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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB lovers!  Happy Tuesday to you!  Today in the BB house, Caleb will be writing his HoH blog and taking pics of the HGs... And whatever else BB decides to throw at them.

In light of the let down yesterday, with Caleb putting Victoria up as the ReNom instead of Frankie, I figured a lot of you might have taken a break from the feeds last night, so I made a Monday Evening in the BB16 House post, covering some nice moments as well as game talk from the earlier part of Monday night, as the HGs scramble to get all their ducks in a row for the Double Eviction they correctly suspect is happening this Thursday night.

What follows here will be select moments and conversations from after midnight... Please refresh periodically, and more will magically appear before your eyes.

Camera 1
Victoria, Nicole, Derrick

Nicole: I'm mad I'm going home.
Derrick: You should be.  With that being said..
Nicole: It just sucks knowing.
Derrick: Yes..
Nicole: I'd rather live in anticipation.

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Monday Evening in the Big Brother 16 House

Good morning, BB lovers!  Happy Tuesday to you!

This week is 99.999% a wrap as far as Nicole being evicted is concerned, so the HGs have moved on to laying the groundwork for Thursday night.  They all correctly expect a double eviction, and naturally, they want to make sure they last through it..

Here's the maneuvering that caught my eye from the earlier part of the evening, as well as just some delicious moments.. I'll be covering the midnight on portion of Monday night in another post..

Camera 4
Have Not Room
Derrick and Cody

Cody's worried that Caleb has told Frankie that they were trying to get him backdoored.. Derrick's reassuring him that Caleb wouldn't do that..
Cody: He plays this game blindly loyal.. He's f'in not smart.
Derrick: Yeah, but that's why..
Cody: Blind loyalty is just as bad as mistrust.
Derrick: Honestly, we probably shoulda sent Frankie home.
Cody: It's a mistake that we didn't. 
***ya think?!

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Monday, September 1, 2014

PoV Ceremony Spoiler & Immediate Aftermath

Following quite a bit of game talk this morning, the live feeds went to the Jeff Loop right around 11:25am..

After hours upon hours of discussion last night about backdooring Frankie detailed here: The Overnight Report, Caleb Wants to BackDoor Frankie, it doesn't look like it's going to happen..  For more details on that, check out the Morning Update.

Feeds are Back! 

PoV Ceremony Spoiler:  Christine used the PoV on herself.  Caleb put Victoria up as the ReNom. 

PoV Ceremony Aftermath:

Talk around the dining table is about Kardashians..

Caleb: I follow Kendall Jenner on Instagram.  She is FINE.
Christine: I saw her at Disney.  Very pretty.
Caleb: Took her on a date to McDonald's once.  Then I woke up.

The only telling sign is Nicole's face..  and Derrick's is respectfully downcast is Nicole's presence.
This is not the face of someone who's just received a Grande infusion of hope..

Victoria: I might go nap.
Caleb: I think I'm gonna crack her open, drink a cold beer..
Victoria: You still have some?
Caleb: I have a coors..

Frankie's in the bathroom.. I'm waiting for him to get out to see if there's a clue there..  He's sniffling, but.. smiling.. and he rejoins the table.

Frankie: Do you want me to make lunch or something?
Caleb: No.  We're waiting for them to say, Hey guys, don't worry...
Frankie: I could do salmon spinach salad.
Caleb: Well, go figure you'd say fish.

Food talk continues.. They're wondering if BB is going to give them some kind of Labor Day party.   Cody leaves to go back to sleep.  Frankie heads to the DR to ask if they'll be treating them to something special today, per Caleb's request.

Camera 1
Fire Room
Nicole and Victoria

Nicole: He puts up Victoria.. He puts up you.. because he wants this 5'2" blond girl who's alone in the game, who has not won a comp in a very long time, outta the house.  How does that benefit him?  He's an idiot.
Victoria: Sucks.  He doesn't understand.
**And we now have confirmation.

Nicole: Getting me out was not good for his game.   It's the stupidest game move he coulda made.  Cuz I was not coming after him.  He wasted his HoH on me.  He's an idiot.  The guys couldn't even get him to put up Frankie.  How could I persuade anybody to do anything?
Victoria: You couldn't. 

OK.. It's time for a dishy break... I'll see you in a bit!


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Monday Morning Before the PoV Ceremony

Happy PoV Ceremony Monday, BB Lovers! When last we saw our HGs, the boys had spent the entire night discussing a possible backdoor of Frankie.

