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Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Saturday! :0)

Today in the BB15 House, the HGs will play for the power of Veto.  As nominees, Amanda and McCrae will definitely play, as will Ginamarie as HoH.  3 more HGs will be chosen.  Most believe it will be the How Badly Do You Want It PoV, where someone goes on slop forever, someone gets a chumbath chained to another HG, shaved heads, dog costumes, leashes and so on...  I hope so.  I love that one!

Last night after the Nomination Ceremony was Meltdown City on the live feeds.  If you missed it, make sure to check out The Nominations Spoiler and Aftermath post.

Now let's join our HGs and see what they get into from Midnight til bedtime...

Ginamarie's resting her eyes, back and foot on 1 and 2
Andy's talking with the Chickens in the Cockpit on 3 and 4 about how much he hated Nick.  Judd agrees.

Judd: But let's not ever badmouth Nick in front of her..

Andy: The first couple weeks, I noticed people were forming things..
Judd: McCrae was the first person I was workin' with.. And I was outside by the pool, and Kaitlin came over and she's like, you just need to stick with me and Kaitlin.. so I voted out David, they were pissed.  I voted out Nick, they were pissed.
Andy: Same with me.. I felt like they thought you were just this Tennessee bumpkin, same with me.. Nick and David both sat me down and told me, oh, we've got way bigger targets than you.. so I'm sitting there going Thank you, but in my head I'm thinking, F*ck you..
Judd: Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn when they were HoH, I'm sitting there, and I'm like, I've learned from my mistake.

Andy: I did the exact same thing.. I was like, I'm so happy you're accepting me, and I'm voting out who I want. Did I tell you that Jessie said you and I gave her the thought to flip, because she saw us playing both sides. She saw me doing it, and then Judd approached her. Amanda totally takes credit for that.. I'm like no.  I like talking about this now, because I feel like you and I were in exactly the same boat. My strategy coming in, I was like, I'm going to sit back and watch people, and I'm going to align with people I can actually coexist with in real life.. That's where Nick f'd up. I feel like, if the moving co had been with you and I instead of Jeremy and Howard, it could have worked.
Judd: This is a job.  You just pick your hours to work.
Andy: If he had picked the 2 of us, it would have been much more under wraps.
Spencer: If y'all think about it, we said F it, on week 2.

12:11 -- Elissa walks in..

Elissa: Why don't you guys come up to HoH?  We've been playing Jenga for like the last 6 hours.

Elissa: I'm sorry you guys can't be entertaining for the live feeders like our Jenga game.

Andy: Everything in this game has worked out perfectly. I could not be happier than to be here with the 2 of you.
Spencer: Ditto.
Judd: Ditto.

Spencer: I don't really want to go up there.

Andy: I feel like for the 1st 2 weeks, we were underestimated, and for the last 2, you've been underestimated.   Nick was the one who enraged me.  Whenever we talked, I was like, he thinks I'm an idiot. David and I actually had great conversations.
Spencer: I think we talked more than him and Aaryn.
Judd: He was cool.  I wish he'd stayed a little bit longer.
Andy: That's why it's so important to make alliances with people you actually like..

Andy, Judd and Spencer come out of the Cockpit, and make their way up to HoH.

Elissa: Tarzan Chicken..
Judd: Are y'all asleep?

Andy: Are you ok, slutty chicken?
Judd: Yeah.

Andy: Elissa, do you realize we're sitting in a room with 2 grown men in chicken suits?  Do you guys wanna make a Rainbow Room pact that we're not playing in the veto?  We're just gonna nap?
Judd: Look how skinny GM looks in that picture.
Elissa: She looks gorge.  She's a really good model.  Very photogenic.
Judd: I bet she's a fun aunt.  Is Rachel a fun aunt?
Elissa: um. Kinda.  Brendan's a fun uncle.  He'll play videogames with my son.
Andy: What kind of video games does he like?
Elissa: He's only allowed to play sports games.

12:25am Talk turns to arcade games.. and playing video games as a too young child..

Spencer: Do you play video games ever?
Elissa: Uh.. no. I'll play with my son.

