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Saturday, March 8, 2014

BBCanada: Saturday Morning

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Saturday!

The House feeds are down quite a bit this morning, but the War Room feed is up, so you can get to know Allison, Paul and Nate, and decide which one you're going to vote into the house.  There's a new Quickie Poll on the right sidebar.  Please give your favorite a click.  I'd love to know how you're leaning.

I believe the rest of the house is having the Nomination Ceremony right now... 

I'll check back in later with a proper update. For now... must get an hour of cycling in!

1:55pm EST - Feeds still back!  As soon as I can figure out what happened in the interim, I'll open a new top post. :-)

If you haven't been following the feeds, and you're not in Canada, I recommend you download HMA and check them out! :0)

The feeds are free, but there is an $11/month charge for the VPN, which will hide your location and make your computer look like it's in Canada...   Yippee!  If you're not a techie, they have great customer service in the form of live help.  I had them walk me through the whole process, which took about 5 minutes.



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