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Friday, March 14, 2014

BBCanada: Friday Morning

Good morning, BB Canada lovers!  Welcome to Ika week!  Ika won the HoH Comp last night, and she has yet to receive her HoH Room as of 9:30am, so at the moment, there is quite the pow wow happening on the HoH landing... Let's join them..

**Please refresh this post periodically throughout the morning, and more will magically appear. ;-)

Cam 3
Ika and Sabrina

Sabrina: What I'm telling you is I'm very capable of shutting my mouth..
Ika: It just scares me, that if that happened, you could just smile..
Sabrina: If you can't see that, then you're the idiot.  This is what I'm telling you, and it's the last time I'm gonna say it.  We either stop talking about each other, and if you're frustrated with me, you come to me.. I feel like it's too much talking about wach other.
Ika: I agree.. and I'm guilty of it.
Sabrina: Some people want to take resposibility for their own actions, some don't.   And when I turn my back now, it's not gonna be another story.
Ika: It's not.. because I don't trust them.  You think you  can trust Rachelle to keep her mouth shut with Kenny?
Sabrina: Did she talk to you?  I think he's worried about you not sticking to the plan..
Ika: I feel like, whe n someone says that people  who are supposed to be in my alliance are plotting against me?  It makes me feel like I can't even trust the people I'm working with... like they're gonna put me up against the boys to get rid of me..
Sabrina: If you think in your heart that I said that, then that's fine. If you said to me in my eyeballs that that didn't happen, I would believe you. Do what you want.
Ika: Yeah, I will..
Sabrina: Just know that.. Do you believe that I'm plotting against you?
Ika: Know what's funny?  I was asked about that in the DR..
Sabrina: You were asked that?
Ika: And when I kept saying no no no.. and they kept asking, I was like, should I?
Sabrina: Oy yai yai.. It's up to you.. I know you're gonna fowhat you want, but Paul and Adel wont have your back..
Ika: I know that.
Sabrina: And if they get so easily intimidated..
Ika: Both ways I'm not safe.
Sab: If you stick to the plan, you would be, because the guys would trust you.. And there's too many girls apparently.

9:54am -- This is ongoing..

Sabrina: It really hurts when you love someone.
Ika: I really loved Rachelle.. I did.  She looked in my eyes and said, it's you, me and Neda.. I don't wanna say, ok fine.. Rachelle, was it you?  I feel like I wanna do that, but maybe when I have my HoH room?
Sabrina: Can I please call her over?  I just wanna see if she'll lie to my face.
 Ika: I want to, but maybe when I have my HoH Room. I don't mind confronting her to her face at all.
Sabrina: Do you wanna go to the Have Not Room?

They pull Rachelle in to the HN Room..

Sabrina: Did you
Rachelle: I never said that directly.  I never said Ika has an attitude problem.  When it was brought up, I agreed. But I never just straight out said it..
Sabrina: Because you were agreeing with the person, or because you felt that way?

Sabrina: I'm asking because Ika said you only trust her and Neda..

Rachelle: I just said, you get mad easily. 
Ika: You nodded or whatever.. Even Neda said she did too.. but next time she's gonna speak up.
Rachelle: There's a reason I said that though.. Because something was told to me.. That was at the second you said to me that she said to you.. Who cares about you now?  The girl who has your heart.
Ika: I said, out of everybody, Sabrina was the only one who came to console me (during potato war).
Sabrina: You said, I can't believe the one I've been yelling at all da is the only one..
Rachelle: But you made it seem like she (sabrina) was turning against me and Neda.

Ika: It came off as if..
Rachelle: I didn't mean to make it seem like that.I just say that you get mad and not mad easily..
Sabrina: I'm not trying to throw you under the bus..

Ika: Why is it that, if I say, Sabrina even said..
Rachelle: Because it made it seem like she was trying to throw us under the bus.I've never said you had an attitude problem.. I've just said you get mad and not mad easily.  Me and Neda have always just said the same thing.

Ika: Ok.. maybe we should bring in Neda.

