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Friday, August 22, 2014

Cody's HoH Reveal

It's time for Cody's HoH Reveal, and you're invited! 

Cody: Who wants to see my HoH Room?!!!
ALL: Yayy!  Pictures!!

They all head upstairs. Waiting on the landing..

Cody: Should anyone get Zach?
All: Woaahhhhh!!!! (claps)
Donny: We got Nicole.
Cody: Are you guys ready?

They walk in..

Caleb: Cody, your sister's pretty.
Cody: Yeah, she's gorgeous.
**step away, Caleb.. Step away..

Donny: Is that his daddy 'n momma?

Derrick: That's your brother?
Cody: That was recently..
Victoria: Oh my gosh!
**agreed.  Hard to believe, but yes, Cody's brother is even hotter than Cody.  This meeting of the Calafiore Appreciation Council shall now commence.

Victoria: Wow, your brother's hotttt..
Christine: Dang you gotta good looking family!

Frankie: You can't have him!
Derrick: Cody, does your brother have highlights?
Cody: His hair's lighter than mine.
Frankie: That's who I shouted out?
Cody: My brother, yeah.
Frankie: ooooh! I'm so happy I shouted out to Paulie!
Cody: He's a stud.  That's when he has black hair.

The HGs continue to ooh and ahh over how gorgeous the whole family is.  Cody discovers his high school soccer sweats in his HoH basket, and he's very happy to have them.
Cody: I was wondering why I didn't get these.  Super pumped! (and for music) Papa Roach!
Frankie: Yeah!
Cody: Nobody listens to Papa Roach.  Just me.
Frankie: Pandora!  We'll see ya tomorrow.

And the letter from home..

Cody: It's from my mom..
All: yayyy!



You won HoH! Yayyy! So excited that you get to have some of your favorite snackies and fun stuff.☺  You deserve it.

I know it has to be tough, but remember to thank God above every day for the fun you have been blessed with to be where you are today, and the rest will always fall into place, just where it is meant to be.

I'm not gonna lie - I miss ya!  But I know you are right where you should be, rockin' the house with your new friends.  Your new summer family will love you just like we all do, so stay true to yourself. 

Love you baby boy.  Keep your head up every day you wake up, because every new day is a blessing.  Mwah!  Cannot wait to see you make yourself proud. 


Frankie: That was adorable.
Christine: So cute! 
Cody: She's the best.  That was amazing.
Derrick: So can we call you Codybear from now on?
Cody: Yes! My name is Codybear.
Frankie: Your dad is the man.
Cody: My dad is THE Man.
Christine: He's wearing a Zebra jacket on his wedding day. hehehe
Frankie: A zebra tux..

Cody: Still has it.  You should see.. My dad is so tiny when he got married, it is literally like, only a kid could wear it.
Christine: Really?!
Cody: Yeah, he was like Frankie size.

Frankie: That is awesome.  It's like the ultimate 80s wedding.
Donny: She's got the big poofy hair.  She looks like Elvis Presley's daughter.
Frankie: I love Lisa Marie.

Caleb: Cody, is this your pillow from your bed?
Cody: That's the one I was talkin' about.  She musta heard me!  This is the pillow I sleep with every night.
Christine: Really?
Frankie: Aww
Derrick: You said last time, "I'm surprised they didn't send my black pillow," Welll...

Cody: Doesn't smell like my room..  Smells like my best friend's house..
Derrick: Maybe they wash it..
Christine: What's his name?
Cody: Billy
Christine: Maybe he's been sleepin' with it.

Caleb: Guys, all I can say is, Welcome to Big Brother.. from here on out.
Frankie: Finally.
Caleb: Finally get to play it.. The real..
Frankie: Yup.
Derrick: Until the next twist.

Cody's peeks inside the bathroom to see if more goodies await him in there. Nicole looks on from the HoH bed..
Frankie: Til Julie pops up on the screen in 5 minutes like, "Houseguests, please assemble in the living room."
Derrick: hm!

As the HGs chat about Julie popping up on the screen to announce the Jury Members Comp, Cody gives his letter another read.. to himself..

Shockingly to everyone, Frankie has yet to insinuate himself into the HoH bed.  I wonder if he'll stay up there tonight.

Frankie: We were like, it can't be the exact same formula as last year.  Yes it can.  Down to the f'in day.
Nicole: They let the person coming back play for HoH, and they didn't do an endurance comp.  They switched it up a little bit, but not much.
Frankie: That's true. 
Nicole: And like, when the double eviction came, we kinda knew that too.
Frankie: mm hmm

They predict another double eviction next week.

Derrick: It's mathematically.. It's either 2 double evicts, or there's an extra week of Big Brother.

They push their Finale prediction to Sunday the 20th.. getting warmer..

Cody: Oh wow.. They gave me aftershave.  That's awesome!
Donny: You old enough to shave?

Cody: Well, that was fun.
Frankie: Well deserved.  What a f'in comp to win.
Frankie: That is a bomb comp to win, Cody.  That's the comp I was dreading..
Donny: You're a genius.

**no dear, he's not talking to you.

Donny: You're a freakin' genius.  Here I was all summer thinkin' you was some little dumb kid, and you're a genius. 
Cody: What?!

Christine: He did go to college.
Cody: I'm a f'ing college graduate.
Derrick: He has a business degree.
Cody: I have a business degree.
Derrick: From a good business school too.
Cody: Dang, Don!
***What was it Zingbot said about Donny again?

Donny: That was a compliment.
Derrick: I thought you were a straight dumbass, but I guess not.
Frankie: I mean you are pretty competitive.  I gotta say.
Cody: I'm definitely competitive.  I'm as competitive as they come.
Cody: Super pumped they got me Sour Straws! (to nicole) Didn't you say you like them?
Nicole: Yeah, I do.

**It just dawned on me. This may be the 1st time we've ever seen the HoH bed occupied by only one person during an HoH Reveal.  It's like they've all decided Nicole has some communicable disease, and they're staying as far away as possible.

Donny: You gonna let me sleep up here with you tonight?
Cody: What?
Frankie/Christine: (eyes right!)
Donny: You gonna let me sleep up here with you tonight?
Cody: Yessir! You go right ahead.
Frankie: Ummm.. That's weird cuz... I sleep here.
Christine: That's awkward cuz that's my bed..
Frankie: That's awkward cuz  that's where I sleep..
Christine: Mannn.. I'm gonna be in the Rock Room all alone tomorrow.

Christine: Oh wait, no.. Nicole or Victoria or Derrick or someone will be with me.. Or Caleb.
Nicole: mm hmm
**LOL! I think your room is suddenly going to get populated if Nicole decides to be in there.  There is no way on God's green earth the boys trust either of you enough to have the 2 of you sleep alone in 1 room.

Frankie: Back to good old fashion Big Brother.
Christine: Starting.
Frankie: Not back to.. Starting good old fashioned Big Brother.  96 days into it!
Derrick: There'll still be somethin' else comin' up.
Frankie: Day 64 today.. Day 63 began Big Brother.  Day 63!

Derrick: Now we can actually start playing the way we anticipated playing..

Talk turns to the Live Show.. Julie questions, the clip of the BoB comp they got to see..

BB: Frankie, please come to the Diary Room.
Frankie: Coming!

By 12:25 the HoH Reveal begins to break up, and it's just Cody and the girls...  so.. we're going to begin the overnight report.. see you up there!



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