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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Overnight Report

Gm enjoys a Victory Glitter Shower
Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Friday!!

It's a very happy Friday for Ginamarie, as she won part 1 of the Final 3 HoH last night.  If you went to bed early and missed it, here's the Endurance Comp Coverage.  It's a very quick read.

If you're not clear on how the 3 part Final 3 HoH works, and you'd like a quick refresher course, I wrote one up for you, and here's the link for that.

Nowthen, when will part 2 happen? We just don't know. In season's past, it has happened on Saturday night, and I'm very hopeful that this year will follow that schedule..  I'll get into why shortly.

As you can see, the Overnight Report is going up LATE today.. Please refresh this post every 20-30 minutes, and more will magically appear before your eyes. :-)

We rejoin our HGs at 11pm.  GM is in the DR.  Spencer and Andy fill the quad in the kitchen area..

Spencer: She has got the best blood on her hands of anyone this season.
Andy: But honestly, I think you have just as much chance.. Going up 8 times is HUGE.
Spencer: But I was never the target.  Like Elissa said, I'm not gonna waste an HoH on you. hehehe
Andy: As she so eloquently stated.  I do think the cards were stacked against us, but I do feel like this was GM's to win.  That bitch has some crazy strength.  She could've stayed up there 6 more hours.
Spencer: I think this continues my streak.. of bein' the 1st down in Endurance Comps.

Andy: We're so close.  I wanna say I'll be happy I you 2 make the final 2, but I wont.  I'll be so mad.  Even the 50 grand is something I need so badly.
Spencer: That is exactly where I'm at.
Andy: Yeah.
Spencer: You've definitely played a game worth 1/2 a million dollars.. Know what I'm sayin'?
Andy: yeah.
Spencer: And Ginamarie has too.. I feel like, the majority of my game, I just honestly hung onto your coattails, and, y'know..
Spencer: ..and tried to f'in..
Andy: Yeah, but, there really is some skill to what you did. Like being on the block and acting like you did, cuz people were coming after you for a while.  I don't think you should discredit yourself.
Spencer: Regardless, our friendship was the  best thing to come out of it.
Andy: I know.. I agree.  I just wish it could have been the 2 of us in the final (part 3), because then it would've just been fun.  I wish there was some kind of strategy. I'm just gonna have to be like, well, here's my case.
Spencer: I know if I'm answering those questions, you can just f'in rejoice, hug my neck and get ready to go to final 2.
Andy: I know.. Same.. It's just..  I guess what I'm saying is that I hate not having that control.  Just like, well, it's completely out of my hands.   I feel like, in this game, that's something I want.  I want control over things, and when I can't get it.. Like at first, when I couldn't get Elissa to change her mind about not putting you up, it drove me nuts.. but yeah, McCrae pulled me aside and said, "you told me once that the only way you'd be a vengeful juror is if someone stabbed you in the back, and look what's going on now," and I was just like, aaaahhhh..
Spencer: There's a certain amount of bein' sore, and he'll come around..
Andy: Oh my God.. It's gonna kill me that we've got so many days.. I wanna go outside and play right now.

11:06pm They move into the living room..

Spencer: I'm lookin forward to the dinner.. and then the Memory lane stuff.. which I'm sure is kind of guided.
Andy: That'll be cool, because it'll give us a gauge into how people were portrayed.. Like how we talk about the evicted people.
Spencer: Yeah
Andy: I'm really intrigued as to how I was portrayed this year. I'm really not sure.

Andy: I'm nervous that I'm being portrayed like Dan from last season.. Like superrrrr.. malevolent.
Spencer: Well, people also say that Dan's the best to ever play the game. If your name is being spoken in the same breath as his, you should be very proud of that.

Andy: I just feel like, the jury is usually so bitter.. If you think of Russell from Survivor.. or Dan last season.
Spencer: I think the flaw with Survivor juries is that they vote right there.  If they voted on the live show, I think Russell would've won.
Andy: I just want it to be Wednesday!
Spencer: I know.  I kinda want it to be Thursday.
Andy: A week from today, we'll know.
Spencer: SpAndy.. the last remaining power duo.
Andy: I know.. Although, I guess you don't know about GinamarAndy.

They share a laugh.

Andy: I think McCrae would've won this part of the HoH, if he was still here.
Spencer: I do too. I think he would've had a rough time with the questions..
Andy: He was intuitive, but he really did falter on the social relationships.
Spencer: It was a lot of fun getting to know him without her here.  GM's a trooper man.. All her injuries.. She's put her heart into this game.
Andy: Which is scary.
Spencer: yeah, I know.  It's terrifying.
Andy: No offense to you, but I wanna get to that questionnaire so bad.
Spencer: me too.

They bet that part 2 will be done individually.  Good bet.

Andy: I'm just scared, because I feel like a lot of times, the asshole doesn't win, and I feel like in this case, out of the 3 of us, I'm the asshole for sure.
Spencer: I mean, I don't see it.. You've yet to be an asshole to me. You take GM over me?
Andy: hehe.. Gaaahhhd
Spencer: That's the icing on the cake.

Andy: I can hear her laughing. She for sure is a Chef Joe.  I can see her screaming at the camera.

