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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday Afternoon ~aka~ Hail Mary Plays to Save Andrew

 Good afternoon, BB Lovers!  There may be a switch up in the works for eviction tomorrow night... Kenny and Sarah are doing their best to execute a Hail Mary Play to save Andrew... and evict Sabrina. Here are the details... The first bit is from the morning update, just to get you up to speed with how it all began, and then it continues on from there..

Jacuzzi Area
Andrew and Sarah..
Topic: Sabrina..

Sarah: She's not as valiant as you.  She is pushing hard to stay in this game.
Andrew: Wow.. I can't blame her though..
Sarah: She does care about you.. You need to fight hard too.
Andrew: This is a game, and you should be fighting for it.
Sarah: Although in the outside world, I respect your way more, but the person who stays needs to fight to be here.. to fight for us.
Andrew: It's crushing to be nominated by your country.. This little glimmer of hope is revitalizing. It makes me want to stay even more.  I don't blame her for wanting to stay in the game..
Sarah: I'll talk more.  I'll give Kenny some time to approach Jon about it.. and then we'll go from there.  I think Heather is with Adel 100% and he's not going to change his vote.

11:25am Kenny and Arlie join them.  Talk turns to the photos they just saw on the screens.  They theorize about what the questions will be. 

Andrew leaves.. Talk turns to making a last minute play to keep Andrew and evict Sabrina..

Sarah: Sabs is coming after me hard. Andrew just told me a bunch of shit she said about me..
Arlie: She's on you, but she is asying the other side of the house is more important to get out first.
Sarah: At least with Andrew, he only has Allison, and I don't doubt for a second that Sabrina would..
Kenny: She's ridiculous..
Sarah: We know Allison is loyal..
Kenny: We need the 5th vote.  We need Neda or Jon..
Arlie: We should definitely both talk to Jon.
Kenny: I'm gonna tell him Sabs is going after you hard.. Gordo is loyal to me 100%.. but Sabby is her own beast.  Look what she's done to every HoH so far.

Kenny leaves..  Arlie tells Sarah privately that he really will have a talk with Jon about saving Andrew..

Sarah: The key is that Jon f'in hates Sabrina right now.  If Kenny can convince him..
Arlie: He said he's feeling more comfortable with Kenny..
Sarah: Either way, if Andrew goes home, I feel like..

Adel comes out to use the jacuzzi..

Jon and Rachelle

Jon: You can not, at any cost, change your vote.  You have to vote out Andrew.
Rachelle: No, I am.
Jon: If you change your vote, then I think everything's gonna be f*cked.
Rachelle: Who do you think is gonna talk to me and try to change my vote?
Jon: Kenny or Andrew.. You cannot say a word though... But it's getting so close. It's not done.
Rachelle: I think they know though, for a fact, that I would never vote out Sabrina..
Jon: That's why I'm saying.. They might not, but if they do.. They need me right now..

Sabrina comes in from the shower to get some clothes.. She's apologetic and jokingly vote begging.. And she goes..

Rachelle: I get what you mean..
Jon: If you don't change your vote, everything will be fine, and Andrew will go home.  It's gonna be a 5 - 4 vote.
Rachelle: I would say Kenny and Allison.. and?
Jon: I want Andrew gone.. Neda does, Heather does.. I'm sure a Hell Adel does.
Rachelle: I think he's accepted he's going home.
Jon: He hasn't.  He just came to me. I just wanted to reiterate.. As long as you don't change your vote, he's going home. He wants me to vote to get Sabrina out.
Rachelle: Interesting.

Jon: Isn't it. But listen, it cannot get back to Sabs.. After the eviction ceremony, ok, but not before because she will go around and lose herself a vote. Right now, I am campaigning to keep Sabrina in this game.  I can't even believe it. I don't know where Arlie's head is at.. I'll talk to him, but half the time he doesn't know where his head is at.
Rachelle: Kenny said, will you vote to keep Andrew?
Jon: Yes, that's what he wants. Isn't that sketch?
Rachelle: Yeah.  But he's gonna go home anyway.
Jon: I just wanted you to know, if you think he's rolled over and dead, he's not. Not in the slightest.  I just wanted to talk to you and let you know where everyone's head is. ..  so you 're not completely in the dark as to what's goin' on.

Storage Room
Sarah and Arlie

Sarah: I just don't wanna get my hopes up if it's not going to happen.
Arlie: Right now I'm leaning towards keeping Andrew..  Sabrina's clearly a threat.. I would like to keep a strong player on my side.. Million scenarios to think of..
Sarah: Sabs is likely not ever gonna win HoH.
Arlie: She sucks at everything. But her, Rachelle and Allison together..
Sarah: That's why getting rid of her this week makes sense.. And Andrew's solid with us.

