they can, etc..

Derrick: I can't keep my feet on.. I keep trying to dry them off.
Cody: Just push back. Not gonna happen.

And we go LOW again.. briefly..

Victoria: My hands are loike, slipping!
Derrick: Keep going
Cody: Keep going girl! We're going up, you'll get a break!

Cody: your hands
Derrick: I can't feel my hands...

8:36 and we have rain.
Victoria; My hands fell asleep!
Cody: Yeah, it's tough!
Derrick: It's not easy!

Cody: this is the fun stuff!

8:38 Victoria: OMG CRAP OH MY GOD CRAP And victoria is DOWN.

Cody: good job girl!
Victoria: Good job my ass!

Derrick: I'll stay for a couple, I'll jump off.
Cody: You want me to jump off?
Derrick: Wanna stay for a couple hours? You ain't going anywhere soon
Cody: no
Derrick: So what do you wanna do?

Cody: what do you think about the next one?
Derrick: I don't know. Crap shoot.

Derrick: What do you think, want this one?
Cody: Probably. Endurance. I'll feel good.
Derrick: Is that what you want to do?
Cody: Not if you don't feel confident
Derrick: I don't.

Cody: You don't?
Derrick: Nah. But if you don't either..
Cody: I do, but I want you too.

Victoria; You keep missing each other. It's funny. Everytime you look at him, he's not looking at you.

Derrick: If you want this one I'll jump off.
Cody: If you don't feel confident, that's not good.

8:45 Derrick: I'm gonna try my best, honestly.. There's no doubt you know it better than me.

Derrick: How's that towel? I'd like one...

Derrick: You upset? Why are you upset? You did your best! You did good! This isn't easy!
Cody: You crushed it.

Derrick: Here we go - more rain.

8:48 - derricks hurtin

8:48 - Jeff loop again.. Briefly

Cody: I think your good dude.
Derrick: I don't want you to be mad
Cody: i won't be! Its not even about that!

Victoria: How ya feelin?
Derrick: Hurtin.. can't feel my hands.

Cody: I feel like superman..

Both the boys are feelin it..
Derrick: Oh great...

Down we go again...

Cody: What do yo think about the time?
Derrick: I dunno
Cody: respectful time? How can we even tell...

Cody: Craziest thing - my hand..
Derrick: pinky and my ring finger. It started in my pinky, you'll get to your ring finger.
Cody: (laughs)

8:55 - Derrick is DOWN.. Cody swings down a moment later

There we have it folks -  the winner of Part One of the Final HOH is CODY!

8:57 And we're back to Jeff Loop. Stay tuned for the aftermath! Thanks for hanging (hahaha!) with me!


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