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Monday, March 17, 2014

PoV Ceremony Spoiler and Afternoon Update

The PoV Ceremony is now complete!

Ika elected to NOT us the PoV...  Heather and Paul remain on the block, and Heather is the target.  Paul has been back-burnered for next week, again.


The feeds just came back, and the girls are upstairs talking about "a power" someone's going to get.  They think Allison is somehow involved.

Sabrina: You kind of rolled your eyes at Kenny during the ceremony.. kind of like you wished you were putting him up.
Ika: Did I?
Sabrina: Yeah.. You were like, I choose to Not use the PoV.
Ika: Obviously I wouldn't do it now, but..

Sabrina: I was talking with him for like 2 hours last night after he came in.. I was like, Bitch, you're only talking to me now because your girlfriend's in the Have Not Room.  He was telling me, he'll never talk to her again if I don't want him too, because he wanted me first, but I friend zoned him.. I told him, I realized that it bothered me only when she came into the picture.  I was telling him straight out.  He was like, listen to me, I made it clear, but you made it clear I was friend zone.
Neda: So what? Is he gonna stop talking to her now?
Sabrina:  He knows she would sleep with him already. He's like, I know you're not that type of girl, and that's why I like you more.
Rachelle: I don't get it.. So is she gonna have sex with him now?

Sabrina: She has a boyfriend.. She says that he's not a loyal guy when his girlfriend is away, so she's not being loyal..
Neda: So why wouldn't she just break up with him before she came into the house?

Paul comes in..

Paul: I just wanted to come in and give you a hug.. It's just a game, it's not personal.

Paul leaves.

Neda: She's definitely going right?
Rachelle: Even if we don't have Adel and the new girl, do we still have the votes?
Ika: No. We have to have Adel.
Sarah: We do have the votes, 100%.  Let's just assume Paul goes home.  Is that even the worst..
Ika/Neda: Yes.
Neda: It would be, because we all voted to evict Heather, and then what?
Sabrina: I know Allison's voting to evict Heather, for sure.  I talked to her yesterday.And Adel, he's not voting out his friend this way..

Jon comes into HoH..  He promised he'd vote to evict Paul, so they can't count his vote..

Jon: She's gonna do whatever Andrew tells her to do..
Sarah: And Andrew's telling her to vote with the girls.
Jon: It is what it is, and Paul next week.
Sarah: I walked over to the hammock when Kenny and Andrew were talking, and they seemed like they were fine with it. So now we just have 3 days to wait.. and not strangle her. I feel bad for you.  KIck her out.
Ika: I can't kick her out.
Jon: Why don't you just say, it's Ika's HoH room, and she might want it to herself.

Adel comes to HoH.  Everyone leaves, but Ika.  Ika explains that she needs his vote to evict Heather.  

Ika: The thing is, if Paul does not win the next HoH, or you, the guys are coming after you.
Adel: Oh, I know..
Ika: And they want Paul gone, not you.  And if it's you 2 on the block, with the girls alone, we have the votes to keep you.

Ika:  Can I tell you?  From the very beginning he was not my target.  Kenny said he can't vote to evict her, because he swore on everything.. Andrew said he'll talk to the new girl..
Adel: I wasn't part of their alliance from the beginning..  Keep this in mind, when you're with the girls, me and Paul are going to do everything in our power to get Kenny and Andrew out.  I want their heads so bad.  Kenny's first. What if Allison votes the other way?
Ika: Then I'm the tie breaker?
Adel: Yes!! Paul's so worried he's leaving.
Ika: I want to trust him, but I don't trust him.  I was planning to tell him Wednesday before the votes. Or Thursday..
Adel: My chance in this game is with the girls..  I know that. Me and Paul.. until those 2 idiots are gone, you wont see anyone else on the block. He's gonna faint when he realizes.  I'm gonna have to get his heart meds.  What's up with Sabrina?  She's cool, but she's shady as f*ck.
Sabrina: She's cool, but she reacts off emotions..

Talk turns to Allison, whom they call "the new girl."  Adel says she feels like she's shunned.

Adel: You know who's gonna be good in the competitions for you guys?  Sarah..  You and Sarah are women.  You have kids.. But Sarah and Sabrina come in a package until Sarah snaps.  
Ika: She already has.  She yelled at me over a potato chip.

12:58pm Sabrina enters..

