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Saturday, March 8, 2014

BBCanada: Saturday Evening in the Big Brother Canada 2 House

Good evening, BB Lovers!  I hope you're having a fabulous weekend! To bring you up to speed in 100 words or less: Andrew nominated Paul and Neda.  Kyle and Adel are on the outs with Andrew and others, big time.  Here are the details...  Starting from a few minutes before 6 pm..

In a whispered conversation we learn that Neda is one of the nominees..  And Paul is the other.  Adel and Kyle are certain that they are the real targets though.
Kyle: One of us is gonna go home for sure. 
Adel: We're almost guaranteed only 3 days left, me and you. We're almost F'd.  Our little antics.. Hopefully Andrew wins the PoV and keeps it the same and gets rid of PJ (Paul). No matter what, whoever wins the Veto, they're gonna use it on Neda and put you or me up.  I don't care.  I'm ready to leave now.  I can't chill with PJ here.

Kyle: Hopefully we can play PoV though, because then we can fight to keep PJ up.  As soon as I figured out they were setting me up, I had to call it out.
Adel: Next time Sabrina comes in here, ignore her.
Kyle: Actually next time any girl comes in here, ignore her.  We're in the worst position..
Adel: In the world.

Kyle: PJ's such a sucker.  He's so weak.  It sucks, because we can actually do damage.
Adel: The only reason I think I'm a little safer than you is because the girls hate me, and it's not up to the girls, it's up to the boys.
Kyle: And Kenny's scared shitless of me.
Adel: Mooooo.. Is Sabrina calling me?
Kyle: C'mon now.  That's not very nice.
**Kyle, you're less of a dick than I thought. I mean that in the best way.

Adel: Such a cow.

Adel: If they didn't put up PJ and put up 2 girls, we would've been golden. 

6:15pm - Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

Sabrina: Oh yeah, you weren't here.  Adel called me a cow.
Andrew: F'in loser.  Don't worry, baby, they're all goin' home.  Just a question of time.
Sabrina: He's so mean.  I'm like the least meanest person in here. (weepy)
That looks like a really nice hug...

Andrew: You're not fat, babe.  You're a gorgeous girl. It's just a monstrous thing to say. 

Kenny comes in, and Sabrina retells the tale, including Kyle now, who says he wanted to protect her from falling for Andrew..

Sabrina, Neda, Rachelle, Ika, Heather

Glam n Goss..

Sabrina: It's just like, he (Paul) really thinks he's going home.  He doesn't know about Kyle.  He's just scared. We're no joke.  As long as anybody but those 2 idiots (Kyle and Adel) wins for the next 3 weeks..
Heather: After 3 guys go home, girls have majority run of the house.
Ika: That'd be killer.
Sabrina: Ok, guys, but we cannot bring this to the guys' attention.
Heather: Say nothing.

Neda: The only thing is, there's 5 days til eviction.
Sabrina: But you're getting off the block in like an hour.
Neda: An hour? The ceremony's not..
**Ceremony? How about having a PoV first?
BB: Houseguests, please stop talking about production.

6:50pm Andrew joins the girls... Jon too.

Andrew: How're you girls doing?
Sabrina: Goood.. We're just excited for the PoV.
Andrew: I can't wait for the PoV tonight. Kyle's going home. 

Andrew's debating yelling at Kyle, "You're going home," as soon as he wins the coming PoV.  The girls are split on encouraging him to do so.

7:03pm They move it up to the HoH Room..

Andrew: I wanna make it a landslide.
Arlie: I like landslides.

Jon speaks sweetly to Sabrina and Rachelle.. 

Kenny: When he gets evicted, we have to do hashtag, please don't talk to us. Everyone.

The DR is calling HGs in one by one. Arlie jokes, saying everyone should ask for ExLax, for him.  Chatter about the PoV and that BB will be giving them a surprise after.  They think they'll get to watch a movie.

7:10pm Accusations begin.  The HGs believe that Kyle and Adel have been stealing their stuff.

Production Voice:  Hello Houseguests.  Please go down to the kitchen.  (a minute later)  So, as you know, there's a screening coming up.  Neda, Arlie, Jon, Sarah, Paul, Kenny, (etc)... will be going out to the screening.

The feeds cut out for about 30 minutes after this, but for the wannabes in the war room. 

Please refresh this post periodically, and more update will magically appear...


If you're outside of Canada, and you'd like to check out the live feeds, you'll need a VPN.  I recommend you set up HMA. :-) There's more info on it in this post: http://bbdish.blogspot.com/2014/03/how-to-watch-big-brother-canada-live.html



Blogger Sam said...

Hi all, should be a good show tomorrow night. Thanks for keeping us up to date Carolyn

March 8, 2014 at 7:39 PM  

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