Talk turns to Alicia Silverstone.. then Jennifer Lover Hewitt.. Sarah Michelle Gellar..  tween heartthrobs for Judd and Spencer.

Spencer: You're gonna be in a neck brace..
Andy: Spencer and I joked week 4 about you leaving the house in a motorized cart with a feeding tube.
Spencer: Can I have some Swedish Fish?  I'm a pesco vegetarian.
Andy: Me too.

Elissa: Is JoJo your favorite?
Judd: He (Judd) thinks she's hot.

Spencer and Judd are excited to get out of the hot suits tomorrow night. Talk turns to Chicken Dancing..  They hope BB plays the Chicken Song again tomorrow.  GM wants "Cuz I'm a Blonde."

Cam 3
Amanda and McCrae
Dark Room -Silly pillow talk..

Cam 1

Elissa: Little Bunny wants to be in playboy.. Can you hook it up?
GM: I can get her in the mansion..
Elissa: I bet Amanda could hook it up.


Cam 1

Andy: I'm glad you missed all of Clownie's suicide attempts while you were gone.
Judd: Clownie's gone now.
Spencer: I can't believe it was only last night.
Andy: Last night? Woah.  I guess it was.

Andy: Blackout (Elissa) over there on the bed..
Judd: She's drunker than Helen on a Friday night.
Andy: And Helen gets blacked out on Friday nights. We all know that.
**I've never understood the attraction.

Andy: Which houseguest out of the 9 evicted do you miss the most?  I miss Helen.
Spencer: I miss watching Jessie bounce around the house.
Judd: None of em.  Game aside, Jeremy.  He was just young.
Andy: McCrae's a year older, if that, and does not act like Jeremy.
Judd: David, but I didn't know him well..
Andy: In our defense, he didn't play well.  He went to bed at like 8pm and only talked to Aaryn.

Spencer: I've got to take the hat off.. Forgive me.  I think I'll just go to bed.
Andy: I bet you wont have to wear it for the Veto.
Judd: I hope not.
Andy: Well, black out's passed out in GM's bed..
Elissa: Whatever.. Britney said it's my prerogative..

Andy: If we did high school awards, Elissa would be Most likely to get a penalty nom.
Spencer: I'd be most likely to get heat stroke.
Judd: I'd be..
Spencer: Runner up.

Judd: I hope they do the veto late tomorrow.. when it's not so hot.

Elissa: I didn't know what was going on, and then I walked out of the Storage Room, and I was on a tv show.
Andy: Elissa, what's your favorite Britney song?
Elissa: I hate everything about you.
Andy: That is not a Britney song.

Amanda comes up to HoH..

Amanda: Can I just tell you the funniest thing in the world..

Amanda: I just led McCrae on for 45 minutes.. George Richard Manisotti is my dad.. they call him Evel Dick, because he's in a band.. There are 4 other relatives in the house.. I also told him I have a masters in psychiatry and my job is a body language analyst in forensics..

Spencer: Why'd she just walk up here to tell us that?
Andy: I don't know. What's the funniest thing about it?
Elissa: (listening to.. ♫I'm not that innocent)

Judd and Spencer are itching to go downstairs and get out of the costumes.

Elissa: You guys look boring over there.

Andy: I'm tired.
Spencer: I'm tired too.
Andy: I'm gonna be f'in enraged tomorrow if they call me to DR late tonight or at 7am tomorrow. Oh, you want good quotes?


Spencer and Judd say goodnight and head downstairs.  Elissa inspect her hair for split ends.

cam 1
Andy and Elissa

Andy: I think we should stick with Nick and Howard.  They're comin' back.  We can make it. You, me, Nick, Howard and Spencer. He's not comin' after me.  He's not comin' after anybody.

Elissa: He just wants to win. Awesome strategy.  How did you come up with this?
Andy: I've been scheming for days..  for hours.. It's a lot. And I'm sorry, but if you don't come with me, everyone in the house is gonna come after you.  Everyone in the house wants you out right now, but I want you to stay. That's why you gotta align with me.
Elissa: Do you wanna make a secret handshake?  OK.. we're down til next week.
Andy: I'm gonna still vote your as out this week, but if you stay, I'll work with you.
Elissa: That's perfect.  You're such a gem.
Andy: I sit back.. and I notice things.. Sometimes you've got warriors..

