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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Tuesday to you! Today in the house, Christine will be writing her HoH blog and tweets and then BB will give her the camera to take pics as she likes.. FYI, So far this season on Tuesdays, BB has been letting them sleep til around 10am or a little later.. It tends to be a light day with a focus on tanning, but one never knows..
Earlier Monday evening, Zach had some adoring BB fans yelling "I love you, Zach!!" from the other side of the wall.. If you'd like the check out the transcript and pics, here's the post: Fans Shouting Love to Zach from Outside the BB House.  Then..  Just before midnight, Frankie and Zach had a nice heart to heart, which turned into a mini Zankie Love Fest.  I made a separate post for Team Zankie on that one. Here it is: A Little ZankieLove before Midnight

As we rejoin our HGs just after midnight, they're sharing funny early childhood stories.  I love how this crew of HGs retains their humanity, no matter what, and after our collective shocking, tragic, horrible loss yesterday, I think we could all use a giggle, so let's join them. :-)  Nanoo.. Nanooo.. 

Camera 1 and 2
Cody, Frankie, Zach, Christine
Derrick joins mid way through.

Funny childhood stories and sibling torture..

Zach: One time we were on the golf course, and I was like, "Peyton, say the word 'shit.' " And he was like, "Nooo."  I'm such a bad influence.
Christine: You're horrible!
Zach: But the thing is, it's just cuz he's SUCH a nice kid.  The funniest, this is when he was like 5.. He took a crayon to the wall..
Cody: oh hoho
Zach: ..and we have stairs.. and he was just walking up the stairs (marking the wall on the way up).  I couldn't stop laughing..

Frankie: When I was a kid, my dad took me suit shopping, and I took the chalk they use to measure everything, and I went around the entire store, and I chalked every..
Frankie:  ..single suit in the store.
Christine: You are kidding!
Frankie: ..and no one found out about it until later, and my dad was like, "Did you do this?"  And I was like, "Yeah." And he was like, "do you have any idea how long it took them to fix that?" And I was like, "why, it's just chalk!  Like, I don't understand."  Just an asshole.
Cody: That's freakin' terrible.
Frankie: Just, like, a juvenile delinquent.

Cody: I peed all over..
Christine: What?  Again??
Cody: That was my thing.  Cuz we had flowers..
Frankie: You love peeing everywhere!
Cody: We had flowers as wallpaper in my house, so I was peeing on the flowers and my parents walked in..  --I don't remember any of this.  These are just stories my parents told me. --  And my dad walked in, and he was like, "What Are You Doing?!"  And I said, "I'm watering the flowers!"

Cody: I did that.. I would pee on the back of my house..
Christine: What the hell?!
Cody: One night I slept walk, and my dad said I was gettin' ready to pee ON my brother.  In the middle of the night.. and my dad heard something, cuz the floors creak in our house.
Frankie: Is that why you don't pee standing up anymore?  Is it because of all these traumatic experiences as a child?

Cody: Might be.
Frankie: I think so.
Cody: And also peeing on the seat, and getting ripped and yelled at..
Zach: You actually do pee sitting down now?
Frankie: (nods)
Cody: Yeah. So does my brother and so does my dad, cuz it was a thing that we do..

Zach: I mean, it's not that weird.. It's more comfortable..
Christine: When you go to a public place, you use the urinal, right?

Cody: Of course!  You don't sit down at a public place!  It's disgusting.
Zach: It is disgusting.  I couldn't like shit at my school til I was in the 11th grade.
Frankie: My cousin was kind of like my older brother, so he tortured me.. and he would always make fun of me for peeing sitting down, so I like made sure I learned how to use a urinal.

Zach: I wish there was like a list of all the funny things me and my brother did..
Frankie: Me too.
Christine: Yeah.  I wish I could remember ANY funny stories.. My siblings were all just older than me.
Zach: Just too much older?  I'm so much older than my brother..
Christine: But you're like the only one with him..  My siblings had each other, cuz they were like closer in age..

Cody: When I was younger.. Well, first of all, we broke my  sister's nose, which was f'd up.  I don't remember ANY of this.  We pulled back the punching bag, and she..  They said apparently we stood her in front of it, and let it go.
**OUCH! And I thought my older brothers were rough with tickle torture and shaking me awake in the middle of the night standing over me wearing scary latex masks.. and scaring me blood curdling scream silly!

Cody: And it hit her in the face.  She was so young, it just broke her nose.
Christine: Holy crap!
Frankie: My sister broke my nose when she was like 4.. I was on the phone, and I was like "Hey Mom," and she was like, "I wanna talk to mommy," and I was like, "Ariana's fine," and she was like, "I wanna talk to Mommy," and I was like, "I'll see you when you get home," and she was like, "I wanna talk to Mommy," hung up the phone, and Ariana goes, "I wanted to talk to Mommy!!" And she smacked me with the phone and broke my nose.
Christine: Holy Crap!

