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Monday, September 1, 2014

Caleb Wants to Backdoor Frankie

Backdooring Frankie this week has been the talk all night..  Let's start from the beginning so you have the clearest picture..   When BB calls a lockdown, Caleb and Cody head up to the HoH Room, and here it begins..  I strongly encourage you to watch as much as you can on flashback..  All the times and camera numbers are provided for you in this post.  If you need the feeds, here's a 2 days free trial for ya.

Camera 1 and 2
Caleb and Cody

Caleb: I was just talkin' to Derrick a little bit ago..
Cody: Jeez man, his (Frankie's) stuff is more all over the place than yours is.
Caleb: Yeah.. well, tonight I'm sleepin' alone, so..
Cody: I know.. That's why I said before.. I was like, Did you break the news to him yet?

Caleb: He'll be a'ight.. Um.. Basically, I was asking D about who he thought I should put up, who do we think is gonna be more dangerous from here on out..

Cody:To compete against?  Frankie or Nicole?
Caleb:  mm hmm.  Who do we think will beat us?
Cody: (deep breath)
Caleb: ...and make a move.

Cody: Frankie.. 100%.  Definitely Frankie.  He's make the move.  But do you think if Frankie wins the next HoH he'd make the move?
Caleb: That's what I'm tryin' to wonder.. Double evict, if he wins, will he go, "I know 2 people that I can not beat in this game, and it's Caleb and Cody.  I'm puttin' both of em up and gettin one gone. That way it gives me a better chance on movin' forward."
Cody: And.. I feel like, comp wise, he knows that..  Here's what makes me nervous about me.. He knows that he cannot  beat me in the end.
Caleb: (eyes on the spy screen) Gosh man, Christine cannot give us 5 seconds, can she?
Cody: She's comin' up right now?!
Caleb: Yeah, man.
Cody: Dude, we can never get any f'in time together to talk.

Cam 2
Pool Table
Derrick and Caleb

We join this conversation in progress..

Derrick: What'd Cody have to say about it?
Caleb: He was uh..  Really the only thing he said was, he's like, I'm gonna be honest with ya, umm.. He was like, "Frankie's gonna be harder to beat in comps," and he basically said the same thing as you, "I don't think he's gonna take your or me, cuz we'll beat him,"  he said, "And really, Frankie's hard to trust."  He's just like, "To be honest with ya, it'd be best to send Frankie home first."
Derrick: He thinks that, huh?
Caleb: Yeah.
Derrick:  Me n you talkin' though..  The Cody, Nicole, Christine thing could come back on us too, though.
Caleb: Yeah. My thing is, if we're gonna send him home, I think we do it after Nicole's gone.
Derrick: Right.  I would agree.
Caleb: Whoever wins the Double Eviction, put him up.
Derrick: I, honestly, I don't think Frankie's gonna put you up.  He could potentially put up Cody, maybe, cuz Cody hasn't been as loyal to him and as trustworthy as you have been?
Caleb:  mm hmm
Derrick: He could put him up.  But I don't see him puttin' you up.  You're his bread n butter right now.. and there's still people in this house.. If he wins HoHs, he can't play the following week.. That's when he needs you.
Caleb: Right.
Derrick: Bu that's when you get that last HoH, and he's like, "ahh..  save me this week," and you're like, "nah, you're goin.'"

Caleb: The big one?
Derrick: Yeah. But right now..
Caleb: What kinda HoH is that normally?  That's a brain teaser?

Derrick: Yeah.  But they've been crazy this year.  He's gonna be tough to beat, but honestly, I think Nicole's gonna be tough to beat too. 
Caleb: Nicole ain't gonna beat me in an Endurance Comp.
Derrick: I don't think Frankie will either..  If you send Frankie out, and he wasn't plannin' on coming after you this week, now you have one less guy who can protect you.
Caleb: yeah.
Derrick: Where I don't know if Nicole has your best interests at heart..

Derrick: Christine's gonna butter up to her.  Cody's gonna butter up to her. Victoria's IN with her.  It could change very quickly.
Caleb: Right.
Derrick: And are you takin' a chance with Frankie?  Yup.  But no less a chance with any of the other ones. 
Caleb: Right.
Derrick: It's tough man.
Caleb: I just somebody, whoever wins that Double Evict?  They don't get rid of Victoria first. They get rid of..
Derrick:  Christine..  or Frankie.
Caleb: They get rid of someone else.
Derrick: She should be.. In a perfect world..  In a perfect world, it would be me, you, Cody and Victoria.
Caleb: Perfect world.
Derrick: That's a perfect world, everything goes according to plan..  We ain't gonna stab each other in the back.   We're gonna get her out.  Because nobody wants her in the final 3, cuz it hurts the other people.
Caleb: mm hmm
Derrick: So for your own game you would get rid of her.. and that would be a perfect situation.  Hey Victoria.. You didn't win the HoH today..  You didn't win Veto.  Just so ya know, no hard feelins, but this is the road.