Sarah plans to tell Jon (or have Arlie tell Jon) about Sabrina calling him stupid, even when he won the PoV, because it took him 9 minutes. 

Sarah also had a conversation a few minutes ago with Kenny about exposing Sabrina to Rachelle, and telling Rachelle how Sabrina insulted Rachelle, saying she was stupid and bragged to them that whatever HoH Rachelle wins, she, Sabrina, will control. 

Pool area
Neda and Sarah

Sarah is working HARD for votes to keep Andrew. 

Sarah: It's very f'in hard for me, because I'm trying to pretend I like Sabrina, but I don't.. and you and Jon and Kenny are the only people I trust in this game..
Neda: I agree..
Sarah: At this point, I don't want to lose any of you.  She's talking about backdooring Jon.
Neda: Have you told Jon this?
Sarah: Not yet.  It just happened. She came into the room last night, and now she's talking to everyone about it..
Neda: Why is she doing this right now when she's on the block?
Sarah: She's so f'ing stupid!
Neda: What scares me is she has so much control over Rachelle.. I don't think she can win anything though.
Sarah: I know.. But this is a f'ing memory one.  What if this is the week that she wins??
Neda: Then we're f*cked.
Sarah; The thing with her is no one can control her.
Neda: Are you considering keeping her?
Sarah: I don't know.. I don't know what I'm doing now.. And she hates you..
Neda: What does she say?
Sarah: Just that you're Jon's little puppet. If we keep Sabrina here, I don't think we can control her, whereas, if we keep Andrew here, I don't think he would put up either you or Jon.
Neda: I don't think so..
Sarah: Ok.. ok..

Neda: I think it would be better to keep her around.
Sarah: I just hate that she's doing that.. But maybe the fact that she's doing it and we all know she's doing it..
Neda: Does everyone know though?
Sarah: Well, you and I do.. I know Kenny does..

Jon joins..

Sarah: ...you're her number one.
Jon: I think I knew that.
Sarah: It's new for me.
Jon: I kinda figured.

Jon leaves.. 
**a swing and a miss.

Sarah and Neda wonder when Jon became the hottest guy in the house.. All of a sudden.   Talk returns to Sabrina, and their frustration with her lies about people.. Sarah covers her intent to save Andrew with general dislike of Sabrina..

Neda: I think Andrew leaves, and we'll be able to get closer to Allison.  The things they said about Allison were so disgusting..

This is ongoing, but it doesn't sound like Sarah's making the headway she was after.  Still, planting seeds..  And.. Sarah makes a pitch to Neda for her and Kenny to pair up with her and Jon.  Neda says that she likes that idea.  They would be a formidable foursome.

Sarah: I think if Sabrina's gone, we have full control over Andrew.
Neda: I don't think so, but I'm starting to question it now.. Do I want to keep her, or do I want to keep Andrew?
**base hit!

Neda: I'll go to bed early tonight, and we'll talk more.. But I think with Andrew gone, she's gonna run to you.
Sarah: She has Allison and Rachelle..
Neda: Wouldn't she want to be on the side with numbers?  I really don't think she has a chance of winning HoH..
Sarah: Ok.. Just know, my opinion is 100%, she is targeting Jon or Kenny.. With Andrew it's still a question mark. Just assume, whoever we let go, the other wins HoH.. and the pros and cons. If any of us win, we're fine.

12:40pm Jon joins them..

Jon: Where is everybody.
Sarah: Honestly, you've gotten so hot, it's disturbing.
Jon: Well, thank you. I love it when women call me hot..

And back into game mode..

Jon:  So what are you talking about?
Sarah: I was telling Neda.. The only people I actually trust in this house, like 100%, is you, Neda and Kenny.
Jon: Yeah.
Sarah: And so.. I'm just scared.. I want Andrew gone.. I can't handle his comments.. I'm scared of him physically.. But what I'm trying to weigh out..  I don't think Sabrina will win, but if she does win, she's definitely coming after Kenny or you.
Jon: Yeah.
Sarah: She's trying to break the pairs up, for sure.  She might put you both up.  She might put us two up.  With Andrew, I feel like it's less scary. Whatever we decide, I'm on board.  I just want to make sure we're making the right decision longterm.  Regardless, whichever one goes home this week, the other one has to go next week.
Jon: 100%.  100.