Zach: My brother always hides my phone.
Cody: Cuz he probably doesn't want you to be on it, cuz he wants you to play with him.
**ding ding ding.. 

The funny stories continue and get a bit racy.. If you'd like to listen in, go to 12:18am on Camera 1 in the flashback area of the live feeds.   If you need help using flashback, here's a handy 1, 2, 3 guide I wrote up

We're moving forward into the night!

Camera 1
Pool Table
Cody and Derrick

Cody: What we did was sick, and now it just comes down to, are we gonna win comps and go to the end, or not.
Derrick: yup.  8 weeks without goin' on the block. In a twist where..
Cody: 4 people f'ing go on the block every week.  We never went on the block once.  That speaks f'in volumes for me...
Derrick: Yup.
Cody: ..about our game, and now, simple as this, we're now getting into a situation where if we go up, we're gonna probably go home.
Derrick: Correct.
Cody: That's f'in is.. annoying.
Derrick: Like I said, the only thing we gotta think about is longterm.  We definitely gotta get there together, because we have an equal shot, because we played such a similar game, it's just gonna come down to whoever they want. Any of these guys who won a lot of competitions, I know from experience, they're gonna beat us.
Derrick: That's why I definitely wanna go with you, because I think it's an equal thing.  We played the same game.  We're an alliance. 

Derrick: Give one of us 500, give the other one 50.
Cody: Yeah
Derrick: I don't wanna go against Beastmode.  I don't wanna go against him, because they're gonna go, "Kid won a mathcathlon, he's not supposed to be that type of player.. He's won endurance, he's won..
Cody: Yeah, but he's only won 2 HoHs..
Derrick: And he's won..

Cody: He took the 5 grand.. Like, that's a negative.. For me, Caleb, I'm not worried about.  Frankie, I'm not worried about.. Zach?  I don't know.. He's not playin' a good game bro.. He's stupid.
Derrick: Nobody thought Evel Dick was playin' it either.  They weren't all morons in the house. And even if he isn't, if he makes it to the end, then he could say he is.. and he's a good speaker.

Cody: I think Christine has played good, but I don't think she's got enough people in the jury.
Derrick: So you think.
Cody: I don't wanna be at the end with Donny.. and I know for a fact that Frankie doesn't wanna be at the end with you or me.

Derrick: No, definitely not.  And I don't wanna be at the end with him, to be honest with you. Cuz you don't know how much of an influence he's gonna have on like, the Nicoles, the Victorias.. You don't know.  I'm not takin' that chance.  Caleb.. Zach..
Cody: Zach, no.  Zach would never vote for him.
Derrick: Ok.. He literally spilled his guts to him about how he trusted him more than anyone in the house.  If they rekindle their stuff, he might go, "ya know what, bro, it was a game move.. I'm takin' ya."

Cody: Honestly, frankly..
**if he adds and "At the end of the day," I'll scream.
Cody: I'm not gonna worry about it right now..
Derrick: No, we're not even f'in close.

Cody: What if somebody buys back in..
Derrick: And they smoke us. Which can completely happen.. Hayden comes back with a vengeance, wins his first HoH, puts 2 of us up, he wins the PoV, one of us go home.

Cody: I wouldn't hate Hayden comin' back, to be honest.   If Nicole or Donny came back, I would not be happy.  So.. who does Nicole think f'in dicked her over?
Derrick: She didn't say to me yet.. It all depends what Christine told her.

We move from 1 pool table Final 2 meeting to another..

Camera 1
Frankie and Zach

Frankie: Everyone started too late.
Zach: Not me n you.
Frankie: Exactly.
Zach: You and I were in like 3 alliances in the first week.. and you and I had a final 2.. day.. 4.

Frankie: yup
Zach: We just have a great social game.
Frankie: Exactly.
Zach: Ya know? And people just like want to please us.

Frankie: yeah.. yep.  And the fact that we survived this week.. means that our social game is actually f'in brilliant.
**technically, you both won yourselves off the block this week..
Zach: Right??  Well, I mean, if I hadn't won the Veto, and the noms had stayed the same, there was a chance I was going home.
Frankie: Uhhhhh
Zach: For sure.
Frankie:  I said to everyone, I wanna vote to keep Zach, even if he continues to behave like this towards me, I just need you all to promise me you'll have my back. But I still don' tthink I would've cast a vote against you, even when you were being a monster to me.  (long pause)  Really.
Zach: Honestly, I believe you.  I really do.  I don't mean to brag, but I worked everyone in that f'in Veto.  Worked!
Frankie:  I knew you were going to, cuz it's the combination of physical and intelligence.. It was the combination of the 2 that I knew you would rock.
Zach: And I'm so happy cuz the guessing the number veto still hasn't come.
Frankie: And you'll be great at that.

