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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Overnight Report

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Wednesday to you!  I'm psyched to see the PoV Comp tonight on the show.. It'll be wonderful to see how Zach went from depressed and mopey to victorious... And, let's not forget Zach's PoV night win escapades.. It'll be a hoot.  As always, we'll have live stream links for you in the Viewing Party post.  Hope to see you all here at 7:50pm Eastern!☺

As we rejoin our HGs on the live feeds at midnight, they're all gathered around the jacuzzi happily chatting away, minus the sleeping Donny and Caleb..  12:15 comes and they break off into the pool players and the jacuzzi sitters..  And then...

Camera 3
Derrick, Frankie, Christine
Christine leaves, opening the door for Frankie and Derrick to talk.

Derrick: We're just in a holding pattern til Thursday.
Frankie: yup

Talk turns to Team America.  They're hoping for a fun and doable mission.

Frankie: Do we have to worry about him? (Zach?)
Derrick: He's got it locked up.  If it's you two, I'll give it to ya bud.
Frankie: Thank you.
Derrick:  But.. I might be the only one. hahaha
Frankie: I agree.
Derrick: You'll have 1 vote though.  I'll be like, yo, I got you.
Frankie: No.. Donny..
Derrick: So you got two.
Frankie: yeah.  I'd be happy.

Derrick: He's a beast. An absolute beast.
Frankie: He doesn't wanna keep her, does he?
Derrick: Nicole?  Doesn't matter really.  I haven't even asked him. Obviously, it'd be good for his game.  She's loyal to him.  She's up his ass.  To an extreme.

Derrick: They're gonna want Donny out next week.
Frankie: I know.
Derrick: That's gonna be a problem for us.
Frankie: Not if we can convince them..
Derrick:  He'll go on the block. 
Frankie: So then he gets 2 shots to take himself off.
Derrick: Yeah.  The only thing that scares me is if I'm not HoH, someone throws it, and he wins PoV, they could put me up or you up, and send us home.

Frankie: Exactly. I know.
Derrick: But I guess at this point, any week that could happen.
Frankie: Yes, exactly.
Derrick: So it's not like.. That's just the case.
Frankie: Best scenario is me, you, Caleb. In the HoH..
Derrick: Yeah, I would agree.. Or Donny..
Frankie: Yeah.
Derrick: He wouldn't put me or you up.
Frankie: No.
** I wouldn't be so sure about that, boys.  By rejecting a challenge that could mess up his game,  Donny's made it pretty clear that the $5,000 carrots are of little interest to him when 500,000 is on the line, and he knows where the real power has been in this game..

Derrick: He might put Caleb up, but we can keep him here.
Frankie: That'd be crazy.
Derrick: It's so stressful.
Frankie: It is.  We just got to that point.  We were cruisin'.  We were on autopilot.
Derrick: It's a lot of pressure.
Frankie: Scary, scary , scary.

Pool Table
Zach and Cody are playing.  Nicole is watching and chatting..

Zach: I just like bein' a jerk.
Nicole: You are so mean.
Zach: Really?
Nicole: Yes.. I really hope that you have some sense of heart in there..
Zach: Feel it.  I have a heart.

Nicole: Woah.. Do you have a regular heartbeat?
Zach: I don't know.  Do I?

Nicole: No.

 Camera 3
Derrik heads inside.  A few seconds later, Nicole follows.

Nicole: Hey Derrick, did you still want to talk to me?
Derrick:  Sure.  If you wanna talk?

They head into the Storage Room..

Derrick: Have you heard anything else?

Nicole:  Well, I talked to Cody, and I feel like he honestly wants me to stay.
**or, like Derrick, attentively listening to you now for the same reason, he honestly wants your jury vote.

Nicole: I think he's worried that I would go after Christine..
Derrick: He's obviously close with her.
Nicole: And I said, I know how you guys would feel like that, because he's like, you have every right to, but the thing is, I wouldn't and I would swear on anything... (fishies)

Nicole: I said (to Cody) I think you could persuade her.
Derrick: If anyone could, which I don't think is possible, I would assume it would be Cody, because he's the closest with her..
Nicole:  mm hmm
Derrick: But, like I told you, I'm just keeping you in the loop..
Nicole:  Yeah.. He said he wouldn't lie to me either.. He's not gonna pull an Amber, he said, on me.

