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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BBCanada: Flip Flop Flip Flop Flip

Good morning, BB Lovers!☺  Happy Wednesday! I hope to see you all here tonight at 9pm eastern for the BB Canada Wednesday Show Viewing Party.  Even if you haven't been watching BBCanada, this should be one of the most exciting hours of BB ever to air on television! So.. Tune in!

As far as any predictions about who is going home this week, I honestly have no idea. None. 

In an effort to get rid of Arlie, Jon and Neda have made a final 4 pact with Allison and Heather.  It came after an exhaustive session in the HoH Room, during which Sabrina and Rachelle - who also have a real alliance with Allison & a fake one with Jon and Neda- were chomping at the bit to get inside and told "just 2 more seconds" several times over the 2ish hour period. 

When it was all done, Sabrina and Rachelle were allowed into the HoH, Heather left in fake tears, and SabRo were welcomed into a fake final 5 with Jon, Neda and Allison. We'll call that one Operation 48 hours of Peace.

Finally outside alone with Allison, Sabrina and Ro were immediately mindful of Allison's new tone with them, and within minutes Sabrina had Allison telling them all manner of things Jon and Neda had told her that she'd said about Allison. It got quite heated.  Sabrina and Ro vehemently denied, and told Allison she was being brainwashed by Jon and Neda in their attempt to save Adel.. and save Jon, because Arlie would be coming for him guns blazing.  Then Arlie joined them...

There were so many twists and turns and new alliances over the past 24 hours, and there are doubtless more to come today, including the promised possibility of an Arlie-goes-Evel-Dick-athon.  Jon and Adel are already taking turns babysitting Arlie, so he wont have an opportunity to speak to anyone alone. 

In all my seasons of BB watching and blogging, I've never seen anything like this week on the feeds.  It's quite a ride!



Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Dishers,

I LOVE, LoVe,lOvE, love this show...this past week has been so fun and totally unpredictable..and we still have today and tomorrow..lots of people don't like Sabrina, but I do...If SaRoAl can stick together they have a chance as they may sway a SS to their side, but they have to stick tight together..

Thank you Carolyn for your posts...love them all day long, especially in morning drinking coffee out of my BB coffee cup...hehe

Have a great day everyone..

See you tonight..


April 16, 2014 at 8:03 AM  

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