Elissa: It's kind of like I'm in a win win situation.

Andy: Can we just talk for a second about how perfect this picture is?  He's pointing guns..

And now on a serious note..

Andy: I love you.  I would never want to be the reason you went home.
Elissa: Same.  I would never have nominated you if I thought you could go.
Andy: I wasn't their puppet when I was with them, and I'm ready to distance myself.
Elissa: You're amazing.  I love you.

Andy: I was aware of it.  I'm still here. You're still here.  And Ginamarie, who I really trust.  When you hear me talking to Amanda, I'm telling her what she wants to hear, because I know she's going home.. or he's goin g home.
Elissa: You know I've always been team Andy.  You've never been a target of mine.

1:18am --  GM returns to HoH and says it's bedtime.  Andy and Elissa say goodnight and leave HoH.

Cam 3 and 4
Chair Room

Amanda: Dude, when I leave, my whole row's gonna be black and white.

Spencer: Jessie's gonna be all over his dick.
Amanda: I don't even have any fight anymore.  I feel like I've accepted it.  I'm over it.  I'm done.  I tried hard, and I lost.  And that's the way the cookie crumbles.
McCrae: If you don't try hard tomorrow too, that's ok.
Amanda: No, I'm gonna kick your ass.  You're going home.  Not even too jury.  You want a taste of the butterscotch?  I know she would.

Spencer: I wish my last egg had counted.  I was gonna be like, alright.. I want ya'll f'ers to come out here and make sure no one else has a cracked egg.

Amanda: If you guys don't send me a male in that jury house?  I'll kill myself.  No.. just to keep the peace.
Andy: I feel like I count like half.. So I'll try to send you a full blown male.
Spencer: I just want a conjugal visit.
Andy: Me too. Just send me a gay guy.

1:25a Talk turns to sex..


Chair Room
Cam 3 and 4
Andy, Judd, Spencer, McCrae, Amanda

Rapid Fire State Capitals..

Amanda: Nevada
Judd: Carson City

Amanda: Ok.. I'm gonna name a place and you tell me what state it's in.  Concord.
Andy: NH

Done washing her face, Elissa passes through en route to the Rainbow Room..
Elissa: I've got one.. Columbus.
Andy: Ohio
Elissa: There are 26 Columbus's..
Andy: Elissa trick questioned us.

Amanda: Washington, DC
Spencer: It's not in a state.
Judd: It's between Maryland and Virginia.
Spencer: Georgraphically, Judd's kinda right, but they've got their own license plates.
Amanda: Kissimmee
Judd: Florida.. Gulf Coast.
Amanda: Montauk
Judd: New York.

Amanda: Ok where is..
Spencer: Old Faithful?

Amanda: Where is.. the statue of Elvis?
Spencer: There's a statue of Elvis?
Amanda: I don't know.. I made it up.   Where is the dinosaurs from PeeWee Herman?
**you get the idea.

1:44am --Fishies..

1:47am -- Lights out in the Chair Room..  Andy and Elissa Chatting in the Rainbow Room.

Elissa: Do you think they keep calling Judd to the DR to make fun of him?
Andy: Probably.  Or they could be tempting him with prizes.
Elissa: I think they do..

Fishies, briefy.

Andy: Whatever.

1:50am -- Lights out and quiet on the quad.

1:53am -- Judd returns from his DR, says goodnight as he passes through the Chair Room to the Rainbow Room.. De-chickens to climb into bed.

Spencer has to go to the bathroom.  I mention this only because in order to do so, he must get into full costume.  It's a hard life being a chicken. ;0)

On the way back to bed, Spencer stops to study the memory wall for several minutes...

And this concludes the Overnight Report.. See you when BB wakes the HGs!

Oops.. maybe not!  Spencer and Judd can't sleep/

Cam 1 and 2
Spencer and Judd

Judd: I don't wanna be the host.  I wanna play.
Spencer: Me too.
Judd: I hate this chicken suit.
Spencer: me too.
Judd: Still love chicken.