Derrick: no.  I've been honest with you since we were HoHs together, and the last thing I want you to do is be wasting your breath..
Nicole: yeah.
Derrick: ..if these guys aren't.. convince-able.
Nicole: Well, I know the 3 aren't budging..
Derrick:  So it comes down to Christine.. and she didn't say to me, "I'm still open to it."  It doesn't sound like that at all, so I mean, if that's the case..

Cody and Christine open the door to the Storage Room..

Cody: Are you guys ok?
Nicole: I'm fine. 
Derrick: She's good.

Cody and Christine leave.

Nicole: I felt a lot better, because it seems like he truly wants me to stay.
Derrick:  I do too.
Nicole: And it could just be what I..  He could be really good at acting, but I think when I named the pros and cons, he really realized.. And if I promised not to go after.. He thinks I took the fall for the whole entire house, and the only reason I would go home is because she thinks I'm coming after her, but if she thinks I'm coming after her?  Donny is 100% coming after her.  So that's not a good enough excuse. There's more to it than that.  She's blaming it on the boys..
Derrick: That's what I'm saying..
Nicole: There's something inside her that she just doesn't want me inside this house, and I don't know if it's that she doesn't want me around Cody?  Or to be close with you guys?
Derrick: There's definitely something.  I would agree.

While Derrick and Nicole are talking, Zach has a private moment with Frankie at the pool table...

Camera 1 and 2

Zach: This is going so well.
Frankie: I know.
Zach: Cuz we all have different skills that we bring to the table.  How the hell I'm still here blows my mind.
Frankie: I told you how you're still here..

...and then, under the cover of Jenga, Cody and Christine begin their own conversation in the living room.

Camera 1 and 2
Living Room
Cody and Christine

Talking about Nicole.. 

Cody: She was like, well, to be honest, I would never go after her, but she's keeping Donny here, who is known going after her next week if he stays and wins.. DO you really want her to go?
Christine:  No.
Cody: DO you think it's best for your game if she goes?
Christine: Here's the thing, if she stays, then they will be coming after me.

Christine: If she stays, I sincerely believe she wouldn't be coming after me, or you, or Derrick, but if she stayed, I'd be screwed with..  so that's the thing that sucks.
Cody: I feel like the only people who would be dead set against it would be Frankie and Zach..
Christine:  You don't think Caleb.
Cody: I don't.. I don't think she would ever go after him.
Christine: Yeah, for my game, no.
Cody:  What is best for your game? Calculating everything into it..
Christine: It's kind of a toss up.  It's so frustrating.  Cuz if you get out one person who's coming after you, that could leave 3 people coming after you, or you could leave that one person, and then hopefully those others aren't coming after you.

Cody:  mm hmm
Christine: ..but you don't know for sure..
Cody: If she stayed, it wouldn't change anything with me.  But in order to cause no ripples, it is the best thing for her to go.
Christine: I think you and I have sacrificed the most.
Cody: That's the thing.. I'm voting so many people out..
Christine: That would not ever come after us..
Cody: I feel like I'm just f'ing myself.
Christine: I think if we do get to the final 6, it's obvious there's 3 and 3.
Cody: I'm telling you right now, I think Zach will flip on all of us for Donny.
Christine: Me too!
Cody: And so now we're gonna keep Donny..
Christine: Dammit.
Cody: He's gonna get Zach, because Zach is f'in an idiot.  If Zach wins HoH, I don't think he'll try to send DOnny home.  He'll say, "F the good of all you guys.  I want what's good for me."

Christine: I told Frankie, you have to convince Zach to send Donny home (next week), and he said ok, but I don't think he's convinced. 
Cody: There's no way.
Christine: This is so frustrating.  It's because they're scared of Nicole.  I'm not scared of her.  I'm scared of Donny.
**Come on.. you made the guys all promise to vote her out if you put her up.
Cody: And that's essentially every week.. Like, Frankie wanted Amber out, because he lost him (Caleb). 
Christine: mm hm
Cody: He lost him when Amber was in the game.  What happened?  She went out.  Brittany mentioned you and Nicole as like a power group, but she wanted Frankie out SO bad..
Christine: Really?  Dang, I wish I knew that.

