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Friday, March 14, 2014

BBCanada: Friday, Early Afternoon

Good afternoon, BB Canada Lovers!  If this is your first time checking in today, and you'd like to get caught up on the big argument from this morning, please have a look at "Friday Morning."

Going by last week's schedule of events in the house, I'm trying to suss out when things are going to happen on the feeds..  Last week, The Nomination Ceremony took place on Saturday afternoon.  The PoV was played Sunday night.. The PoV Ceremony was held Monday morning.   Ok?  That doesn't necessarily mean that this schedule will stick, but it's the only guideline we've got to go with right now.

As for Allison, she's been a real champ at integrating herself into the house.  She's been open about her job as a psychiatric nurse.  And FYI, Allison has 1 week of immunity, so she can not be nominated this week.

Let's rejoin our Big Brother Canada HGs...  They're all filing up to HoH to talk with Ika..


Jon comes up to talk with Ika, and the girls clear out...

Jon: Where's your head?
Ika: So you did see my talking to Paul and Adel last night, and they did say that you guys say all kinds of horrible about me.. and my opinion hasn't changed in the slightest.
Jon: First off, I never talk to them.
Ika: Exactly. hahaha!  He did say that it was you, Kenny and Andrew's idea to put me up.
Jon: I had no idea you were going up until it happened.

Ika: I want to put Paul and Adel on the block, but I want your opinion.
Jon: Do you want to put them up?
Ika: I do.  Because last week, Andrew won HoH, and he didn't put me up.  But.. obviously hearing things like Kenny wants me gone, is a bit disheartening.. Paul said that you, him and Kenny were in an alliance..
Jon: And Kyle.. It was never a real alliance to me, it was Paul throwing it out.
Ika: Kyle did come to me, and he did say there's a guy's alliance going on, and he did say I was the at the forefront of the girls to go out.   Is it true that you hate Andrew?
Jon: I don't hate Andrew.. It's just 2 different personalities.
Ika: I just don't wanna say something and it goes back.. And Kenny wouldn't say anything to him either.
Jon: No.  I knew right off the bat you were annoyed with people telling you what to do, so do what's best for you.
Ika: You know you're safe.  You're not going up.
Jon: I appreciate that.

12:20pm Jon and Ika hug it out and Ika tries to leave.. Arlie's walking up the stairs.. and they go into the HoH.. Ika assures Arlie of his safety.

Arlie: I never felt worried, but it feels great to hear you say it. I'm not gonna try to influence what you do.. I'm honestly not even playing this game yet.  I'm just trying to figure it out. It's just cool you got HoH.
Ika: I'm so happy.
Arlie: It's just so cool to see your family.  You've got handsome boys.
Ika: Oh, thank you, Arlieee..

Arlie: I don't do good at sucking up or at being a jerk.. Don't even tell me.. But do you know who you're gonna put up yet?
Ika: I don't really trust Paul.  He came over yesterday and kind of put your name out there.  Not to put you up on the block.  But like you're telling him things.. Like people are pulling you here and there.. And if he says that to the wrong person, it could get you in trouble.
Arlie: If you want to trust me with anything.  Even just that.  You can.  I'm not the type of person who would blow up anyone's scene, because there's cracks everywhere in the house, and it'll get around.

Ika: I don't trust him.  The one thing you don't do in this game is blow up your alliance. And he did that. He's in my ear chirping a little bit, and I kind of feel like, ok, let me listen.  Adel came over and apologized and said he never called Sabrina a cow.. and the moment Adel left, Paul threw him under the bus.

They continue talking more about Paul..  Ika makes it clear that Paul is her target for the week, although she's aware the majority of the house wants Adel out next.  I believe Adel is next up for an HoH talk. 

The Camera cuts to Sabrina whisper-telling Sarah about the argument this morning...

Sabrina: Seriously, Kenny and Andrew don't know how much I put up with for them. 

Checking feed 1, we find Jon laying in bed chatting with Neda about home life..

Adel is now in the HoH with Ika, but we haven't got a feed on it.. Grr!  Instead we've got napping Jon and Neda, and the conversation between Sabrina and Sarah, which I've already transcribed, as they're rehashing the morning, and how people have been all about getting Ika out, but of course they're now denying it for their own safety.

