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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Morning in the BBCanada House

Happy Tuesday, BB Lovers!  Here's a quick rundown on last night... Yesterday's plotting and planning for the next HoH and nominations continued into the night.  The names most often mentioned as noms by non-1st Fivers were Andrew and Kenny.  Jon is particularly vehement in his pursuit.  Ika wants to fight to stay, but she thinks it's a pointless pursuit.  Sabrina had been feeling neglected by Andrew for the past couple days, but they had a one-on-one last night, he declared his undying love, and they're all better now.  Andrew remains snuggle buddies with Allison.  Ika and Neda claim they heard Andrew masturbating in the bedroom last night.

OK.. You're up to speed...  If you're not in Canada, and you'd like to watch the free Big Brother Canada live feeds, you'll need to use a VPN to get around their geo-blocking.  I highly recommend HideMyAss.  Get going on that, and you'll be able to watch the feeds in HD, catch up on any episodes you've missed, participate in the show and have full access to the bigbrothercanada.slice.ca site.☺ P.S. HMA has really helpful customer service for the less than tech friendly, like me.. 

Now.. Let's start the morning update!

Camera 3
The Boys and Allison

The guys and Allison are having a wake up sex chat.  Arlie's a fan of something Kenny calls "edging" - getting very close to orgasm, repeatedly.  Gooood morning!☺

Cam 3
Sabrina and Sarah
Jacuzzi Area

Sabrina informs Sarah that she's on the outs with Jon..

Sarah: I'm gonna try and fix it, but if Jon doesn't trust me, whatever, it just makes it easier to backstab him in the end. 

HoH Room
Sarah and Kenny have a quick talk.. She informs him about Jon.

Red Corner

Ika: Boo, why you wanna send me home?
Kenny: I didn't put you up.
Ika: Let's keep it real. I'm not gonna fake the funk.
Kenny: But you have been fakin' the funk.. the whole time between me and you..
Ika: Do you think if Paul stayed he would've come after you?
Kenny: Absolutely.
Ika: If you have a conversation with anyone in the house, they will tell you, he wasn't coming after you.  It was Andrew. I feel like, my best bet in this house was to keep Paul here.. to try to have some numbers.. I feel like Andrew has more ties in this house than you.. He has Sabrina.. He has that new girl.. If he leaves, other people become threats.  I don't have any ties in this house.. If you could help me out, I swear to you on everything I have, I will not go after you.  I would love to give Rachelle and Sabrina a taste of their own medicine, because what they did was shady.  I give you my word.. And I will not go after Sarah.. I will not go after you.. I can't promise about Andrew.. but my first targets are Rachelle and Sabrina.  This conversation we're having, it wont go anywhere. I promise.

Kenny: I appreciate this.  I need to think about things.  This is the first time you've been remotely real with me since we've been here.
Ika: I did try, but it just wasn't there.  A lot of people in this house like you.  If you were on the block with Heather, Heather would leave.  If Andrew goes up, a lot more people become targets.  If I'm here, guess who's a target next week?  Ika!  If I win HoH, I swear to God, those 2 assholes go up.  I wont put up Jon..
Kenny: I see you guys talkin'.. I know what your intent was.
Ika: Whatever conversation I had with Jon, it had nothing to do with you.  You being a target was not my intention.  I wanted Paul to stay for numbers.. and to have someone to go after Andrew. Jon has your back..
Kenny: Oh, I love Jon.. as a person.. but in the game, I see him talking to you..
Ika: It's very apparent that I don't like Andrew.  I can't fake the funk that much.  I' e tried.  But Jon has your back 100 gazillion percent.  I swear on my kids.
**Jon wants Kenny and Andrew up, and Ika knows it well.

Ika: I will not come after you. I'm fiery, I'm spunky.. That person leaving benefits your game as well.
Kenny: Oh, I know..
Ika: I'd put Rachelle and Sabrina up, mostly for the pleasure of seeing them cry, then I'd put Andrew up as the target. (paraphrasing)  I am a loyal person.  I was working with Sabrina and Neda and Rachelle, and I can't stand those girls.  I'd rather leave here than have the people I trust go down in flames. Going after you is pointless.  I've sat outside and worked everything out.  You're not going home, Kenny.  You're playing a really good game, and I respect it.  I swear.  I love this game that much.  I'm not coming after you.  It makes no sense to keep a weak ass player like Heather who can't help you.  You have Adel in this house, but he can't do shit.  He's loyal and he's a vote. That's why you see me hanging out with him.  I don't have anybody else. The plan was to keep Paul here, because he'd still be a target, and he's not coming after me.
Kenny: It was a smart move.
Ika: Even though he's wishy washy, he's still a number.. Jon's a loyal guy, and I swear on my kids, he's not coming after you.
**Extra blessings to her children this morning..

