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Friday, April 4, 2014

BBCanada: Friday Morning in Heather's House

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Friday and Happy Heather Week in the BBCanda House!

In case you missed the announcement last night during the live show, this coming Thursday will be a double eviction. Hold on to your hats!

I have to confess, of all the possible scenarios yesterday, Heather winning HoH was not one I had considered.  My, my how Big Brother changes from one day to the next.  Hell, one moment to the next!

Heather selected Rachelle, Kenny and Sarah to be Have Nots this week.  Sarah could've gotten out of it,  but she opted to save her slop pass for another week.

So the big question is, who will Heather nominate for eviction?  Bigger still, does she have her own plan, or will she allow her HoH to be run by others, as so many have done before her?  Heather has adopted Adel, Jon and Neda as her alliance, telling them, "You guys are my alliance.  You were my friends when nobody else was my friend."   So.. they're all safe.

While Heather was leaning towards nominating Kenny and Rachelle, with Sabrina to go up as the replacement nom, throughout the morning and ongoing talks with Neda, Heather is now also considering putting up Kenny and Allison, in order to insure that a big physical threat goes home this week. 

As of 9:45am, Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina are already counting votes to keep Rachelle over Kenny. Neda tells Sabrina she needs to talk to Heather.  Rachelle talked to Heather last night, and Heather told her she was not her target, and she would tell her if she was going to be needed as a pawn.

Neda: The power shifts so f*cking fast in this game.
Sabrina: I'm not gonna vote against you (Rachelle).  I'd rather just me be put up against him (Kenny).

I'll be transcribing any key conversations that happen this morning here in this post.  Please refresh periodically and more information will magically appear.

Kenny to HoH

After a bit of chatter about slop, during which Heather offers to show him how to make cookies and pancakes, they get on to business..

Heather: Right now I'm very undecided, like, I don't know.  This HoH is so big, I don't want to do anythign to f up my game.
Kenny: I just feel like, for right now, I think me going home wouldn't be the best thing for you.. I've been honest with you.  I voted to keep you when Ika wanted you out.. I'll never go after you.  I think we have a pretty good bond.
Heather: Is there anyone else you can think of that would be smarter to put up?
Kenny: Um.. Jon is a strong target.. and he has Neda completely under his wing.  She does whatever he wants.  Also, Allison.. I don't know where she's at.  Sh'e's still a giant question mark.
Heather: I thought you, Allison and Gordo were close though.
Kenny: I just find it really hard to believe she came into this game late for no reason. I'm extremely close with mumzy.. She's my girl.  I can guarantee you neither of us will go anywhere near you next week when you can't play for HoH.

Talk turns to Arlie.. Then others..

I gave you my word once that I wouldn't go for you, and I kept it.
Heather: I think you're a really great person.  Any talk we've ever had has been really genuine.

Kenny asks, and heather promises to give him a heads up before the ceremony if he is going up, so he's prepared for it and doesn't cry..


Immediately following her conversation with Kenny, Neda heads up to HoH to talk with Heather. Heather is much more forthcoming with Neda, telling her everything everyone has said.

Neda wants to figure out a way to turn Kenny, Rachelle and Sabrina against each other.. 

Heather: I'm gonna talk to everyone today, and then tomorrow when I put Kenny and Rachelle on the block..
**Typically noms are Friday, not Saturday. I don't know if Heather misspoke, or if there's a change in the schedule. 

Rachelle comes up to HoH and talks to Neda.  Neda denies knowing anything about Heather's plan.

Neda, Adel and Heather.. The plan may be wavering.  Allison's name is being thrown into the mix as an initial nom, and Sabrina as a backdoor..

Adel: Here's a dream team that is forming: Allison, Sarah and Kenny, but if Kenny goes home, we're solid, but if one of those 2 win PoV, they're pulling him off.
Neda: That's what I was just thinking.. Should we go for Allison and Kenny, instead of Rachelle and Kenny?
Adel: Say one of them come down, we put Rachelle up..

Heather: Is it bad.. like instead of backdooring Sabrina.. Say if..
Neda: My fear is that Allison would win veto and take Kenny off.
Heather: I'm wondering, instead of backdooring Sabrina.. Allison, Sarah, can't all win, which means, if I put Rachelle and Kenny up, and say Allison wins veto, takes Kenny off, I put Sarah up, and Sarah goes. Because she's a strong player.
Adel: Ohh.. Sarah instead of Sabrina..
Heather: (nods) Sarah instead of Sabrina.
Neda: here's my thing.. I think if Kenny's gone, Sarah will be much easier to influence, whereas Sabrina will never come over.  We can still stick with Rachelle and Kenny.  I'm perfectly happy with that.  But if anything, I think Sabrina or Ro need to go. My biggest fear is that Kenny and Allison are gonna stay in this game, and they are both huge physical threats, and we know next week is going to be physical, and they could totally win it.
Heather: yeah.