Adel and Ika

Ika: I don't trust Paul.
Adel: I'm gonna swear to you right now on the Koran.. If he goes, there's only 2 people who can help you in here and that's me and Neda.
Ika: I just don't trust him.  I can't even give him a tad bit of information..
Adel: Think of him like this..
Ika: I feel like he's the kind of person who will go to anyone in power.  You had his back all week, and he threw you under the bus in 2 seconds. That could've blown your game.  But I don't hold you responsible. I hold him.  I don't trust him.  I'm sorry.
Adel: I don't trust anyone 100% in this game.  Even besides that, let's think of the game.  If there's no power shift.. There's 4 guys who are strong.  Arlie's on the outside of Jon, Andrew and Kenny.. Tis morning, it was a different thing.  He's even worried.

Heather interrupts, per usual.. and leaves.

Adel: She's so scared too.
Ika: Everybody's so scared.
Adel: If Neda would've won, they would've been a lot easier to manipulate. I've dated black girls my whole life.  I told you. Out of the 3 big dogs, Jon is f'd.  He's not gonna win. So the big 3 are really the big 2 right now.
Ika: But if I put Andrew and Kenny on the block right now, one is going to win Veto, and come after me..  The house would leave me.. They wouldn't stand by me if I put Andrew and Kenny on the block. I'm 100% screwed.
Adel: You wouldn't be.  There's still me and Paul..
**I'll roll my eyes for Ika here, because she manages not to.

Ika: Also, there's more people coming into this house.  The game just keeps resetting and resetting.. To make myself a big target right now is stupid.  I think I'll go up every week. 
Adel: The girls have the numbers.
Ika: That's if we're working together. They don't like me, I think.
Adel: I know they want me out.  I'm now a bigger threat than Paul. I compete harder. I know we're gonna build a trust no matter what. 

Ika: If I had any idea in my head, it went out the door the minute he (Paul) sold you out.  I don't trust him.  I cannot work with him.  He shot himself in the foot. It says a lot about his character in this game.
Adel: He sucks.  He doesn't know how to play this game.
Ika: If you (Paul) can do that to the person who stuck by your side..
Adel: I have to win the next HoH, and I have to take out the boys. SOmeone has to break it up.
Ika: Do you think they all like Andrew?
Adel: Look when he talks.. A lot of people roll their eyes.  You've gotta pick what you wanna do..

1:03pm  Adel continues his plea for Ika to flip the house on it's head. 

Adel: The new girl, 100% is gonna be with the Newfoundlanders..

Ika reinforces again and again, "it's not you, it's him."

Green Couch
Sarah, Kenny, Andrew, Allison

Kenny's having back waxing remorse.

Kenny: I'd rather have hair on my back than be pimple boy.
Sarah: That would be the worst super power.. Squirting pus everywhere.

They move on to sound effects.. (which are pointless to transcribe) and Dietr impersonations.

An alarm sounds.

Sarah: Who's sleeping? Oh Paul. Wake up, Paul!
Andrew: Get up, Paul!!

Allison: That's crazy that you have to stand up.  You're gonna get some orthostatic hypotension in here.
Andrew: I have no idea what that means.
Allison: It's like when you get up suddenly and you get dizzy..
Sarah/Andrew: I get that all the time!
Allison: It's dangerous.

Andrew assigns it a superhero name..

Andrew: It's Girl Who Passes Out When She Stands up to fast Girl..

In the kitchen, Sabrina and Rachelle are doing dishes and listening to the couch conversation.

Camera 1 is fixed on the DR Door.  Arlie comes by and pushes the button to gain entry and he's given the red light, then we go to the hush hush screen. 

1:50pm  I wonder what's up... Could Noms be happening today??  More likely the Have Not Comp is afoot.. Either way, if it's one of these 2, it'll be a while.  I'll check back in with a new top post around 4pm.  See you then!☺

If you'd like to watch the free live feeds for BBCanada, and you're not in Canada, you have a couple of options.  I recommend setting up HMA.  It's $11/mo, it's super reliable (unlike the free options) and it has great customer support for the less than tech friendly, like me. :-) For more info and options, please see this post.



Blogger Alexandra said...

Is there a place to watch episodes that is iPad friendly?

March 14, 2014 at 11:07 AM  
Blogger Alexandra said...

Is there a site to watch episodes that is iPad friendly, unlike Slice?

March 14, 2014 at 11:08 AM  

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