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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

BBCanada: Tuesday Morning Update

Good morning, BB Lovers! Happy Tuesday to you! Our Big Brother Canada HGs are up and chatty... Let's have a look, and then I'll transcribe any gamey or particularly funny conversations that happen this morning..

Here's the PoV Ceremony Spoiler, if you need it.

Cam 1 -Most of the HGs are up and about now, gathered in the kitchen, having happy chatter.. Andrew's preparing fake OJ for everyone. My Floridian sensibilities are offended.
Cam 2 -10:17am Jon and Kyle step into the Storage Room.  I follow to see if there'll be any whispers.  That's a no.

Cam 3 - 10:18 The ladies are in the bathroom, making pretty for the day..  Jon comes in to alert them to ready waffles.

Sabrina: Hey Jon.. You have to tell everyone they can't come in the bathroom.
Jon: You waxing?  Brazilian?
Sabrina: Yeah.

Jon leaves.

Sabrina: Ok.. so I have to wax my armpits, my legs, and my vagina.  I hate the feeling of pulling hairs from my vagina.  Maybe you know that feeling. OhmyGod.. Jon is hilarious.  Has such a good heart.
Heather: I'm excited to see what they're doing in the backyard, even if it's just the Hammock. Another spot to sit.
Sabrina: Me too.  I can't even take a shower.  There's no towels.
Heather: You can use my towel.
Sabrina: I really.. I'm a germaphobe.. and my sister's 10x worse.

10:30a Neda and Rachelle have joined Sabrina and Heather in the bathroom. Sabrina's waiting on her wax to heat up. Rachelle's doing her hair, Ika too..

Sabrina: You guys brought so many nice things.  I brought jogging pants.
Neda: But you still look nice.

Sabrina: OK.. Les garcons ne peux pas venir ici.
Heather: I don't know what that means.
Sabrina: The boys cannot come here.. because I'm gonna wax.. Anybody comes, you have to tell them to go away, because my ass is out, and it's hairy time.  Heather, can you pass me the strips?

Sabrina: OK.. 1st row of death.  (pulls) Aaah!

Ika: That's a lot.
Sabrina: I'm a hairy bitch.
**I seriously love her. She's so open and funny.

Sabrina: I'm looking for volunteers to wax the back of my legs and.. my vagina.
Sarah: I'll help you. I used to do aesthetics for 2 years.
Sabrina: Wow.. Thank you Big Brother for unpainful wax.  You guys.. this wax doesn't hurt.

 Heather leaves.

Sabrina: That voice.  I cannot stand that voice.
Ika: I cannot stand her.

None of them can stand Heather.. and they're all working hard to not let on. 

10:42 Wax chatter in the bathroom.. All of the women are present.

10:44am Checking around the feeds, so as not to scare all the men away..

Cam 1 - Adel, Paul and Kyle are chatting about video games, which ones are the best..
Cam 2 - We have a wider shot here.. Adel, Paul and Kyle are in the foreground, and we see Jon Andrew, Kenny and Arlie gathered on the big couch in the background.

Camera 3 - Returning to the bathroom.. Sarah has taken over the waxing Sabrina.
Sabrina: Neda, if anyone's coming you have to tell them to go away, because no one's gonna see me like this.. except all of Canada.  I'm gonna wax my vajayjay in the shower with you..

Andrew is spotted coming up the stairs.  They shoo him away.

Andrew: Remember the Live Feeds!
Sabrina: My noona's not out, silly goose.

Adel has to use the bathroom.  He is given free passage.  When he's done, he asks permission to come out, and averts his eyes, using a towel to block the view and preserve Sabrina's modesty.

11am Kyle and Adel decide now is when they must take showers. Jon comes to use the bathroom, and is given free passage as well.

The attempt at maintaining privacy and a bit of feminine mystery is failing miserably.

Heather: Know what would've been smarter?
Sabrina: What?
Heather: If we'd asked if we could do the waxing in Andrew's room, and then no one would've walked in.

Checking in on the others...

Camera 1
Ika, Neda, Rachelle

Ika: I'm surprised there isn't a super super athletic girl.. (there is.. in the secret room)
Rachelle: Someone could pop out of nowhere and surprise us.
**more than you know.

 Chatter continues about how unathletic they are..

Ika: Because I stayed on, I was Paul's first choice. Kenny said he had to talk him into putting up Anick, not me.

Andrew comes over.  Ika complains she had no one to cuddle with last night, and he tells her she should've come up to HoH..

