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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

BBCanada: Wednesday Afternoon

Good afternoon, BB Lovers! As we rejoin our Big Brother Canada 2 HGs this afternoon, Kyle's making a perhaps too subtle move in the Storage Room... If you're just now coming on to BBDish, and you need more updating, please consult the Morning Update

Kyle and Ika
Storage Room

Kyle: Us 3 made a pact.. Jon and Kenny and Me.. No matter what we said to other people.. That's when you put your trust in other people.

Ika: On my life, I never did that to you.
Kyle: Regardless of who did.  Everyone's always asking me why are you so chill?  Well I want to stay in the game, but I'm out because I made it clear I was going after Jon and Kenny,  the big guns.  No one gives a shit about Paul.  He's the least of anyone's troubles.
Ika: I don't want you to go home. I swear to God.
Kyle: I don't wanna go home either.  I wanna stay here as long as possible.  I hated how I couldn't do the PoV.. I just sat there waiting for my death.  I'm not a big liar, and I talk too much.. That's where I f'd up in this game. You need to make a big move fast.  You gotta play for yourself right now. Stay with the girls, but you gotta win an HoH. You guys should be gunning for the bigger fish.

Heather enters.  Kyle leaves..

Heather: I came in to talk to you and make you smile.
Ika: I'm ok.  I'm really ok. 
Heather: I like hanging out with you, and I'd love to sit with you for a bit if that's ok.

Ika tries to blow her off, but Heather's not having it.  Finally, Ika acquiesces.

Ika: (hating life) Sure, that's ok.  I'll jut grab some sugar.

Sabrina and Sarah

Sarah: I just feel like Ika brings out the worst in people.

Sabrina concurs.  Kyle comes out and says a few words..

 Sarah: I honestly wish he would've just been his true self when he came in here.. but for our game, he's a stronger threat.  If it could just be you, me and the boys, I would be so happy.  You're the only one I'm honest with (of the girls).
Sabrina: I always tell you to hang with me, and you're always with the guys..
Sarah: I just can't stand to listen to it.  You can handle it better. If we make it to the final 2, I've already decided, I'm gonna say, she's better than me.  Out of all of them, I prefer Rachelle the most.
Sabrina: I know you're just saying that.
Sarah: I swear..
Sabrina: They're gonna hate me 10x more..
Sarah: But they're all gonna be out. I try to be around more.  I am making an effort.

Sarah: I feel like Big Brother is like pregnancy and birth.  You hate it while it's happening, and then you forget. I feel like you're my sister in this game.. We're gonna be annoyed with each other sometimes, but we come back together.
Sabrina: You're my number 1. I feel obliged to be around the others. They already think you're with the boys.
Sarah: Ok.. I'll try.  Just keep reminding me, and I'll keep trying.
Sabrina:  Like, you can just say, Sabrina, come with me, and I'll come. (gets weepy) I'm always stuck with them.

Sarah: (comes to hug her) I'm sorry.  I'm so sorry.  I hate that Adel's still here, because I seriously need to get rid of some of these girls.
Sabrina: We've only gotten rid of 1.. It should be double eviction already.

Sabrina: We made a big mistake (evicting Anick).  We should've gotten rid of Ika.  She was there.
Sarah: I know.We missed our chance.
**I've been waiting to hear this..

Sabrina: The only thing is, Jon's gonna go after Andrew..
Sarah: The only good thing for us is, he's kind of on the outs.

Talk turns to chatter, so I check the other feeds...
  • Up on the landing, Adel and Paul are showing Kyle some breakdance moves.
  • Ika and Neda are talking game in the bedroom.. More, Ika is creating distrust.. Ika tells Neda that Kyle told her that Jon sold her out to him.

Ika: I messed up too.  I told Jon things I shouldn't. Jon is like.. He's not at the bottom of the alliance.  Kenny and Jon are first.
Neda: I think it was Kenny and Jon tight at first, but then Andrew won 2 things in a row..
Ika: Kenny's allegiance and loyalty is solely towards Jon.

Neda: Sorry people who are watching.  I'm not usually one of those people who's crying all the time.
Ika: The house brings it out in people.   Jon definitely tells him everything.. then it gets back to Sabrina..
Neda: I'm more afraid of Andrew and Kenny..

BB: This is your 3 minute warning.  The backdoor will be off limits in 3 minutes.