Ika: If I stay here, I would call a 2 week truce with you.  I would not come after you.  I would not touch you.  If I did put you on the block, I would be f'd in this house.  But if you're staying in the house with that guy, people see you as a pair, and you become a bigger target.  But if he leaves, you become more like Jon..

Kenny: I agree with you 100%.  Jonis a great guy.  I'm keeping Andrew in this game because he's my buddy and we've had a good thing since day one.  But I love Jon.. He's my boy.  He's from Newfoundland. We're good, we're good.
Ika: This guy is loyal to you.  It's a damn shame if you're not.  If I did stay here, the people I'm going after are Sabrina, Rachelle and Andrew.  Anybody else is off limits, if you said no. If you keep me here, the only person you have to worry about me going after is Andrew.. It could keep your hands clean, and let me do your dirty work.  I'm not going after Sarah.  You would still have her.  I'm going after Rachelle.  I'm going after Sabrina.. She'll twist your words, stir the pot, and then she'll play the victim.  You give me a chance, Kenny, I swear to G-d, when I win HoH, I will not forget this.  When I won PoV, people were in my ear about putting you up..
Kenny: You have given me a lot to think about.. But it's maybe not as clear cut as you think it is.
Ika: Ok.. a heads up though.. Don't Anick me.. Give me some respect.. and Good F'ing Game. Thanks for the talk.
Kenny: Thanks for finally being real with me.

Jon and Sarah
Jacuzzi Area
Cam 3

Jon voices his concerns and doubts about both her and Kenny.  Sarah calms him.. We'll see if he's being honest with her or not through his coming conversations...

Sarah: I'm leaning towards trusting Kenny, but everyone wants the money..

The conversation ends abruptly when a Jon fart makes it's way to Sarah's nose and she must evacuate.

Adel, Jon, Neda

 Chatter about Jury.  Adel thinks production will give them tapes of Game of Thrones.

Adel: They'll maybe even bring us bowls of icecream if we're lucky. They told me there's a nice river too, so we can go fishing.

Adel leaves.

Neda: Please don't say anything to Sarah.
Jon: If Arlie has a talk with you.. and talks about you saying put up Andrew.. Arlie has a lot more on the ball than you may think.
Neda: Why am I getting blamed for this? Why does that even help me?
Jon: You're gonna be involved in something and it'll be really cool.
Neda: Who is it..
Jon: You and me and him.. and he mentioned Adel.
Neda: I actually really love Adel.

Jon: Do you understand what I'm saying?
Neda: Yes, but why is it necessary for me to throw myself under the bus?  I'm so annoyed. He's seen every single episode of the show, I guarantee it. He's counted everything in this house.  He throws every competition.
Jon: I think he wants to put up Allison and Andrew.. someone wins veto, take Allison off..

Neda: What's up with Sarah?
Jon: I'm still trying to figure that out.  I don't really tell her anything anyway.
Neda: Don't.  It's amazing how oftern she and Sabrina are together now.
Jon: I like you as a person and in this game.
Neda: My biggest fear is Andrew winning HoH.  I think what he'd do is put you and me.. or me and Heather.
Jon: Well, he's made a final 4..
Neda: I knew that the 2nd night in.. me and Ika figured it out.  What was it called?
Jon: "The Faction"
Neda: Know what the girls were called?  Has Sarah said anything? (laughs) We were called The Stupids.
Jon: That is f'ing awesome.  I love that.
Neda: Say nothing.  Swear!  If Sarah hadn't f'd that up, we would've been in the best position ever.
Jon: Are you girls still talking?  Or that's done.
Neda: Done.  They put Ika up on the f'ing block.  They were trying to figure me out last night.. it was pathetic.

Talk turns to jury, and how many more weeks before they're in.  Neda thinks next week.  Jon says 3 more people need to leave.  Adel returns, and they rehash Kyle's statement about taking out the newfies.

Sarah and Arlie
Poolside Chairs

This is a very long conversation, summed up into a few key sentences from Arlie..  Basically, Arlie and Sarah are both in the same 2 alliances - First 5 and for lack of a better word, Against First 5.  By playing it soft and laying low, they believe they are setting themselves up for final 2.