Cody proceeds to lay the blame or credit for several evictions on Frankie..

Cody: All these people are getting picked off..
Christine: That aren't coming after us..
Cody: BUT.. I don't know how much of a manipulator Nicole is..
Christine: That's also my thing.. She could be saying  all these things and then put us up.
Cody: Cuz she flips her story.. She was sitting there outside saying, "I was never gonna put Christine up..."  She was like, I wanted to put up Caleb.. and leave Victoria off, to use her as a replacement so one of the guys would go home.
Christine: We made a deal.. She could have Victoria, I could have Donny..
Cody: I feel like she is good.. The only thing that makes me nervous about Donny is Zach.
Christine: As long as Zach doesn't win HoH, I think we're good.

1:02am They hear a boom that jolts Christine.. It's Donny  closing a door.. heading to the bathroom.

Christine: That scared me. I almost knocked the thing over.
Cody: You were scared shitless.

This conversation is ongoing for quite a while.  To sum up, Christine says if she's HoH at final 6, Zach and Caleb are going up.  As for next week, Christine is firm in demanding that if Donny doesn't win PoV, he gets sent home.  Lastly, she thinks that they could Zach to be more willing to target Donny, if they tell him that Donny is coming after Frankie.

Camera 3
After putting some makeup on in the bathroom, Nicole heads into the BeeHive room, speicifically to talk to us..
Nicole: Alright late night live feeders, this is crazy.. I'm on the block, and I'm most likely going home.  It would take a miracle for me to stay.    This sucks, but to be a good player, you gotta get out of bad situations.  I'm gonna try my best.  I've got like a 99% chance of going home, so..  Sucks, but I'm gonna try.

Nicole comes out, and Zach calls to her to come join what has become a group playing Jenga..
Zach: Nicole's good at Jenga.
Cody: Jenga's not good though.
Christine: Look at this...

Cody: Awww! That's intense!

Frankie: I can't stop eating.
Cody: It's so bad..
Frankie: I think I have a parasite.
ALL: hahaha
Frankie: Do you get parasites in this house as well as Survivor? Cuz with the amount I've been eating, it's amazing I haven't gained any weight.
Zach: You've gained 3 pounds.
Christine: Have you done a parasite cleanse? The things that come out of your pee are.. really creepy.
Zach: uh.. Weird.

CUT TO:1:32am
While Jenga continues in the living room.. and if you have the feeds, you have to go to 1:31am on camera 1 for this quick flashback funny..

...Derrick and Christine are game talking in the bathroom..  We'll join them.  It's a contest to see who can blow the most smoke up the other's bum..

Cam 3

Derrick: This week, you said some things you shouldn't have said.  Whether you were enticed, you're admitting you said em..

Christine: Yeah, I said em.

Derrick:That's the name of the game.  And Donny, if we have a chance next week.. Donny will be going home, cuz she said it to me, that you're Donny's target.
Christine: ..right.
Derrick:You already knew that.  Well, I know she's close with him, so the fact that she's saying that, there's gotta be some validity to it..
Christine: I've been his target since..
Derrick:You said that to me, exactly.

Christine: I've known this whole time.
Derrick: But.. who has a better chance of actually getting you out?  Her or him?
Christine: Exactly.

Derrick: She's won 3 HoHs.. And that's the thing.. She's like, "I really think there's something else that's keeping her from wanting me here," and I'm like "I don't know," and in my head I'm like, you won 3 HoHs aaaand you probably could win another one and put her  (Christine) up again.. and be like, "you shoulda got me out when you had the chance.  You didn't."
Christine: Can I be honest?  Also, this is mostly for the alliance than for me, cuz I really believe that she wouldn't be coming after me...

Camera 3

Derrick's having a shower, and the camera flips us to Nicole and Christine in the Fire Room..

Nicole:  Alright, so I talked to Cody and Derrick, and they basically said that they're on board if you.. Like, it's up to you..  and I know..
Christine: They told you that?
Nicole: mm hmm
Christine: Don't believe that. 
Nicole: Really?
Christine: mm mm.. it's kinda frustrating.. ok.
Nicole:Well, they just said that it all comes down to what you want.. Like, if you..
Christine: That's bullcrap.