Andy: Oh.. I should tell you.. I compared you stomping on the cones to a small Japanese Village.
Spencer: So my stomp technique will be..
Andy: They're for sure talking about it.  But in the most endearing way.  I think it's so funny that I can tell you now that I totally blamed you for our loss in froyo.. I think I said you were like a kitten, delicately lapping up milk.
Spencer: I think I blamed Jessie..

The HGs are up til about 1:30am, and as you would expect, each time 2 are alone together, the promise is the same, if I'm given the opportunity to choose, I will take YOU to final 2.

As of 8:40am,  I've run out of time.. The HGs are up, so this concludes the overnight report..



Blogger LifeSweetLife said...

I just realized...no pandora's box this season, No diamond power of veto and imo the luxury comps were kind of weak...what's up with that?

September 13, 2013 at 8:58 AM  
Blogger Linda Joy Singleton said...

No Pandora's Box or luxury because the remaining houseguests aren't worth it. I suspect production would rather donate the money than award it to these three who have said such horrible things. It annoys me that few people blame Spencer when he's the one who almost ALWAYS leads the conversation into perverted topics, like he'll ask Andy a question about one of the women and then start talking about their bodies or calling them names. The others just go along, laughing, like it's a cool joke. I do NOT want him to win.

I know others hate on Andy, but at this point Andy is the only one there left with intelligence and some decency. GM is just pathetic; like she's a bubble that's pretty in sort of a shiny way but lacks substance and just floats along...I hate her bad-mouthing people yet I feel sorry for her, too, because at her core is a sweet person. And I think outside of this game I would like Andy; when he's not so whiny and ratlike (comparing him to the rat in Harry Potter is perfect). I want him to win now because he played with brain...even though he stomped on other peoples' hearts. And even as much as I am disgusted by Spencer's foul mouth (I really think he hates women), I feel sorry for him if he lost his job. I don't think he has, though, since he's in a union and once this is over the "good-old-boys" will pat him on the back and say they're on his side.

So my final 2 hope...which is hard to even write...is Andy for the win with GM second. If Spencer doesn't win, that will be a small victory in my opinion.

Mostly I'm sick of this season, no longer watching feeds and grateful for this blog to keep me informed. I am praying next year is All Stars when the best come back to play.

September 13, 2013 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger bgwooley said...

I hope they refuse to vote for any of these three. Andy is just as bad he has talked about people and make bad comments especially about elissa. Hurray now he has lost his job.

September 13, 2013 at 1:36 PM  
Blogger cyninbend said...

I thought that about the lack of luxury or PB too--but then realized how they'd always have products during or after the events...a new car with a grinning HG at the wheel...everyone trying on new designer clothing and accessories....or everyone watching a new movie, meeting a celebrity visitor...

What company or, specifically, what advertising person, department or firm would ever propose selling or donating items to CBS to have them filmed or photographed anywhere near these anti-social degenerates? You'd lose your job, contract, or business!

CBS can't possibly offer anything but cold hard cash because no manufacturer has anything to gain by permitting their products to be seen near these people!

On another note, GM took another anti-semitic swipe at Amanda at a little after 6:30 p.m. Friday... She CANNOT be allowed to win BB! These comments don't even merit attention from anyone because they are expected--and THAT scares me the most. I'm not a member of any groups she derides but I am a history channel addict who knows where a society that allows such attitudes to become acceptable ends up. She makes me alternate between a sick stomach and wanting to cry.

Finally, 2 notes worth mentioning on a WAY MORE POSITIVE NOTE (hope it's okay to post links?):

1. Rob Has A Podcast did a special show Friday night to interview Danielle Reyes from season 3. Wonderful! She said everything on her mind! From feelings about this season--she is up on every detail--her dislike of GM--her feelings about the best player of all time and returning to BB again--to a bombshell about season 6 voting. She will keep you entertained the entire show!


2. Ragan Fox posted a very good opinion letter about Andy and why he supposedly is the least popular player in BB15. Societal discrimination against gays that is built-in...it's very much like my feelings about Amanda and anti-semitism... He makes a great argument for Andy deserving to win out of these final 3--but I was already sold. Worth reading--long tho :).


September 14, 2013 at 3:01 AM  
Blogger Devilish1 said...

I agree about production maybe not wanting to reward these houseguests (not as many luxury comps, no Pandora's box, etc). They aren't very popular with the viewers or the critics, for obvious reasons. But I don't see them donating the money to charity or anything like that. Trust me, if they would have done that, we would have heard about it. All that free, positive publicity?! Yeah, they would make a big deal out of that. There's still the finale show of course, and they could make some grand announcement then (which would be cool) but unless they do that they just cut the budget, no charity.

About All-Stars:

I've read people saying they shouldn't give the winners their prizes this season. Obviously they can't do that, no matter how many vile things spewed out of their mouth-holes. Heck, even if they never said one negative thing about any gender/race/class/etc it would still annoy me that this is one of those BB seasons that ends with "weak" players in the finals [floaters, flip-floppers, pawns... the nerd herds as referred to by some]. I hate it when those kind of players win and wish they didn't get their prizes! But I digress.

What CBS could do IS have an All-Stars season next season. And (here's the kicker) not invite any of the players from this season back. That would be good PR / damage control, it would send a message, and it would make everyone who does not condone the language and attitudes of this season's houseguests a heckuva lot happier!

September 14, 2013 at 8:31 PM  

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