Zach:(groans of pleasure) I think you'll be too.

Continuing with Zankie..

Zach: It's amazing that I'm lasting to day 63.  I never would have thought.
**and I just fell for Zach a little bit more.. would Have, not of, never of.. yessss...

Frankie: But you did..
Zach: Especially with all my antics, and all the shit I talk?  Ya know???
Frankie: You have good people that have your back though.  You have great people..
Zach: That's true.  That's very true.  You, Derrick and Cody have had my back from day 1.
Frankie: You picked the right people to have your back.. cuz even when we don't have your back, we end up having your back.
Zach: Right.

Skipping ahead a few minutes..

Frankie: K, ready?  We're gonna have to pull out.
Zach: yeah, I will.
Frankie: Haha

They continue playing.. small talk.. enjoying each other's company, which is so nice to see..  Then..

Zach: I don't see any scenario where we're not the last 5 here.
Frankie: I don't see one either.. and I feel we have a damn good shot of going even further than that.
Zach: Yeah. It just comes down to comps when we get there.
Frankie: I don't know.. I feel like now, knowing what everyone knows, no one's gonna give me the money.
Zach: Gove you?
Frankie:  yeah.
Zach: I'll tell you, if you are up there, without a doubt, and I've told you this from day one, and this..  what's the word I'm looking for..

Zach: It just makes it even more obvious that I'm giving you the money.
Frankie: If you and I are up there?
Zach: If I'm in the jury..  You think people don't wanna give you the money?

1:21am Chrstine comes outside..

Frankie: I think it's certainly not a given.

Cam 2
Pool Table Adjacent
Christine, Zach, Frankie

Mad speculation and strategizing about  how to manage next week..

Zach: So you kind of wanna be put up next week.
Frankie: On the good team.
Christine: Not on Victoria's team.
Frankie: Exactly. That's what you want to have happen.
**winning team is immune.

Zach: The only possible way that one of us would go home is if the Victoria team won.. somehow..
Frankie: Correct.
Zach: And then Donny won the Veto.
Christine: That would be the worst case scenario, absolutely.
Zach: Ok.. This is the only scenario where one of us go home:  If Donny wins HoH, and he puts up Victoria and Caleb, and they win (the BOB). Cuz that means that Victoria and Donny are both safe that week.
Christine: Hold on.. Victoria would have to lose in order for Donny to stay HoH.
Zach: You're right.. 

This is ongoing, much like the night.  We're moving forward..  Actually.. I checked forward.. plenty of forward..  As far as the HGs are concerned,  this week is a done deal to evict Nicole, so everything is speculation about next week and strategy moving forward..  Since anything can change everything at the drop of a hat, nothing they're saying tonight is too terribly meaningful.. and it's already 8am eastern, so I've gotta call wrap on this Overnight. I'll see you back here when BB wakes them!☺

If you've got a little shopping to do this morning, we'd be so grateful if you'd use our links to get to where ever it is you're going: Amazon, eBay. Walmart, BestBuy and Overstock.com.  You still get the same great deals, and they throw us  little thank you commission for sending you.



Blogger Unknown said...

Good Morning.

My first thought, when I heard of his death, was: wow what riffs him and Jonathan Winters must be doing right now! That thought helped with the sadness.

Back to the game.

I would love to see Donny and Zach as HOHs this week. Wouldn't that be fun?

Think we might have endurance, with the evicted houseguests playing to return, for HOH this week? Thinking about that, they'll probably wait until there are four evictees.

If nothing changes Thursday I think next week will target Donny and Christine with Frankie as the consensus re-nom. They are running out of pawns.

I really need your blog now, there are only a couple of people left that are fun to listen to, Donny, Victoria and Zach are about it for me. Christine, Frankie and Caleb just grate on my last nerve I have to switch off when they start up.

Hoping for some miracles Thursday. :-)

August 12, 2014 at 3:55 AM  
Blogger Lucky13 said...

Good morning Carolyn!! Good morning BBDishers!! Happy Tuesday!!

I watched a little BBAD last night. It was good to see everyone interacting and having fun after the "I love you Zach" moment. Even though Christine was absolutely NOT enjoying his 5 minutes of fame. Geez. Could she BE anymore jealous?? (in my Chandler Bing voice)...