Spencer: I can't sleep worth a shit.  My mind's racing.
Judd: Me neither.
Spencer: Man.. I want us all to get to final 4.
Judd: We can.  Get rid of McCrae this week.  Amanda next week.
**This is what Ginamarie wants as well.  Elissa is not privy to this.

Spencer: I asked if we can have a box fan.  They said no, because of the noise.
Judd: It's hot at hell here.
Spencer: I also put in a formal request for them to turn the air down.

Spencer: Final 4, baby.. and beyond.
Judd: I can taste it.  Amanda and McCrae will hate me.. Jessie.. Helen.. Candice.. The only person who wont hate me is Aaryn. Amanda seems like she's in a good mood now.
Spencer: She's given up.
Judd: Has she?  Good.  She aint goin' nowhere, unless McCrae wins the veto.

Judd: Think she'll get mad if I drink this? (Elissa's coconut water)
Spencer: No.. She'll just think it was Amanda.
Judd: Did Amanda really put confetti in there (in her bb bag)?
Spencer: I don't know.

Judd: Aaryn was stupid.  Elissa was wanting her to win the Veto, and she spilled the beans..
Spencer: I knew they wanted to backdoor Amanda, but I didn't know.
Judd: I thought it was dumb that she didn't put em both up in the first place... but it worked out.  If it is luxuries, I'd kinda like GM to get something out of it.  She told me all she wants is to win a vacation.. I say we punish it up and let her take what she wants.
Spencer: You know what I'm gonna do.  I'm already afraid that winning the comp today is putting a target on me.  Who do you think Elissa'd put up if she got HoH?
Judd: Amanda and probably Andy.  She refused to put you up this last time.  Refused.

Judd: It woulda been nice to get that last HoH, but then Aaryn wouldn't have gone home.. I'm proud to be part of a badass alliance.. that people are probably gonna like.. I'm thankful I got evicted.. Otherwise I wouldn't have known.. Everything was listening to everything Amanda said.
Spencer: Dude, I've been wanting her out since week 2.. and it's finally gonna work out.. Double Eviction would be good.
Judd: You never know in Double Eviction.
Spencer: If Elissa gets HoH, Amanda will go.. And then it's good because only Exterminators can play for HoH.
Judd: I wanna get this Veto so bad.  I wanna be the one to seal their fate. I've taken some of the crappiest punishments already.. Confinement.. This... I don't wanna get chained to McCrae or Amanda.. Gm and her gas.. Damn, I don't wanna get chained to nobody.. but I'll do it. Sometimes people don't even take prizes.. I bet money it's gonna be that one.  I feel it.  McCrae will try to win that one.  He tries to play off like he's such an Ian Terry.  It's so annoying.. Then he whines and bitches the whole time he's a Have Not.  He talks so much shit about how good he's gonna be at everything. He's like a different person, I think.  I still like him, but..
Spencer: I like him too.
Judd: Has he said anything about being nominated?
Spencer: I've just left him alone today.
Judd: me too.. I didn't want to taunt them.. It's really tempting with her, but not him.  They said he cried today.
Spencer: Yup.

This is ongoing.. but we've got the gist.  And THIS concludes the Overnight Report.  Go to bed, boys!

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Blogger littlewalton said...

Y'all are THE BEST EVER!! I've been up all night watching this!! Hahaha

Happy Labor Day!! God bless all of those who've given to our great nation with all they've got and then some!!!

August 31, 2013 at 2:46 AM  
Blogger Jerry said...

How long will Amanda stay calm? Who will GM put up as renom? I don't think she'll put up Elissa, so one of the exterminators. If that occurs how will that effect her position in the game? Will Mccrea get out of bed long enough to play in the POV comp? If Mccrea leaves will Andy and Spencer form a new alliance with Amanda, against Elissa, GM and Judd?

Looks like another exciting Thursday coming up.

Carolyn, did you get bored with all the niceness late night? :-)

Great job, thank you.