Nicole: They didn't say those exact words, but they did say if you wanted to keep me, they would be the 3 votes and you would be the tiebreaker.  They're like, "it's all what she wants."
Christine: That's what's so irritating that they're pinning this on me.
Nicole: Really? That's frustrating for me too.. They're like, "we don't want you to look like a fool.. we'll tell you what she's thinking."
Christine:   ok
Nicole: And they're like, "you have a very good case.  The only thing is, I'm sure she's scared you're gonna come after her." And I'm like, yeah..  I literally wont, and I think after talking to her, she doesn't think that I would.
Christine: Here's the thing, if you go home, then Donny's definitely coming after me.  The bad thing is, if you stay, then 3 people are coming after me, plus Donny, that's 4.
Nicole:Ohhhhh.  If I stay, people are gonna be angry..
Christine:  Towards me.  I'll have Frankie, Zach, Caleb and Donny all coming after me.

Skipping ahead 20 minutes in the conversation..

Camera 3

Nicole: Frankie and I are fine now to where we're civil, but definitely I'd go after him.. And Caleb.. Zach did not want Donny out of this house for a reason!
**yeah, the reason being, he received his marching up to HoH to get Christine to put Nicole up orders from Derrick just like the other guys, only Christine and the rest are finding Zach a rather convenient scapegoat to pin Nicole's whole demise on..
Nicole:He doesn't like Frankie, but when you guys were gone that day... I was like, holy crap, he's really gunning for you, and I think he would be going after Frankie again too.. They seem like they're back like this..

Christine:  That's why I'm so confused.
Nicole: It seems like they're very close again.  It sucks that Victoria's gonna be here still.. I'm so frustrated..
Christine: I'm so pissed off that that plan ever happened, because if it didn't, Victoria or Donny would be going home this week.  You wouldn't even be an option.

Nicole and Christine continue talk-lying to each other for a while longer.. We're moving forward..

Derrick and Victoria
Backyard Couch

Victoria: Donny talks crap about everyone. And who knows if it's even true.  What did he say?
Derrick: He was telling her that I'm playing a very good game, and ya gotta be careful with me..
Victoria: He needs to stfu..
Derrick: I'm like, "Literally, dude?  I'm one of the more straight up people here, and don't be mad at me, because I actually talk to everyone, and you don't."  But, that stays between me n you, because I'm the only one who knows, and honestly, I really could give a shit.
Victoria: Donny needs to go.
Derrick: He would be goin' this week, if he wasn't up against  Nicole.
Victoria: I know.

Cam 3
Backyard Couch
Derrick and Nicole

Derrick: Honestly, literally, you cannot lose.  You were on your dream show..  Let's put the whole thing in perspective.
Nicole: Right.. Let's be honest, I came on here not expecting to win. 
Derrick: What was your first goal?
Nicole: Not to be the 1st one evicted.

Derrick: Bingo! 
Nicole: That was my biggest fear.
Derrick: And you know, all the people who really weren't that strong of players, they went out fast, cuz they didn't know what they were doing, and.. Literally that was my only goal.
Nicole: mm hmm
Derrick: I was like, alright, I'm gonna go, I might get embarrassed, but as long as I'm not the 1st person..
Nicole: hehehe
Derrick: ..out, I wont be mortified.
Nicole: oh hoho..
Derrick: Sorry, Joey.
Nicole: Hahaha!
Derrick: But honestly, that was my only..

Nicole: Hahaha!  I know.. Same.  I was like, What if I'm the 1st one evicted?!
Derrick: Biggest fear.  Sittin' in that hotel room was, "Please God..
Nicole: hehehe Please God..
Derrick: ..Don't let me be the first one.
Nicole:  Do you know what?  The odds of being the first one evicted are the odds of winning the show, so..
Derrick:  Right!
Nicole: So.. when I thought about it that way, I'm like, I have a pretty good chance of not being evicted, but I'm like, why does it seem way easier to be evicted first?
Derrick:  It does.
Nicole: But you have a 1 in 16 chance of both.
Derrick: Right.