Derrick: Because if Frankie or Christine are left, they could pull something.  I think they both know they can't beat you or Cody.  So they would have to go (to Final 2) with each other.
Caleb: mm hmm
Derrick: And Frankie would have a better shot than Christine.  Actually, Frankie would crush Christine. He would destroy her.
Caleb: Yeah.  That's why I don't see Frankie even puttin' her up.
Derrick: Well, we'll know, if she wins HoH, wont we?
Caleb: He can't (win HoH).

They speculate about which comp it'll be.. Then Derrick begins to run through details about the game..

Frankie comes outside, and the three of them hear a loud megaphone.  I hear "Frankie is Destroying you in the Diary Room."

Being well trained critters, at this point, Derrick leads them inside before BB can even call the lockedown.

Derrick:  He's talkin' shit about all of us.

Derrick and Nicole

Feeling the changing tide, Derrick takes the opportunity to tell Nicole that HE is working on something to save her this week..

Derrick: Hey, do me a favor, too?  Stop actin' like you're goin' home.
Nicole: I am goin' home.

Derrick: I know, but honestly, don't be quittin' because you don't know that yet.  I been doin' some talkin'.  I don't know if it's working.  But like, don't quit until tomorrow.  Can you do that for me, at least?
Nicole: Yeah.
Derrick: ok.
Nicole: Thanks.
Derrick:  Don't thank me yet. Just wait til tomorrow.  I'm tryin'.
Nicole: (soft as possible) k.

This is ongoing..


Caleb:  Derrick has no reason to be nervous. He is beatable by anyone in this house.
**I'll give you a moment.  Compose yourself.  Stop laughing. It's impolite.  ;-)

Cody: Exactly.
Caleb: If he makes it to the top 2, the only people that he would beat is probably Christine, Victoria, maybe, MAYBE Nicole. 
Cody: Yeah..
Caleb: It depends on who's up there, where the votes go.
Cody: I agree.
Caleb: But this is a huge decision..
Cody: mm hmm
Caleb: ..and it honestly comes down to Who Can We Beat, because the next HoH means A LOT.
Cody: Everything.
Caleb: The next one and the next one are huge.
Cody: mm hmm
Caleb: But the following one, is the biggest.
Cody: Well, from here on out, they get more important.  Each week, they get more and more important.

Caleb:   Alright.  This is ideal.  This is ideal. 

8:55pm Derrick comes up to join them..

Derrick: Calzone, Calzone!  Your dinner's ready.
Caleb: Alright.  I'm straight up lockin' the door.  I don't care.  It's my house.
Derrick: Do it.

Caleb: Best scenario, ok, We Send Home Frankie.
Derrick: Yup
Caleb: Nicole's targeting Christine.  So if Nicole wins, she puts up Christine, maybe me.  One of us beasts, cuz we're all playin' in it.. One of us beasts, wins the Veto.  Maybe even Christine.  Pulls me down, puts up Victoria.  Nicole goes home.
**huh???  Nicole's HoH in your scenario.. how are you figuring on evicting the HoH?

Caleb: The next HoH will probably be maybe the wall.  I win that one.  Victoria/Christine,   Christine goes home.
Derrick: mm hmm
Caleb: Now we're at..  We're guaranteed.. We're guaranteed.  Guaranteed to be final 3.
Cody:  We're goin to the final 3.

Derrick: I'm completely down with it.  Cuz we don't have much time.  Completely down with sendin' Frankie home.  I'm runnin' scenarios.  Completely down with sendin' Frankie home.. but let me just be Devil's Advocate.  We send Frankie home, Nicole wins HoH, she puts up you and she puts up Christine.  I'm left off the block.  He's (Cody's) left off the block with Victoria..  Correct?
Caleb:  mm hmm
Derrick: We should be able to keep you, no problem, even if we don't get a Veto to pull you off.
Caleb: mm hmm
Derrick: But if by chance, small chance, Nicole gets cute and tries to get Christine back.  I know you're (Cody) close with Christine, but I think she's very easy to persuade and manipulate.
Cody: I just don't think that Nicole would..
Caleb: ..risk keepin' her..
Cody: ..cuz now it's a guaranteed target.

Derrick: ok. OK.. If we agree with that, I'm down.  This is a f'in democracy, not a monarchy.  If we keep her, and for some reason Nicole gets cute and says, we're gonna flip this house right now, I can maybe get Christine on board, I already have Victoria.. cuz she definitely already has Victoria, if she needed her..

