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Friday, March 14, 2014

BBCanada: Friday - Late Afternoon into Early Evening

Good afternoon, BB Lovers!  It's 4:20pm in the Big Brother Canada House, and the feeds just came back a few minutes ago from the Have Not Comp.  All of the HGs hands and feet are stained bright colors.  I'm listening in to the conversations about the comp to figure out who is a Have Not for the week..

In other news, Adel is no longer a leper.  Others are talking to him, and he's making a point to still talk to Paul, so he's not 100% alone. 

The Have Nots for the week are:
  1.  Jon
  2. Allison
  3. Paul

Paul and Adel

Adel: Paul, seriously, please no more "Adel said," man.
Paul: No more. I'm done.  I'm seriously done.
Adel: OK.. I'll be right back.  2 seconds.

Green Couch
Heather tells Jon he's not on Ika's radar at all.
Heather moves into the kitchen.  Big Brother has replenished the food stocks.  Andrew offers to help Heather make a Stir Fry.

Sarah, Sabrina, Ika, Rachelle, Neda

Ika: I definitely want Paul to go, not Adel.
Sarah: So you're gonna put them both on the block?
Sabrina: Neither of them are gonna win Veto.
Ika: I think for Adel, the best move for him was to say he was targeting me and Sabrina.. I just feel like he'll shoot himself in the foot. Do you feel safe with Adel here?
Sabrina: I don't.
Sarah: Here's the awesome thing.  You put them both on the block.. We don't even have to decide now. The boys don't even care.
Sabrina: You wouldn't consider backdooring Heather?
Ika: not right now.
Sarah: I think we need to backdoor the new girl eventually.
Sabrina: Let's say Paul, who you want out, wins the Veto, would you consider putting Heather up then?
Rachelle: Then we definitely lose her.
Neda: I'm so bad at being fake.

Heather comes in, does her baby pterodactyl thing, and goes with Sarah down to the kitchen.  The other 4 remain to mock Heather a bit, but they'll keep her on as a number.

Ika: Let her be. Let her squeak.  And carry on.

Sarah and Paul

Sarah: You're gonna be ok, buddy.  You did awesome.  When your kids see this show.. You've already taught them so many things just by being here..
Paul: It's crazy.  I've been in every single competition so far.
Sarah: No matter what, Papa.  I think you're doing a great job.   Ok.. I gotta go help make this cake.  Bye.
Paul: Bye. (she goes)  What a sweetheart.

**The Half Not room hasn't been opened yet, and they don't have slop yet, so it's up in the air as to whether or not the slopsters can eat real food. 

Sarah: What did they say about the slop? Does it start tomorrow?
Allison: I forgot to ask.  I got so into my DR.

Allison joins Kenny on the couch. Adel heads into the DR with the assignment to ask about food for the Have Nots..

Allison: I should probably go change out of this peasant outfit.
Arlie: You'll find, over time, that you may have to dig it up again, if they decide they need more.

Allison gets up.  Arlie and Kenny remain talking.

Kenny: I don't trust her.  Not yet.
Arlie: Someone said maybe she gets to hear us, like when she's in the DR?
Kenny: Possible.
Arlie: I still don't get what's up with the HoH tv.
Kenny: I think possibly.. If she's not who she says she is, they're not gonna want to give HoH the power to watch her do what she's doing.
Arlie: We need to start being observant. Especially after she comes out of DR.
Kenny: She might be Canada's Player. They said it's something that's never been done before.
Arlie: If anything funky starts going on..
Kenny: The other thing is.. If we want, we can start doing things and blame it on her.
Arlie: That's very true.
Kenny: If we see her as a threat.
Arlie: Yeah.

Sarah rejoins them on the couch. Then Allison..

Dining Table
Jon and Allison have their first taste of slop.  Jon says it's not so bad, and at least they'll lose weight.Andrew's trying to comfort them for their bad luck in having Paul on their team.

Storage Room
Jon and Neda

As he's been doing with all the girls, Jon checks in with Neda re Ika's nominations.

Neda: I think you're fine.  She likes you.

They both rejoin the rest of the HGs in the kitchen and dining area.

Heather: We got Hot Water!!
ALL: Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!
Heather: Thank you, Big Brother.

HoH Landing
Ika and Sabrina

Ika and Sabrina discuss their relationship again, and making things right quickly between each other, and not talking about other people.. and definitely not each other in front of other people.. and not showing others when they're angry with one another.

It's all good.

They walk into the HoH Room, and surprise, Paul's there.  Sabrina offers to leave

Paul: I was just listening to music.  It takes me to another place.  But.. if you want to talk, I'm game.  I'm not with anyone but Adel.  I'm not with the guys. My back's against the wall.  I don't have an alliance. I can't compete against these other guys.
Sabrina: May I say a comment?
Ika: ok.
Sabrina: I think you're a good man, but you didn't even know the story yesterday, and still you commented.
Paul: All I was doing was trying to defend your honor.. and I explained that to Adel.  I felt bad for you.  I saw you go in the pantry, and you were heaving..
Sabrina: I felt so bad.
Ika; But at the same time, your allegiance should have been to Adel.  He's the only one who stuck with you.

