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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

BBCanada: Wednesday Morning Update

When the HGs went to bed last night, it sounded like they were resolved to evicting Heather this week, but it's apparently back up in the air again.. depending upon who you're listening to. 

9:30am The BB Canada critters have been woken up. They're doing their morning routines, making breakfast, chatting it up..They're a really pleasant bunch, unless you're easily offended by tapeworm talk and overt nose picking.  Kenny's taken to calling Andrew "Gordo," and I've been taking it the latin way - fatty, but not in a mean way - but I just realized it's because of Andrew's last name, Gordon. Doh!

10:00am Kenny and Allison are chatting on the couch. Arlie is there too.  Paul joins.  Allison's nervous/excited for her first live eviction tomorrow.   Jon joins the couch crew and chatter turns to music likes.. then comedians, roasts and actors, then strokes..   Sabrina and Andrew are in the kitchen..

10:08am Neda and Adel are in the bathroom, getting ready for the day. Heather has joined the living in the kitchen. 

Jon: Is tomorrow Thursday?
Heather: Yes!
**a nominee always knows what day it is.

Heather joins Sabrina at the empty dining table, sits next to her and scoots her chair even closer.  In trying to figure out what irks people about Heather, I've noticed she tends to sit too close..  and photobomb conversations.

Chatter continues on the couch.  I spy Neda and Rachelle solo in the bedroom and hop in there.  Sleepy talk. getting dressed.. Rachelle has a near miss on the boob exposure front.  Neda helps her sort out her bra in the back.  Rachelle moves into the bathroom, where we find Sarah.

Rachelle: I hope you don't get harassed today.
Sarah: It's ok.. the fact that they're harassing me means they think I might actually flip, and they trust me, which is actually good for us.
**nice spin, kiddo.

Rachelle returns to the bedroom, and talk turns to weight.

Rachelle: When I was heavier, I was like 133..

Movie talk on the couch with Arlie, Kenny, Andrew, Sabrina, Allison, and Jon.  Rachelle joins and gets a morning smooch from Sabrina.

Rachelle: We should do yoga.
Andrew: If we're doing yoga, farty girl's gotta be in the back.
Kenny: Every downward dog.
Jon: Mumsy, (Sarah) get that beautiful behind over here! (she does)

Andrew starts singing the farty girl song..

Arlie: We still haven't put Kenny's beard on Andrew's head to make it look like he has hair. We need to do that.
Andrew/Kenny: no.

Andrew: I had a dream last night, and it was really bad, and I woke up really angry.
Sarah: Well, at least you didn't threaten to attack people with your boner.

10:20am I spy Adel solo in the bedroom with Neda.. Let's join.

Adel: Neda.. (he shows her the V card) I won Canada's Veto.   When they close the box in the Veto Ceremony, I pull out my card, and I get to reactivate it, and I get to backdoor anyone in the game.

Neda gives him a high 5.

Neda: Good for you!
Adel: So, I don't know what's gonna happen.  I don't know what I'm gonna do with it, but I only have 2 weeks.. Me personally, when Paul goes home, I have zero real alliances.  Everyone has real alliances.  I f'd up by joining the 2 musketeers.  So all I'm saying is, me, I'd rather not use it and backdoor anyone..
Neda: yeah..
Adel: Cuz then I'm gonna have a whole group against me.
Neda: You'd rather not use it??
Adel: Well, as of now, because like, say I try to backdoor one of the big guys.. I don't know yet.. I have to see who's HoH.. Please don't say nothing.
Neda: I wont.
Adel: If me and you are on the block, I'd have to save myself.  Say for example, Kenny wins HoH.. I'm gonna tell him, go ahead, put me up, and if someone uses their PoV to save me, I'll save them when they need it.
Neda: If I were you, I would be sneakier about it.  I would just not tell them, because I would be afraid that they're gonna..
Adel: I know what you mean.  I've heard people talking.  I know they have more than their alliances.. more than just the boys.. When I've walked by, I've heard people talking about flushing it out..
Neda: I think this is your chance to make a big move.  It depends who wins HoH. Are you going hard core for it?
Adel: Oh yeah.. I have to.
Neda: Who knows about it?
Adel: Jon and Arlie.
Neda: Can I talk to Jon about it?  We'll talk after HoH.. I think it would be hilarious if you won HoH..
Adel: I'll try my very best.

