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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BBCanada: Overnight Lite

Good morning, BB Canada Lovers!  Happy Wednesday!☺ I hope to see you all here tonight for the Wednesday Show Viewing Party at 9pm eastern.  There will be live stream links available in the post.

Last night on the Big Brother Canada live feeds, the theme of the day - who to evict - continued into the night.  After many, many conversations between the differing alliances, both Sarah and Sabrina, independently, were able to convince Andrew and Kenny that keeping their cover in the girls' alliance, and not exposing The First Five for one more week, was more valuable that getting Paul out.  So.. it looks like Heather will go home this week.  Of course, that could change again and again.. Sabrina's ability to dance from room to room, group to group, assuring each one she has only their best interest at heart, is quite impressive.

Adel is quite the smarty.  Last night in a conversation with Ika, he said flat out that he believes Sabrina and Sarah are working with the guys.  If you've missed a day or 2, Ika is now in a side alliance with Adel, which she's very comfortable with, and that also brings Paul, which she's not comfortable with at all, because she doesn't trust him.

Arlie seems to be building a side alliance too, but it's too soon to tell if it's just a cover, just to give him something to do, or something he's taking seriously.  Jon and Neda are building a lovely friendship.  Rachelle and Neda look like they've been best friends since birth. 

And then there was this... Welcome to Sister Wives Canada..

And once he believed wife number one had gone to bed for the night, he repaired to the hammock with wife number two, for their nightly hammock makeout session. 

The HGs were up quite late last night, for them, so BB is giving them a bit of a sleep in today.  As of 9am, they're still asleep.  When that changes, I'll open a morning update post. ☺

If you're not in Canada, and you'd like to watch the Big Brother Canada live feeds, you'll need to use a VPN to get around their geo-blocking.  I recommend HMA.  Get going on that, and you'll be able to watch the feeds in HD, catch up on any episodes you've missed, participate in the show and have full access to the bigbrothercanada.slice.ca site.☺ P.S. HMA has really helpful customer service for the less than tech friendly, like me..



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Carolyn,

Hi Dishers,

Happy show day.. :-)
Have a safe and great day..


March 19, 2014 at 6:35 AM  

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