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Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Afternoon in the Big Brother 16 House

As the Afternoon begins at noon, Frankie makes his way up to HoH for a snuggle and to tell Cody the backyard is open, so maybe he just gets to choose Have Nots.

Cody volunteers that Donny woke him up to plead his case, and that there was so much he wanted to rebut, but he just kept it to himself.  Frankie hopes Cody will be able to pick Have Nots, so he can put Donny and Nicole there, and weaken them a bit for the PoV Comp.

By 12:15, the HGs are all outside.. BB called an outdoor lockdown.  Chatter about wisdom teeth.. bands.. Goonies..  I wonder what BB is up to in there.  Have Not Foods?  Pandora's Box?  Hm Hm Hm!

12:30pm -- Fishies!

12:36pm  -- It's Have Not Reveal Time!

Cody: Read with energy! Read with energy!
Derrick: Try not to stutter, you jamoke.

Cody: Here we go, Cody, as HoH, it is your responsbility to name 2 Have Nots for the week..  The Have Nots will eat the foods America has chosen for them.  We call is Squish-kabobs!  This combination of compressed fish meat, clams and bean curd, is their's to enjoy all week long.  Bon Appetit!

Cody: Alright, so.. Christine and Victoria..
Christine: Shut. Up.  I'll kill you.
Cody: ummm.. uuhh.. God.. No one's gonna volunteer?
**those days are over, darlin'.

Nicole: I can.. to help you.
Cody: You'll do it? And then.. everybody's done it.. twice..
Frankie: Donny and I are the last people that've only done it once.
Donny: mm hmm

Cody: Don.. Sorry, man.
Donny: (very softly) That's ok.
**sometimes a have not choice is so much more..
Cody: You alright?
Donny: Yeah.

Cody: Alright guys.. Bon Appetit!

Cam 3 and 4
Cody, Christine, Victoria

Victoria: Did Donny wake you up this morning?
Cody: yeah
Victoria: We saw him..
Christine: He went up there like 3  times..
Cody: It's part of the game..  He told me he talked to you..
Christine: It's too funny.. At this point?  C'mon bro.
Cody: He wanted me out of the house (last week).  I'm not even gonna call him out on his lies.. I think I'm gonna say, you don't have to have a four year degree to learn a lot about respect, and that's what you've shown me.  Being that you're my elder, I'm going to continue to show you respect, but that being said, purely game related, not on a personal level, a little something that you find out if you play a social game and start playing at day 1 and not day 60..
Victoria/Christine: hehe

Cody:  When people are targeting you behind your back, so I figured I'd switch it up, just like you wanted to do this week, and hand you a piece of chocolate that got pulled...
Victoria: That's amazing.  Love that.
Christine: Dammmmm, Cody.. First of all, your parents are going to be very proud of you.
Cody: He always brings up family.
Christine: Why does he do that?
Cody: Cuz he knows it got to me last time.  He's like, "Remember what your brother would say."  I'm like,, my brother would say, "Why is this guy calling you out for being stupid after you beat him and you not put him up.. "   I can't believe he was callin' me stupid.

Christine: He literally called you dumb.
Victoria: mm hmm
Christine: That was So rude!
Cody: I'm not crazy smart, but I'm not stupid.

1:22pm -- I'm here.. just waiting on a conversation worthy of your eyeballs... ;-)

Camera 3 and 4
Nicole and Donny

Nicole: You're (Cody) more afraid of me than you are of them?  That doesn't make sense.  You don't think they're gonna cut you when they have a chance?

Donny: Out of their 6, Frankie's got Caleb..

Nicole: They each have their sets of 2.
Donny: Derrick's got Victoria.  Christine has Cody.  I guarantee you the final 3 is Frankie, Derrick and Christine.  They just snowin' those other people.  They usin' em as decoys.
**nope. thanks for playin! 
Nicole: yeah
Donny: In the beginnin' when there was enough people on the Good Side, if one of us  won, they'd pawn Caleb off as the bad guy.. 
Nicole: yeah
Donny: He was their Fall Guy..
Nicole: yeah
Donny: Or Cody.
Nicole: yeah.
Donny: It woulda been nice to be in that number, but I'm glad I'm not.  It wouldn'a been good to win like that.. Gang up on some old man for weeks and weeks..
**ffs, Donny, you're 42, not 82. put down the walker. 
Nicole: I don't think I would either.
Donny: ..and I aint never done nothin' wrong to nobody.
Nicole:When I walked out, Julie's like, "Do you like anybody in that house?" and I'm like, "I like Donny" and the crowd's like, "Awwwww"
Donny: hehehe.. At least I got you to talk to.  Last week I had no one to talk to.  Zach slept all the time.