Sabrina: I think over discussing everything, there's no point, and I don't accept being called Heather. Know how many things I have kept to myself.
Rachelle: I just thought you were throwing Neda and I under the bus..
Sabrina: So you're a porcupine..
Ika: It just seems like there's a lot of things you're not saying, Sabrina.
Sabrina: She didn't say anything bad against you. She's just told me a few times about things you've said about me. 
Ika: Things I've told her in confidence.
Rachelle: I have said stuff, like yes, she gets mad..
Ika: But when I ask you, you say no.

Sabrina: So this is my thought.. We don't talk about each other on a personal level, and we go back to the Big Brother game.  The telephone game is awful.  From now on, if we're not all here, we shouldn't even talk.  I will not talk about you.. even if my head's gonna explode.
Ika: Asks about Sarah..
Sabrina: Anything I've ever said to Sarah has never come back to me. I don't talk bad about you when I'm venting.  The fact that I was compared to Heather makes me sick.

Rachelle tends to get louder every time she speaks..

Ika: (to Rachelle)  Can you keep your voice down, because you're always just agreeing, you're never bringing things up... and there are people outside. 

Sabrina: This is going nowhere.. I think the level of confiance should be drawn.  I think on a game level, we should not attack each other personally, and we should not talk about each other behind each other's back.   We have to put an end to stupidity..
Ika: I feel like once I leave here, it's not gonna be that way..

10:17am - It gets heated..

Sabrina: I know who you are now.
Ika: And vice versa.
Sabrina: Do you want this to continue, or do you want us to all work against each other?  On a personal level, we don't like each other. Do we align our forces, and stick to the plan, because we are bigger in numbers.. or not, and we all get eliminated.
Rachelle: Can you just tell Sabrina that I didn't..
Sabrina: I don't care.
Rachelle: I never said you were a Heather. The only reason I nodded my head.. Can I say what you were saying?  You said that I was flirting with Andrew..
Ika: I said, Sabrina likes Andrew.. 
Rachelle: You said  Sabrina said, look who's not here for you.
Ika: I said, Sabrina likes Andrew, so don't flirt with him..
Sabrina: So.. this is why I freaked out, because we're going in circles.  I don't mean that I don't like you on a personal level.. I'm just pissed off right now.  Do you agree that we should stop talking about each other and go back to playing a game.. and go back to a respectuful level.. and play a game?  Or do you want to do your own thing, and align yourself with whoever you want?  I feel much better now, because at least it's all out in the open.

Ika; I think Neda should have been in here for this conversation. They said they never bring up that I have an attitude problem.. that you do.
Rachelle: I never said her, I said other people.. 

***I feel like a guy in this argument.. The estrogen alliance is driving me up a wall with the minutia.

10:25am  Ika, Sabrina and Rachelle continue to work out their issues.. Sabrina tries to bring it back to the crux of the issue: Do they move forward together as an alliance or not.  Rachelle wants 5 minutes alone with Sabrina.. Sabrina's not interested..

Sabrina: You don't understand how profoundly hurt I am right now.
Rachelle: I never said you were like a Heather.
Sabrina: Do you agree that the best thing to do now is to move forward from here and not talk about each other behind our backs?  Do you still want the girls alliance?
Ika/Rachelle: mm hmm
Sabrina: Is that mm hmm real?
Ika: I don't want to, but there's no other choice.  If we fall apart now, we're gonna get picked off one by one..
Sabrina: Is that ok with you?  We can't show emotion, because the boys will see the crack, and try to pull some of us over. Does that make sense?
Ika: It does. I just want to say something to you..  (To Rachelle) I've had your back 100%.  It was told to me that you run back and say things that I tell you in confidence.  She didn't want to say anything, but I dragged it out of Sabrina.. I have vented.. I'm not gonna lie.. but I've said things within the alliance.  Just like she vents to Sarah, because Sarah never runs and repeats things.
Rachelle: You guys are just making me feel like I'm a piece of shit.
Ika: Sabrina was hurt because a conversation was overheard in the pantry.. She had no choice.  I'm like, what the hell's going on? It kind of.. So, that's how this conversation came about.  We weren't sitting talking about you.. She said, did you say bad things about me..  and I'm like, yes.
Sabrina: It started last night.. And she was like, can I trust you?
Ika: She didn't say a name, but when she started asking questions, I knew exactly who it was.
Sabrina: When she told me about the Heather thing, I started bawling..
Rachelle: That never came out of my mouth. 
**Round and Round and Round we go.. 