In fact, #BackdoorFrankie actually trended on twitter last night.  If you missed out on all that, you'll want to have a look at both Caleb Wants to BackDoor Frankie and The Overnight Report.

Much to my surprise, after over 8 hours of talks, just shy of 5am BBT, they left it at Victoria goes up, Nicole goes home.  Derrick took the opportunity to tell both Nicole and Victoria, individually, that he'd been working on their behalf all night, but it wasn't looking good.

There is, however, time for that to change yet again this morning, and I'll be on the look out for it.  If anything goes down, you'll know.  Just refresh this post periodically...

At the moment, Frankie's up in the HoH Bathroom showering on 3 and 4, and Skippy's providing him no  modesty veil whatsoever.  The women are in and out of the downstairs bathroom, getting gussied up for the Veto Meeting. 

Frankie walks out of the shower as naked as he was in it and in full view of the world to grab his towel.    Moments later BB tells Nicole, Victoria, Cody and Derrick to turn in their trackers.. Spotting him in the HoH bed, Frankie offers to turn in Cody's.  Cody gets out of bed and makes his way down to the Storage Room himself.

Camera 3
Kitchen Counter

Caleb: Right before I went to bed at 3, Victoria's sittin' down here all by herself doin' this.. We were like, Man, Somethin's wrong with that girl.  I mean, what's up with her?  She was just sittin' here.  Everyone else was KO'd.
Frankie: I was asleep already.  She's on her last leg.
BB:  Christine, please come to the Diary Room.

Caleb leaves the kitchen area, walks toward the DR..

Caleb: Hey Christine..
Christine: Yeah..
Caleb: (imitates Zach)  When you go in that Diary Room!
Christine: Yeah?
Caleb: Kill it. hehehe.  You Kill it.

Cam 3
Kitchen area
Caleb and Frankie

Caleb: You should've seen your face last night..
Frankie: When?
Caleb: When I said, I don't trust you.  I don't want you to think I don't.. It's just..  I very well do.. I trust you more, but I still can't give anyone all of it.
Frankie: Right. I understand.
Caleb: I told you.. 99.9%..
Frankie: You have a different outlook on life than I do, having been through war.. I've been let down in life, but not by someone who had my life in their hands.  I've been hurt, I've been injured.. I understand what you're saying.  Because it's a game, I want to be like, "I trust you 100%."  I guess part of me is setting myself up for disappointment, so I can say, it's just a game.
Caleb: Just bein' honest.. bein' real.
Frankie: I still think we can make it.
Caleb: If we do, we deserve it.  Hopefully we do.  Just gotta fight.

BB: Caleb, please turn in your activity tracker..

10:32am Caleb heads into the storage room, and turns it in..then back out to the kitchen... and to wake Derrick up..

Caleb: Yo, D! Wake it on up, sucka.
Derrick: mm
Caleb: It's probably gonna happen in 25-30 minutes.
Derrick: We good?
Caleb: Yeah.  When everyone's sittin' there, I'll know, but, I mean, even this morning, he was like, I think we'll be alright, bud.  Like, I think we can make the final 4, is what he told me.   he's talkin' bout us 4 - me, you, him and Cody. He's like, I think we can make the final 4, and I was like, I hope so.
Derrick: Well, whatever your decision is, know I'm witchu, bud. 
Caleb: So.. we'll just do it, and uh.. win.
Derrick: I'm with ya.
Caleb: I was basically tellin' ya to wake up, so you don't look like a schmuck on tv.

Cam 4
HoH Room
Caleb and Frankie

Caleb: We're literally 2 wins away from bein' the final 4.
Frankie: 2 HoHs away.. Veto's always a question.
Caleb: But we always have another option.
Frankie: It'll be so good though.
Caleb: Do somethin' that's never been done.
Frankie: Yup.  Brigade was only 3.
**ahem.. Hi Matt.

Caleb: I still have that little gut feelin' that someone will try to break it up before it happens.
Frankie: I know you do.  And you've given it to me.
Caleb: Usually when I go with my gut, I'm right.  But maybe sometimes you go with your gut and you're wrong.
Frankie: My gut is definitely concerned now.. but.. as I said, I'm not gonna do it to you.
Caleb: I hope not.
Frankie: And I hope you don't do it to me.
Caleb: I don't plan on it.
**apologies, BB world.  A gentle reminder to not shoot the messenger.