Neda: I would prefer to keep Sarah over Allison.. Sarah can't win stuff.
Heather: But Sarah can win stuff.  She's strong.
Neda: I'm just saying in comparison to Allison. And Sarah hates the gremlins with a passion.
Adel: They're threatening each other within their alliance.

Heather: Allison is a really good person to me in this game, but if I need to take her out, I will, but ultimately I would like Kenny to go home.
Adel: We got our 5 alliance right now.. We don't really need to think about having a 6th member.
Heather: Allison gives me information even when I'm not HoH.. and regarding the others, it's all been true. 
**Blondie love..

Adel: Every move we make from now on is so important.  Think about it.. We don't want to go against the 3 powerhouses next week.
Neda: My biggest fear is that Allison would get picked to play PoV, and then take Kenny off.. 

11:12am Jon comes up to HoH, offers to make steaks, then throws Kenny under the bus.. and mocks Rachelle..

Neda: What do you think about it being Allison and Kenny, instead of Rachelle?
Jon: I'm ok with that. The only big move you can make this week is Allison and Kenny..
Heather: My only part I'm nervous about is if Allison gets picked to play pov and takes Kenny off.. Then what strong player is left?
Neda: None.  If they're both up, you know one is going home for sure. And we know next week, we're super safe.

Jon and Neda

Neda: Adel needs to shut up.  I'm trying to get her to put up Kenny and Allison, and he's trying to bully her into it, which makes people not want to do things.
Jon: Talk to him.  Kenny's stressing out.. He thinks it's gonna be a insta eviction in the next few hours.

Heather returns, giggling.

Heather: They're all downstairs, just freakin' the f*ck out.

Adel and Sabrina stick their heads in.. 

Sabrina: Hot tub in the rain, Heather?
Heather: I'll come down, but I'm not going in..
Adel: We're gonna dance, dance, dance..

Jacuzzi in the Rain..
Sarah, Rachelle, Kenny, Arlie, Adel

Chatter about various ways they've mutilated themselves.. Clipping off moles with toe nail clippers, etc.. They move on to passing out from blood loss, needles for weight loss..

Heather joins, but doesn't get in.. then Allison.. then Neda.. and it turns into a dance party..  very cute.. the dancing lasts about a minute, then it's back into the jacuzzi.☺

Jacuzzi area - everyone
They decide tonight is Goth Night 2014.  They're all going to dress up goth and have themselves a party.. 

After a few minutes of Hush Hush, we learn BB has given them a lecture about not singing.. THey're being locked out.. and they're afraid there's an eviction today.

Main Bedroom
Sarbina and Neda

Sabrina: Any new news?
Neda: I think she's gonna be putting Kenny up.  I don't know who shes putting next to him.
 Sabrina: I'm never voting against Ro.
Neda:  If Ro leaves?  Sarah and Kenny are never gonna take us in..

Arlie and Adel come in.  The girls leave.  Arlie drops trou, as Arlie is wont to do.. After a minute..

Arlie: Oh f*ck, I need to cover my cock n balls..

Jon comes in.. Then Ken

BB: Houseguests, this is your final warning.  The house is now off limits. 

The guys race to get some clothes on and run outside.

OK.. It's noon.. All the HGs are locked outside.  BB is up to something.  Neda, Allison, and Sabrina are in the jacuzzi. Sabrina wonders why, with all of the workout equipment, there is not a punching bag in the BB house.  Allison wishes there was a treadmill or an elliptical.
Allison: They had one last year.  I remember Eliza used it once.
Sabrina: Once, when she wasn't getting with all the boys.. How did they never realize that?

Talk turns to Neda's massive quantity of hair. 

The rest of the house is hanging out poolside, talking about enormous rodents. And.. this concludes the Morning update!

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Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Fellow dishers...

Wow, shocked...Heather of all HG's..
lol, love when the house is turned upside down...hehehe

Off to doctor in a little, hopefully see you later....have a fun filled day...

WHO is going up??? I think Kenny, and not sure about the other...maybe Sabrina to please the house?????


April 4, 2014 at 6:58 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

Hi Carolyn, Pam and Dishers. HoH is Heather, unbelievable. She may actually be smarter than how she acts in the house. I still think her nominations will be influenced by the other house guests. But who knows...

April 4, 2014 at 9:30 AM  

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