Well it's getting down to the nitty gritty. Everyone is contemplating and covering bases. Except Victoria of course. She clearly expects Derrick to put her on the back of his white horse and ride her through the rest of this game. Sadly, if he does take her to F4 or even F3, we may get a new crown holder of most shocked face (currently held by Danielle courtesy of Dan) when he gently, but definitely takes his buddy Cody to F2. Will these girls ever learn???

Well have a great day everyone! Back to TOR...

August 12, 2014 at 4:48 AM  
Blogger Yasmin said...

Good Morning!

In watching the FB of Nicole and Christine convo in the BH rm where Nicole wanted to know the reason why Chris put her up it dawned on me why these girls are playing so badly .
They can't articulate their thoughts if their BB life depended on it.This is an important part of the game.
Derrick in the beginning of the game was quite. Observing each player weaknesses and strengths. When he did emerge he came out a little too strong but then dialed it back. He has spent weeks of working each one in the house. He is able to articulate in an artful way convincing arguments and strategy . He is considered by the majority to be trust worthy. This was BB ground work laid early on. His understanding of the game is un matched by those in the house. And this is where knowing the game and playing the game separates the men from the boys and girls.

I can't hate the player for playing a brilliant game.

This BB season has been amazing! This group has been so much fun to watch.

Have a great day!

August 12, 2014 at 5:52 AM  
Blogger CZ said...

Derrick says he wants Cody with him at the end, but if he is playing this "flawless" game, why wouldn't he then just take Victoria to the end to "ensure" his win? Derrick is playing everyone else, why wouldn't he be playing Cody?

August 12, 2014 at 6:21 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good morning

I have a nice long post today. It's come to that point in the game where people are taking sides and I am definitely a 'side taker'. I don't know if anyone cares, but I want to explain how my mind works.

There have been people over the years that I just do not like. That can range from finding them incredibly annoying to finding them absolutely disgusting because they say and do things that cross the line of any game play. Boogie, in 3 seasons, said and did things that make it hard for me to have any kind of respect for him as a man or a human being. This years main target would be Caleb. Actually, since Amber left, I have seen likeable qualities. However, the boys ego is so big that I could never see him having a relationship, either friendly or romantic, because there wouldn't be enough room. Caleb and his ego, anyone else would be a third wheel.

When it comes to defending things people do in the game, even things I don't like, I base it on action or reaction, offense or defense.

When it comes to rooting for certain people, it is a combination of personality, underdog factor, did they play shady when they had to or just because they could get away with it, and did they play a good game.

The two main game players this year have been Frankie and Derrick. I have never taken away that Derrick has played a good game. But I think Derrick got greedy. He had the numbers. No one was targeting him. But he wanted to control everyone and his game got really shady when it didn't need to be. Frankie played a similar game to Derrick's but never got the same respect. In many ways, he was far more loyal than Derrick. He also pulled some shady moves. But it seems like Frankie got blamed for everything, by HGs and fans. I never understood that and because of that, I preferred Frankie. However, I wasn't really rooting for either to win. I felt that the big alliance in the first week made it impossible for anyone else to even have a chance. It was good game play on their part, but as a fan it isn't enjoyable television.

to be continued....

August 12, 2014 at 6:25 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

part 2

Over the last week things have gotten hateful and the tale has far too many twists to talk about how everyone is involved. It seems mostly centered on Frankie fans vs. Nicole fans.

I think Nicole made some bad moves. I think she knows she made bad moves, but she chose 'personal' over strategy. She is not the liar that some people in the house are, but she has lied, which is why it bothers me when she cries about being lied to while she lies. I am disappointed in the choice she made when she had all the information and the opportunity to take down the people who are really responsible for Hayden's eviction. But, I do NOT hate her or even dislike her. It breaks my heart to see her heart break. If there were a chance for her to turn this around I could easily root for her.

My issue with the Nicole love is the Frankie hate. Just as my heart breaks for Nicole, I also thought that what they did to Frankie was heartbreaking. Did he handle it differently? Yes. He is older than her and I am sure he has had to develop a tough skin because of who he is. But it was still hurtful, and it was wrong. And anyone watching the feeds knows he was not responsible for all that he got blamed for.

The internet has become a place that makes it far too easy to hate. Maybe I do it too. I know I can be judgmental but I try not to cross lines. In the case of someone like Boogie, I know enough about him as a HG and as a person to feel justified in my opinions and anything I say online I would also say to his face.

For the most part, I don't like to read comments around the web. They can frustrate, infuriate, sadden and dishearten me. And you can never win. I stick to this site for a reason. I don't have twitter and don't want twitter. I read the comments that scroll along side the feeds and that is my only twitter involvement. I figure there is no point in having something so that people can tell me how much I suck.

