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Saturday, April 12, 2014

PoV Spoiler & Immediate Aftermath

Good evening, BB Lovers!  The feeds just came back from the PoV Comp, and the winner is....


And the perfect storm is brewing!

If this is your 1st time on BBDish this evening, please have a look at the previous post.  Adel used his Veto Power to replace Allison in this Veto Competition, and the ramifications of that may well change the outcome of the season.

In short, Allison still has her Hidden Veto, and this week at the PoV Ceremony is her last chance to use it.  Not the best idea to alienate her right now, eh? ;-)

Jon, Rachelle, Neda
Jon: It wont matter who comes off.  If I decide to put someone up, I'm doin' it for a f'in reason. Neda...
**ok.. So neither Rachelle nor Sabrina won, but Jon is talking about a backdoor already, so the Allison PoV could conceivably force Jon to name 2 new nominees. 

Neda: I will literally rip you apart.. You'll literally just f*ck over your life.
Jon: Ok, Ok...
Neda: I laugh, but I'm not kidding.

Jon and Neda leave..

Sabrina: Heather's on the couch telling Allison a bunch of shit. 
Rachelle: I think he's going to..


Neda: Who would you want out if they won HoH?
Jon: Arlie.  But how do I go about talking to her about me n you?
Neda: If you're gonna do it, have me there.  Which one would you take off?
Jon: Doesn't matter.
Neda: I would take off Ro.. because I don't want people to even consider taking her out.  And I trust that Ro wouldn't put us up.  I think Sab might.
Jon: They asked me where's your head at?
Neda: Adel went and told her for some reason.

Jon: Is it smart we do it together?
Neda: What do you think? I would do tomorrow morning.

Knock knock...

Sabrina and Ro want to talk.  They ask them to come back.

Neda: F'ing hate her so much.
Jon: Ok.. I'm gonna talk to them now.  What should I say?
Neda: I'm considering taking you guys off.. I have a bigger target in mind.. and I want a promise..
Jon: Who's down there.
Neda: Just Allison.  She's sketching the F*ck out. 

Jon goes to get Sabrina and Rachelle.

**I still don't know for certain who won the PoV..

Jon: Anyways.. I'm really debating using it.. and I'm really leaning toward using it. It's not gonna be easy.  People I'm working with aren't.. Yes, we will have the votes, but it wasn't easy to get to where we are now.
Rachelle: If I win, I am looking you in the eyes, I will never put you 2 up.
Sabrina: When I gave my loyalty to them, I was 100%.  I will now be 100% with you two.  We have no more allegiance.. You two are it.   We honor what we promised you guys a long time ago.. No matter who you want to get out, we're behind you.  If you do it, you guys are up by 1.
Rachelle: You will always have our vote..
Sabrina: Always. We don't want to break you up.  These guys want this separated.  For the next 3 weeks, always we'll have the upper hand.  I don't care what Arlie tells you, game wise, he took his heart out at the door.  Another thing, if it was anyone else who won HoH this week, we would not be having this conversation.  You were the 2 people I always said I liked.
Neda: So if this does happen..

Both swear no votes against them, no nominations or backdoors... They pledge allegiance to the flag of the united HGs of JoNeda.

Jon: Give us some time to talk. This discussion doesn't leave the room.
Neda: To any of them. 

Rachelle: And if I win HoH, I'll be like you're goin' up, you're goin' up. Noooo problem.
Jon: You guys head down there.. If anyone's asks, I didn't tell you anything.
Sabrina: Yup. We're still screwed. Just so you know, there are multiple whispers going on..
Jon: Alright guys.. Thank you.

12:33am They leave..

Neda: That's why I wanted to have the convo with Ro alone.  So she could talk.
Jon: It was good though.
Neda: I just feel like they were just pleading their case.  Man, she talks so fast.
**no shit!
Jon: I wouldn't even care to bring them to final 4. We just have to make sure __- does not win this f'in HoH.
Neda: Adel gets so f'in paranoid.  I really hope it's endurance.  F*ck throwing it to her. I'll just win it.
Jon: From this point on, I will have a great chance of winning veto every single time.
Neda: I know I can trust Ro.. It's just Sabs.. I'm just thinking what other options would they have..
Jon: Nobody. 
Neda: Allison's gone this week..

BB: Jon please come to the Diary Room.
ALL: Yayyyyy!
**Jon won the PoV.

The HGs are all buzzing!  Spark up your feeds and join the fun!  If you're outside of Canada, and you'd like more info on how to watch their free feeds, I've got a How To post just for you.☺



Blogger Sam said...

Hi Carolyn, thank you for all the updates. Oh such drama in the BB house. Looking forward to a fun filled show Sunday.

April 12, 2014 at 10:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Getting good....distrust everywhere....ss is falling apart...slowly...could be a fun week.....hehehe



Good night...sweet dreams...

April 12, 2014 at 10:22 PM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hey Sam! :)

Hey Pam! :)

Sweet dreams to you! I'm gonna hit the hay too.

April 12, 2014 at 10:41 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

Sitting here watching Allison, and oh I would love to know what she is thinking...she is all alone and can't sit still....come on Allison, be strong, make a move....hehe

Had to say something...going nuts inside...lol

oh she is talking to herself and us...she is MAD.....



April 13, 2014 at 10:50 AM  

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