Caleb:  Over you?
Derrick: I don't know.
Cody: I don't think so.
Caleb: No
Derrick: But they've been hanging out  a lot, dude.
Cody: Not even close.  Not happening.

Caleb: I talked to Victoria, and I said, "seems like you and Nicole are gettin' awfully close," and she's all, "She's all alone.."
Derrick: But hypothetically, if they did that, they'd put you up, you two up, me n you up, we don't have the votes to keep ya. Or, if they put one of you up, we don't have the votes to keep ya.

Cody: Right.. but this is my thing, is that, if Frankie wins, how confident are you that he's not gonna throw he and I up there and then have you as a replacement?
Caleb: Exactly.
Derrick: I absolutely think he could do it, and he will do it.  I just don't think it'd be this HoH.

Caleb: Why?  He can't play in the next one.
Derrick: If he sends one of you home..
**Watching Derrick work his magic on his own alliance is one of my favorite things..
Caleb: Why would he not take a shot now?
Cody: Then that's..
Caleb: That would raise his percentage on winning the next time he gets a chance.
Derrick: Ok.  You're on to somethin' here.. OK.. So you're sayin'..
Cody: My thing is, at this point in the game..

Derrick: He wins the Double Evict..
Cody: ..you don't win an HoH and waste it.
Caleb: You don't say I'm gonna put them up next time, because there is no next time.
This conversation is ongoing, and building in momentum to backdoor Frankie..   The time now is 8:58pm BBT.. 6 minutes later, Derrick wraps it up, saying, "Ready to do this, boys?"

Cam 1
Derrick and Caleb
HoH Room

Derrick: So are you pretty set on this?

Caleb: I don't know, man.  Honestly, I don't know.  I'm tryin' to think what's best.  I just think, at the end of the day..
Derrick: That doesn't worry you at all? (Cody with the girls on the spy screen)
Caleb: That doesn't worry you? 
Derrick: Honestly, every thing worries me, cuz I've seen this show a lot.
Caleb: Frankie's the same way with those girls.
Derrick: He is.  But Christine would choose Cody over Frankie any day of the week.

Derrick:Any day of the week.  Like if there's ever me or you up there against him?  We're gone.  I know Nicole said she would never put you up, but would she?
Caleb: I think if I save her life..
Derrick: You say that, but technically, you're not savin' her life.  The people that are voting for her are, so how bout the promises that she's making to them?  What's she telling those people.
Caleb: If Frankie stays.. he's not putting you up.
Derrick: Why's that?
Caleb: He thinks he can beat you.  Look at the comp wins.  The only people I think Frankie would go after are Me and Cody.. cuz he knows he cannot beat us.
Derrick: So we take out Frankie.. If Nicole wins, she's gonna put up, hopefully, Christine and Victoria..
Caleb: That's why I wanna talk to her tonight.. I was hopin' you were earlier in the Storage Room/
Derrick:What if I went to her and said, Listen, I know you want to stay in this game.. Caleb knows you want to stay in this game.
Caleb: I wouldn't say that, cuz if it has anything to do with me, she's gonna tell you what you want to hear. Don't mention me at all.  This is all you say, "Hey, I would like you to stay in this game."
**Well, good, cuz that's what he has said.. You're so sweet to willingly hand over jury votes. 

Caleb: "You know, to be honest with you, if I could make it happen.. If I were to try to flip.."
Derrick:Who would you go after?
Caleb:"Who would you go after if I got you to stay?"  And just see what she says to you..
Derrick: And if she says..
Caleb: Caleb.
Derrick: Then I come to you and tell you later on, and we know we can't keep her.
Caleb: Can't keep her.
Derrick: Ok. 
Caleb: Cuz she doesn't know we're tight.
Derrick: Definitely. So I go to her when I have a second tonight, and I say to her, "I kinda wanna keep you in this game, I'm not throwin' out any names, Honestly, I need to know, I know this is a tough question to ask, but who would you target?"  She could say to me, "I'd target Christine and Victoria."  Ultimately, if she becomes HoH, she don't have to follow through on that.  We just have to  know that that's a risk.