After Adel tells Neda, he goes into the Storage Room and tells Sarah the same.. She promises not to say anything.  Adel tells her that he's slowly spreading the word.

Adel: All I gotta hope is that people start getting on each other's nerves.
Sarah: All you have to do is what you're doing.  No one want to take out funny Adel.
Adel: But whoever tries to backdoor me is gonna get a surprise from hell.

Arlie comes into the storage room..  Adel leaves.  Cue more whispering.

Arlie: Was that a conversation change?
Sarah: Uh, kind of.  But.. I'm pretty sure I can convince the guys that I'm not gonna vote out Paul.  I'm pretty sure I have Kenny on board. It's now just about convincing Andrew, which I almost don't care.  I feel if I get Kenny on board, he can convince Andrew. So Kenny basically just said to me, you're right, it doesn't make sense.. So I feel a little better about that.  I don't have to expose myself so early, and we still have a few options going. Does that make sense?  Or do you think I should just expose myself?
Arlie: I do.  Because I think one of them's going next week anyway, or the week after.. from some stuff Deli's told me..
**Deli is Adel.
Sarah: Adel just showed me his Veto.
Arlie: yeah? Nice.  I'm glad he showed you.
Sarah: Either way, maybe keep me on the down low in that one for now..
Arlie: I think he's probably shown it to a lot of people, and trying to make everyone feel like they're the only one.   I feel like it's almost better if Paul does go, because the other side's building actual strength..  I thought about this really a lot last night, and I wont change my mind any more.  I had a talk with Heather, and she will be on our side.. Plus, if Paul goes, Deli will come to us.
Sarah: You don't think he's in with Ika?
Arlie: I do.
Sarah: I hope Ika goes next week.  I really do.

Adel: Today's gonna be a long day of campaigning.
**I'll Ice my fingers.

HoH Room
Adel tells Kenny his 2 week super power..
**which may or may not be true. We'll learn tonight on the show.

Kenny and Andrew
Kenny: Adel just told me his thing.. It's Canada's Veto..
**he explains

White Bedroom
Adel shows Andrew and tells him as well.. And the conversation continues into deals and alliances.

Andrew: It's tough for you right now, but there is a way to make deals.  You just have to see who you trust most. Maybe it's me, maybe it's not me.  Make your own decision.
Adel: Know what Paul always tells me?  I see how Andrew looks at you.. He thinks of you as a little brother.
Andrew: He's not far off. I like your energy, dude. You're like me, in that you want to make sure everyone has a fun time..  It's a natural instinct to want to be with people who like you..  Your goal is.. jury?
Adel: My goal is stay safe for 2 weeks.
Andrew: Cool.  So you've got 2 weeks to relax.. If you wanna chat, let me know.

Voice: Adel?
Adel: yo!
Voice: Come to the Diary Room.

Cam 1 - Andrew heads to the green couch and joins Arlie, Neda, Sarah and Allison for light chatter.. about beer.
Cam 3 - Sabrina and Ika are heading down the stairs and outside to do laundry.  And talk about the boys, game wise.  Rachelle joins them.

Sabrina and Andrew

Sabrina: I think he lied to you about the 2 weeks.
Andrew: I don't.. I think we target other people.. He knows we're the strongest, and we can take him further, if he wants to.  he just cares about getting far in this game.  He didn't ask me any questions.
Sabrina: That's telling. No one tells you something for nothing in here.

On to next week.. They want Ika out..

Ika, Rachelle, Sabrina, Heather..

Heather's having 1st world problems.. missing nail supplies.

Heather: Oh well.. At least I'm not leaving tomorrow, so I don't have to worry about it too much.
Ika/Sabrina: mm hm

Uncomfortable silences fall over the room, because of Heather's presence.  Talk turns to Kenny being angry with them last night for making too much noise.

***Somewhere in the past 45 minutes,  Jon, Arlie and Sarah have been talking about having an alliance with Adel. I missed it whilst transcribing another conversation.

HoH Bathroom
Ika, Rachelle, Sabrina

Chatter about Heather leaving tomorrow is mixed with stealth whispers about game, because Kenny is in the HoH room listening to music.

Ika: I'm taking a bubble bath today.  Take one with me.

They move into the room to hopefully encourage Kenny to leave.  He's having too much fun listening to "Teenage Dream."  But.. mission accomplished in 2 minutes.  He leaves.

