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Saturday, April 12, 2014

BBCanada: Neda Opens Jon's Eyes to Arlie

Good afternoon, BB Lovers! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, either watching the feeds or out and about with your friends and family. 

As expected, Jon nominated Rachelle and Sabrina.  I believe the PoV will be happening today, and I'll post a spoiler when the winner is known. :)

Neda has been getting her game on, big time.  She's already marshaling votes to save Rachelle, telling people she thinks the next HoH will be mental (when she's sure it'll be an Endurance for Rachelle to win), and carefully dropping Arlie's name as a target for either a nomination or a backdoor for next week. 

I turned on the feeds a little while ago to hear Neda tell Jon, "I don't want to get to the Final 6 with all these people. It's stupid.  They're all gonna come after you.  It's stupid."  Now that's a conversation that merits attention!

Have Not Room
Neda and Jon

Neda:  I don't want to get to the Final 6 with all these people. It's stupid.  They're all gonna come after you.  It's stupid.

Neda:  They tell you what they want you to hear.  Everyone tells you what you want to hear in this game.
Jon: It is the game.
Neda: Well, yeah, and that's when you have to decipher..
Jon: (mumble, mumble) .. what Arlie says.
Neda: Hmm?
Jon: ..logic in what Arlie says.. if one of us leaves, then the other one's easy pickings.
**Oh Jon..
Jon: What he wants to do is just me, him and Adel just keep going. HoH, HoH, HoH.. They're not even planning on winning.
**I have some swamp land, if you're interested, Jon.
Neda: No.. It's stupid.  I want Rachelle to stay.  It makes more sense.  If you guys want Allison gone, does that not make more sense to you?  And then Rachelle stays and she's still a huge target, so when people.. when we get down to 6, people are still going after her..  
Jon: It is stupid for you or Heather to come after me, Arlie or Adel.
Neda: Why would I come after you?
Jon: That's what I'm saying.  Do you think Heather would?
Neda:  Like I said, I don't trust anything anyone says in this game..
Jon: I've noticed.  You were right about everything... Why are you rolling your eyes?
Neda: I want Rachelle to stay.
Jon: You've got the numbers.
Neda: Allison's a.. She does whatever the boys want her to do.
Jon: True.
 Neda: She annoys the shit out of me.  Like, think for yourself.  I don't understand why Arlie wouldn't want to keep Rachelle.  I don't understand why you wouldn't want to.

Jon: I'm playing up to Arlie that we're keeping her.
Neda:  OK.. well, are you just going to do everything Arlie says?  Or...
Jon: I don't have a vote.
Neda: I know.. You don't think you could convince Arlie to do it? 
Jon: I could.
Neda: SO why wouldn't you?
Jon: That's what I'm trying to do.
Neda: Either way, I have to wait to see what happens with Veto..

Neda: Honestly, I think it's gonna be one of the stupidest moves you make in this game..
Jon: I don't have a say!
Neda:  ..to go.. Not this.. For you to go far with those guys in this game.
Jon: I'm not. I really think that's their intention.
Neda: Maybe for another week.
Jon: I'd say this week coming and 6.  Arlie will want to pick off you and Heather before he picks off me.
Neda:  That doesn't make any sense.
Jon: Nope. He just thinks once you guys are diminished, or maybe just one of you...
Neda: It would be me then.. He wouldn't you and me around, because in case you win, you'd take me.

Neda:  Everyone wants us separated.  Even Heather said everyone was saying this.  Every single person in our alliance.   So if they do want a guy's thing, then that means I'm going home.  Cuz they would want to keep Heather around, just in case they want an easy person at the end with them.

Jon:  Are you nervous?
Neda:  I'm always nervous.  Next week, someone's gonna need to be a pawn for Sabrina, in case she stays.  Who are they gonna put up? Easiest person would be me.. if Allison wins.  And people will be like, why wouldn't we when we can separate Neda and Jon?  It's easy. It is. It's just a logical decision to make.
Jon: You mean this one coming?
Neda: Yeah.
Jon: Well, f'in win HoH. It comes down to I don't vote.
Neda: Yeah, but you've got a pretty huge say.  If Sabs stays, people are always going to consider taking out the other person sitting next to her on the block.  People say, "We want to get to a final 6," but that's f*cking bullshit. (pause) What are you thinking.
Jon: I think anything you ever say to Allison is gonna get back to the guys.
Neda: I agree.  That's why were talking to her about getting Rachelle out.
Jon:  I guarantee you anything you say will..
Neda: Heather's the one who talks to her all the time.

Jon tells Neda in that each guy has been assigned a girl, to make sure they don't get any alone time to plot against them.   Jon has Neda, Adel has Heather and Arlie has Allison.   Neda asks how long this has been going on, and Jon tells her about a week and a half. 

Neda is quite miffed.  The sin of omission is very telling in Big Brother.

Jon:  You're a hell of a lot smarter than all the girls.
Neda: Anything else you'd like to tell me?  Or am I just supposed to make guesses?
Jon: I don't know where Arlie's head's at with Allison.  I think they're actually gettin' closer and closer.

Jon: You know there's a 2 in 7 chance of us winning HoH from now on. I don't plan on losing.
Neda: You're stupid if you think they'll keep you.

Jon: They'll keep me til 4 or 5.
Neda:  I don't think so, but ok.  Who do they want out first then?
Jon: We've talked about Allison.
Neda: And then who goes? Me or Heather?
Jon: That's not how it's gonna happen, Neds.
Neda: Should've f'ing kept  Kenny in.
Jon: Why?
Neda: So he could've gotten rid of Arlie.

Neda:  SO the only reason they don't want to keep RO is they think there's gonna be some kind of girls thing..
Jon: Yeah.
Neda:  Would you be afraid of that if you guys know you control the girls anyways?
Jon: I'm not afraid of it. It's a moot point to talk before Veto. Why are you so upset.
Neda: I'm thinking.. and most scenarios do not work out in our favor.  Unless Heather wins next week..
Jon: Why don't I win?
Neda: Well, at what point are we gonna kick them out?
Jon: Adel and Arlie?
Neda: mm hmm
Jon: Well, when I get a chance. When it's not right now.
Neda: I just don't get it. Is it not late enough in the game?
Jon: There's 8 people in the house.
Neda: Yeah, but after this there's gonna be 7.. and then you need to get rid of Allison still.. you need to get rid of Arlie still..
Jon: mm hmm
Neda: You can't wait til f'ing final 5 to do that. You wanna go to final 5 with the strongest players in this house right now?
Jon: Strongest players being... I just don't want to be target number one.

Neda:  You're already target number 1!
Jon: Over Arlie?
Neda: YES!
Jon: Well, why's everyone so f*cking stupid in this house?
Neda: Because they're dumb.  You're already target number one. 
Jon: It's pretty obvious Arlie's thrown every comp he's ever been in.
Neda: Obvious to me.
Jon: Well start making it obvious to everyone else.

**And.. Climax! It sure took a while, but it was worth the wait.

The conversation is ongoing, but Neda finally brought him to where she wants him.  So my part here is done. ;-)   And to answer your question, Neda uses the information almost immediately to further her cause, telling Heather "Have you noticed how the guys barely give us alone time? Jon has me, Adel has you and Arlie has Allison."

I'd be quite tickled if Jon just accidentally gave birth to a new women's alliance.   How about you?

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