Neda: I think this is the best opportunity we're ever gonna get to get Andrew out.
Jon: I do too.
Sarah: Do you promise you're not gonna say anything to Sab?
Neda: I think with her coming out 2 times just now, she's already figured it out.
Jon: She's thinking now that maybe Andrew's not expecting to go home.. and that's scaring the shit out of her.  Especially when the house is getting like this..

Sarah: So then, we're decided, it's Andrew going home?  100%?
Jon: That's what I want..
Sarah: Oh my God.. If Sabrina wins this memory challenge..
Jon: She wont.  She wont beat me.
Sarah: I f'in hate that bitch so much, honestly..  I just want so badly to not pretend with Sabrina anymore.
Jon: Well, after tomorrow, you wont have to.  If she asks us, we'll just say you were making sure our votes were staying the same to keep her here.
Sarah:  I'll say something like, I heard Adel was trying to make a deal with Andrew to keep him here..
Jon: Smart. Andrew's a competitor.  He hates losing.
Sarah: She is a narcissist.  100%.  I hate that she thinks we're so weak and she's so awesome.

Neda: I think Sabrina knows.  It's very obvious when everyone's talking in groups, the day before eviction, and you're not included.
Sarah: I don't think Andrew has much pull over people.. I just think Kenny and I might be able to have more pull over him. Whereas Sabrina's a wildcard.. But if you think that's a dumb way of thinking, I'm ok with that.

Kenny comes outside to work out.

Kenny: What're you guys talking about?
Sarah: Oh, you know.. I'm just going off about how if Sabrina does stay this week, I can't pretend with her any more.
Kenny: I told her I was voting to keep her.  I think everyone's spewing lies..
Jon: Everyone.
Sarah: Don't say that.  That makes me hate this place.

Jon: The thing with Sabrina and Rachelle is it's one brain, 2 votes. No what I mean?
Kenny: Yeah, but Adel would say the same thing about you guys.
Sarah: That's why the 4 of us would be so strong.. and why Sabrina staying scares me, because she's the only one allowed to have someone attached to her hip.
Jon: Yeah..

Sarah, Jon, Neda

Sarah continues her push.. reiterating how dangerous it would be for Jon and Kenny if Sabrina pulls out an HoH win.  Kenny downplays for subtlety.. He goes to work out, saying he'll keep thinking.

Sarah: You guys are so important to me.  Whatever you decide is best, I'll vote that way.  Us 3.. Literally us 3 decide what happens. It's kinda cool.
Jon: I think we should all 3 take some time to think about it.. and throw it on the table again tonight, or even tomorrow morning..

Neda and Jon
Jon: Sarah's trying sooo hard.
Neda: Oh my God.. Do you think I believe a word she says??

Jon leaves.  Rachelle enters.

Neda: I'm so stressed out.  Sabrina has to stay. I'm 100% keeping her.  Jon's 100% keeping her.
Rachelle: I'm 100%.
Neda: But holy f*ck, eh??

OK.. The Hail Mary just ended on an interception.  I need to take a sanity break (aka bike ride).. I'll be back with a new top post shortly..

Please mind the critters while I'm gone.. If you're not in Canada, and you'd like to watch the FREE Big Brother Canada live feeds or participate in the show, you'll need to use a VPN to get around their geo-blocking.  I recommend HMA.  It's $11/month and worth every penny.

There are cheaper options, but they tend to be rather problematic and laden with malware.  Get going with HMA, and you'll be able to watch the feeds in HD, catch up on any episodes you've missed, participate in the show and have full access to the bigbrothercanada.slice.ca site.

☺ P.S. Though super easy for most to install, HMA has really helpful customer service for the less than tech friendly, like me..  If you'd like more info, I've got a How To post just for you.



Blogger Sharon said...

It's confusing, who is with who, who is playing who. Hopefully diary rooms will clarify

April 2, 2014 at 10:15 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

its rhe show i will never atop watching the strategy is always fascinating

April 2, 2014 at 10:49 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Carolyn,

Hi Everyone...

Welcome back Miz Carolyn and so glad it was a joke...thank you for all you do, you know I appreciate everything...will hit tip jar tomorrow....for those wonderful massages or wonderful Starbucks early in the morning...hope it helps a little...

I love when they start playing the game and backstabbing each other....oh I love this game...

Have a great day everyone....


April 2, 2014 at 12:00 PM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hi Sharon :) hehehe - this week? I wouldn't bet on it! Alliances are changing faster than Duran Duran's hairstyles in the 80s.

Hi DavidB! :) indeed! Today was amazeballs!

Hi Pam! :) Thank you very much!! Truly appreciated!

April 2, 2014 at 2:37 PM  

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