There is a certain BB facebook page that I will not name. Last year I commented that it was hard to root for anyone when there was an entire group of people that were considered bad but even the people who were supposedly good weren't very nice. People jumped down my throat about how obvious it was who the bad people were and if I couldn't figure it out I was an idiot. After that, I blocked them. Keep in mind, this is someone who used to complain that the people on BBdish were too judgmental and that we had to respect that the HGs were real people.

So I stay here, on this site, because we can love and hate HGs but we never take it too far. "At the end of the day' if you really hate Frankie, or Christine, or anyone else, keep one thing in mind. Most of these people get over it quicker than we do. Amanda and Elissa ARE friends. Real friends. Like call on the phone and talk about car shopping and keep in touch, get together for lunch when you are in town friends.

On a lighter note-Cody said if he has to vote for anyone else at the end he will be pis*ed because the game he and Derrick played smokes anyone else's game. Oh, Cody-I'm sorry honey. The only thing smokin' about your game is all the shower shots Carolyn posted.

August 12, 2014 at 6:27 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Its so funny that you put if he adds a "at the end of the day" your gonna scream. That and him saying "essentially" every other word is driving me nuts!!!!

August 12, 2014 at 6:44 AM  
Blogger Stephen Ritchie said...

Morning Dishers!

I am heartbroken that Nicole is likely taking the plunge this week... I think she has a GREAT intuition but not always great execution, she really went for some big moves tho and its why she is going home but kudos to her for trying. I hope the twist lets her back into the game eventually!

August 12, 2014 at 6:56 AM  
Blogger Laurie said...

Some people might be saying "would of" thought, but when I say it I'm thinking "would've." Sounds the same.

August 12, 2014 at 7:01 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

On to game talk-

Derrick/Victoria-They were supposed to get rid of floaters first so that the players would make it to jury. I knew from the first moment that Derrick took Victoria under his wing he planned on taking her to the end. She is a sure win for him in a F2 or a sure vote for him in jury. I've been saying that for weeks. Glad to see so many people are seeing the same thing.

Zack/Frankie-None of us really know what's going on. Words mean nothing so all we have is our own opinions. This is what my gut tells me. Frankie really loves this kid. Not as an ally, as a person. I think Frankie always intended to stay loyal IF it benefitted his game but once Zack threatened his game or his core alliance, he had no trouble cutting him. I do believe Frankie would love to continue their friendship outside the house. Unlike some, who think he is using the Africa trip as a bargaining chip, I think he genuinely wants Zack to go.

My gut tells me that Zack is playing Frankie hardcore. I don't think he was ever as attached to Frankie as we thought other than as an alliance member and someone who was fun to hang out with. I think Zack was genuinely hurt and angry because he felt lied to and blindsided by everyone-not just Frankie. I think he took it out on Frankie more for two reasons. 1-Everyone else was blaming Frankie so it was easier to make Frankie the scapegoat for all his anger. 2-He thought he had Frankie completely snowed and in his back pocket. When he realized he was wrong, it crushed his spirit and his ego because he had to admit he wasn't playing the flawless game he thought he had been. As for where Zack stands now-I think he is completely playing Frankie, completely holds a grudge and in no way considers Frankie a friend. If he goes to Africa (which I doubt), it's for the free trip-not to spend time with Frankie.

I have no idea if I'm right. This is what my gut is telling me. This is one time that I will be thrilled if my gut is wrong.

August 12, 2014 at 7:03 AM  
Blogger Kdecruz said...

I would love to see Donny and Victtoria win HOH. No where to hid for the boys and it would lead to some major drama. With Donny retaining the HOH. Hehe. That would be fun to watch.

August 12, 2014 at 7:17 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I wasn't sure if Robin Williams would come up as a topic since I posted before I actually read TOR.

I was in shock and absolutely heartbroken. It seems so odd to feel like you genuinely miss the physical presence of someone you never met. But these people were a part of my life. Jonathan Winters was someone I loved from the time I was a child. Robin Williams was someone I grew up with and enjoyed into adulthood. When you add up the hours between television, movies and talk show appearances, I probably spent more time with him than some family members.

Anyways, I always recommend movies to my daughter and after a lot of coaxing she will watch and say, "You were right. I really liked it." My personal favorite is The World According To Garp. I know she'll love it. I think I'm going to try to book a movie date this weekend.

August 12, 2014 at 7:28 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Jerry: Think we might have endurance, with the evicted houseguests playing to return, for HOH this week? Thinking about that, they'll probably wait until there are four evictees.


That's precisely what I'm thinking. Endurance either this week or next.. and 1 returnee wins HoH, and 1 of the remaining HGs.

