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Monday, March 24, 2014

PoV Ceremony Spoiler & Afternoon Update

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday!

After about an hour of general chitchat and morning rituals, the feeds cut to the Hush Hush Screen for the PoV Ceremony at 9:59am.

12:16pm - Feeds are back!
Allison took herself off the block,
and Rachelle put Ika up as the replacement.

Since Allison won the PoV, I believe Rachelle's (*cough* Sabrina's) original plan to backdoor Ika is still in play, but we'll confirm that here in this post as soon as the feeds come back, and then we'll continue on with live feed updates.

Please refresh this post periodically to check for new info.

Sabrina: Where's Rachelle?  I feel so bad.  I'm not this person.
Sarah: I know how you feel.  Honestly, I wake up every day and feel like a horrible person.  The only thing that's keeping me from crying is knowing she gets to go home and hug her kids.
**And Ika's backdoor is confirmed.

The camera switches to Andrew and Allison in the kitchen..

Andrew: I'm surprised I didn't go up.

Then to Storage with Sarah and Neda..
Sarah: You ok?
Neda: Yeah, I knew, but.. I'm just scared that next week it's gonna be me.
Sarah: You don't think they'll go after Adel?
Neda: Adel's gonna use his power.
**Adel's boost of his "power" is working wonders for him.

Checking Camera 3... Ika, Adel, Sabrina and Rachelle are by the hot tub.

Ika: I knew from when..
Adel: I think you mentioned it to me the morning after everyone got drunk.
Ika: Even for your very first nomination, I said to Neda, you don't think she'd put me up, do you?  You were acting weird, and you were really close to Kenny.. So I knew you weren't gonna put up any of his people.
Adel: Well, at least we have 3 days to have fun.. No being awkward..

Rachelle: How does it work with your thing?  Your card?
Adel: I have to use it next PoV Ceremony or no deal.. It runs out.  Like right when Allison closed the box, I pull out my card, and they say, Adel come to the DR..
Rachelle: That's gonna be intense.
Adel: Oh my God... Someone's gonna be so mad.

Rachelle and Sabrina leave, and Ika makes the first honest eye contact with Adel.. 

Heather joins.  Ika leaves.

Adel: I think it's gonna be a sweep for you.
Heather: Nobody wants her here.

Checking Camera 1
Storage Room
Food Chatter between Jon, Neda and  Rachelle..

The camera flips.. to Sabrina, Sarah and Andrew.

Andrew: So who's next after Ika.
Sarah: Keep in mind it could be a double.
Andrew: Yeah.
Sarah: I think we get rid of Allison. By getting rid of her, it'll one strengthen us.. and shows Arlie that we are loyal and dedicated.   I don't think he needs solidifying, but.. plus we know she's going after you guys.
Andrew: She's swearing up and down that she's loyal to me.. I'm just willing what she's willing to do for her integrity.
Sabrina: What convincing do you need?
Andrew: I don't need convincing.
Sarah: Let's assume we put Allison and them up, and Allison wins PoV.  Who goes up then?
Sabrina: Heather.
Andrew: We don't want to win HoH..
Sabrina: There's a lot of potential, different possibilities..
Sarah: I feel bad..
Andrew: Why?
Sarah: This is someone you care about and you're conflicted about..
Sabrina: I did a horrible thing that I would not do on the outside world.. Getting rid of someone who would've never gotten rid of me. The thing is, Allison is just as strong, and we need to get rid of her.
Andrew: I just want to be fully informed on the situation.. Right now you're saying I don't have a choice. I'm good either way.  My loyalty is 1st 5. I'm just explaining to you why.. I met get a little defensive.

Sarah: Just give him time.  He hasn't had to prove his loyalty to the group yet.  We have.
Andrew: I know you're angry..
Sabrina: I'm not.
Andrew: The reason I'm totally fine making the decision is this is a game.
Sabrina: Rachelle was never gonna do that.  I presented to Rachelle reasons that made no sense..
Andrew: I know you feel bad..
Sabrina: I'm only showing that I feel bad to you guys.
Andrew: I'm just trying to present a way of thinking that might help you pull yourself out of it.  I just feel bad that you feel bad, so I'm trying to give you tools to look at it from a different perspective.