Ika: Sabrina doesn't trust us.  She'll never give any names.
Neda: I wanna be a boy.
Ika: Kyle told me.. when I leave, and they're here, you have to make a big move.
Neda: It would be the stupidest move to get rid of Paul or Adel next week. The stupidest.

Talk turns to Sabrina.

Neda: She literally just told us she doens't want to hang out with us anymore. I'm like, is this a joke?  I just literally waxed your vagina.

Rachelle comes in.  Neda says she's just upset about family. Heather comes in.  Neda repeats the lie.

Under the stairs
Jon and Arlie

Jon: Do you think I'm safe guaranteed?
Arlie: Yes. I think we both are.
Jon: Everyone likes us..
Arlie: Sabrina's in a rough spot.
Jon: I don't really like her at all.
Arlie: THey asked me what I wouldn't like in the house, and I pretty much described her to a t - a religious motherly figure.
Jon: Would I ever hang out with her outside the house?
Arlie: Not in a gazillion years. She's way too emotional.
Jon: She stirs the pot more than anybody.

Arlie: Let's not talk about this. But.. she's tight with the other guys. She's not dumb..
Jon: But she's emotional.

Talk turns to Ika. Both agree she's an idiot, and an ideal person to bring to final 2, because no one likes her.  Then Paul.. Then Neda, whom they both agree is smart, perhaps moreso than she portrays.

Jon: I just feel like, it's been a genuine connection so far, but genuine connections mean nothing in this game.
Arlie: Right, you can just tell she likes you more than the other guys. We're not big threats..
Jon: Well, we act like we're not big threats.

They continue on this line, talking about everyone.. mostly Ika and her ineptitude.

Flipping over to Camera 1... 1:22pm.. We join Kyle, Paul and Adel whispering in the Bathroom..

Paul: We're gonna have to figure that one out..
Kyle: I hope there's a f'ing twist that keeps me in.
Paul: If Sabrina wins HoH, I have to get close to her...  At the end of the day, I wont ever backstab you two.
**At the end of tomorrow, there wont be 2 to backstab.

Kyle: All I can say, there's a lot of whispers in this house, and you hear a lot of things when you're already out the door.  Andrew, buddy, you're a target.
Paul: If you go out, this is what I want you to say.. I want you to find a powerful quote.. You never know when you get out of here, who's going to approach you.
Adel: At the last minute, if we can help each other, let's help each other.
Kyle: My focus is helping you two. Right now, it's like 1000% that I'm out.. I'm not gonna sell us out at all.. If there was a twist and I stayed..
Paul: We'd be a powerhouse.
**It's too early for that, kids.  Plus, they'll be adding one of the 3 into the house this week, and there are only so many weeks in the season. Kyle, dear, there are 10 other people in the house that you need to be talking to... not these 2.

Kyle: I wish I could stay.  I wish I had a fighting chance to stay. 
**DR.. the boy needs help.  Perhaps it's time to call him in and run some scenarios? Clearly, he doesn't understand how to play..

Lunch is announced, and the 3 go to join in..

Rachelle and Neda

Tender girl time...

Rachelle: Are we ok?
Neda: Yeah, I'm fine.  I think I'm just gonna stfu all the time. If someone's bitching or ranting, I'm just gonna walk away.. not agree..
Rachelle: I get what you're saying.
Neda: I don't want Sabrina to think I'm talking about her with Ika..
Rachelle: I would tell you if I heard anything about you.
Neda: I would tell you too.. but I don't hear anything about you.  I think you're fine. But shit changes SO fast.. I really wish I had watched the live feeds last year, just to know what it's like.

Everyone's having lunch..

Andrew: Ok.. If we can get a quick clean up going, then they're gonna lock us in the room.
**Tech/Lighting rehearsal, perhaps?

Neda and Sarah

Nice chatter.  Sarah's making an effort to connect with the other girls, as promised. 

Green Couch

Andrew is snuggling Sabrina, Heather is seated next to her. Ika, Rachelle, Jon and Arlie are spread out on the couch.  We get the Hush Hush screen for a couple minutes, and when it comes back, we have recipe chatter.

Ika: hehehe.. Andrew is always winking. Has Andrew winked at you? At you?
Neda: he winked at me before he put me on the block.
Andrew: So you would know.. but no, you're like, I hate him so much.
Sabrina: I'm gonna hate you so much if you don't do what you said.
Andrew: I will I will.

