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Monday, March 24, 2014

BBCanada: Monday Late Afternoon into Evening

Good afternoon, BB Canada Lovers! If this is your first time checking into BBDish today, you may want to have a look at the PoV Ceremony Spoiler and Early Afternoon Update.  In a nutshell: Ika's the ReNom and current target.

As we rejoin our Big Brother Canada HGs this late afternoon, Sabrina is weeping to Ika...

Red Bedroom
Ika and Sabrina

Sabrina: I have 2 questions for you.. I hope you know that I truly love you.  Do you know that?
Ika: I do.
Sabrina: And the 2nd is this: do you hate me? (weepy progresses into bawling)
Ika: I don't.
Sabrina: It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do.. This is not fake tears.
Ika: I know..
Sabrina: I feel so bad.
Ika: it wasn't your decision.. It wasn't your HoH, Sabrina.
Sabrina: I actually care.  I love you.. and I'm your firend.
Ika: It's ok
Sabrina: It's not ok.
Ika: It's ok.. It's a game.
Sabrina: It's ok for a game.  It's not ok for a human.
Ika: It's ok.. It wasn't your HoH.. It's a game.. It's ok..  I understand it's a game.  It sucks, but.. I felt like even if you didn't want me to go up, I still would have.  I think Kenny has a lot of influence over Rachelle.  I'm not mad.  I already spoke to Neda.. and Rachelle.. I'm not mad.  For the last few days, you guys really haven't been talking to me.. so I've just been with Adel. When I'm with him, it's just laughs.

Sabrina: So.. I just wanted to know those 2 questions.. and when we do leave here, I want you to come to Montreal and I want to meet your kids.
Ika: The only thing I was ever worried about was possibly embarrassing my family in any way..
Sabrina: You're handling it like a boss.
Ika: I am a boss, bitch!

Ika's happy to get to see her kids and not have to be locked away in jury, where they can't see her.

Sabrina: You've had incredible class.. I think if you wanna have a good time, you call Ika.. and some of my fondest memories in here are going to be of you.. and when I do my message, I'm going to be pathetic.
Ika: i don't hate you.  I know you love me. I saw how hard it was for you to even go against what Andrew wanted..  I know you have a heart. 
Sabrina: Can I have a hug?
Ika: Yes!  You can have a real friggin' hug.

And they do...

Sabrina: I'm going to hell when I get out of here.
Ika: We all are... for a little while.
** :0) I love how they're so in tune with what is game and what isn't.

Down in the kitchen, birthday cake preparations are under way.. It's a group affair. Lot's of happy chatter. It's Sarah's husband's birthday either today or tomorrow.  She's not sure what the date is today.

Checking on feed 1, Kenny's in a towel in the bathroom, grooming the beard.  The feed slips to Adel and Jon out by the pool..  Topic: Sabrina

Adel: I can't stand her anyway.
Jon: I hate her.
Adel: Obviously she's the biggest snitch in the house. Who's she working with?
Jon: RoRo..
Adel: She's 20 years old.. knows nothing.. I just wanted to see her reaction.
Jon: Sabrina hasn't left her side the whole f'in time.
Adel: I know, in the slums, was Heather. She was telling me, if she wins HoH, her main target is Sabrina. I was like, right on.  If we can get her out before Jury..
Jon: Who else?
Adel: I think Andrew.
Jon: I think Andrew too.
Adel: But wher does he have a crack in this? Did you ever mention this to Sab?
Jon: No.
Adel: I gotta figure out the crack. I thought we had a legit alliance around the house, but how did it get back to Andrew.
Jon: What I'm thinking is, as long as he doesn't win HoH..
Adel: If he does, I'm telling him,. if you f*ck with me, I'm putting Kenny up on the block (with his imaginary made up power).   I can only use it on the next box (pov ceremony).

Adel and Jon continue they're hypothetical and pretend planning for next week..

Adel: If you win HoH, who would you put up?
Jon: I think I'd go straight for Sabrina.. Maybe RoRo as a pawn.