Cam 3 and 4
Donny and Derrick

Derrick: I'm torn, because you are an easy target, but contrary to what you may believe, it's in my best interest for you to stay here.  Because, I'm not in with a specific person that's gonna keep me here for weeks.

Derrick: With that said, there've been numerous times that I've heard you want me out.  Now you don't have to answer that.
Donny: yeah
Derrick: It's been hurtful in a way, but we're playin a game, so I don't take it personal..  But I've been torn.  You were very honest a couple weeks ago when you said, "I'm not here for Team America, I'm here for Donny Thompson."  I believed it, and I'm here for the same reasons.  And I respected you on a different level, because how much more candid can you be?
Donny:  And I was outnumbered then too..
Derrick: You were outnumbered..
Donny: I'm not gonna kiss nobody's butt because I'm gettin' pushed against a wall. 
Derrick: Nope nope.. We're..
Donny: I was just bein' honest.
Derrick: Right.. but we're not bullshittin' each other here.  You're a grown ass man.  You're 42 years old.  I'm not 42, but I'm a 30..  I've had a lot of life experience in my day. 
Donny: mm hm
Derrick: I'm a little different than most of the kids here.  I'm just bein' honest with you.  It's been eatin' me alive.. It's been eatin' me alive.  I'm not throwin' anyone under the bus, but I've heard it multiple weeks, and it's like..

Derrick: ..people are tryin' to pit..
Donny: I don't believe nothin' until I hear it myself.
Derrick: When I hear it from different people that I know aren't workin' together, it begins to gain legs.
Donny: I heard that Hayden was tryin' to get me out.
Derrick: He 100% was not. He 100% was not.   How many people told you that though?  One person? 
Derrick: That means nothing.. I've heard it from multiple people.. In fact, the only person who said you weren't coming after me was Hayden.. 
Donny: Well, a lot of other people's filled you full a mud.
Derrick: Alright.. Well, I'm asking you..  I'm letting you know that it's come to me from numerous people.
Donny: That's the paranoia of the house.
Derrick: Right.   And they don't know the group that we're working in.
Donny: Right. Absolutely.
Derrick:  It does get kind of awkward for me.. I love the Team America thing.  I love that they voted for me.  I'm sure it means a lot to you too.
Donny: It means the world.  And I have nobody. That's all I have.
Derrick: I'm not asking for anything to be said.  I'm just lettin' you know. It may not always seem like we have each other's back, but we do.  I know there's things that may be misconstrued as Derrick's not bein' loyal to me or Frankie's not bein' loyal to me, but you said it best.. You're alone in this game.  As far as what people know.
Donny: mm hmm
Derrick: They don't know about everything else.

This update is live and ongoing.. Please refresh periodically, and more info will magically appear. 


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Friday Morning - Donny Pitches Cody Before Nominations

Good morning, BB Lovers!  It's wakey wakey time on the live feeds, the backyard is open (so maybe no comp today?),  and Donny has just broken the cardinal rule.. He's gone upstairs and woken Cody from a dead sleep to plead his case.  Let's join him..

Camera 3
Donny and Cody
HoH Room

Donny: Hey Pie-Sano.
Cody: (zzzzz)
Donny: Cody..
Cody: (zzzzzzz..)
Donny:Cody, can I wake  you up?
Cody: (zzzz)
Donny: Are you awake?
Cody: (zzzz)
Donny: Cody..

Cody: mgbjrfb..
Donny: Cody.. I don't even have to talk to you right now, but nominations is today, and I would love to talk with you at some point.
Cody: yeah.. yeah..
Donny:So uh.. You don't even have to get up.. We could hide somewhere.
Cody: We can talk.
Donny: Now or later.
Cody: Now works.
Donny: Alright.. Uh.. Should I expect to go on the block today?