Ika: I was just asking him for his vote.
Sabrina: Are you gonna do it?
Adel: I already told Heather, literally right after they went up on the block, I'm not gonna let him go down with no votes.  I'm his only friend.

They debate the idea of telling Paul he's safe.. 

Adel: His strategy is to be old and weak.. He's 43 years old.  I'm not defending him.  I'm telling you he sucks. When he knows he can't win a competition, he wants to do something very different so he gets tv time.  Like the sliding one?
Sabrina: He knew he couldn't win, so..
Adel: He just had fun with it. His strategy is..
Ika: Come off weak.
Adel: That's his only strategy.  he can't compete against us.
Adel: It's up to you guys.. but I get the feeling he may do stuff to get the whole house punished, and that could change votes.
Ika: Even if he did act like that, he's just putting a bigger target on his back for next week.

Sarah enters.

Ika: Come in.. I was just asking Adel for his vote...
Sabrina: So is Allison, by the way.  She says 100% she's voting out Heather.
Adel: He's loony guys.  He doesn't know how to play the game.  I'll just make sure he doesn't eat a steak the last hour before he leaves.
Sarah: Honestly, this game makes people crazy, guys.
Adel: He's been married for 15 years.  He must be doing something right.
Sarah: I think getting the 1st HoH was his downfall.  He just got too excited, made too many deals, told too many lies.. 

Adel leaves the HoH room. Ika, Sarah and Sabrina remain..

Ika: Adel's so funny.
Sarah: I think he's a good guy.
Sabrina: He's still going up if I win. I'm not holding on to it.. He's just a safe person to send home.  I'm super senisitve about my weight and I have a lot of obesity in my family..
Sarah: For me, if he made fun of my anxiety, because I deal with that every day..

Talk returns to the votes.  Allison and Adel are confirmed to evict Heather, so Ika ought not need to give her tiebreaker vote.

Sabrina: I'm gonna say, you told my good friend in the house that I was plotting against her.  Well, I was only plotting against you.  Bye, bitch.
Ika: (laughs)
Sabrina: She was evil in her messages.  She told me she was awful to Anick and to Kyle. 

1:30pm.. Checking feed 1.. They're having a good time. 

Sabrina: You are gonna get a smack, and not a nice one. (giggles)
Andrew: I'll take it!
Kenny: Hell hath no fury like a scorned Italian woman.
Sabrina: YOu have no idea.
Kenny: Can you yell at me in Italian?
Sabrina: Disgraziato Bruto! Bruto is ugly.. Bello is Kenny.
Ika: Disgraziato means ungrateful??

The feed flips to Paul doing pushups..

Adel: What is that?!  Did you shit?
Paul: Everybody farts in here, dude.  You gotta call me out when I'm doing pushups?

Adel: You know why I think I get along with you, because as a tradesman, most of the guys are older than me.. and you're funny as f*ck. It smells like toxic waste just passed my face.  Did you fart when you walked by?
Paul: No.  But I should have.

1:36 Cam 1 flips back to the kitchen.. Kenny, Andrew, Heather and Jon are chatting about Sriracha sauce and the genetics of male pattern baldness.  Neda and Sabrina can be heard off camera.. at the dining table, with Ika as well.  Checking Camera 3, we've got Heather descending the stairs on her crutches.  She joins the girls at the table, and camera 3 moves back to them.

Sabrina: Don't be on my team next week.  I wanna be on slop 2 weeks in a row.. lose 20 pounds. 
Heather: Please don't do that if you're on my team.
Sabrina: I wanna go outside.  Who wants to see sky??
Allison: I want to.
Sabrina: You're allowed, because you only have one x.

The feed flips to Paul and Adel.

Paul: I thought I was gonna pass out this morning. (repeat x10)
Adel: You have to eat slop, dude.  You have to eat it. That's so funny, you complain so much, they didn't even give you a secondary food.

Paul does suicides (leg lifts for abs) and resumes tooting. Adel gives him hell.

Paul: Did you ever see Pitch Perfect?  Fat Amy?
Adel: Fat Amy is pretty much you, but a woman, and a successful comedian.

Adel: All the girls don't like her, and she's got a broken leg.. Paul it's 50-50.  I'm gonna hold my breath.  Just don't tick off anyone!
Paul: Whose votes do you think I'll have?  If it goers according to plan?
Adel: Everybody I'd say, except Jon, Kenny and Andrew.. Maybe Arlie too.. He's playing both sides.  Does he want to f*ck with the majority of the girls?  I really think you have a 50-50.. I could be completely wrong, but I've been pretty good so far analyzing stuff.