Arlie: We're so set up.. Sabrina's doing all our dirty work. She's great at what she does.  It's so good to have her.  No one will take her to final 2.  We're golden.  We're so sittin' pretty right now, it's not even funny. We don't have to do anything.  They'll bring us far, but they wont make it there.  The first week Kenny, Andrew or Sabrina go up, they'll go home. Andrew doesn't get it. Sabrina doesn't either.  I just have to keep letting people think I have a heart. I really don't.

Sabrina, Andrew
Kitchen Counter

Sabrina and Andrew have a laugh over Ika's pitch to Kenny, which he has already shared with them.  It's laughable because she was so open to Kenny about going after both Sabrina and Andrew, his alliance mates.

Allison joins, and it turns into another episode of Sister Wives of Canada.. 

Sabrina and Allison go throughout the house counting cameras..  They get to 64 cameras.  Sabrina thinks there are supposed to be 68..  Sabrina knows all of the counts (trees, circles, art, etc.) already, except the cameras.  She shares the info with Allison.

Red Corner
Allison and Andrew

Andrew: Thanks for tellin' me.
Allison: Thanks for telling you what?
Andrew: That (accent) dis is separate and good.
Allison: (giggles) Separate and Good. Can you make it more basic?  (laughs)  But..if you don't stop trying to strangle me in my sleep, I'm going to sleep elsewhere.

 Andrew: I can't wait til we're out of here so I can violate you.. (joking)

11:40am Hush Hush...
11:49am Still...

Andrew: It's a game where the worst comes out.
Allison: Yes.

Jon and Neda

Neda: She said there was a 3 day deal.
Jon: Well that's what Kenny said.

Jon becomes fascinated with Neda's packet of birth control.

Neda: How did you tell Kenny that you knew?  Did he ask how?
Jon: (unintelligible then) I find it hard not to trust him..  I feel like he's legit in not letting Andrew come after me right now.  He knows I'm targeting Andrew.

Talk turns to her project - waxing Jon's body hair. Then..

Neda:So is he actually gonna keep Rachelle safe then?
Jon: Noooo... She just got rid of one of the only people who would have her back the entire game.
Neda: I tried so hard to get her not to do it.  They are so sketchy, I can't even handle them.  They literally burst into the room, start counting stuff and then run olut.
Jon: I think Kenny will have my back for the most part in this game..
Neda: Until..
Jon: Until he doesn't need me anymore.
Neda: Andrew wants to keep Sabrina and Allison both, because he knows they'll never put him up.  There's like 5 people who if they win I'm safe, but if Sabrina wins, I think I'm going up.. I think if I'm up next to Sabrina, I go home. I just don't wanna be on the block..
Jon: Don't cry if you do though.  That breaks my heart.

And waxing begins..

Neda: You can't get mad at me if I f*ck up.  I'm just kidding.. It just.. It grows in different directions.. I'll do this part first.
Jon: Why don't I just shave it then?
Neda: no!!  I'm bored! It's not even gonna hurt.
Jon: I'll wax you.  Give you a Brazilian or something.
Neda: Lie dwn.  Worse comes to worse, you just shave the rest off.  What's the diff?

He complies.  She applies the wax, laughing every time.  Jon is the best sport on the planet..

Neda: This is gonna hurt.
Jon: Aaaah!!!!!!
Neda: (laughing) ok, ok.. but look how much hair came off. 
Jon: This is not fun for me at all.

Sabrina comes running in to see why he screamed.

Neda: I'm just waxing him.
Sabrina: But why there?
Neda: I said nipples first, but he didn't want that.. (RIP!)
Jon:  Neda I hate you so much.
Neda: (laughing) Shut up.  I get Brazilians.  You're fine.  Just a few more.  It's not that bad.  Imagine giving birth to a child.
Jon: Never.
Neda: (laughing) It's fun though, no?  You're having a blast.
Jon: Best day ever.
Neda: You've broken bones.  This is nothing.
Jon: I'd rather dislocate my shoulder.

And so it goes..

It's 10 past noon.. and this concludes the Morning Update.  Taking a break and I'll be back to begin an afternoon update at 2pm. 

If you'd like to support our blogging efforts with BBCanada, in addition to signing up for HMA so you can watch the Canadian feeds from outside of Canada, or hitting the tip jar, you could launch your shopping sprees, large or small, on Amazon and eBay from links here.  You still get their same great deals, and they throw us a few cents here and there for the referral.. :0)



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