Andrew: I just want to know what she's lied about to my face, so I know what to say in the DR.
Sabrina: What is presented to you is always based on what is seen..  They ask leading questions in there.  That's how Ika knew she was leaving today.
**not leaving today.. being backdoored today.

Sarah: We're all gonna leave her without a clear conscience. You play the bad boy, but really you have a big heart.
Andrew: I don't want to take advantage of a girl who's being honest with me. I've done it in real life, and it's the worst feeling.
Sarah: I wouldn't allow you to behave that way, if I didn't believe it was 100% true and accurate.
Andrew: I just want full information.
Sarah; I know, but the thing is, you may have to accept that you may never get it.
Sabrina: The only thing.. I just hope that you never repeat anything back to her.
Andrew: Never! I ask her very leading questions, in a general sense..  I'm just making leading statements to see how much she's ready to lie..
Sabrina: She acted up that sick thing.. She honestly is fine with lying to people's faces.

Andrew: Once I put her on the block, I'm gonna explain to her.. 
Sabrina: You can't do that.
Sarah: She could still win PoV. When you backdoor that's fine, but not when she has an option to win PoV.
Sabrina: You should only say that in a goodbye message, when you know she is out the door.
Timecheck-- 12:47pm

Sarah: We can talk about this when the time comes.  She could f'in win the next HoH.
Andrew: Ok..

He high fives them both and leaves the area.

Sarah: He honestly doesn't understand this game.
Sabrina: I'm so sorry. 
Sarah: The tactic of him.. You cannot strong arm him.
Sabrina: That broke my heart.. I care about the people we're sending home.
Sarah: I know.   When she goes, you know you'll have Andrew. He'll go back to you 100%.
Sabrina: I'm f'ing pissed off.  If I was an unloyal bitch, I could've got rid of Kenny and Andrew. I think that Andrew doesn't truly care about me.. I feel like I'm not truly appreciated.. and anything I can do they can do better..

Kenny comes outside to work out.

Kenny: So What's up?
Sarah: She feels horrible..
Sabrina: Like a friend backstabber..
Kenny: Well, you're not exactly the sole reason..
Sarah: If I wouldn't have turned against Paul last week, this wouldn't even have happened.

Sarah: Andrew can't get drunk anymore, period. 
Sabrina: Jon asked me.. Is it true people think I want Andrew out?
Kenny: Andrew's fully aware.  He wants Allison gone. I think he really likes her, but he wants her gone.
Sabrina: I think he's asking her to swear..
Kenny: She needs to go.
Sabrina: When I think you don't like me, that's me personally, not because I hear people talk.
**her spidey senses are keen.

Kenny leaves. 

Sarah: Don't worry.  As soon as she's gone, he wont have this internal battle anymore.

12:58pm This turns into a counseling session between Sarah and Sabrina..

Sabrina: Promise me you haven't made a final 2 deal with Kenny.  I made it with you day one.. The day I have to make Rachelle leave?  What am I gonna do?
Sarah: I know, honey..
Sabrina: I really am known as Mother Teresa.. To take advantage and lie to people kills me.
Sarah: That's your time in your goodbye message to say that.
Sabrina: And Adel has to leave before jury, because they're gonna vote him back in.
Sarah: I totally agree.
Sabrina: And I feel so backstabbed by Andrew.  Imagine if Allison was like that with Kenny, and he no longer talked to you.

Adel, Ika, Jon and Neda

Chatter about incidences of HGs getting voted back in..  Kaysar, etc..

Adel: If someone goes to jury and comes back, they're almost guaranteed those people's votes..

Talk turns to chatter about Gary Glitter and how great he looked.

Jon: Usually I'm not a fan of flamboyant, in your face, but for some reason with Gary, I'm like, Yeahhh,..
Neda: I wasn't a fan of his, but last night he was cool.

1:09pm Talk by the jacuzzi turns to chatter... then a bit of jedi training regarding the schedule of events in the house and Adel's understanding of how the final 3 HoH works.