After a commercial break, it's down to Ika and Paul in HoH. 

Paul: I appreciate that you came to me. At this point in time, it's really if you can use me or not.  You have to play your best game. I have a good heart.  I'm lost right now.  I don't even know what game to play.  I'll just take direction.  Ika, if you feel like I can help you..
Ika: I had a complete open mind.  I'm being honest with you. It's hard enough to work  with people you wonder if you can trust.  I know I cannot trust you. That incident clinched it for me.
Paul: Even Adel said to me, Paul, of one thing comes back to me, we're done.  Either I'm the most vulnerable person to take on right now, or there's no hope. Please don't make up your mind right now.  Give it some time. My back's against the wall.
Ika: I did have an open mind, and I don't listen to people.. But when I saw that (Paul selling out Adel), I was done.  People want to make big moves on someone else's HoH, but never on theirs.

Paul: So many people have made accusations and broken alliances in this place.  I know I did that, but.. I just feel like it's such an easy target for me now.
Ika: I swear.. I swear.. My mind was not made up.  But the minute you did that, it scared me.
**Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

Ika: You're probably an awesome person, an awesome dad, but in this house, trust is limited.  I have gone through moments.  We've all gone through moments. My only thing is the trust.
Paul: Ika, I swear to you.  Give me a chance. There's other guys here who are gunning for you.  You know that.  You were never on our radar. Also, this HoH is gonna define how far you go. 
Ika: It's not that I'm making a point getting you out..
Paul: You have more allegiance from me than the guys coming after you.
Ika: When you said that about Adel, I think you knew exactly what your intentions were.

Paul: So are you telling me now that you're putting me up?  The only thing I'm asking is that you not put me up with Adel.
Ika: Who would you want me to put you up with?
Paul: Put me up against Andrew.. and Kenny.. against Heather..
**Anyone, so Adel can win the PoV and take me down and screw your week completely.

Paul: So as it sits, the house is asking for Adel's and my heads on a chopping block.
Ika: No, it's when the big blow up happened last week, it was you, Adel and Kyle, and Kyle's gone, so there's only you 2 left.
Paul: Do you need Adel and I to sit down and work with you on a plan.
Ika: No.  I'm so scared of you.
Paul: I understand.  I burned my bridges.
Ika: It's not even what you did to me.. Adel's the only person..
Timecheck -- 6:24pm

Kenny is now in HoH with Ika, telling her how he's not going to tell her what to do.  It's a love fest of a convo, actually.

Ika: I think he's a nice person..
Kenny: I think he just made a lot of stupid mistakes. I can understand to an extent what he's going through. Now he thinks I'm a target..
Ika: Yeah, he told me to put him up against you. I'm thinking, Paullll.. This is not your HoH, and you do not tell me who to put up on the block next to you.  I feel like we all agreed last week what's gonna happen, and that's what's gonna happen. 
Kenny: Obviously your decision, but I would rather see Paul go.
Ika: I would rather see Paul go. I told him, I would rather leave this house than sell out people that had my back.
Kenny: Even when he freaked out, and he said "I had a final 3 with Kenny and Jon," did you see my face?  I was like, What??
Ika: I'm not like, a "big" player.  I feel like, people always want to make big moves on your hoh, but never on theirs.  I can tell you, people might see you as a big move or a big threat, but I'm a big fan of the show, and it would be boring to see comps with no big competitor.
Kenny: I love it.
Ika: I'm just telling you, if you are other people's big move, you're not mine.
Kenny: I'm gonna strive for HoH this week, and I will have your back.  I very much appreciate it. But again, I'm not gonna tell you what to do.
Ika: You already know my nominations.  I do feel a little bad for Adel.. He's really not my target.  Paul is.

Kenny: If I was to play in PoV and win it, would you want me to keep the noms the same?
Ika: Yeah.

After the 3rd interruption, they end their conversation with a hug, and Ika makes a mad dash out of HoH too.  She's done for now. 

Timecheck -- 6:50pm

OK.. Unless someone's head explodes all over Ika, the nominations are set in stone. Enjoy the feeds tonight! If you're outside of Canada and you'd like to watch the free live feeds for BBCanada, you have a couple of options.  I recommend setting up HMA.  It's $11/mo, it's super reliable (unlike the free options) and it has great customer support for the less than tech friendly, like me. :-) For more info and options, please see this post.



Blogger erinnyc said...

After the show last night the feeds were so exciting. Ika and Neda were set on nomming Kenny (Ika's target) and Andrew (Neda's target), with Sabrina being the back-up nom. Everyone I was chatting with online while watching was like, yeah, flip it, baby! Then Paul blew the whole plan. Sabrina further put a wrench in things by getting to Adel so that Ika couldn't talk to him, though she tried to intervene in the convo Sabrina and Adel were having in the hammock. I so hoped to awake to find that Ika and Neda had been steadfast in their plan and had somehow gotten Adel alone. Adel could have then talked to Paul. Nope. I like Kenny (a lot less after his goodbye message to Kyle last night), but that would have made for a VERY exciting week. Alas.

March 14, 2014 at 2:58 PM  

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