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Thursday, March 13, 2014

BBCanada: Thursday Morning

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Thursday! ☺Join us tonight at 9pm eastern for the BBDish Live-ish Eviction Show Viewing Party!  We'll have live stream links for you in the post.

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Last night the Big Brother Canada HGs lost their hot water, hot tub and reward, due to rule breaking... Too many warnings about talking about production, I believe. So they'll be getting all gussied up for the live show today... in cold showers. Brrr! How amazingly cool would it be if BB-US doled out punishments for infractions?

We also had our first kiss last night.. Andrew and Sabrina. Surely I'm not the only one who saw this coming. @BigBSpoilers grabbed a snap of it.  Here ya go!

Voting is now closed for the Final 3.  The winner will be revealed on the show tonight.  

Now let's get to the morning!  FYI.. just like BBUS, BBCanada does a lot of feed blocking on Live Show day, so the morning report may be the only post of the day before the Viewing Party Post.. Also, as the eviction tonight is practically set in stone, I'll be aiming to focus on the funny and dramatic this morning, rather than a full transcript. 

Hmm.. they're running commercials like crazy this morning.  Gooood morning, Kenny!

Storage Room
Adel and Paul

Paul is teaching Adel how to iron.. Then..

Adel: If we don't win this HoH, we're f'd.  You know that, right?
Paul: If we don't, we strategize.  We come as 2 votes, dude.  That's huge.  If someone wants to flip the house, turn things around.. And even the way everyone says I'm safe, I don't believe it until Kyle walks out that door. Anick did the same thing, convinced she was gonna get everyone's votes.

From this, they move on to more ironing tips, and then Paul's tumultuous, heartbreaking childhood, from the illness and death of his mother to abuse and abandonment from his "caregiver" aunt..

Adel puts his shirt on.  Paul says he's not getting dressed up, because this wont be the live show, just the rehearsal.

Dining Table

Jon wants to go traveling in Europe.  Andrew advises him to bring a small pair of Bose speakers and a collapsible beer cooler, so the girls will flock to him..

Andrew: It will change your trip dramatically.  You'll be a champion among men.

Andrew and Kenny step outside for a smoke. They both promise BB to be the best HGs ever from now on, because they can't stand the cold, and cologne showers.

 **That white stuff you see piled up everywhere is snow... real snow.. in mid-March.  I'm having a does not compute Florida girl moment.

All the girls

Live Show Day Glamathon minus hot water... Showering is at a minimum today.  Normal wet actvities like leg shaving are being done dry.


Paul and Kyle

Kyle: Remember, don't trust anybody.  You can hear them, but don't trust.  That's my advice.  Just wish I'd figured it out the first week.  Like I said, I have no regrets.  I've learned so much about you and Adel.  Overall it's a bonding experience for people all across Canada.  Yup.. I know exactly what I'm gonna say when I get outside. It's gonna be something nice.
Paul: Just breathe.  Whatever you say when you get out there is crucial. How you feelin' dude?
Kyle: Me? I'm anxious to get the f outta here.
Paul: You're not bummed?
Kyle: No. I am leaving.. Even though I didn't get to fight to stay.. I'm leaving with my head held high.  Even though it's not 100,000 bucks, I'm leaving with something.
Paul: There'll be a party whereever you go.
Kyle: There always is.
Paul: I really want you to keep in touch with me.
Kyle: Absolutely.
Paul: You never know.. Outside of here, we could have our own social media show. The Outsiders Show!
Kyle: We'll see how far this one gets.. 2 weeks, we're canceled.
Paul: I don't know where Adel fits in.. We'll find a spot for him.

Adel joins.. in his kaffiyeh shirt.

Adel: I wanna blindside those motherf'ers.
Paul: We wanna have our own show.. The Outsiders.
Adel: Don't say that.  Everything we say in here, they own.
Kyle: The Outsiders Guide to Big Brother.
Adel: Don't align yourself with the idiots of the house.. Have one genius. And an old man.
Paul: Did you just call me an old man?
Adel: You're 43. Do you still get erections whenever you want?

Kyle: Neda's rattled.. People in this house don't wanna believe things that happen.  Ya gotta be more open minded.  At least I can say I'm the most chillest evictee in BB history.
Adel: You didn't fight for one vote.
Kyle: I dance when I hear music, but I'm not gonna go around begging.

10:50am The feeds cuts to the kitchen.  Kenny's fixing some bacon.  Rachel and Arlie are also present.

Arlie: I never wanna leave this place.
Kenny: Well, hopefully we wont have to for a while.

10:54am - In the bathroom, the glam squad continues..

BB: Houseguests, this is your 3 minute warning.  The backyard will be closed in 3 minutes.

Time to pack up and clear out of the HoH room. Andrew does a little song and dance..

Andrew: We've got an hour..
Kenny: To just chill.

11:30am While the doomed trio is in the main bedroom laughing and enjoying their last hours together, Andrew, Arlie and Kenny are running doomsday scenarios in the HoH room.  Doomsday being an Adel or Paul HoH win.
Additionally, they're playing what if for all the non First 5ers.

Arlie: The girls are losing their minds.  We're so lucky we got the good 2. (Sabrina and Sarah)

Kenny: I think we got the good apples.
Arlie: We're so lucky.
Andrew: It's luck, but it's also who we are as people. Sakas.. or Kasas..
Arlie: Saaks.
Andrew: Sabrina, Arlie, Kennie, Andrew, Sarah
Arlie: I really hope one of us wins HoH.  It's such a benefit to be able to come in here and talk.

Green Couch

The assembled HGs are having quiet time.  You can actually see Sarah thinking.. Then..

Heather: Where are all the guys at?
Sarah: Maybe HoH?  They must be.  They're probably just using up the room as much as possible.

11:52a  The Green couch fills up and gets chatty. Looks like the boys have been kicked out of HoH. We get some low chatter about a hand signal they were going to use in their goodbye messages to Kyle.. most of them forgot to do it.  BB reprimands them for talking about production.  They've already lost hot water and the jacuzzi, are they shooting for more?

Green Couch

Heather: Sarah, You looks so nice today.
Jon: Why do you look so fabulous in everything you wear?
Sarah: Why are you being so nice?
Jon: In case there's a double eviction today.
ALL: Laugh

BB: Houseguests, you have 4 hours til the live show. Houseguests nominated for eviction must have their bags packed and placed in the Storage Room in 3 hours.

Andrew: I bet it's noon.
**And so it is!  This concludes the morning report...

If you'd like to watch the free live feeds for BBCanada, and you're not in Canada, you have a couple of options.  I recommend setting up HMA.  It's $11/mo, it's super reliable (unlike the free options) and it has great customer support for the less than tech friendly, like me. :-) For more info and options, please see this post.  



Blogger Unknown said...

not sure who the final HG will be, i am ok either way

March 13, 2014 at 10:55 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hi DavidB :) By every poll I've seen, Allison has been leading by a lot.

March 13, 2014 at 1:38 PM  
Blogger Linda Joy Singleton said...

Looking forward to the show in four hours! I really like the houseguests (even the ones I don't like...if that makes sense). Interesting cast. My favorites are the war-room trio -- wish they could all stay. I'm rooting for Allison, though, and hope the polls pull through for her. Scott is cool, too, but I don't think he'd have an easy time of winning over the house and might be an early boot. Allison, though, is clever and will know who to align with. I think she'll go to Kenny since she mentioned recognizing him...kind of confused if she knows him or not since she didn't seem to know he was a model.

March 13, 2014 at 2:15 PM  

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