Andrew and Kenny
Weights Area

Kenny: Separately we can do our own thing..
Andrew: People are gonna expect us to talk. These next HoHs are whats gonna decide what's going down.. As long as there's never 2 of the 1st 5 on the block after veto, we're fine.  If you think about it.
Kenny: I say Jon is the most logical.
Andrew: He's the only thing that threatens us..
Kenny: Adel needs us as some sort of rock for guidance..
Andrew: I was thinking of putting up Heather and Adel.. With Ika going this week..
Kenny: I feel like Ika would be a good choice, but she also hates Heather.. I don't know if the fear of Heather getting HoH would make her make some big move.
**umm.. boys.. after this week, Heather and Ika's mistrust of each other is a non-issue.

Cam 1
Arlie, Sarah and Sabrina
Arlie's task to Upset People

Arlie: I had to upset people..

Heather joins.  Her step count is at 782 right now. She has quite a ways to go to hit 10k for the day.  She can do laps in the backyard, but she must also wander around the house.. Heather leaves.  Jon joins..

Sarah: I'm honestly drunk.
Sabrina: I'm jealous.
Jon: You're drunk?
Sarah: She's drinking wine.  I literally never drink.  I'm half a glass in and I'm tipsy.
Jon: Little mumsy.
Arlie: I really hope they give me a 26er of white rum for my HoH.
Sarah: If you share it with me, I'll have one glass and be toast.
Arlie: 25 left for me. 

Jon: When me and Allison did it, I was shitfaced.
Sarah: I would've died.  Thank God they chose you guys for that challenge.  I can't wait to see that part on the episode.. when we're all in the kitchen like ChooChoo!
Jon: It's gonna be so fun to watch.

Talk returns to Arlie's task to upset everyone..

Arlie: He was so nice after..
Sarah: Is that our hotdog?
Sabrina: I think so.. I hear her waddling.
Jon: I feel really pacey today.. I don't want to sit down.
Sabrina: You're always like that.
Jon: I've gotten better since week one.
Arlie: I feel extra not pacey today..
Sarah: Tomorrow's my husband's birthday.
Sabrina: Will you make a cake?
Sarah: Yeah, tomorrow..
Sabrina: I wonder if Have Nots will be able to eat it.
Sarah: I'll ask.
**scintillating.. I know.

Jon, Arlie, Sarah and Sabrina try to figure out what day it is.. Hotdog Rachelle joins them.

Kenny and Andrew

As I join, Kenny's telling Andrew that being perceived in a showmance makes him a bigger target.

Andrew: We have a fivemance..
Kenny: That's why we have to keep this going.
Andrew: The five alliance is stronger than any pair.  Once we get to jury, we have the game under wraps pretty much.
Kenny: Yup.
**HushHush screen at 1:42p..

Feeds returns at 1:52pm -
Storage Room
Rachelle and Andrew

Rachelle: Were you happy with how things went today?
Andrew: Very happy.  Thank you so much.

They hug.

Rachelle: Am I safe with you?
Andrew: Very much so.  Until it gets down to you and me, and we can battle it out.

Neda, Sarah, Sabrina and Rachelle are happily chatting..

Top of stairs, solo..
Jon: Can someone play with me or something?

Bathroom Blonding

Allison: If you win HoH, do you know who?
Heather: Yep.  Like if it's a double eviction..
Allison: You don't have to tell me, but if you want to..
Heather: Someone who drives me crazy.. Do you know who you're putting up?
Allison: No idea. I'm so new..
Heather: I'll put up someone who said they were keeping me but voted me out, who's told a bunch of lies about me.. It's not Rachelle.
Allison: I gotcha. Who would you put her up against?
Heather: I don't know yet.
Allison: There would be a couple people who would use veto on her.
Heather: There is no veto in a double eviction.
Allison: Yeah there is.

Allison explains double eviction night..

Heather; If it's double then I have no clue.
Allison: There's no one I don't like.
Heather: Just as an outsider perspective..

Ika and Adel

Ika: You cannot trust Rachelle. She will sell you out at the drop of a dime.
Adel: Of course.  It's Neda, Arlie, Heather and Jon.  If I can convince big Jon, we have to keep Neda.. and with Arlie, Heather.. just to keep her close.
**with Adel's record of alliance members biting the dust, it feels like he just named the next 4 doomed HGs.