August 31, 2013 at 3:09 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Good morning Carolyn

I woke up an hour ago and havent been able to go back to sleep. Figured I would get an early start on the BB day

August 31, 2013 at 3:19 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

Grendon, i was gonna post this as a reply in the previous post but decided it would be better here.

It is a strange house. I dont know what to think of Andy. I've known Spencer to be a heartless freak since day one, but I cant understand Andy's game. I know he wants to win, I guess he thinks he will win beside Spencer, but Spencer would cut him in a heart beat without a second thought. I think Andy is just doing what he thinks he needs to do to win, but he is probably doing it to soon. AmMcr are his truest allies, for him to cut them now is a bad move. No one would willingly take him to f2, but they were the most likely to take him to the f4. I really think at least Judd has the right F2 plan and that is why he is buddy buddy with Elissa. Back to Andy...I think it got in his head that he had to cut AmMcr sooner rather than later, but he cut them too soon. I dont know that Andy has any ability to manipulate anyone that will be left.

If AmMcr leave thursday, what a strange mess of a house we will be left with. It will basically be a free for all of rats and snakes.

August 31, 2013 at 3:27 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Good morning :)) There's more... Judd and Spencer couldn't sleep..

August 31, 2013 at 3:42 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...

What badass alliance that people like is Judd speaking of?

August 31, 2013 at 4:17 AM  
Blogger Jerry said...

I still don't know what Spencer is really thinking. He goes along with everyone's plan. Andy, Elissa before Amanda, he says yep.
With Judd it's Amanda before Elissa.

I'm going to fight for veto. I'm laying back on this one.

Who knows?

Well, actually whichever one he thinks puts him in the best position to continue on. Which is how everyone should play.

I just hate that I can't figure him out at all.

August 31, 2013 at 4:31 AM  
Blogger Chrissie said...

Times they are a-changing! Can't wait to see the Veto comp. Thanks for a great overnight report - as always!

August 31, 2013 at 4:31 AM  
Blogger Erika Alvord said...

You guys, what IS the deal with Elissa and Spencer? Do I smell an odd final two pairing?

August 31, 2013 at 7:12 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning Carolyn and BB Buddies!

I'm eating a big bowl of my words this morning....saying Gm has heart but not the Smarts.. chomp-chomp!
Gm is smart enough to put up the power duo, not intimidated when confronted by Amanda on the logic of her noms. Stays focused while Amanda who has been hailed this mastermind can't even make sense up against GM?!
" I wanted Arryn to stay, so that's why I wanted you to go up and get evicted but don't direct your attention their ,b/c your focus should be on Elissa! She is the one who put up Arryn and Nick!"
And here comes the Bus!
"it's McCrae who wanted to send Arryn home"!
GM "but you lied to my face"
A "Everybody lied to your face!
Gm "This is a game move"!
So lets break Amanda's logic down..
*I wanted you GM to go up on the block
* and vote you out
* keep Arryn
* I lied to you
* I've thrown My Man under a bus
so I don't get why this does not make sense to you!!!
And to GM credit, it doesn't!
Amanda has master minded her way thru the game and out the door!
But don't worry behind you will be another player who doesn't get it either, Elissa!

August 31, 2013 at 7:22 AM  
Blogger John11581 said...

As a huge fan since season 1, I've resigned myself to the fact that sometimes a final 2 will me made up of people I don't like or haven't been rooting for during the season. This season though, I have a feeling the final 2 will be a couple of people whose games weren't so great and the winner will be the lesser of 2 evils. That's the one thing I can't stand.

People can say what they want about Amanda, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect everyone's opinions even if I don't necessarily agree with them, but she has played a great game. Offensive comments and actions aside, she's been playing the best strategic game, which makes it that much harder for me to see it crash and burn at this point.