Cam 1
Pool Table
Frankie, Christine, Cody

Frankie: How is she? She good?
Christine: This is so difficult.. She's trying so hard.  I almost told her there's no hope, but she wont stop, so at this point, I'm just gonna let her keep talking..
Frankie: Might as well.
Christine: I tried.
Frankie: I think D-rack said he was gonna do it.
Christine: He said he was going tom but he did the opposite. 
Frankie: He did?
Christine: She was like, "ok, now I think I have Derrick." I was like, G-dammit! hehehe..  I'm like, what did you say to this girl?
Frankie: Whatever..
Cody: Classic.
Christine: Name of the game.
Frankie: Know who should do it?  Zach.
Cody: Zach pretty much did.

Frankie: I know.. Zach goes, "Hey, whaddayou want me to make you for dinner on Friday.. oooh.."
Christine: Caleb was like, I'll do it, and me n Derrick were like, Noo..

Camera 1 and 2
Cody and Christine

Cody: When Frankie comes over to the couch and climbs all over me to give me a hug, I just wanna be like.. (Cody motions a slap)
Christine: Don't you hate that?  I wanna gut punch (him)  That's what I wanna do.
**as evidenced by Frankie and Cody's private snuggles in HoH, I'd guess no.

Cody: Hahaha!
Christine: That's always my first reaction.

Derrick comes outside. And Zach..

Frankie, Caleb, Victoria, Derrick and Nicole are on the couches.
Cody, Zach, Christine are by the pool table.

Frankie's playing a character called Steven, and everyone's having a good laugh, Cody and Christine, included..

Cody: You wanna pull an all-nighter, Zach?
Zach: no.
Cody: When's the last time we did?  When Brittany was here?
Christine: Did you guys do stuff with Brittany?
Cody: I wish!
Zach: What a smoke bomb.  I didn't say that, Princess.
Christine: So, when are you gonna make the moves on your Princess?

Cam 1

Cody: Here's my dirty socks.  You want em in your mouth?
Zach: You gotta catch me first!
Nicole: Can I do it?
Derrick: Gettim, Nicole!  Gettim, Nicole!
Zach: Listen, I want to talk to you civilly!

Nicole tackles Zach, bringing him down to the ground.. First Cody's socks in his mouth, then..

..then she reaches into Zach's shorts and gives him a monster wedgie that literally lifts him off the ground.

..and returns to  laughs and applause from everyone on the couch.
Derrick: HAHAHAHAHA! That was the best!
Frankie: Nicole, you're now America's Favorite player. 
Derrick: She lifted him off the ground!  Hahahaha!
Caleb: Hahahaha! 
**You really ought to watch this on flashback.  If you don't have the feeds, it's well worth the cost of the FREE trial.

Cam 1
Zach, Derrick, Cody
After Nicole holds a big campaign meeting with the guys, they guys all meet up outside to compare notes on the different things she's told them today..  She got to Zach.  He wants to keep her.  This conversation is Derrick and Cody telling him why that's not a good idea for them..
Zach: I told her (Nicole) everyone thinks she's the biggest liar in the house.
Derrick: And we all know there are bigger liars.
Zach: Christine's the f'in liar.

Cody: Ok.. What'd she say to you that makes you kinda wanna flip?
Zach:  Because she's not coming after me.
Cody: That's what I.. Like, she's not..
Zach: I know!
Cody: She loves you, which is crazy.
Derrick: Who's she comin' after?
Cody: I don't know.
Zach: She also told me that Christine told her you're coming after me.
Derrick: I don't believe that.  You believe Christine's comin' after you?
Cody: No. She said Christine said that..
Zach: She said that Cody wants me out of the house, and Cody doesn't like me.
Derrick: Who said that?
Cody: Christine told Nicole that..
Derrick: Ok.. But did Christine tell you that?
Zach: No.  Should I go ask her right now?  Cuz I have no problem askin' her that.  Just tell me, did you say that?
Cody: No.
Zach: Did you say  you can't stand me?
Cody: No, but I did say I want to punch you in the mouth.
Zach: Understandable.
Cody: But I say that in front of you.. and this is why we're doing it.. to split them up so they can't do shit like this.. Christine and Nicole f'in embellish, then they take shit, and they branch it out.
Derrick: What's the 2 common denominators here?  You're a smart dude.  Who do the rumors keep comin' from?
Zach: Christine.
Derrick: And who else?  Who's the other one who keeps relaying them?
Zach: Nicole.
Derrick: Ok.. Is Christine on the block this week?