Adel: I almost want Andrew or Kenny to win it.
Ika: because they wont put you up?
Adel: They're scared as hell (of the power).
Ika: Who would they put up?
Adel: Probably Neda and ___.  They'll bawl..
Ika; I don't know if it's an ethnic thing.. We don't let anyone see us cry.
Adel: The card has them all fooled.  I didn't even tell Paul the truth about the card.  Only you.

Ika; I didn't want to go out like this.. and I didn't want to waste my HoH.. f'ing wasted it.
Adel: I can't wait til Andrew sees his face when I don't put him up.
Ika: When Sabrina goes up on the block, she's gonna cry the whole time.
Adel: I can't wait.  I can't stand her the most in this whole game.  If I somehow weasel one more week in this game..
Ika: Know what's haunting?  Kyle's words are f'in haunting.. He said, if you don't make a big move, you're f'd.  I didn't listen, because he was with Paul..

Adel: I like Neda.. She's cool.  Those are genuine tears. She didn't get such a great picture though.
Ika: Sabrina's ugly too. Sabrina makes fun of her..
Heather: Hi guys!
Adel: Hi Princess. How's it going? Doing your steps?
Heather: Yeah
Ika: I can't stand her.. She acts like she's in grade 2.

Quick Chat in HoH..

Rachelle: You're like a part of me.. I would never put you up.
Sabrina: Same.

They come downstairs to discover Sarah's in the HoH.. Then Rachelle makes her way into the Storage Room. Allison is there.

Rachelle: Does she think she's going home?
Allison: No. I can deal with her for another week. If Ika was not to go home, that'd be bad, right?
Rachelle: Very bad.

They both make their way into the kitchen where they find others.. Chatter of lunch prep.

Red Bedroom
Ika and Adel

Ika calls the rest of the house Judases, and Adel doesn't know what it means, so Ika is explaining the story of Judas and Jesus to Adel.  He corrects her saying that she should only call Sarah and Rachelle Judases..  Ika asks if there's a Judas equivalent in Islam. Jon enters.  Religion talk continues. Jon's family is religious, and all their names are from the bible. Jon leaves to work out.

Ika: Allison literally walked in here and f'd up my game.. cuz she was that vote.
Adel: I know.  I said that to you last night.

Heather enters..

Adel: If you wanna chill and hang out, we're just talking about anything and everything.
Heather: Ok
Adel: It's Sarah's husband's birthday today.. She's making a cake.
Heather: Sabrina asked if it would be ok if we had a small slice to celebrate.
Adel: What'd they say?
Heather: They haven't answered yet.
Adel: Probably no.  Why would they?

Heather leaves.

Adel: I swear, when me and her talk, she never does that voice.  I'm gonna throw these away.  I'll be right back.
Ika: If you ditch me...

Allison, Andrew and Sabrina

Wife number one is monitoring lunch preparations of wife number 2. They both move into the Storage Room.. 

Sabrina: Are you ok with me?
Allison: I'm fine. Are you ok with me?
Sabrina: 100%

**Last night, the BBCan2 HGs got to talk to Talla, and Sabrina asked her why they never got the showmance out. Sabrina tells Allison that was nothing to do with her and Andrew.. She legit wondered.  Allison said she did too.

Sabrina: I'm kinda scared if you win HoH, you're gonna put me up.
Allison: I'm perfectly fine with you.
Sabrina: Ok.. as long as you're still ok. 

Sabrina's paranoia is taking over.. "Do you think I should be worried?"  They move back into the kitchen.  Andrew is no longer there.

Allison: 100%.. I don't know if he's weirded out now..
Sabrina: Because I said that comment?

Ika and Adel

Ika: The only way for the situation to change.. is if one of the guys got smart.  If you look in the DR, there's 11 frames. If I leave this week, there's 11 people left. I think something good happens this week.

Talk turns to slop.

Ika: I'm glad the bitch didn't put me on slop.  I'd have probably punched the bitch. On slop..
Adel: And backdoored.
Ika: Backdooring is the worst.  With Heather, at least she got to play Veto.
Adel: That's what was killing Kyle.
Ika: And with a backdoor, it's hard to talk yourself out of it.
 **But try.. don't roll over and die.. it's boring when HGs do that.