August 12, 2014 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

@Carolyn; I didn't think of one of the returnee's being HOH. Now that would be very interesting.

August 12, 2014 at 8:31 AM  
Blogger damnskippy said...

@Lucky 13, I don't think Derrick will take Cody to F2 if it's a choice between him and Victoria. He wants the 500K badly and Cody would be too much of a risk while Victoria would make him a shoe in. At this point, Derrick is far more liked by the other hgs (since they don't realize he's misting them all) than Dan was and they all know Vic is riding his coat tails so he'd be very stupid to take Cody with Vic as a choice.

I'm not sure what Cody would do if it were his choice. I would hope he would pick Victoria because that would be the smartest move, but Cody might just have more of a bro-code than Derrick. Derrick is playing ruthlessly, so Cody is 3rd place if Derrick gets to choose, IMO.

I'm still very sad about Nicole. The best I can wish is for her to find out or figure out how badly Derrick and Cody have played her and get others to catch on.

August 12, 2014 at 8:40 AM  
Blogger Adventures of Bird and Buddy said...

When do you ever sleep?!?! I feel bad that you're up all night doing these reports, but so grateful I can read them every day. Thank you, Carolyn!!
Loyal reader,
(also in Miami!!)

August 12, 2014 at 8:48 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

I hope you are correct Grendon, about Frankie/Zach. I would love to see Frankie (and Christine) played.

Wanted to add that I don't often comment but I love reading others.

Thank you :)

August 12, 2014 at 9:05 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Everyone! :-)

BB has done the initial wake up call, but the only HGs awake at the moment are Christine up in the HoH bathroom putting on makeup and Donny on the elliptical, occasionally humming to himself..

August 12, 2014 at 9:53 AM  
Blogger Nikonos5 said...

As good of a game I think Derrick is playing. It is going to be very hard to knock off Frankie. Most everyone it totally in awe of just who/what he is. And more to the point what he "might" be able to do for them after they are all out of the house. Meeting his sister/Justin, and all those big names he has talked about. Who would want to vote NOT in his favor for anything? They might risk the chance of not meeting any of the above. I am in no way knocking that but great move by Frankie! Talk about a very big trump card.

After reading your POV Ceremony Spoiler & Aftermath I too had a dropped jaw moment. Never would have guessed that 50% of the guys left in the house were gay. Or did I not read your posting and hear their conversations correctly??

Caleb: That will definitely give us away, Frankie. I'm not doin that.
Frankie: What do you mean, give us away?
Caleb: That we're all 3 gay.
Frankie: I know that. That's what I meant.
Caleb: We don't want everybody to know.

**whatcha lookin' at, Caleb?
Frankie: Really? Ok.
Caleb: I mean, they all already know about you, but me n Cody, uh..
Frankie: Ok, fine, sure, whatever.

August 12, 2014 at 9:54 AM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

@Grendon....I so agree with you on the Frankie and Zack situation. I think that Zack is completely playing Frankie and that Frankie is absolutely crazy about him. Frankie is going to be crushed when he figures this out. Zack is one of the best liars I have ever seen! lol. He's pretty hard for me to figure out because he seems so genuine until you hear him go to another group and spout a completely different scenario.

@Carolyn & Jerry...I kinda think the same thing about there being an endurance and becoming the HOH. That would be poetic justice. lol

August 12, 2014 at 9:59 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Does anyone know if Derrick ever told Zach about the fans yelling his name?? I didn't see a transcript of that. Thanks!! :)

August 12, 2014 at 10:01 AM  
Blogger Pally said...

Good morning Carolyn and fellow BBDish supporters and fans.

I am hoping my comment here today may reach out to the masses.
I don't know how I'll scrape the surface of my deep felt gratitude for all of your prayers, guiding the hands of my doctors, and healing at Gods speed.
Some of you know I have been struggling with health issues for a little longer than a year now. I've been told by experts that I have cancer, I have diseases, and infections throughout my organs and tissues, and even some have told me of a short future that I should go home and appreciate.
Last Thursday I took the plunge and trusted a couple of Bay Area doctors who told me they could change my life if I would allow them them to do some high risk surgeries. I didn't know at the time, however I know now, that my dear loving angel Carolyn requested prayers for my surgeons guided expertise and my full recovery last Thursday.
I am happy to tell you that my surgeries were very successful, my doctors are very happy with my recovery's. (One actually said to me the other morning that he is shocked at how well I am doing so quickly. He also told my family if I had waited another month, I would be dead right now)
Well I am not shocked at ALL now that I realize how supportive you (all) have been on a spiritual level. I KNOW, in my deepest of all knowing, that the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of prayers have given me a bright future.
I am still here at the hospital, following directions and trying my best to improve each hour. I may get released to home care real soon, perhaps this week!
My head is still a little foggy, I apologize if my letter is sloppy; my hope is that you know how GRATEFUL and THANKFUL I am and I feel for your support.
The power of prayer is so amazing and if, or when, I can reciprocate for any of you, in any way, please do not hesitate to open yourself to me and allow me to help you!
Thank You, Thank You! I love you all to the moon!