Adel: Do you think Sarah somehow slipped it to Kenny or Andrew?
***DingDingDing! Adel's intuition has been dead on more than once, but he doesn't trust it.

Neda and Jon reconnect in the red bedroom...

Neda: Don't say I said anything.
Jon: I was like, why would she not trust me.
Neda: I swear to G-d.. Andrew doesn't trust you a single bit.
Jon: I think I can influence him.
Neda: But if Andrew wins, he's gonna put me up.  100%.
Jon: Me and Adel talked about who we'd put up.  He said Heather.
Neda: That's the safe thing to say.
Jon: I think you're giving him too much credit.  I will not let Andrew win any more HoHs.
Neda: if he's still up there, I'll try to win it, but otherwise, I want to wait for the next HoH. 

Sabrina comes in.. They continue talking about HoH, but in terms of what they think it'll be.  Jon gets called to the DR. Sabrina thinks it'll be a puzzle and that this week will be a double eviction. Sabrina follows Jon out..

Sabrina: Do you know of anyone coming after me?
Jon: No.  Who would come after you?
Sabrina: Allison.
Jon: Never once has she mentioned it.
Sabrina: And everyone else..

Jon assures her she's way off the radar.. He's convincing too.  Then he heads into the DR, and camera picks up on Allison and Andrew snuggling on the couch, then moves into the kitchen.  Sabrina raves over Heather's slop cookies. Sarah wonders what to do about dinner aloud to Andrew... Sabrina takes a whiff of Neda and declares her Lancome perfume a miracle, because she's allergic to perfume and it doesn't make her sneeze.  Camera 1 follows them into the bathroom. Topic: Ika.

Neda: I'm not gonna let her have a horrible last few days. Like Paul?  I felt really bad that he spent them alone, not having fun.. and she's been really gracious about it, you know?
Sabrina: I asked her, do you know that I love you and do you hate me..
Neda: I spoke to her after.. and I was like, I'm sorry.. and that she should just have fun the next few days.  I trust your guys' opinion.
Sabrina: Specifically, for Rachelle's game, yes.  I really hope the 3 of us have each other's back though.
Neda: For me, absolutely. You're the ones I like in this house.

Yelling is heard in the living room.. They wonder about it, but not enough to go look.  It's just Andrew being loud. Adel comes in saying he and Ika are about to go hot tubbing..  and the girls develop a sudden interest in dipping their feet in the hot tub too.

5:57pm Adel heads outside to the hot tub.  Sabrina and Neda continue their moving conversation in the bedroom..

Neda: We're almost to jury..
Sabrina: If it's a double eviction, then next week is jury.

Rachelle comes into the bedroom and Neda invites her to join them at the hot tub, then they continue speculating about the next HoH.

Sabrina: I think HoH is going to have to do with the house.  If you want, I have most of it memorized already.
Neda: Definitely.

Sabrina spends a few minutes putting a sit at the hottub outfit together.. They plan a study session for tonight.  Sabrina makes it plain that she wants Allison gone..

Sabrina: I just heard that she's coming after me.
Neda: Why would she be?  Maybe she wants Andrew to herself?
Sabrina: She told me that he said that he thinks I'm mad at him.. I'm just not talking to him.
Neda: You haven't talked to him all day?
Sabrina: Nope. He gave me a hug this morning.

They head out of the bedroom and into the bathroom for a minute before making way to the hot tub.

Rachelle: Oh my God.. I've gained 9 pounds since I've been here.
Neda: In your boobies!

Ika and Adel.. and.. The posse arrives.

Talk turns to Game of Thrones, which I love, but I'm not transcribing.

Cam 1
Kenny and Sarah
Storage Room

Sarah: Ika's figured her out. (Sabrina)

Kenny: Ika's gonna be gone soon.
Sarah: But there are others..
Kenny: She'll have no game left.  She'll be the target then.  She's so valuable, but so volatile.  But apart from that.. I think the order of eviction should be Ika, Jon, Allison, Adel, Heather..

