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Friday, September 25, 2009

Big Brother 11 Weekend Round-Up: Superpass & Ebay News

Happy Friday, BB Lovers! :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

I'm happy to announce that RealSuperpass has archived the Jeff/Jordan Live Chat from last night, and it's already available for your viewing pleasure!

When you get onto Superpass, just click the Big Brother tab on the far right, and it'll take you to the Big Brother Exclusives page. Once you're there, scroll down and you'll find all the footage from last night, as well as all the Vegas interviews, and the Backyard interviews, too!

The large photo at the top of the Exclusives page may still say that the Jeff/Jordan interview is coming soon... Ignore that and scroll down. :) It's already there!

If you're just checking out RealSuperpass for the first time, here's the 2 week free trial.

Subscribers! Don't forget to get your 10 free songs for the month!! :)

OK.. on to eBay! :) Jordan fans: Here ya go!

Pink Nightie has never been worn by anyone but
BB11 Winner, Jordan Lloyd, and it's yours for the bidding.

Michele's PoV Winning Astronaut Costume can also be yours... Michele's actually got a ton of auctions going, including her devil horns, her final luxury comp bikini, her famous yellow dress, the purple hoodie, and on and on... and she keeps on adding more. Here's the link to get you to all of them. Michele is offering to autograph the items listed, on request.

Lydia's got bajoodles of auctions going, as well... Here's the direct link for all of Lydia's Auctions.

As I've said before, the complete Captain Unitard outfit is far and away the hottest item on the list. As well it should be, being absolutely 1 of a kind Big Brother memorabilia...

Lydia's also offering a large array of her hair adornments, her golf comp costume, her purple negligee, her gold stretch pants and top and more...

Many of Lydia's auctions also include an autographed picture of her - with your choice of hair color :) and a pic of her packing the item to 100% guarantee authenticity.

BB11 Ronnie has also re-entered the ebay fray, and he's offering several shirts for the bidding, including the one he was wearing when he and Kevin got into it in the bathroom...

1st chest bump of the BB11 season. ;)

BB1 Chicken George: As he does every season, Chicken George is auctioning off autographed pics of the current HGs that he got signed at the wrap party.

The only way you'll find his auctions is via this link. They don't show up on the standard BB11 search.

As you can imagine, this pic of Jeff & Jordan, autographed by both of them, is drawing the most attention.... and the most bidders: Jeff/Jordan, pic 1.

There is also now a 2nd Jeff/Jordan Pic for the bidding.

There are also solo pics of Jeff, Jordan, Michele, Russell, Lydia, Ronnie, Casey and Jessie. This link will get you to all of Chicken George's auctions.

Lastly, we haven't seen any of the BB11 bags come up in the auctions yet, so keep your eyes peeled on the main BB on eBay link for them to appear.

Even still, the same power seller who's been trying to sell BB8 Carol's Big Brother Bag for the past year or so is stilllll at it!

The asking price has actually come down almost $100... Even so, it's rather high.

Still, it's a Buy it Now with a Make an Offer option, so if you'd like to make an offer, there it is.

As with all Big Brother bags, this one has the Big Brother insignia on it. It just doesn't show from the angle shown in the picture.

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend! Happy Bidding! Enjoy all the new goodies on Superpass!

And if I don't see you before the holiday... For all those who observe Yom Kippur, I wish you an easy fast. May you and all of your loved ones be inscribed in the Book of Life.



Blogger Jack said...

Hey, Carolyn. How do you get to the second half of the Jeff/Jordan video? I see part 2 in the screen shot, but I don't see it in SuperPass! Thanks!

September 26, 2009 at 2:52 PM  

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