Rachelle: What an inok.
Ika: So inok.
Sabrina: It's not even Katy Perry.  Anywhere.
Ika: So he was just listening to us?  Andrew is pissing me off.  Very next chance I get, I'm putting his ass on the block.
Sabrina: He's so stupid to play the game this way. Now he's putting a target on his back.
Rachelle: What did he want in the pantry?
Sabrina: He was talking to me about Adel.

Heather comes in and out.. Then Neda..

Rachelle: I hate Wednesdays.

Jacuzzi Area
Kenny, Arlie, Jon

Kenny: That's so weird.  Adel's telling everyone about his power.  Canadian Veto.
Arlie: He showed you?
Kenny: yeah.
Arlie: I stink at this game.

Andrew joins..

At Arlie's request, Kenny tells him what Adel said his power was.

Andrew: In my opinion, it was well delivered.. I feel like we could almost have him in our backpocket by just playing it cool.
Arlie: Just be his friend.. We already know he's been in talks with Ika.

More clarifications about the supposed power of Adel's Canadian PoV..

Andrew: I think the kid is lost..
Arlie: I just wonder if he's telling us for a reason.
**and Andrew's already got plans for Adel that do not include Kenny or Andrew. 

Andrew: All he wants is jury.  He knows he's got no one in this house.  I'm not saying we can promise him that, but if we give him the idea that we can hold on to him for that long, but if any of us go up, and we''re able to sway him to use Canada's Veto?
Jon: We almost have to keep him off the block. He would use it on us.
Andrew: He's just looking for an alliance to get him furhter. I don't know why he's telling everyone..
Jon: He came to me about an hour ago.  Hour and a half.

They all compare times of reveal.

Jon: This'll be a big Thursday. 
Andrew: Is there a motive behind it?  Is he trying to gain our trust?  Or are we underestimating him, and there's a bigger plan? He's telling us, so we trust him a little more and he gets an extra week out of it because we don't put him up this week?  Either I'm underestimating him, or I'm giving him too much credit, or it is what it is..
Jon: It's almost good Ika won HoH and never did anything with it, because now all 4 of us compete for HoH.
Kenny: She did nothing worthy of having an HoH.

The guys continue talking about how useless Ika's HoH was for her.. Andrew wants to put Ika and Heather up next week. The guys seem to agree..

12:04pm Arlie and Jon have a quick whisper in the HoH bathroom about letting Andrew continue to think he's the Alpha dog.. although they know that's not the case.

Timecheck -- 12:05pm.  This concludes the morning update. Please check back in a bit, and I'll get an afternoon update going. 

If you're not in Canada, and you'd like to watch the Big Brother Canada live feeds, you'll need to use a VPN to get around their geo-blocking.  I recommend HMA.  Get going on that, and you'll be able to watch the feeds in HD, catch up on any episodes you've missed, participate in the show and have full access to the bigbrothercanada.slice.ca site.☺ P.S. HMA has really helpful customer service for the less than tech friendly, like me.. 



Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn!! Good morning BBDishers!!

How is everyone doing this fine day? Happy Show Day!!

I finally got a chance to peep at the feeds over the weekend, but not for long. However, I faithfully visit the BBDish home quarters for all the scoop. Thanks Caro for the fine job as always!! ♥

One question... Sabrina seems to be smitten with Kenny, but didn't she smooch with Andrew about a week ago? I know Kenny is playing her, and I know Andrew is the "Ladies Man" of the house, but was that ever discussed between the two guys?? Just curious. Thanks for the info.

I'll check back in later, Have a wonderful day everyone!!

March 19, 2014 at 7:39 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

Hi Carolyn and Dishers. You've been busy today, lots of information. Thank you. Just a comment about Adel winning Canada's Veto. I am playing along on BBC Slice TV page, and I never saw that as an option to vote on. I suspect he's made that up, but I don't know for sure. Interesting strategy if he did though.

March 19, 2014 at 10:14 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thanks Carolyn for your updates on BBC. I am a dedicated and loyal reader of yours, for the last five or more years, for Big Brother. Just wanted you to know someone is having coffee with you every day. I will try to say Hi more often to let you know I am here reading. Thanks again Carolyn! -Jayne in BC.

March 19, 2014 at 10:28 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

I did some research on Canada's Vote for Adel to win a Veto for 2 weeks. People were able to vote using Facebook for their choice.

March 19, 2014 at 10:30 AM  

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