The remaining houseguests are all quick to talk about how much they loathe her, but the ones she has been aligned with this entire time, most likely, wouldn't still be there to loathe her now had she been evicted sooner. They all like to bemoan the fact that her and McCrae have ruled the house this whole entire time, yet they forget that BOTH Helen and Amanda were responsible for many of the decisions that were made during the course of the season. They could have banded together at any time to try and get the 2 actual game players out of the house, but they didn't. When they were enjoying their safety with no targets on their backs I never heard any of them complain about letting Helen and Amanda call the shots. This didn't have to be a season of follow the leader and vote with the house, but that's the way they CHOSE to play their games, and, at the same time, enjoy an easy way to keep themselves safe. So, for them to now be singing a different tune, just makes them look like lazy game players to me. Amanda might be as "gross an disgusting" as Princess Elissa likes to continually say she is, but they all have her to thank for their current positions. She may be crass, loud, vocal, neurotic, nasty, or what have you, but she played the game and she played hard. Strictly from a game perspective, out of those who are left, I don't see how any of them deserve to win when you compare what they've done to further themselves in this game to what she's done to further them in it.

Floating for weeks and then finally deciding to make big moves when it's most safe to do so doesn't make you any less of a floater to me. Everyone under that roof right now, with the exception of Amanda, is a floater.

I've been hoping for a McCrae or Amanda win since they became a showmance. Now I'm just hoping it isn't Andy and Elissa sitting in the final 2 spot. That would make this mess of a season end on a seriously awful note.

Sorry if I sound harsh, but this has been bothering me for the last week and I just had to get it off my chest. As always, the thing I love the most about this blog is the fact that, regardless of who we are all rooting for, everyone's opinions and comments provide me with plenty of food for thought...and it's all delicious.

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone.

August 31, 2013 at 7:57 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


He is doing a great job floating, but so did Adam s13 and Jerry s10. A lot of people want to sit next to him. Elissa is probably the only one he can beat

August 31, 2013 at 8:57 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

G'morning :)

I'm still shaking off the cobwebs.. I'll get a post going soon..


August 31, 2013 at 9:03 AM  
Blogger Pammela said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Everyone,

Happy Saturday...

Just wanted to say hello and say yay for GM and I hope anyone but A and M wins the Veto today, but it would be interesting to see what A or M would do if either of them won it...hmmmmm


August 31, 2013 at 9:08 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Amanda did mastermind a lot of the game until last week. I dont know if it was Judd coming back or just less people to bounce information off of and hide behind, but all the sudden she lost control and hasnt been able to recover. She didnt realize that Andy vs Aaryn was a more important choice. As far as GM, i cant give her too much credit, her new alliance would have put up the same 2 if they would have got it, and showmances are always a good target. If Elissa were smarter she would have done that last week. But I said yesterday, and the day before, maybe GM is a genius and its all an act. If it is, its the greatest act in the existence of time and space.

August 31, 2013 at 9:08 AM  
Blogger brnidgrl said...

Happy PoV Day, Caro & Dishers!!
Brace yourselves, because I'm going to compliment Elissa! I respect & support that she only lets her son play sports video games! 1000%. Regardless of my other feelings about her with respect to the game, it seems like she truly is a good parent. Giving credit where it's due regardless of personal feelings is something I pride myself on & I feel like she deserves it on this one.
Jumbo & John11581, agreement all around!! I'm pretty sure, unless there's some huge twist (like McC found Diamond PoV yesterday) that F2 voting will be against one rather than FOR one and that's not cool. I hate to see floaters get to the end b/c that's not a valid strategy in my book. I know it works sometimes, but I think it's a cop out. Go hard or go home.

August 31, 2013 at 9:16 AM  
Blogger Jerry said...

For most of this season I honestly felt that GM didn't belong in this game because she had severe emotional problems. I now feel that she may be the only relatively stable one in the house.

August 31, 2013 at 9:20 AM  
Blogger Debolini said...

John, I agree 100%!! Ugh!!
Hope you, and all here, have a great labor day weekend too!!

August 31, 2013 at 9:27 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning Carolyn

Hi Jumbo.

Before this season, I never paid attention to anything regarding BB except this site and the feeds. This year the tweets are right beside the feeds, they have links to article, blogs, videos. etc.

What I have noticed is that, a large portion of Amanda fans do not condone some of the things she has said or done. They simply point out some double standards-why is it ok for one person to do/say something but not ok for Amanda to do/say the same thing. However, it seems that the majority of Elissa fans have nothing but admiration and don't think she has done anything wrong and if she has, it was Amanda's fault. It's easy to realize that over the last 9 days Amanda has done some bad things and Elissa has come out as the 'better person'. But this game has been going on since June, not only for 9 days.

