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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

BBCanada: Wednesday Morning

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Wednesday to you!☺

The Final HG will be announced tomorrow night!  Have you voted yet?  If you haven't and you'd like to, get over to BigBrotherCanada.slice.ca and make your vote count! 

Yesterday afternoon, Jon hurt his shoulder, and after much freaking out by the HGs, over his welfare and whether or not he'd be able to remain in the game, he's in the house, and doing well. If you missed it, here's the video of the freak out.

Kyle and Paul remain on the block, with Kyle the likeliest to be evicted Thursday night.  It seems a shame, really, as he's the most likeable of the ostracized trio of Adel, Kyle and Paul.. When Adel says nasty things about people, Kyle calls him out immediately, even when they're in private, so it's not just for show.  When Adel and Paul get into it, Kyle is the peacemaker.. Alas, his muscles have betrayed him, and I believe their existence are the guiding force behind both his nomination and his imminent demise. The other HGs just perceive him as a huge comp threat.  Consequently, they all think Paul is completely useless, and they've pegged him for 4th eviction, following Adel, should the power in the house remain in their hands..

In terms of early alliance rifts, both Ika and Rachelle have voiced their mistrust of Sabrina to each other, but they want to keep up a front to keep the girls alliance together.   Arlie's over the top performance in his attempt to get meds for Sarah the other day really turned off a couple members of the First 5, so his membership may be revoked.

As of this moment, Rachelle and Sabrina are outside playing/practicing the bean bag toss.  Surely it must have dawned on the HGs that BB doesn't just give you things for no reason...

In addition to the bean bag toss and the hula hoops received yesterday, there is also a South American game where you throw 2 weighted balls connected by a rope, and try to make them connect to a pole, with different points for each level.

Cleverly, the girls move on from the bean bag toss to this..

This post will be updated throughout the BB morning.  Please refresh periodically for more.

Ika, Sabrina, Neda, Heather

Ika and Sabrina are trying to convince Heather, whom they cannot stand, that they adore her...  Then Neda asks to speak to them privately, and Heather leaves, giving them time to have a friendly disagreement about conduct in the house..

For background, Ika already doesn't trust Sabrina, because she spends time with Andrew and Kenny, but together with Rachelle and Neda, they're burying this to keep the girl's alliance together.

Sabrina: I'm never saying a name again, I'm just calling my own self out. 
Neda: I say we start fresh today..
Sabrina: Right now we're not playing Big Brother.  I feel like, I don't need a mom and I don't need someone to tell me how to act. I feel like I'm always being corrected for my actions.  You guys and I don't want to end up hating each other.. I don't see why we always look like we need a referee.  I love Ika.
Ika: I love you too.
Neda: That's just my personality.  I need to stop that.
Sabrina: I prefer to tell you to your face than whisper about you to others. 

The discussion continues.  Neda's doing a lot of apologizing.  Adel and Kyle want into the room, and the girls say Ika's changing, and for them to wait.  They do, right outside the door.   After a couple minutes, the girls hug it out..

Heather's in tears..

Sabrina: Heather, it's Sabrina.  Can I talk to you? 

Sabrina goes into the stall to comfort Heather. Rachelle and Ika are outside hearing everything.

Heather: I haven't been mean to anyone since I've been here.
Sabrina: Even me, it's annoying to always have to say everything, or people think you're talking about them. I'm not trying to be mean right now.  I'm trying to be honest with you.
Heather: It's not just that.  It's everything as a whole.

Sabrina: It's that you have a lot of built up anger in you, so you're always agitated.  You have to understand something.  You're not nice to Rachelle.  It bothers me when you talk about her.  Some people get defensive.
Heather: You should have said it.
Sabrina: I just did.. and people who are her friends are gonna get defensive against you.  I don't think people are talking about me when they tell me to leave.  It's very stressful, I know, but I don't want you to cry on account of us.  Do you want to be left alone?
Heather: (weepy) no.
Sabrina: Don't cry.  I know it's overwhelming.

Sabrina invites Ika into the stall..  Rachelle comes over..

Rachelle: Are you ok?

She is rebuffed..

Heather: I'm not crying because of you.  I just.. don't wanna say it right now when anybody could be listening.

Ika, Sabrina and Rachelle head off to the red corner, and continue the discussion..

Ika: I'm getting better with you and RoRo, because I love you guys, and I'll get better with her too.
Sabrina: I told Heather, the reason people are getting annoyed with you is because you keep talking about our best friend in the house (Rachelle).  I think it's better to be how I am.. nice and sweet but with a backbone.  I just don't want anyone to feel bad.
Ika: I don't mind anyone pulling me aside and saying guys, you look bad, but not in front of a group of people.  You should go talk to her.. just make sure she's ok.

Sabrina returns to the bathroom to check in with Heather, who says she just needs some time and space to calm down. Sabrina moves away by request, and joins Sarah and Ika ( a few feet away), showing them her bruises..

***I'm kinda tickled by how willing everyone is to get up into Sabrina's privates.Yesterday with the bikini waxing and today with the up the bum shot.

 11:50am Checking around the feeds...
  •  Kenny, Arlie and Andrew are outside playing/practicing the games..
  • Sabrina, Ika and Rachelle are talking about their own personality clashes in the bathroom.  They take a pause when Adel comes in to wee. 
  •  Heather's at the dining counter, talking with Neda, who says they all need to be more careful with their words. They move into the Have Not Room for a bit more privacy.

Neda: Things just get taken the wrong way very easily here.
Heather: For the record, I don't hate Rachelle.  I don't dislike her either.  In the beginning, we butted heads.. Now we're both trying to get along better.  I just wanted you to know that too. Rachelle's a nice girl.  The girls need to stick together if we want to survive all the guys.
Neda: The house just makes everyone so paranoid.. and over exaggerates everything that happens.
Heather: That's the thing.  Usually when someone says something stupid or annoying, you don't see them for a while, but you don't have that opportunity here.  Every time I start to feel comfortable with everyone, someone says something and it feels like everyone's just being fake.
Neda: I'm gonna leave here, and I'm gonna feel like my sister and my mom are talking abehind my back.
Heather: I think that's why we get to see a psychologist.  It's also hard, when girls hang out all the time, it's bound to happen.  When we're all together all the time, people can say things that can be misconstrued..

Neda: I think no matter who wins, it's Adel or Paul going home next week (unless they win).

It's noon in the Big Brother Canada House, so this concludes the Morning Update.  Please check back in a bit for the Afternoon Update to begin.

If you'd like to watch the free live feeds for BBCanada, and you're not in Canada, you have a couple of options.  I recommend setting up HMA.  It's $11/mo and has great customer support for the less than tech friendly, like me. :) For more info and options, please see this post.  



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