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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Derrick fills Victoria in on the Plan, then Speaks to the Feedsters

Derrick gives Victoria a mostly honest rundown on the immediate plans and then speaks directly to the feeds..  Let's listen in!

Derrick: Happy?
Victoria: Very. How did I even get brought up?

Derrick: I just told em flat out: "I'm not puttin' Victoria up."  I said, "the girl goes on the block every week.. She's not my target.  I think everyone in the house knows it.  I don't want there to be people coming up to me recommending for her to go up, cuz I'm not puttin' her up."  And Frankie's like, "No, I'm not gonna put her up either."

Victoria: Everyone seems a little bit pissed about it.
Derrick: Doesn't matter.. doesn't matter.  I told you I had your back.  Obviously, I would like, if you get picked for the pov, try to win it, and not..
Victoria: I will.. Do you think they want to backdoor me?
Derrick: No, they definitely don't, but it always..  know what I'm sayin'?  Even though you n me weren't on the block, how bad did I wanna win the PoV? Know what I'm sayin? So just play your ass off.
Victoria: I always play my ass off.
Derrick: And if I'm the remaining HoH, I'm gonna try to win it, and just keep em the same.

Victoria: I feel like you should get 2 people to throw it for you.
Derrick:  It's gonna be tough with only this many people left, cuz nobody feels safe anymore. That's what I'm tryin' to tell you, a far as Nicole with her f'in theories?  There's no f'in alliance, because everyone thinks they're goin' home.  Everybody.

Victoria: You don't think Cody would throw it for you?
Derrick: No.  Not at all.  Not a chance.  He's never even been on the block.  He ain't throwin' shit.

Derrick: But tonight, when Donny goes to sleep, me n Frankie are gonna bring all of them in a room - Cody, Christine, Caleb and Zach - and ask them right out: which 3 of the 4 of you are gonna go up on the block?  Cuz Donny's probably gonna go up, obviously.  Either Frankie's gonna put him up, or he's gonna want me to put him up.
Victoria: I wish you could backdoor him, cuz if he wins BoB, he's safe for the week.
Derrick: But whoever's on the other side will go home.  What I'm saying is, 3 of those 4 people, their time's gonna come up, so..  Don't say nothin to any of em.  I'll handle it.  Gonna bring em in a room and say "listen, Donny's goin' up on one of our sides.  3 of the 4 of you are going up.. You can draw straws, you can do whatever you wanna do, but.. figure it out." I got it figured out.  Just relax.  Be happy.

Victoria: I am extremely happy.  I love you.
Derrick: I love you too. Just relax..

Victoria leaves... Derrick speaks directly to the feedsters.. First he mouths something, which I didn't catch, but I'm hoping @FitDeafGal will.. at 7:49pm on Camera 2. 

Derrick: That's another win for the boys in blue too.  Gotta be careful though.  Too many HoHs in this game?  Death.  They'll put me up the next week. Gotta be careful. Gotta be a smart player.

Derrick: ..put up Donny.  We have to put him up.  They want him to go home.  This is gonna be a tough week.  Make sure you guys tune in (to the feeds) tonight after the HoH Reveal. Gonna be fireworks up in that HoH room when we have to decide who are the other 3 people goin' p with Donny.  No one's gonna volunteer, except for Zach.  There's gonna be some fireworks.  I promise.

Derrick: To everyone back in Rhode Island. Miss you guys, but I'm not comin' home yet.  There's still work to do.  Love you guys. Love the feedsters... I'll see you soon.



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