Sarah: I know we don't think Allison's a threat just yet, but even last season, when you watched Jillian and Emmit just prance to the final 3.  That kind of emotional bond?  We need to have the strongest connection if we're gonna make it.
Kenny: Absolutely.  That kind of connection is exactly what you crave in here. That's why I'm trying to stress to him, you cannot be 100% honest with her. The fact is, she's still a question mark.  People swear on everything to get to the end.  So I was like, you have to hold on to her, hold on to her tight, but don't bring her in all the way. Now he's worried that she's being genuine, and he's playing her, and he doesn't want to come off as a heartless asshole.

They complain to each other a bit about Sabrina.. They agree she's tough to take, but incredibly valuable to the 5.  Bonus for them, she may be setting herself up to be the 1st out of the 1st five.

Arlie joins them, then Jon..Sarah and Kenny joke tat they're going to play the rest of the game from the Storage Room, because it's nice and quiet.. Periodically, they'll summon others there when they need to speak to them.

Cam 3
Neda, Ika, Adel
Jon joins. 

Ika's making the beginnings of a case to keep her with Neda.  Heather's fallen off the radar, and who's next?  Neda and Rachelle.

Jon: This game is f*cked.  It's a cool concept, but it's f*cked.
Adel: I don't think it's f*cked.  It's just mentally f*cked.

Andrew, Sarah and Kenny

Talk is about Neda being a floater. Heather too.. Jon joins them and game talk stops for a minute. Heather's a pretty safe topic though, so they continue when he brings it up.

Ika, Neda and Adel

Adel: Neda, honestly, if anyone else wins, I think you and Rachelle are going up.  I know Sarah's in for sure.
Ika: Sarah did say that they're not putting you up, because they don't want to risk you using it to put one of them up.
Adel: If you win, what are you gonna do?
Neda: I honestly don't know.
Adel: I'm gonna put up Kenny and the new girl, or Kenny and Sarah.  And if any of them win veto, or any of the friends win Veto, they're gonna take off Kenny, so..
Ika: What if Andrew wins and takes off Kenny?  Then you're f*cked.
Neda: here's the thing.. Why I wouldn't.
Adel: If I put up Kenny and Andrew..
Neda: He doesn't care about the girls..
Ika: Kenny's his girlfriend.
Adel: If I put up Kenny and Andrew, Andrew's girl wins, she takes off Andrew.. I have to put up..
Neda: Don't put up Jon.  He'll go home.
Ika: Put up Sarah..
Adel: Woudlwouldn't they keep Sarah?  I think the only chance we have in this game is if Kenny goes home.
Ika: If Andrew goes home.
Adel: Andrew has to go. It has to be Andrew for me. So I put up Kenny and Andrew.  If Kenny gets taken off, who do I put up that wont go home?
Neda: Sarah.
Adel: No one say nothing.
Ika: She wont.

6:36pm  Speculation about what to do in the event they win the next HoH continues... 

Our dishy day is done.  It's time to spark up your feeds and join the fun! 

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Blogger Blue said...

Is this the longest "dishy day" for you since BBCAN2 started?

Was starting to think you weren't going to stop. MONSTER!!!!

Even though I'm not watching, I still feel clued in and feel like I know what is happening because of your tireless blogging and updates! Thank you. It's priming me quite well for BB16, which isn't all that far off if one thinks about it. Scary, really. Have no doubt many others feel the same.

March 24, 2014 at 3:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

:-) :-) :-)


Thank you

See you in the TOR tomorrow..have a great evening everyone...


March 24, 2014 at 4:27 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

Thanks Carolyn for all the updates. I've been busy visiting with friends this weekend and just got home. Great to be able to catch up to all the action in the house with your posts. Great job, thank you.

March 24, 2014 at 7:46 PM  
Blogger Linda Joy Singleton said...

thanks for the update. I'm enjoying BBCAN. Nice to talk about it here.

March 25, 2014 at 7:37 AM  

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