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Monday, March 17, 2014

BBCanada: Monday Morning Before the PoV Ceremony

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday and Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

The feeds went down for the PoV Ceremony at 10:40am.  Here's what happened beforehand...

As of 8:28am eastern, the Canadian Critters have just been woken up and are beginning their mornings..  Lot's of Happy Saint Patricks Day greetings are flowing through the house now.  It's PoV Ceremony day in the BB Canada house.  Having won the PoV, Ika has the power to veto and replace one of her own nominees, should she so desire...

But first..

What a weekend on the feeds! The Andrew-Allison makeouts and Andrew-Sabrina canoodling are ongoing.  Heather is now on crutches, since the PoV.  Arlie the streaking bandit has now made himself into a superhero..  Here are the top pics on twitter from an Arlie search:
ScreencapCredits: @WytchyD & @UGotBronx

That's Super Arlie, the Streaking Bandit, to you.  And then there was this..

Okie dokie!  If you're outside of Canada, and you'd like to watch these nuts, please have a look at this post for a how-to.

Andrew: It's against my religion to not drink booze today.  It'd be like forcing Adel to eat pork.

Kenny and Sabrina

Kenny:  ..and she's gonna go after me, 100%. She's the only strategic girl here who's in that alliance.
Sabrina: I 100% agree.
Kenny: All she's been saying to me is you're not even remotely on my radar, so that makes me feel better about going after her and cutting her head off.
Sabrina: Yesterday, at like 2am, she changed her mind again, and she's like, I'm gonna get too much blood on my hands.  She's like, ok, you're right, you're right, you're right.
Kenny: ...Ghetto Trash.  GT.

Sarah comes in from the shower.

Sabrina: So there should be no surprises.
Kenny: Depends what happens today.
Sarah: Let's just say, worst case scenario, you go up.. We have the numbers to keep you, right?  And we'll just be like, I don't know who the fck voted for him. 

Kenny: I told him.. talk to her.. romantically, whatever, but don't give her any information yet.  We don't know who she is yet. Also, you're the only showmance in the house, so that puts a huge target on your back. I told him, be very wary, because you're already treading on thin ice.  He said he'd simmer.
Sabrina: Kenny.. if anyone comes after me.
Kenny: I'll beat their face in. Don't you worry about it.  I'll have the blood on my hands.  She's a savage little bitch.

Kenny exits.  Sarah talks..

Sarah: I'm kind of happy for you.. When you make it to the end of this game.. If it's you and a boy.  Look at all the shit you've done and it's only been 3 weeks. The main people you've backstabbed aren't even gonna be in jury.  I think it's goona be you and Kenny at the end. Oh my God!  Did I just show Canada my punani?!
**I didn't see..
Sabrina: Sarah, I literally almost barfed.  I pulled the friend card. I said, Ika, what the hell am I gonna do in this house if you leave next week?  She wants the strong guys out, which is smart, but.. not for our game.

9:03am Hush Hush..

Cam 3
Heather and Ika
HoH Bathroom

Heather: Is it ok if I keep my towel in here, baby?
Ika: Yeah, sure.

Ika's ironing her hair in the bathroom.  Heather's on the HoH couch putting on makeup. Enduring Silence leads me to another feed...

Cam 1
 Andrew's cooking up breakfast.  Kenny's orgasming over the quality of the bacon.  Sabrina and Sarah are waiting patiently to be fed.. Arlie's in there as well.  I'm consistently surprised by the nose picking.. I wont cap it.. because I love you.

BB calls Sarah into the DR. They've been calling everyone in pre pov ceremony.

Breakfast continues.. Lots of happy chatter. Every time I look at Sarah today, I get a Lucille Ball-Marlene Dietrich vibe.  Anyone else?  FYI - Those who aren't eating are primping in the bathroom - Ika, Heather and Allison. 

Ika, Heather, Neda, Sarah, Rachelle
The women react to body bullying in the media.

Neda: I felt bad when she was pregnant and people were hating on her. 
Sarah: I feel like the media should not be allowed..
Neda: To do that to pregnant people.
Sarah: Or to anyone. Honestly, if you go through a time in your life when you gain 25 pounds because, who knows why, I think the fact people are picking on them is actually making things worse.
Neda: Mmm..  I think it's fine if you're like, judging them on their outfit or their hair or their makeup, but like, don't do it based off their body shape.
Sarah: I agree.   I think the bullying that goes on about body image is worse than just seeing models in a magazine.
Neda: I agree.

Talk turns to photoshop.. 

Storage Room

Sabrina's tidying and wiping down counters. 

Rachelle: Do you think we're gonna be locked in the bedroom soon?
Sabrina: Yeah. How long would you think?
Rachelle: Maybe less than 10 minutes.

The HGs begin filing into the red and white bedroom... Chatter about St Patty's Day.  Arlie hopes they get beer early, "So we can get day drunk and night drunk too."

Chatter in the red room continues.. Talk of intentionally received punishments last year, why spitting is assault.. Movie Trivia and Schwarzenegger impersonations.

10:40am We've got the Hush Hush screen on all 4 feeds.  As I'm currently doing battle with a palm frond mulch machine in the front yard, and electricians with power drills in the back - both are fabulous assets to transcribing - I'm hopeful this means the PoV Ceremony is beginning... I'll be back with a new top post in just a bit. :0)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning Carolyn,

Good Morning Dishers...

Happy St. Patrick`s Day...


March 17, 2014 at 7:31 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Happy St Patrick's Day, Pamm!! :0)

March 17, 2014 at 11:14 AM  

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