Cody: Uhhh.. I think everybody has a chance right now.
**barely coherent thought bubble: more of a chance if they're the declared target AND they wake me from a dead sleep.
Donny: You remember when I was HoH, you and me was settin' in the Bee Room, and you was sayon' that me, you and Hayden thinks it's time for someone else to feel the pressure.
Cody:  mm hmm
Donny:  You have the opportunity.  When I'm gone, I can't watch your back.  If you put 2 powerful people from their side up, one of them will go home this week. Christine will still go after Nicole.  Derrick will still come after me.  Whoever.

Cody: mm
Donny: You will be in the middle as it's goin' down.  Just think about it.
Cody:  mm hm
Donny: Cuz the other mornin' I talked to Christine, and Zach had said she was the next one to go..  I wanted to let her know to see who she feels..
Cody: mm hmm

Donny: Her, Derrick and Frankie is the final 3... They're gonna get rid of the 3 of ya'll real quick. 
Cody:  mm hmm
Donny: We talked about it early on.. If you're in the final 2, I'm gonna vote for ya, but it's gonna be hard to get there, because it's not in their intentions to take you.
Cody:  right..
Donny:It's in their intentions to take each other.

Cody: yeah.. I've been thinking about it a lot. I talked to Nicole.
Donny: And I'm doomed.  I'm doomed.  I'm sittin in the jury waitin' for you to come.. in a week or 2.  Same with her.  We're targets.  You still wont even be the target if you pull the trigger.  The voters are still gonna come after us.  They're not gonna let us slide cuz you've been on their team too long.  DO you see what I'm sayin'?

Cody: Yeah, I definitely do.
Donny:  I expect to be on the block.. but if I do.. I may not win Veto.. I'm goin' out the door.   Nicole will be next.  And then, if you don't win, they're gonna keep Victoria..  Do you believe me?
Cody:   Yeah. I definitely do.
Donny: I mean, she's never won nothin'.  They're gonna keep her.  And they're gonna tell ya, Oh, we're gonna get rid of Victoria.. just like they told me last week.
Cody: mm
Donny: When they throwed that.. Can you imagine how that broke my heart?  Can you imagine my parents watchin' that on television?
Cody:   mm.. yeah..
Donny: Like I said last time, I wont hold it against ya.. I know that they have played ya, and they won.. so I'm not gonna hold it against ya if I'm settin on that block today, but I would love not to be.
Cody: Mmm. I've been thinking about it a lot..
Donny: Like I said last time, if your family could talk to you right now, what would they tell ya?
Cody:  mm hmm Yeah.. My head's all over the place with it.

Donny:  I mean there's 6 people, before Nicole came back, that was against me.  I've never done nothin' to harm a soul in this house.  I'm as innocent as anybody..  Never lie, cheated, cut anybody's throat.  The only time I won Head of Household, I pulled for Victoria, and beastmode dethroned me.  I've never done nothin' to nobody.. for to have 6 people after me??  That's pathetic.
Cody: mm hmm
Donny:  ANd I can help you, if I'm here.
Cody:  Yeah
Donny: And you think it's too early.  It's not.  We've only got 2 or 3 weeks.  They'll laugh at you.  They've thought this thing out. They're usin' you, Caleb and Victoria.  I feel better to have at least told you.  I talked to you when Hayden was here.  Can you imagine what he'd tell ya?
Cody: mm hmm
Donny: When you come to jury, we can all laugh about it, but it's too late.
Cody:  mm hmm
Donny: We gonna have to give 500,000 dollarws to somebody else.

Cody: mm hmm
Donny: Then we'll go home and see our family and friends and let them tell us what they thought about it.  I've never schemed.  I did talk to Christine the other day, and told her the breakdown of it. 
Cody:  mm hmm
Donny:  But, I learned a lot from it.    It's them 3.  I didn't think it was them 3.  But it is them 3.. and they're usin' ya'll to get there.  We lucked up last night.. Frankie didn't play. 