I don't list every bad thing Amanda has said because I don't need to. I don't deny it was said and I don't excuse it. I watch the feeds a lot as I do not work. I base my opinions on facts and things I have seen first hand, not on other people's opinions. I can be impartial, but when someone is being accused of something I know they did not do or say, or one person is criticized for things that a lot of people do, it gets hard to be unbiased. I try not to excuse what I think is wrong, but I will defend what I know is a lie.

According to Elissa, she has basically hated Amanda through the whole game. Amanda wasn't even aware there was an issue between them until Helen was evicted. Throughout the game they have all talked about each other. Before Helen's eviction, they had all talked bad about Elissa-some more often than and worse than Amanda.

Judd despises Amanda and seems to hate McCrae. There were other people involved in his eviction (Andy, Helen, Jessie, Aaryn). They were as much involved as Amanda, more involved than McCrae.

Before the trouble between Amanda and Elissa I had seen Elissa do and say things to people that were hurtful and she seemed to enjoy it.

When Amanda used the bullying strategy against Elissa she took it to a personal level and it was wrong. Elissa has consistently talked about Amanda being pregnant when she came on the show and about Amanda having an abortion. Neither of those are true. Elissa also talked about Kaitlin's abortion. She mocks Amanda for showing private parts yet Rachel had to have a blur across the lower part of her body during the live show.

Andy and Spencer know that Amanda was trying to use the bullying as a strategy. Andy went along with it but now lets Amanda take all the blame.

I know this is super long so I will continue in a separate post.

August 31, 2013 at 9:31 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...


After all that has happened, Andy, Spencer and even GM fan the flames. They know how much animosity there is between Amanda and Elissa. They tell Elissa how it was wrong for Amanda to do those things and they support Elissa. Yet they still talk trash about Elissa in front of Amanda. They say how much they hate Elissa, they want her out, they are disgusted by the way she acts. Not only does Amanda think that they agree with and support her, sometimes it seems that they are encouraging her to go off on Elissa again.

Add to that the fact that the girl can't win. I do believe her tears are real. It's not only when she doesn't get her way. She has felt scared, she has had her feelings hurt by others and she has felt embarrassed and ashamed. She gets criticized for being a bi*ch, she gets criticized for showing human emotion. I do believe her apology was real. Apparently Elissa's wasn't and apparently Elissa can't forgive in spite of her christianity. I do believe Amanda tried to save Aaryn. Obviously Aaryn helped Amanda's game, but she tried harder than anyone to save Andy and Aaryn. The end result-Andy turned on her, Aaryn, GM and Judd hate her and Elissa is a hero.

Elissa can't forgive Amanda and I don't know if I could either. But she forgives GM for what she did to Candice. Of course it drives Amanda crazy. It would drive me crazy. It's hypocritical and it's fake. Elissa didn't give a crap about Jessie when she was there. Despite her talking about how much she misses Aaryn, we know from her good bye message how she really felt. Based on those actions alone, I can almost guarantee that she does not care about GM and is only using her.

This whole entire season has become the Amanda vs. Elissa show and it shouldn't be. Amanda has said some terrible things that I can't defend. If I tried, what kind of person would that make me. But she is human. I believe she is in pain and I do not enjoy it. (I even felt bad for Boogie last year when he cried.) I believe her pain is going to get much worse. I will defend her when I know she is being blamed for something she did not do or say. And I will continue to criticize Elissa if she continues to be excused for the things she does wrong, most especially the things that she does that are literally no different from things Amanda is being crucified for.

August 31, 2013 at 9:33 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

John 11581

I don't think you sound harsh at all. Of course, I could be biased because I agree with everything you said and I am guessing that I quite often sound harsh.

August 31, 2013 at 10:02 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Psst :)

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August 31, 2013 at 10:15 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


True. Elissa definitely gets pleasure from her actions

August 31, 2013 at 11:25 AM  

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