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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Afternoon in the Big Brother Canada House

Good afternoon, BB Canada Lovers!  If this is your 1st time on BBDish today, and you'd like to get all caught up, please have a look at today's Morning Update as well..  It's a good one!☺

As we rejoin our HGs this afternoon...

HoH Room
Sister Wives Summit with special guest Rachelle, who is silent.

Sab: So if you win HoH, you're gonna put up Adel and Heather?
Allison: Yeah, probably.. I think we're all pretty much on the same page.
Sab: Heather can't win and Adel can't win.
Allison: I hate that it's Adel and one of us have to go up against Heather, but..
Sab: Me, her, Sarah, Kenny.. That's 4 for sure.  Now let's say maybes.. I think Jon would vote to keep Andrew.  They're solid now.  It's perfect. Adel needs to gtf outa here week 6.  Hate him.

BB: Houseguests, this is your final warning.. The backyard is now closed.

Sab: Who are you putting up against Adel?  I'm not going up as a pawn.  I don't give a f*ck.
Allison: Whoever it is is a pawn.  Oh f*ck.. what if he wins the veto?
Sab: he's not gonna win the veto.  He's off 2nd every time. I'm sorry to be like this.
Allison: If I was here and he did that to me, I'd be worse.

Sab: It doesn't help that I'm starving right now, so I'm extra angry.
Allison: You're almost there. Just tomorrow and part of Thursday, and Thursday goes so fast you wont even realize it.

Sab: How many are voting?
Allison: 9
Sab: So it's gonna be 8-1. Peace! Go roll your eyes back home.  The attitude on that one. 

Talk turns to Heather... Allison tells Sabrina and Rachelle that Heather plans to put up Sabrina..

Allison: I even said, so who would you put up against Sabrina?  She's like, oh, I thought you meant instant eviction.  And I was like, ok..  Don't even worry about her.  She's going home too.

They all agree that they want Ika, Heather and Adel GONE.

2:26pm Neda joins the conversation.  Talk continues about Adel, and Sabrina says she believes him regarding his power, because he's an observant Muslim and he swore on the Koran.  Talk turns to the HoH TV, which is still not working.. It never has this season. They wonder if there's a secret something back there.

Dining Table
Adel and Ika

Whispering about Sabrina..

Adel: She is the manipulator.
Ika: Ray Charles could see it.

Adel and  Ika move into the living room, joining Neda, Heather, Sarah, Allison, Andrew, Arlie and Jon on the couch.  Funny Chatter about who is the weirdest in the house.  From weirdest, we move on to most honest.. in the Big Brother house.. noses grow.

They start hearing building/banging noises from the backyard and wonder what's going on out there.  It's awfully early for HoH construction.

All of the HGs are still together on the couch, so all the feeds are with them, and since they're together, there is no game talk..  I'll resume transcribing when that changes.

HoH Room
Sabrina and Rachelle have broken off and headed up to the HoH Room.  

Rachelle: I couldn't even sit there.  They were making me anxious.
Sabrina: I can't stand the hypocrisy.
Rachelle: So annoying.. One more day.
Sabrina: I'm getting rid of the 2 things I hate most in the house on Thursday: Slop and Ika.  Thursday's a good day.  I'm so f'in annoyed.
Rachelle: Me too.
Sabrina: I couldn't stay there.  I just wanted to punch everyone out.
Rachelle: Only Ika.
Sabrina: She still thinks she's so wonderful. Yes or no, come on.
Rachelle: I agree.
Sabrina: Relax.. eating ice cream with her children.  I sound jealous.  I should stop talking. Adel needs to go.
Rachelle: What do you think the order should be?
Sabrina: I want Adel gone before I want anyone gone.

I flip over to Camera 4 to get a wider angle on the HoH Room.. and Rachelle is outside with Sarah and Arlie.. Something's screwy.  Going back to feed 1.

Camera 1
BB: Houseguests, everyone go to the main bedroom immediately.

The couch crew complies.  They rush into the bedroom, expecting to see something new or interesting, but it turns out, BB just wanted to corral them all..

3:20pm Hush Hush on all working cameras.  Avoid camera 4 for now.. It's playing old conversations on a loop. Unless you haven't seen that conversation, then hop right over.

5:40pm Still Hush Hush-- Sorry, lovely dishers.. Life Calls.  I'm sure the feeds will be back soon!  Spark em up and enjoy the fun tonight!  I'll see you back here in the morning!

If you're not in Canada, and you'd like to watch the free Big Brother Canada live feeds, you'll need to use a VPN to get around their geo-blocking.  I highly recommend HideMyAss.  Get going on that, and you'll be able to watch the feeds in HD, catch up on any episodes you've missed, participate in the show and have full access to the bigbrothercanada.slice.ca site.☺ P.S. HMA has really helpful customer service for the less than tech friendly, like me.. 



Blogger Unknown said...

Good afternoon Carolyn,

Scheming is getting much more clear even to a newly joined like me. Looking forward to the outcome. Luckily this BB, my internet is letting me watch video/streaming, even from the hinterlands. Thanks and have an awesome evening. K

March 25, 2014 at 12:48 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good afternoon Carolyn,

Scheming is getting much more clear even to a newly joined like me. Looking forward to the outcome. Luckily this BB, my internet is letting me watch video/streaming, even from the hinterlands. Thanks and have an awesome evening. K

March 25, 2014 at 12:49 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Carolyn maybe it is Marsha time??

March 25, 2014 at 1:56 PM  

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