Frankie: hehe.. ok.  Well that's good.  I guess that's all we can ask for at this point.
Caleb: Cuz if I would.. Don't get scared.. But if I would, today would be the smartest day to do it.. because you can't do nothin' about it. You know what I mean?  If I was that guy, today would be the day I'd do it.  But don't be scared, cuz I'm puttin' Victoria up.   Just know.. that when you can't do nothin' about it is the only way to get you out... and I think everyone in this house knows that, cuz you're a beast, and I think they feel the same way about me. And they feel probably the same way about Cody.  Probably the same way about Christine.  She's shown up a lot more than I thought she would.  She's dang near got just as many wins as I got.
Frankie: mm hmm
Caleb: But.. I'm gonna be a man of my word, and hope it doesn't bite me in the but with anyone.. whether it be Cody or Derrick or Christine.. I hope whoever wins this next one goes, Victoria, So n so, sit down.  Victoria goes home.  And then.. we done somethin' good.  I just hope no one wins it, and goes..

Frankie: Well, is that where all this paranoia's coming from?  Is someone coming for me this week?
Caleb: Someone coming for you?
Frankie: yeah..
Caleb: Nonononono.. Just everything in general.
Caleb: And I'm not gonna lie to ya, cuz I'm straight up with ya.. But me sittin' here by myself, as a huge part of what's happenin' today is who do I trust 100% that will not.. If I've had someone's back.. If I look back and say, well, Frankie's done it to me before.  We apologized, we got past it, we've moved on, and it hasn't happened again, so why should I not trust him?  Maybe that's just paranoia.  That's why I just pass it.  But then I go, well what if Cody wins.. He's tight with Christine.  I've done it with everybody.  I just have to be the player I set out to be.
Frankie: I was hoping using the Veto on you was another sign of my..
Caleb: yeah.. yeah..
Frankie: ..devotion towards us.. together.. cuz it's what I want.
Caleb: Yeah.
Frankie: Whether it can happen or not, I don't know.  But it's what I want to happen, so any time that I can control it, I will use my power to keep us together.
**whether he means it or not, smart cookie.. and likely the last one in Caleb's ear before the PoV Meeting.

Caleb: And that's what I'm banking on.. I'm baking on being in the final 4 with you 3.  Then at that point, if I'm on the block and I don't win the Veto, I'm probably going home.
Frankie: Unless I'm the deciding vote.
Caleb: The only person I'm afraid to sit next to (on the block at final 4) is Derrick.  Cuz I think he would get picked to go over me. Game strategy.
**translation: cuz I don't understand his game at all.

Skipping ahead a few minutes.. 

Caleb and Frankie, cont'd

Caleb: Then I looked at it the other way.. If my best friend in the house sent me home, that would really piss me off.  You know what I'm sayin'?  I was torn.. But everyone's on board with what can happen..   Christine wins?  She already told Cody she was puttin' up me or Derrick.  We have to expect it.  Derrick, I don't know why.. He drew a skittle.  That's not really on him, but I did put her up.

Caleb moves on to final 5 and 4 and 3 speculations galore..

Caleb: If me and you make it to the top 2, we could be 2 of the best players to ever play this game.
Frankie: I agree.

HoH Room
Camera 4
Derrick, Frankie, Caleb

They're speculating as to why the hold up with the PoV Ceremony, and they think some fan may be poised outside, ready to get on the bullhorn again, and production doesn't want that interference this late in the game..

Seconds later, we get fishies.. and in a couple minutes.. Jeff Loop!  Let the PoV Meeting begin!  I'll see you in a new top post with the PoV Ceremony Spoiler and Aftermath, shortly..


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The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday and Happy Labor Day to you!  If you were away from the feeds last night in the misguided notion that this week was a wrap, boy oh boy have I got news for you.  The HGs are taking Labor Day very seriously, as they've been up laboring all night long over whether or not to backdoor Frankie at the PoV Ceremony today.

Start here:  Caleb Wants to BackDoor Frankie.  And then we'll continue with a seriously condensed portion of the after midnight stuff here in the Overnight Report. 

While Backdoor Frankie is still very much the talk of the night, Cody and Derrick take a little break from that, and we learn that Derrick is keen on Cody understanding what a comp threat Christine is, and Cody's final 3 plans definitely do not include Caleb. 

Have Not Room
Cody and Derrick

Derrick: She didn't even f'in guess.  She said she struggled on one of them. She's extremely intelligent.  Even by her vocabulary.. And she's an Endurance Comp beast.   I can see it.  When she's on a wall, she ain't f'in comin' off.  Neither are you!  But she ain't comin' off.  Caleb almost died.  She was fine... and she filled her f'in bowl up too.

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