Sabrina: Now I'm worried.
Heather:  Why are you worried?
Sabrina: I need to win HoH.  It's all on me. Everyone else.. dead.

Sarah joins the couch people.  She's lost 10 pounds since the process began, between not eating out of nervousness before the show, and slop now..  Sabrina says she can't way to be on slop (to lose weight), Andrew too.

Sabrina: Kenny, thank you for cleaning the kitchen.

Andrew: I had some dreams last night, and I woke up and I was really mad at Kenny..

Everyone shares their rough night of sleep last night. Talk turns to the torture of the Half/Have Not Room.

Andrew: If it's me, Jon, Paul and Kenny, we'd be f*cked.
Sarah: If the 4 of us slop people get on the same team, we're doomed... cuz we're weak.
Heather: We'll eat a lot of cookies first.
Sarah: The cookies are turning me into Arlie. I can't go to the bathroom.

2:25pm Body Check..
  • Kenny's cleaning the kitchen
  • Most of the HGs are on the Green Couch
  • Paul, Adel and Kyle are isolating themselves, per usual. Then something interesting happens.. 
Kyle joins Adel for his afternoon prayers..

Rachelle and Sabrina walk in as this is happening.. and out they go.

Rachelle: Why?? I almost burst out laughing.
Sabrina: I know.

They head to the bathroom and talk game as Sabrina's tinkling.. Sabrina's worried she's going to get put up or backdoored next week, and she's looking for pre-support. Call it Wednesday jitters.They head into the HoH Room.. and snuggle time with Andrew.


Sabrina: We look like the biggest ho bags.
Andrew: You don't.  We're not having sex.
Sabrina: Yet.

Sabrina: If he does win, he'll backdoor me.
Andrew: He's not smart enough.
Sabrina: And if he puts me up against Jon, I'm screwed.  Ok.. I need to win tomorrow's HoH. I'm the only one I can trust.
Andrew: You can trust all of us. Rachelle, you'll put em up if you win right?  Adel and Paul?
Rachelle: Yeah.
Andrew: I'll look after you girls.. big, strong protector. That's the definition of my name.

Sabrina leaves to go the restroom. Andrew and Rachelle stay..

Rachelle: Freakin Adel.. He wont win. If he does, it'll be very interesting, but it'll be f'd.
Andrew: It'll be fine.
Rachelle: Yeah, I don't think he's gonna win anyways.  Didn't they say they were locking us in the rooms?
Andrew: You and me together.. What would happen??
Rachelle: I'd be so bad if I were single in here.
Andrew: You'd end up with Kenny.. He'd be your guy, right?
Rachelle:  Probably.  Neda's single.. Who else is single? Sab.. and Ika..

BB: Houseguests, the house is now off limits.

Sabrina: I kind of go back and forth.. Andrew's my brother.. Ooh.. he's cute..
Neda: Let's make it happen then.
Sabrina: It wont.

They go outside.

Prod'n Voice: Houseguests, you all need ot be out of the house.  Go to the backyard immediately.
Sabrina: Your voice is sexy when you're angry.

2:56pm  All the HGs are outside now, in little clusters...  Ika and Sabrina are whispering sweet nothings to each other, about how they get each other.. Andrew and Rachelle sandwich the 2 of them to snuggle.  Kenny's practicing the bag toss.
Lots of giggles and happy chatter..  The quiet cluster to the right is Paul, Adel and Kyle, eyes closed, attempting to nap.   I don't have eyes on Neda, Sarah, Arlie or Jon at the moment.

3:02pm - Life calls... I'll be back this evening for the Wednesday Show viewing party.  Please join us in a new top post at 8:50pm.  There will be live stream links for the show. :0) Thank you for being a part of the dish!

If you'd like to watch the free live feeds for BBCanada, and you're not in Canada, you have a couple of options.  I recommend setting up HMA.  It's $11/mo and has great customer support for the less than tech friendly, like me. :) For more info and options, please see this post.  



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good morning Carolyn....

Hi everyone peeking in..

Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this Carolyn.....I love reading every word....

Live BB...doesn't matter what country...love America the best though.. <3


March 12, 2014 at 11:05 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hi Pammm!! :0) Thank you so much for dropping in and saying hi! BBCan fans are a little quieter than I'm accustomed to... a lot quieter actually..

March 12, 2014 at 12:14 PM  

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