BB goes in close on the slop cookies.  They look just as gross north of the border as they do in L.A.

Cam 1
Couch Convention
Ika, Kenny, Kyle, Adel, Andrew, Rachelle, Arlie, Heather, Jon..

Topic: What do you miss most being in the house

Arlie: Not having control.
Kenny: People.
Andrew: Having nothing to do.

Talk turns to junior high and highschool parties..  school times in general..

Andrew: If we could go back with the knowledge we've gained, I'd run my highschool.
Jon: I sucked at highschool.
Andrew: I love women's volleyball. 

Neda and Rachelle are called back in to protect Sabrina's modesty from the live feeds. Sabrina's doing her hooha on her own. Apparently, Sarah bailed on this part. Ouch!

Sabrina: It's awful.
Sarah: You're really not hairy at all.
Sabrina: But I can't go in the pool like that. I appreciate it, girls.   When it's your turn, I will do the same, and I will wax you properly.  I'm trying to do this as fast as possible, cuz if one inch of this goes on television, I'm dead.  She did an awful job.  There's hair everywhere.
Neda: It literally feels like my vagina's being waxed right now.

Adel: Can I come in.
ALL: No, you cannot.
Adel: Can someone pass me a tub of vaseline?
Sabrina: Not right now.

Rachelle says how hairy she'd be.. Sabrina's been waxing since she was 14, and the hair she's waxing is barely visible to anyone but her, but someone must've told her she was a "hairy beast" at some point, because she keeps saying it.

Heather: Sabrina!  How's your vagina?
Sabrina: Not good.. and can we not talk about it on live tv, please?

Sabrina: Whore!
Rachelle: I love how you're calling the wax "whore." 
Sabrina: Neda, you're so cute.
Neda: I'm like your cheerleader.

Sabrina: Ok.. I'm not gonna be able to do this.  Can one of you?
Rachelle: Have you ever done it?
Neda: I've done it like once on myself, but I'm so scared..

Sabrina: Neda, if I hold it, will you come here?

Neda: Yeah, lemme just put my hair up.  OK.. I'm gonna come from underneath..
Sabrina: Ok.. Sorry you're like up close and personal with..  Don't be scared, or it's gonna hurt me. Follow the hair.. K.. Do not put the stick like that.. It's gonna go in.  No, no.. You have to press a lot harder than that.

 Jon passes by..

Jon: It looks like you're giving birth.  Hey guys.. Wanna go look at each other's penises and wax em?
Sabrina: Jon, you're such a jerk.

Sabrina's coaching the very nervous Neda through the process.
Neda: You're doing much better than me..
Sabrina: Is there more hair here?
Neda: There is, like on the lips, but..
Sabrina: But not where the bathing suit would show.  Ok.. I'm gonna move over here. So, there and up..  Do the sides.
Neda: Like this?
Sabrina: You have to hurry, cuz it's gonna dry and hurt me. Now pull upwards. I'm gonna bruise.
Neda: I'm so sorry, hon.

Rachelle's getting tired of helping.  Ika comes in.

Neda: Ika, are you good at doing this?
Ika: Waxing? On no.

Neda: Can you lift your ass up just the tiniest bit?  There you go.

Timecheck: 11:53am

Rachelle: This looks like a lesbian encounter under the sheet.
Sabrina: It is.  She's one lick away from eating me out.
Rachelle: I'm jealous.

Sabrina: Neda, I really appreciate it.  Aaaah!!
Neda: Oh.. Sorry, sorry, sorry!!
Rachelle: What happened?
Neda: I didn't hold the skin taut, I think.

Sabrina does a touch test..

Sabrina: OhmyGod.. there's so much wax.
Neda: Hand me some oil, and I can wipe it off you ..

Neda wins Best BB Friend of the week! Talk about taking one for the team!

Sabrina: Oh my God.. My ass cheeks are stuck together. (laughing) Look.
Neda: OhmyGod.. 

 **The things I do for BB.  I believe that's enough wax trancription... Quite funny though.

It's noon.  This concludes the morning update.  I'll see you back here in a bit and get an afternoon update going. :-) 

If you'd like to watch the free live feeds for BBCanada, and you're not in Canada, you have a couple of options.  I recommend setting up HMA.  It's $11/mo and has great customer support for the less than tech friendly, like me. :) For more info and options, please see this post



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Morning everyone...

Trying to drink coffee and read TMR is not good when talk is about female waxing.....

Thanks for the posts Carolyn.

Have a great Tuesday everyone..


March 11, 2014 at 9:24 AM  

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