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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BBCanada: Wednesday Morning

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Wednesday!☺ I hope to see you here tonight for the Wednesday Show Viewing Party at 9pm Eastern!

While Andrew retains the spot of likeliest to walk out the door on Thursday, Sabrina has fallen out of contention for nomination within the foreseeable future.  The most mentioned targets, depending upon which side is talking, and out of which side of their mouths, are Kenny for the one side and Adel for the other.  Jon's name is tossed about here and there as well.

Rachelle is in heat, and with the way she stares at him, Kenny feels like he's her target for that.. Annnnd.. Last night, we learned that Heather has both nipples pierced.  Whoda thunk it? 

BB woke the HGs at 9:20am and as soon as they get gamey, funny, or dramatic, I'll let you know in this post. At the moment, their level of coherence is.. well.. this..

Andrew grabs a moment with Kenny over breakfast..
Andrew: Honest opinion.. because you're my friend.. Who would you rather have stay out of me and Sabrina?  I know it's a tough..
Kenny: You.  It's not tough.
Andrew: I had a conversation with Arlie yesterday.
Kenny: I'm trying.
Andrew: No, I did.  
Kenny: I know.  I'm still trying.
Andrew: He said yes.  Arlie said he would put his vote my way. 
Kenny: (subdued) I know.  I'm still trying.
Andrew:  He said to me that he would but..

Arlie and Jon come into the area, ending this line of conversation. Jon's lost 15 pounds since he entered the house.  Kenny and Sarah think Heather found them.  Allison joins as well.  Talk turns to chatter..

9:45am For many of the HGs, exercise is the plan for the morning.  Allison will be leading a class.

Jon: I'm 215 pounds. Holy Crap! Honestly, not since grade 9 have I weighed 215.  I love when girls work out. So sexy.


Adel: If you wanna keep Neda longer in the game, when you talk with her today, you need to figure out a lie to tell the gremlins.
Jon: F*ck the gremlins! But yeah.. good idea.

Allison and Sarah

Allison: The thing about tomorrow is to use my tears as strength (for the HoH comp).. Cuz I will be bawling.

Allison, Neda, Rachelle and Sabrina are running the yard.  Jon's laying in the Hammock..

Jon: I'm gonna go fill up my coffee cup, come back and watch you beautiful ladies continue your runs.  Perfect morning for me. I love it.

Allison: Good job, Sab.  I see you pushin' it.  Good girl. Oh my God.. I'm dying.
Neda: You look good doin' it, though.

Running's done.  Time for squats.. Allison's using a 30 pound weight.  Neda and Sabrina opt for a 5.

Camera 1 and 2 flip to Arlie and Adel in the bedroom..

Arlie: I forget.. Who did I say to put up if you win?  I definitely think now that it should be Rachelle and Allison, and backdoor Kenny.
Adel: One of us win HoH..
Arlie: Then it's different..
Adel: And we can threaten the gremlins not to save him.

Adel leaves..

Arlie: Deli, your logic is stupid if you want Kenny out.  The backdoor is the way to go, bro.

Adel returns..

Adel: We need these girls to get these votes.. That's why I'm sticking with Heather. 

Storage Room
Arlie finds Sarah and has a bit of a whisper..

Sarah: I'm 100% sure Kenny's not coming after you.  But I don't trust Sabrina..
Arlie: I don't either.
Sarah: She's looking way far ahead, and I think it's good to do that, but not out loud.
Arlie: And you can't forget the middle.. I'm gonna be like, Kenny's strong, but the 3 girls are way stronger together.

Storage Room
Jon and Sarah

Jon: Mumzy, where's your head at with Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle?
Sarah: I'm glad you asked me.. They are super tight.. Also, I know 100% that Kenny's not coming after you... and he wants to work with you.  Why would the 3 of us go after someone we know isn't coming after us?
Jon: You, Kenny, Me, Arlie.. and I can keep Neda right here.. (on one hand)
Sarah: I promise you, I got you..
Jon: If I know for a fact, he's not coming after me?  We're still sending Andrew home 100%?
Sarah: Yes.  100% I promise you.  I would personally prefer to send Sabrina out, but she doesn't win comps.

Jon: Who would you put up?  Adel and Heather?
Sarah: And then backdoor one of the 3 and send them home.  We can't have another 3 that powerful.  If we did bring Kenny in, that would make us the most powerful alliance in the house.
Jon: Roro and Allison are 2 physical strong girls.
Sarah: But Sabs is the glue that holds them together..

Jon: I like the idea.. Talk to Arlie about it.  He's keeping his distance from me and Adel too.. But Kenny, yeah, like you said, if I know that he's not coming after me, then I'm not going after him, and I'm 100% on board.

Checking on Cam 3...
Arlie, Andrew, Kenny and Jon..
Jacuzzi Area

Chatter about gruesome cliff jumping tragedies.. bodies exploding.. I'm out.

Heather and Adel

Adel: If I could eat for a whole week, that would be like the biggest luxury I've had in this house.  My body's so used to slop.. If it's like Kenny and Sabrina or Kenny and Rachelle, they're goin' down on slop.
**ie., if they're on his Have Not team, Adel will throw the comp just to put them on slop. 