Carolyn, I can hardly breath and see my typing through my tears when I try to thank you.
How will I ever repay you?
Thank YOU so very very much!
I love you!!
Pally *{\O/}*

August 12, 2014 at 10:19 AM  
Blogger Tella @TellaKG said...

I agree... the fact that Zach said WOULD HAVE makes me love him more too. He knows how to speak. Sorry, a pet peeve of mine since English is my second language.

I know people hate on Cody for just being the handsome hot guy who does nothing. Well, he does a lot for my eyes... :-) I can also see his game play and it is anything but nothing. He does the charming of the all too gullible ladies and he is the buddy to the guys. He gets information and brings it back to the one who really makes the decisions. Cody has been loyal to the Hitmen all along and works only for that. For a while he was for the LTA, until Zach started to talk so much.

One reason why Derrick and Cody must be doing something right... Victoria and Nicole talking about being played and Nicole mentioned that there is a possibility Derrick and Cody were the ones who wanted her out. Next sentence... but I want Derrick to win this. That says "misting" to the nth degree. Shaking my head all day long.

August 12, 2014 at 10:25 AM  
Blogger Dianne said...

If they survive to the end Derrick will take Victoria, but Cody would definitely take Derrick. Everyone criticizes Victoria for riding Derrick's coat tails, but Cody is doing the exact same thing. Cody does not deserve to win, but for some evil reason I would laugh myself silly if Victoria won!

August 12, 2014 at 10:28 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, RObert Black :) Caleb was kidding.

Good morning, ShiShi! :)) Wouldn't it, though? I'd love to see Hayden back in.. I always feel sorry for the DE evictee.. and this time even moreso.

Good morning, Laura :)) He did. But there were fishies when he came in, cuz Skippy is unkind.

Good morning, Pally!! :) What a beautiful surprise to see you in here! I'm smiling ear to ear!☺ Your comment shall reach out to the masses.. I'll see to it. ~Love you to the Moon!!~

August 12, 2014 at 10:40 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hiya Mappy! :)) xxoo! I know you're here and there and there.. ;-)

Hi Adventures! :)) I sleep in tiny spurts.. It's brutal, but it's MUCH more enjoyable this season than last!☺

Hi DamnSkippy! :)) I've been wondering about that myself.. Just added a new quickie poll to the blog about it, in fact.

Jerry.. Sure would! :)

August 12, 2014 at 10:43 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

@Laura Ledford

Yes. Derrick did tell much to Christine's dismay.

August 12, 2014 at 10:44 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

@Robert Black

They were playing around. I am quite certain Caleb was joking. Although my daughter told me that all the gay boys at her school are in love with Cody and there is actually a gay fan site dedicated to him. I can't argue with wanting to look at pretty but, I don't think he's gay. Just metrosexual.

August 12, 2014 at 10:48 AM  
Blogger ChristaC said...

Pally! So great to see your name pop up here with those beautiful words. Thank you so much for checking in and letting us know how you are. Continued prayers of healing, strength & love my dishy friend. ((((((HUGS))))))

August 12, 2014 at 10:48 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

FYI -- Regarding the lack of Morning Update.. They're just not Sayin' Anything! Therefor, I shall offer myself up ♫Yet Again♫ ;-) & go for a bike ride. That should make an HG's head explode.

August 12, 2014 at 10:59 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Pally :D

So incredibly happy all is going better than expected! Excited that you may be released as early as this week.

Keep on keepin' on! Prayers continue for a full recovery.

August 12, 2014 at 11:04 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I dont think Frankie has played much of a game. Ass kissing only takes you so far. While he has been good at it it looks like he is at the end of his rope to me

August 12, 2014 at 11:04 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


I dont like Frankie or Nicole. Guess that makes me unbiased...


August 12, 2014 at 11:07 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Thats exactly what Ive thought about Zankie from the beginning. He is playing Frankie just like he would a girl outside the house

August 12, 2014 at 11:12 AM  
Blogger Jumbo said...


Agree. except for Jocosta, Cody has worked over every lady in the house. Christine has crumbled into a pile at his feet.

August 12, 2014 at 11:20 AM  
Blogger Kathy said...