Ika gets her HoH Room - All the HGs go up to see..

Ika: That's my best friend, Alicia.  That's my son.. That was in Dominican..

She doesn't want to read her letter right away, because she doesn't like crying in front of people, but she promises they can all read it later if they like..

After a few minutes of Hush Hush., feeds return at 11:09am.  Allison gives Ika a hug and says how cool it is.. and mentions that this is her first time even seeing HoH.. Everyone leaves, but Ika asks Sabrina to stay put, so they can tearfully resolve their situation from this morning. Rachelle joins too. And Neda..

Ika: No matter what happens, my allegiance is totally to you girls.  100%. I would never be angry and put you girls up on the block.
Sabrina: We love you and we have your back.  Girls will be girls. At the end of the day, we do love each other. That's why we always end up back here.

At 11:13am, the 4 hug it out.. 

Neda: This is gonna be such a relaxing week.. as long as there's no new girls walking in the house.  We already lost her, by the way.  She's already with the boys.
Ika: You think so?
Neda: Oh yeah.  You can tell. She's like a boys girl, ya know?
Rachelle: So we don't really have the numbers.
Neda: Let the next person who comes in be someone good, please.
Sabrina: (speculates) There's gonna be 3 people coming in.. There were 18 boxes..
Neda: We'll deal with that when the time comes..

Talk turns to speculation about double evictions, etc. 

Neda: She gets a 3 week advantage? That's a lot.
Ika: I think she has a mission..
Neda: Maybe they're gonna give her tasks to do.. Canada might have voted her in or something.. (Smart cookie!)
Sabrina: Oh, and the cup is back.  Do you think they'll evict her once she's off immunity?

11:33am They wrap it up and go downstairs to have some food before it's all gone..

Hugs notwithstanding, Rachelle seeks out the comfort of Sarah, who was not present for the girl drama this morning... Unbeknownst to Rachelle, Sarah is part of the 1st 5 with Sabrina, Arlie, Kenny and Andrew.

Meanwhile, Sabrina and Ika are also privately connecting, talking nominations...  Ika can see the logic in bringing in the misfits to make a big move against the boys, but also knows she can't trust them.

Ika: I was thinking of putting Paul and Adel up, and then backdooring Kenny.. But, after seeing what Paul did last night, I changed my mind.
Sabrina: I think, for you, and you do that, and he doesn't end up going home, wtf is going to end up happening to you 1 hour later.
Ika: Exactly.
Sabrina: If I was against you, I'd be like, Oh yeah, do that, go after the strong player.  You're only gonna get a target on your back if you do that.  I feel like Paul should leave before Adel.
Ika: I want Paul to leave. I feel like Adel is more open with his loudness, whereas Paul is sneaky.. Adel swore on his Koran that he wouldn't put you up.. He didn't swear on his Koran, but he told me I wasn't his target. Paul is playing this weak thing.. Paul is more viscious.
Sabrina: He sells people out as soon as he feels like he's in trouble.  How he tells you, "Ika, you're at the bottom.. What if we come together?"
Ika: It's not smart to leave ourselves in the house with 4 strong guys.. but we can't trust the misfits. I can't trust anybody.

12:03pm Sarah comes in asking to use the bathroom.  Ika tells her she's always welcome.   Heather comes in, and for the first time today, she's welcomed.

**And it's just after noon.. So this concludes the morning update. I'll open a new top post and begin an Afternoon Update in just a bit..



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning....

It looks like a fun week with lots of nervous nellies running around the house.....love it.

Thanks Carolyn.... :-)


March 14, 2014 at 9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning....

It looks like a fun week with lots of nervous nellies running around the house.....love it.

Thanks Carolyn.... :-)


March 14, 2014 at 9:17 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Pammm!! :0) xxoo!

March 14, 2014 at 10:20 AM  

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