Heather: The major reason I haven't been working out is I don't want to be seen as a threat.  Or somebody who goes to the gym.  That would just hurt me.
Adel: You and Neda have dropped off the radar scale.. That's what we were hoping for.
Heather: Jon seems scared.
Adel: There's only 1 winner.  Get over it.  I just wanna hear Andrew's farewell speech.. what it consists of.  If he's sucking off Kenny.. or addressing the house.
Heather: He's so bitter.. So bitter.
Adel: You know what I call him in the DR?  The Big Bad Wolf.  I have all my marbles in the basket with our crew.  You, me, Jon, Neda.. and hopefully Arlie.  And if Kenny goes, hopefully Mumzi.   Neda even confirmed that the 3 girls - Allison, Sabrina and Rachelle - have their own crew.

10:40am Neda enters.. Then Sabrina..
Neda: I gave up. (on the workout)
Heather: At least you tried.

Sabrina: Neda, we still did 50.. situps..
Jon: Allison's a beast.
Sabrina: I know.. I call her G.I. Jane.

Jon is getting a haircut. Heather continues her makeup routine.  Neda's having a shower. Adel is observing the lot of them.

Allison screams and calls everyone into the living room, where their mugshots, which Canadians apparently call "booking dates" are up on the screens..
Here are the closeups I managed to screencap.. The HGs go from excited and laughing into study mode, as they're sure details from these pics will come up in a comp.  BB isn't showing these purely for their entertainment. ;-)

Jacuzzi Area
Andrew and Sarah..
Topic: Sabrina..

Sarah: She's not as valiant as you.  She is pushing hard to stay in this game.
Andrew: Wow.. I can't blame her though..
Sarah: She does care about you.. You need to fight hard too.
Andrew: This is a game, and you should be fighting for it.
Sarah: Although in the outside world, I respect your way more, but the person who stays needs to fight to be here.. to fight for us.
Andrew: It's crushing to be nominated by your country.. This little glimmer of hope is revitalizing. It makes me want to stay even more.  I don't blame her for wanting to stay in the game..
Sarah: I'll talk more.  I'll give Kenny some time to approach Jon about it.. and then we'll go from there.  I think Heather is with Adel 100% and he's not going to change his vote.

11:25am Kenny and Arlie join them.  Talk turns to the photos they just saw on the screens.  They theorize about what the questions will be. 

Andrew leaves.. Talk turns to making a last minute play to keep Andrew and evict Sabrina..

Sarah: Sabs is coming after me hard. Andrew just told me a bunch of shit she said about me..
Arlie: She's on you, but she is asying the other side of the house is more important to get out first.
Sarah: At least with Andrew, he only has Allison, and I don't doubt for a second that Sabrina would..
Kenny: She's ridiculous..
Sarah: We know Allison is loyal..
Kenny: We need the 5th vote.  We need Neda or Jon..
Arlie: We should definitely both talk to Jon.
Kenny: I'm gonna tell him Sabs is going after you hard.. Gordo is loyal to me 100%.. but Sabby is her own beast.  Look what she's done to every HoH so far.

Kenny leaves..  Arlie tells Sarah privately that he really will have a talk with Jon about saving Andrew..

Sarah: The key is that Jon f'in hates Sabrina right now.  If Kenny can convince him..
Arlie: He said he's feeling more comfortable with Kenny..
Sarah: Either way, if Andrew goes home, I feel like..

Adel comes out to use the jacuzzi..

Jon and Rachelle

Jon: You can not, at any cost, change your vote.  You have to vote out Andrew.
Rachelle: No, I am.
Jon: If you change your vote, then I think everything's gonna be f*cked.
Rachelle: Who do you think is gonna talk to me and try to change my vote?
Jon: Kenny or Andrew.. You cannot say a word though... But it's getting so close. It's not done.
Rachelle: I think they know though, for a fact, that I would never vote out Sabrina..
Jon: That's why I'm saying.. They might not, but if they do.. They need me right now..

Sabrina comes in from the shower to get some clothes.. She's apologetic and jokingly vote begging..

Rachelle: I get what you mean..
Jon: If you don't change your vote, everything will be fine, and Andrew will go home.  It's gonna be a 5 - 4 vote.
Rachelle: I would say Kenny and Allison.. and?
Jon: I want Andrew gone.. Neda does, Heather does.. I'm sure a Hell Adel does.
Rachelle: I think he's accepted he's going home.
Jon: He hasn't.  He just came to me. I just wanted to reiterate.. As long as you don't change your vote, he's going home. He wants me to vote to get Sabrina out.
Rachelle: Interesting.

Jon: Isn't it. But listen, it cannot get back to Sabs.. After the eviction ceremony, ok, but not before because she will go around and lose herself a vote. Right now, I am campaigning to keep Sabrina in this game.  I can't even believe it. I don't know where Arlie's head is at.. I'll talk to him, but half the time he doesn't know where his head is at.
Rachelle: Kenny said, will you vote to keep Andrew?
Jon: Yes, that's what he wants. Isn't that sketch?
Rachelle: Yeah.  But he's gonna go home anyway.
Jon: I just wanted you to know, if you think he's rolled over and dead, he's not. Not in the slightest.  I just wanted to talk to you and let you know where everyone's head is. ..  so you 're not completely in the dark as to what's goin' on.

 This concludes the Morning Update.. Please click here to check for a new top post..

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