Zach: No.
Derrick: OK.. So we gotta split them up, and then he has Christine under his f'in thumb.
Zach: Christine can't play next week.
Cody: Right, but my thing is, Christine and Nicole literally..  I think they both lie. One says something to the other, the other takes it and embellishes it..
Zach: All I know is, Christine has lied about thousands of things. Thousands.. And if we do flip the votes, Christine's gonna have to choose.. Do I roll with Frankie and Caleb, or do I roll with the rest of the house?
Derrick: Yeah, but she's not gonna roll with us after you just came to her and told her, "Hey, Listen, Nicole tried to backdoor you."
Zach: Ok, then she's rolling with Frankie and Caleb, and it's 5 versus 3. My thing is, I'm lookin out for myself at this point..  She's not comin' after me.. Donny voted me out of the house twice.

Cody and Derrick forge on, pointing out Nicole's lies to Zach..
Cody: She said, "He never said that you're his target, but he loves Zach, he loves Caleb,"  I was like, "What about Frankie?"  She said, "He never mentioned Frankie, but .. "  He wanted him (Derrick) or me on the block ..  He really wanted me next to him on the block this week. And apparently he told Nicole, make up a lie to get Cody on the block.

Derrick: Like I said, I'm good with the group.. But right now, if Nicole goes home, no one's mad at anyone, right?
Zach: (deflated) Yeah.. I know.. I feel you.. It's just, she's not comin' after us, bro.  Donny could be comin' after us.
Cody: he's not comin' after you.  He's gonna be comin' after one of us.
Derrick: yeah.  What's the chance of him winnin' HoH?
Zach: 1 out of 8.
Derrick: Right. 1 out of 8.  And even if he wins it, he has to pull a miracle out, so him or Victoria doesn't go home.
Zach: You're right.
Derrick: You keep Nicole here, and Hayden gets the buyback, there's the game.
Zach: There's no buyback.
Derrick: You say that, but..
Cody: I don't think it's goin' down either, but who the f knows?
**When the HGs say "buyback," they're referring to an evicted jury-bound HG having the opportunity to get back into the house..

Derrick: Honestly, I just want a cohesive house.
Zach: ok.. When it's down to the final 5, do you think you're gonna be gettin' to the final 3?
Derrick: Yeah, if I win HoH.. If I win HoH and then I say, "listen youse 2.. Cody, Zach, I'm not puttin; you on the block, I'm riding with you two.  I'm putting Caleb and Frankie up."  So they go up, one of them go home, and then you guys owe me the same satisfaction of keeping me here and sending the other person home.  And you might make that deal with someone else..

Zach: Frankie has Caleb's dick in his hand.
Cody: Does he though?
Zach: Yes!  He's walking around with Caleb's dick in his hand. And Frankie also has Christine on lock.
Derrick:  You and Caleb just worked SO hard to get her on the block.  You literally just worked so hard.

Zach: it wasn't that hard.  All I'm sayin' is, Christine's a f'in snake and Frankie's a f'in snake.. I don't wanna work with them.
Derrick: But here's the deal. 
Cody: But why did Christine.. I know Frankie couldn't have given her any information to not wanna work with me.. I know I was tighter with Christine than Frankie was for the entirety of this game.
Zach: Were you though?
Cody: 100%. What do you know that I don't know?
Zach: I know that Frankie and Christine hang out as much as you and Christine hang out..
Cody: For the past 2 weeks.  Once Frankie started telling her they have a final 3 - Cody, Zach, Derrick..
Zach: I'm the idiot.
**just impetuous.
Zach: I f'd everything up. Now I'm just tryin' to look out for my own ass.
Cody: No no.. That's not what you're doing at all.  I was sitting here thinking we should keep her too.
Zach: We should!
Derrick; If everyone was cool with that, but literally we're drawing a line in the sand and saying, we hope you two don't win, Caleb and Frankie.
Zach: Exactly. 
Derrick; Why?
Zach: I know, I know..