Cody:  I don't think he would have beat you or I though.
Donny:Who knows.  He's gonna be in the next one.  Please think about it.  Me and Nicole haven't done nothin' to hurt no one, and people  has thrown things and deliberately done bad things, and laughed and cackled and mocked.. and I've never done nothin' to nobody.
**perhaps the problem is, among the 6, you've never done anything FOR them either. 
Cody:  mm hmm
Donny:And I would appreciate it.. but if they've gotten in your head and you feel like you have to, I wont hold it against you.  We'll talk about it when we're sittin' in jury. 
Cody:  mm
Donny:Like Hayden was sayin, Someone's got to pull that trigger.  If I was settin 'there, I would do it.
**and that's why..

Donny:  I would even tell ya how I would do it.  There's a certain person who needs to be settin' there, because if they're not, and they win Veto, they'll save another one, but.. you'll have to come up with that on your own.
Cody:  mm hmm
Donny:  Please think about it. The easy way would be to listen to them.   Everybody's sayin' now's the time to play Big Brother.  Well, now's the time to play it.
Cody:  Yeah.. I'm definitely gonna think about it.

Donny: I've been on the block 5 times.  This'll be my 6th.  Derrick's never knows what it feels like. 
Cody:  mm hmm
Donny: I appreciate ya listenin' to me. 
Cody:  Of course, Donny.
Donny: It says nominations day down there on the board..
Cody:   Does it? I felt like I had to come get ya.
Cody: Absolutely.  I'm glad you did.  I don't expect  you not to.. Nicole grabbed me last night.
Donny: Do think about it.  There's me and Nicole.  They're still gonna come after us.  And it wont be Victoria.   It'll be me, you and Nicole vs Victoria and 2 of them.
Cody:  mm hmm
Donny:  That's pretty good.  That's level field.
Cody: yeah. 
Donny: (wistfully)  It would be 3 and 3.

Cody:  yeah.  I've definitely been thinking a lot about it.
Donny:  Please do.  Like, what's your brother sayin?  I know the last time I was up here, that didn't end good, but..
Cody: yeah
Donny: ended up endin' good... but this is the time to think about it, because you may not get the opportunity tomorrow, and I definitely wont get the opportunity tomorrow.

Donny: (1 more time, with emphasis) They will come after us, not you.  And then, if we have the numbers, we can save ya. Cuz with this power thing right here, whoever you put up, the other ones is gonna kiss your butt.
**with acid maybe.. but..
Cody: mmm.. yeah..
Donny: (winks)  Get some sleep.
Cody: Thanks, Don.
Donny: Thank you.
Cody: Of course.

The conversation ends at 10:43am.. Donny heads down to the kitchen, then out to the backyard.  The camera follows him..  I'll add more relevant conversations to this post, if/as they present themselves throughout the BB morning..   And... that's a No! lol! Cody went back to sleep followingthe Donny Conversation. 

See  you in an Afternoon post just as soon as I have a good stand 'n stretch!☺


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The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Friday to you and welcome to Cody's HoH Week!  Donny fans, now would be a good time to begin your PoV prayers, good thoughts, and/or juju..

If you missed it on the live feeds last night, here's The HoH Reveal.  Cody will be making his nominations today..  and since the BoB is now over, I wonder if the HGs will have a Have/Have Not Comp.. or perhaps a Pandora's Box.. One of the 2.  They need something to fill up the Sunday Show, in addition to the HoH Comp and the Nominations...  We'll see!

As we rejoin our HGs, the HoH Reveal has just broken up and Cody remains upstairs with just the women..

Cody, Nicole, Victoria and Christine. 

Nicole: It feels weird.  It's a weird vibe.  It's cool.. Super cool.
Cody: Like it feels weird that you went to another place..
Nicole: Like I didn't have to wear a mic for a week.. Just a different mindset. ..and now I feel like an alien in here.

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Cody's HoH Reveal

It's time for Cody's HoH Reveal, and you're invited! 

Cody: Who wants to see my HoH Room?!!!
ALL: Yayy!  Pictures!!

They all head upstairs. Waiting on the landing..

Cody: Should anyone get Zach?
All: Woaahhhhh!!!! (claps)
Donny: We got Nicole.
Cody: Are you guys ready?

They walk in..

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

HoH Comp Spoiler

The HoH Comp began at 8:49pm, and at 10:01pm...

Won the HoH Comp!

According to Derrick, it was a real nail biter. Cody beat Donny by 1 second.  Cody says he doesn't care what Donny and Nicole say to him, they're going on the block..


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