Paul: But.. If we were to go to the end together, you and I, you'd win.
Adel: Don't dare attack me.. I'd be so devastated, bro.

Cam 3 flips inside..
Heather: Hey honey.. (Neda) Your vote for this week hasn't changed, has it?
Neda: Don't worry.  Don't worry.
Heather: Thanks.

And back to Paul and Adel.
Paul: Guy, everyone has burned their bridges with me..
Adel: All I know is, if somehow you don't go home this week, it's me, you and Ika.  It's a guarantee.  If somehow, everything goes to our protection.. I see unease in this house.  Something is fishy.  Something is up.
Paul: It just sucks.
Adel: I know.  When you gotta go, you gotta go..

Paul: I'm gonna ask Sabrina to do my nails.
Adel: You're not painting them..
Paul: No.. just cleaning them..
Adel: Wait a few hours..

Paul: If I'm gone, you're gonna be such a hot target.  You gotta stick with Ika.. stick with the girls.  We are still the outsiders.  The original outsiders.
Adel: You never know.  Paul, we gotta hang on to anything, bro. Our best thing though is, she's hurt and she can't help anyone. She's the scaredest.  I see it in her face.  If you go around, from this day for the next 3 days, trying to make alliances, you're gonna be f*cked.

Rachelle comes outside to get some fresh air, just for a minute, literally.  Adel joins her by the jacuzzi.. Then he returns to Paul, and they play a bit of soccer with the big grey ball in the backyard.

**I need protein - 15 minute union break - brb.

HoH Bathroom
Ika, Rachelle, Neda

Ika: If we take Paul out next week, we're just strengthening their alliance.
Neda: I say new girl.

Heather joins them and game talk comes to an end. 

Cam 3
Allison and Sabrina
Bonding.. Getting ready to go work out. They move into the bathroom, where Ika and Paul are.  Sabrina's putting concealer on..and a bit of mascara.  They tease her about getting made up to work out. 

They head outside.. Adel and Sarah are already running.  Sabrina and Allison begin running as well..  Sarah does some (evil) lunges.  After a couple minutes of warm up running, Allison leads Sabrina in some dynamic stretches..

Kenny's doing a bit of Hans n Franz commentary. Allison's trying to figure out what to do, and not make Sabrina throw up, since she just ate.  Allison does some burpees.. Next up: squats.

Sabrina: I hate working out with the boys around.
Allison: Whatever.
Sabrina: You're athletic.. I'm a cow.. Hence the moo.

Rachelle joins them for Squats.
Allison: You did so good.  I'm so proud.
Sabrina: I'm so proud too!

They move on to leg lifts, and one might say Andrew's enjoying this a bit too much.

I feel like I'm watching an episode of Sister Wives.

2:50pm The HGs break the gender divide and come together for Abs.. led by Kenny.

BB: Houseguests, this is your 3 minute warning. The house will be closing in 3 minutes.  All houseguests must move out to the back yard.

The houseguests wonder if the lock down is because BB is setting up something for St Patrick's Day for them.. 

Arlie dashes in to grab some food, not knowing how long they'll be locked out. The rest remain exercising and  Ika and Neda scoop up Arlie's empty spot, as spectators... until he returns to resume working out with the others. 

Timecheck - 3pm

3:02pm - Hush Hush screen.. 

5:20pm Still Hush Hush Screen.. Holy Moses!

OK, Dishers... 5:20pm means I have to dash. I've been with them since 8:30am today.  Now it's your turn.  Enjoy the feeds tonight! :-)  If you're outside of Canada, and you'd like to watch their live feeds, you'll need to set up a VPN.  I recommend HMA - super reliable, no ads, no malware and fantastic customer service for the less than tech friendly, like me. :) 



Blogger Sam said...

Great update, thank you Carolyn. I don't think I'll miss either Heather or Paul. But I don't know if getting Heather out is good for the girls game or not. We will wait and see.

March 17, 2014 at 10:56 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Thanks, Sam! :0)

March 17, 2014 at 11:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Carolyn....

Are you watching TAR????

So proud of Rachel last night...that girl has more heart than most people out there and bigger ba#ls than most guys...great job Rachel...and Brendon...


March 17, 2014 at 1:29 PM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Pammm :0) I am, but I missed it Sunday.. Gotta catch it on OnDemand :)

March 18, 2014 at 6:28 AM  

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