Zach: What do you think?
Derrick: The fact - No matter who you keep, they're gonna vote you out eventually if they have a chance to win a half a million dollars. No matter who you keep.  Everyone's gonna do what they have to do to stay in the game.  And I respect that.

And this, dear dishers, concludes the Overnight Report.☺

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If you're extra appreciative of the BBDish updates and you want to hit the tip jar, that would be awesome too!☺



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Good Morning.

The funniest thing yesterday afternoon was Christine telling Cody how Amber and Britney made fools of themselves by being all over Cody all of the time. That is one jealous girl!

Do we really have Cody and Derrick working at cross purposes with Christine? Seems like Derrick telling her that they need to get rid of Nicole, and Cody telling her it would be good for their game to keep her. Are they trying to engineer a 3-3 vote so Christine has to make the choice?

It is interesting to see that Frankie and Derrick are clueless that Donny considers them targets.

I think Nicole is doing as well as anyone could when they know that they are the "house" target.

I'd wish her luck, but I'd hate to see Donny go.

Watching Derrick and Cody work Nicole it's easy to see why none of the crap rubs off on them. Really good work on their part.

August 13, 2014 at 3:58 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

Good Morning

So...Victoria tells Derrick that Donny needs to stfu? That's a little harsh. How often has Victoria talked game to anyone other than Derrick? How often has she talked to Donny period? Maybe she should take her own advice.

Nicole's campaigning may accomplish something, even if it's not her goal of staying in the house. Derrick and Cody telling her they want her to stay but it's up to Christine. Christine has made it clear for weeks that Donny is her number one target and that her alliance members pushed for Nicole to go up and out. It's a little late in the game but maybe some light bulbs will start going off.

Christine and Cody-Recently people have been saying that it's not fair that Christine is criticized for the inappropriate touching and that Cody is equally to blame. At first I was like, 'yeah, that's true.' But after thinking about it a little more I will tell you what I think the problem is.

Christine actively seeks out Cody's attention. Cody is an equal opportunity toucher and flirter. Christine has made it known that she is jealous of his other relationships and acts as if he is actually her boyfriend/property. If Cody was always coming to Christine, I would think that Tim would want to punch him in the face and a lot of people would probably cheer him on. But Christine often initiates the touching and seems upset if she's not getting it. That makes it seem like a woman who has no respect for her husband or her marriage.

August 13, 2014 at 6:23 AM  
Blogger Mappy said...

Good to see Nicole fighting hard.

Is Donny fighting to stay? I want him to fight too!

I like these two and feel bad that one them is gone tomorrow night.

I'd be so pumped if it was Christine or Franky.

August 13, 2014 at 6:39 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I am confused. How do they (Derrick and Cody) have Zack believing that Nicole is OTB because Frankie and Caleb wanted her there? Or does Zack actually believe that? And why does Zack suddenly want Donny out so bad? I thought he trusted Donny.

August 13, 2014 at 6:42 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Good morning, Jerry! :0) I've noticed jealousies from her on a huge range of topics and people.. it's not an attractive feature to me.

Good morning, Mappy! :0) Gotta love a good campaign! If Nicole is successful, she'll be the 1st HG this season to be responsible for saving themselves..

Good morning, Grendon! :0) I'm super confused too..

August 13, 2014 at 6:47 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

...nap time :0)


August 13, 2014 at 6:47 AM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Good morning Carolyn and dishers.
I like Donny but he doesn't make alliances or campaign. Good for Nicole if she can keep herself there.
I have been looking back. I think "Zankie" was a strategy to entertain themselves and America and now Zach is totally playing him. With all those F bombs, the mogul going to get a good edit on his pathetic attempt at his funeral and rebirth 《gag-》
Christine is a disgrace to marriage.

My husband is dead and buried so maybe I am more sensitive. Im not a prude. But I remember how scared my vows were. Whatva disrespectful, disgraceful display.

August 13, 2014 at 7:35 AM  
Blogger Grendon said...