Adel: You wanna fight, go fight. 
Ika: You can't just go fight. You have to know exactly what you're going to do.  I'm trying to think in BB history, if anyone's ever gotten out of a backdoor.
**Plenty!! OK, Ika.. You've got the next 3 days to figure it out and make your move.


Sabrina: He was like my brother in here. 
Allison: I want you guys to be good again.. 

3pm Time for a wee bloggy break.  Must get out and cycle a bit, before my bum takes the shape of my chair... I'll see you back here in a new top post shortly.

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Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn!! Good morning BBDishers!!

I'm not looking forward to "Sabrina" backdooring Ika. I foresee a BIG "reaction" and fall out! Waiting impatiently...

In the mean time, I hope everyone is enjoying their Monday! :-)

March 24, 2014 at 7:41 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Lucky13!! :0) Happy Monday to you! I think you're right.. The feeds should be smokin' hot. ;)

Reposting for IndigoPrince --

Blogger indigoprince said...

Carolyn I tried Hola and used all the different servers and it won't play. I still get the message this content is not available in your location.

March 24, 2014 at 7:17 AM
Blogger Carolyn said...

IndigoPrince :) That's one of the reasons I recommend HMA. The free &/or cheaper services are spotty at best, completely ineffective or malware laden at worst.

HMA is $11/mo, runs perfectly, has great support if you need it, and is free of all the negatives of the others.

March 24, 2014 at 8:04 AM  
Blogger Laurie from the 770 said...

Good morning caro!, morning lucky! I'm also waiting for that moment I hit refresh and words "magically appear".
I don't have the feed and I don't stream the live show but I do enjoy reading the dish! Thanks caro for giving me something to do on my breaks. Ps, sucks about the big box and your jewelry, doesn't seen right on so many levels.

March 24, 2014 at 8:09 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hi Laurie :0) Wow! That's a BBDish endorsement if I've ever heard one! Thank you!!

Agreed about the big box guys.. alas..

March 24, 2014 at 8:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning one and all..

Happy Monday!!!!!

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Thank you Carolyn for all your hard work, I will hit tip jar again in April...just a little thank you..because you work so hard for all your little bbdishers... :-)


March 24, 2014 at 8:42 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Pammmmy! You're such a sweetheart! Thank you!

March 24, 2014 at 9:00 AM  
Blogger FranC said...

Hi Caroline! I agree with Laurie. I've been lurking around but I'm here. It's because of you that I can keep up. Thanks for all you do, you are the best!

March 24, 2014 at 9:43 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hi FranAnn! :0)

Thank you very much!

March 24, 2014 at 9:59 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

March 24, 2014 at 9:59 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

Carolyn, I had Hola set up, and can't use it anymore. The feeds were disabled due to copyright infringement. At least, that's the screen page I always get when I log in, now.

Good Morning, to you!!!!!!!!!! (Afternoon........what time is it?)

I had noticed a few people on Twitter saying they had the same issues and some switched to HMA.

March 24, 2014 at 10:04 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hiya Blueeee! :0)

I had the same problems with Hola.. To me, HMA is WAY worth it! :)

March 24, 2014 at 10:09 AM  
Blogger lee said...

Hey Carolyn! I just read/realized when ordering my books for my kindle, I can do it through your site so you can reap the benefits! Yay me! Now. If only I had time to read lately. haha

March 24, 2014 at 11:24 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hey Lee! :)

Oooh! Yes please! I order constantly on Amazon.. and only this morning did I remember to use my own link. lol

March 24, 2014 at 11:35 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

"Arlie: He was so nice after..
Sarah: Is that our hotdog?
Sabrina: I think so.. I hear her waddling.
Jon: I feel really pacey today.. I don't want to sit down.
Sabrina: You're always like that.
Jon: I've gotten better since week one.
Arlie: I feel extra not pacey today..
Sarah: Tomorrow's my husband's birthday.
Sabrina: Will you make a cake?
Sarah: Yeah, tomorrow..
Sabrina: I wonder if Have Nots will be able to eat it.
Sarah: I'll ask.
**scintillating.. I know. "

Reason number 12,472 why I love reading your blog. ♥♥♥

March 24, 2014 at 11:41 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

BLueee :0) THanks hon! It was such a non sequitur theatre conversation.. bizarro.

March 24, 2014 at 11:56 AM  

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