Pally...How wonderful that you took a leap of faith with your doctors and the results were even better than they expected! God is GREAT! Prayers work wonders. I, myself, am a product of miracle through prayers.
May God Bless you throughout your recovery and beyond. <3

August 12, 2014 at 11:33 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

I am so glad to hear that Patty is doing so well. We will keep praying for a full and complete bill of health soon.

As far as Zach and Frankie are concerned, I think Zach is acting like he's in it, but his mannerisms say he isn't fully there yet. He hugs Frankie, but his head doesn't lean in like it used to and he doesn't relax. I am excited to see his diary room sessions to see where his head is really at.

As for Cody and Derrick … the longer Cody stays in the house the better for me. Wow, he's pretty! I think Derrick will take him to the end though, it's a Bro thing. I don't really think Victoria will make it that far, but who knows in this game.

Sorry to see Nicole go, but she's feisty. I think she has an excellent shot at getting back in.

Love this blog. Love you Carolyn. Love reading the comments and look forward to this all year long. Thank you for all you do.

August 12, 2014 at 11:41 AM  
Blogger Good Times said...

Pally, I am so happy to hear that your surgery went well. Sending good thoughts and prayers to you for a full recovery. Hugs and love to you!

August 12, 2014 at 11:42 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Thank you Carolyn and Grendon for the response!! :) I have never commented but I just wanted to say I LOVE love love this page & find myself coming back to refresh & check for changes every 5 minutes at work. (hehe)...Thank you for everything you do for us BB junkies!! Will be donating to the cause again :)

August 12, 2014 at 11:50 AM  
Blogger nancyk89 said...

I have watch big brother for years and every year I get favorite that don't make it to the end Nicole hayden are this year's for me but I would live to be a bottle endurance and the two winning win hoh and Nicole and hayden will win they won't be misted by Derrick and they will come in house and kicks some butt because right now it's looking pretty boring....

August 12, 2014 at 12:31 PM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

@Pallie...I'm so happy to hear the good news! May God bless you and keep you in his arms.

August 12, 2014 at 12:45 PM  
Blogger Shi Shi said...

Good afternoon everyone....

I just don't get the Donnie love! Yes he's a really nice guy but he is boring as he!! to watch. I keep wanting him to make some kind of move to talk game and get really involved. He might try staying up past 11:00 p.m. sometime when all the action (i.e. backstabbing and plotting) is going on. That probably will help. Please don't throw darts at me. lol

August 12, 2014 at 1:33 PM  
Blogger Paul773 said...

Hi Carolyn!!! (and everyone else) I don't think Zach *was* playing Frankie, but I hope he is now!!! Sorry, Frankie drives me insane. He and Christine are probably my least favorites. Victoria has grown on me, and I don't know why, but (like someone else said) it would be HILARIOUS if she won!!! I do think Donny is one of the kindest people I have ever seen on BB.

August 12, 2014 at 2:15 PM  
Blogger Alyson said...

I agree with most of what you said Grendon- as usual- but wanted to throw in my .02 about why I feel the way I do about Frankie. When he did his big reveal and asked in his microphone if the cameras were in place and mic's were working for his big production, I did not at all like the person I saw. Since then, he has gone on and on and on about his sister and how famous he is; going so far as to insinuate that Ariana's millions of fans will hate anyone who puts him up or votes him out. The final nail in my Frankie coffin, was when Nicole repeated to Victoria what Frankie told Christine about having Victoria in his back pocket, he flew off the hinges, has been mercilously attacking her character since, and ordered Ariana's "army" of fans to handle it with Nicole and her family on the outside. That goes so far beyond any acceptable gameplay and is absolutely disgusting. If this is how the real Frankie is on the outside, than just Wow.

August 12, 2014 at 3:09 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hello All,
I've not commented before but have been reading the blog and all your comments for many, many years. I not only have a huge respect you you Carolyn, but for everyone else, too. Everyone is so respectful and caring - it really warms my heart in this day and age of so much on line bullying. I no longer go anywhere else on line for updates and/or opinions of others.
Carolyn - THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! Every year I get my live feeds from you. YOU ROCK!

Grendon - your thoughts & opinions are ones I always look forward to. It's like we're of one mind! I can't think of any time over the past several years that I have disagreed with your views, opinions, & feelings about the HG.

Pally - so happy to hear your news. Continued prayers for your continued recovery.

Again, thank you all. I look forward to the blog, and all of you, every year - as much as I look forward to the BB shows!

August 12, 2014 at 3:39 PM  
Blogger Grendon said...


Thank you very much. It's good to see new faces and hear new voices.

August 12, 2014 at 4:18 PM  

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