I know you're taking a rest. Just wanted to say thank you for the flash back funnies. Zack and the atomic wedgie was awesome. I know I am far too sentimental but as a feed watcher, these are the moments that make a good season in my opinion. That's why I adored season 10. Keesha, Renny, Dan and Memphis gave me so many laugh out loud moments. And that's why I adore Britney. Whether you root for her as a player or not, she always brings the fun.

August 13, 2014 at 7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if the second HOH this week is whichever of the jury wins a contest? Then they get first pick. it would really shake things up

August 13, 2014 at 8:51 AM  
Blogger Carebear said...

Not getting my hopes up.. But I am praying Nicole stays!!!!

August 13, 2014 at 9:08 AM  
Blogger Lulu (aka Stefanie) said...

We should all try not to judge others before walking in their shoes. We do not know the state of Christine's marriage, it could be an open marriage, an abusive marriage, a shotgun wedding doomed to fail. We don't know. It is true, it could have been a loving marriage with vows said before a God, and she could be disrespecting her vows. But I just don't think we should be judge and jury.
We remember Michelle from Season 11. She was married, too, but it turned out it was not a good marriage, and being on the show gave her the confidence to leave her husband. She was judged and ridiculed by her choices after, but again, who are we to judge. I used to want to be on Big Brother so badly, but watching these people's lives be picked apart by people who don't even know them has seriously changed my mind.

August 13, 2014 at 9:50 AM  
Blogger Lyndsay said...

I don't know why people like Donny so much. He's a nice guy, but needs to go. Let the real players battle it out from there (minus Victoria!). I sure hope Christine will flip and save Nicole. I want Nicole and Derrick to the end :)

August 13, 2014 at 10:06 AM  
Blogger ceemurph said...

Does anybody know if the recently evicted HGs are actually in the jury house or do they go to sequester until the "buyback" happens? Just curious... Could make a significant difference if the HG that comes back has been told about house events (and who they were told by!), especially if they become HOH!

August 13, 2014 at 10:36 AM  
Blogger silence and sunshine said...


I agree (re. Christine/Cody). My husband and I have a rule: behave when we're apart as if the other person was in the room. I find it hard to believe that she'd act that way if Tim was in the BB house. Also, SHE made a promise to Tim. Cody didn't. It is her responsibility to honor that promise. (Or don't, but not on national television and 24/7 live internet feeds. GET IT TOGETHER SISTA!!)

Anyway, I've been trying not to comment b/c I'm super annoyed with her for nominating two of my favorites but I'm having a hard time over here. Perhaps she and I could both use some improvement with our "self-control."

I take comfort in the knowledge that she is playing for 3rd or 4th place, so I'll have my evil chuckle when she's evicted heartbreakingly close to the end.


August 13, 2014 at 11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Lulu on this one. Whatever it looks like to us, I can't condemn Christine on her behavior. She's very young and married, and maybe she's never had a hot guy pay her attention. Maybe she never thought that there were other people in the world and just married Guy X because it was convenient. Or any other number of things. I don't live in Christine's head or house, so I can't judge that.

Cody IS just as 'guilty' of it. I hate to say this, but I have seen him walk into a room plenty of times and just grab Christine and start "glomming" on her. He does it for game play. Notably, when he was in danger of going on the block (after PoV), he immediately went to Christine and wrapped his arms around her and practically swallowed her whole while he flirted with her. That was pure game strategy... but he's knowingly doing that with someone else's wife.

August 13, 2014 at 2:33 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Steph, I couldn't agree more. We never know what is really going on in someone's life, especially someone we do not know personally. Let's all take a look back, at this week, in America, such sad events, and as an ex abused spouse who didn't tell anyone, it was hard enough getting out of it, w/o being questioned, judged & talked about by friends, even family members, because I kept it a secret and the bruises were well hidden. I cannot begin to imagine being a celebrity going thru that. Does that make sense? Whether, it's abuse, depression, or even adultery, I don't truly don't know what to feel regarding Christine, but I try not to judge as I know what it feels like to be judged, incorrectly.
I hope I made some kind of sense in this comment....
Peace All,

August 13, 2014 at 7:42 PM  

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