Caleb: Lemme ask you.. The fact that we feel the same about both people?  Who can we beat, that's the question.  You think you're gonna beat Frankie?  You think me or Cody can beat Frankie?  It's gonna be tough.  Nicole, it's already a given. We've already shown it.  Frankie is 3 times the beast that Nicole is.  Simple as that.
Derrick:So you send him home.  If we win HoH, you would send Nicole home next?  Nicole or Christine, doesn't matter, cuz they're both equal playing fields.  Actually, Christine's probably a bigger competitor.
Caleb: mm hmm
Derrick: She's secretly building a sick resume.  She's got 5 wins.  And that endurance comp she didn't win?  She was a beast in that too.  She was #2.  
Caleb: mm hmm
Derrick: She beat Frankie.  So she's secretly becoming a beast.. even though she doesn't want people to think that.  She's starting to win.
Caleb: mm hmm
Derrick: I just hope those f'in 2 wouldn't team up.  I know.. This is what I know.. I'm not gonna go with speculation.  I know Cody and Christine are super tight.

Derrick: They'll never go against each other.  Ever!
Caleb:  We know they are.  Cody will go against Christine in a heartbeat..
Derrick:You think so?
Caleb: For us 2, yes.
Derrick: If he was in the final 2 with her..
Caleb: He's already told me he'd put her up..
Derrick: I know, but I'm just sayin', if she was in the final 2 with him, he'd win 9-0.
Caleb: Easy.
Derrick: So it wouldn't be in his worst interest, if she kept taking him, because he'd smoke her in the emd.
Caleb: mm hmm
Derrick: It's just something to think about.  Do I think that Cody's thinking that?  I don't know.  I'm just bringin' it to your attention, cuz that's why we're here for, that's why it's a team game, not individual..
**haha -- team game.

Derrick: It's just somethin' to think about in the back of the head.  He doesn't mind Christine goin' as far as she can, because she can win comps and she will never, ever put him up, no matter how long she's here, she wont put him up.  So if he wins, he doesn't mind gettin' her out near the end, but as long as she's in this house, she will never put him up, where Nicole could put any of us up.  Frankie could put any of us up.. Victoria?  I don't think she would put me up, unless Nicole convinced her.. or Frankie, cuz you know Frankie's a f'in talker too.. He could say somethin' and then she wont talk to me for a month..

This is ongoing.. much like the night.  For every scenario Derrick throws out, Caleb has a "same thing could happen with Frankie" response.

Derrick: So where's you heart leaning?  I know you well enough.. You're leaning towards bootin' Frankie out, right?  
Caleb: I just can't trust him.
Derrick: Sayin' hey, "we're both beasts in this game, I gotta take you out before you take me out. Cuz not both of us can win 1/2 a million."
Caleb: There you go. 
Derrick: That's the simplest way.  That's the truth.  That's the straight up truth.  "I think you're a beast, annd I don't know if I could beat you in the end.
Caleb: Yeah.
Derrick: "So.. time for you to go. "  That's a compliment to him.  Even though you probably could beat him. 
Caleb: I would.  Just like in school.  Don't let somebody hit you first.  You hit them first.

Derrick: You're HoH.  I told you week 2.  Whatever you do, I will support you.  I can't say that in front of Cody, because I don't want him to think he's the odd man out.
Caleb: Yeah.
Derrick: Because we're all cool.. But.. I support whatever you do.   So if you think, Derrick, my gut is tellin' me that he's got to go, then he's got to go. 

OK.. I have to move forward.. I'm over 3 hours into this and I haven't even gotten to midnight..  Just a 1 more section of the pre-midnight stuff, and then I'll start the Overnight Report..

Camera 1
Victoria and Derrick
HoH Room

Derrick: You either have to trust me or you don't.  You keep giving me pieces of information..
Victoria: Obviously I trust you.
Derrick: Well, listen, the only reason you've probably made it this far is because I've had your back.
Victoria:  Oh thanks..
Derrick: I'm just sayin'..  and you've had my back.. That's why we' make it.  It's not because you've done it completely on your own.
Victoria: I know that.

Derrick: I admit that wholeheartedly, that I probably wouldn't be here, if it wasn't for you, up to this point. But you have to feel the same way.
Victoria: I do feel the same way.
Derrick: (gesturing to the spy screen) I hope you trust me more than her.
Victoria: I definitely trust.. I don't trust her..
Derrick: Good.. cuz she didn't start talking game with you until..
Victoria: I know that.
Derrick:  Ok.  And I been talkin' with you since week 1.
Victoria: I know that.  I don't trust her more than you.
Derrick: Alright.. so then just tell me what you wanna tell me, because you're like, "I know, but I don't wanna say, cuz I know you're working with other people."  You know that because Nicole told you that.  Who am I workin' with then?

Victoria: I've just been getting a vibe, and I've been telling you that since Nicole left.
Derrick: ok.. SO tell me what you think then..
Victoria: I think that you're working with Cody and Christine.
Derrick: I like Cody.. I'm not working with Christine.  I do like Cody though.  I think he's trustworthy.  It doesn't mean I'm working with him.
Victoria: Ok.
Derrick: But I do like Cody, yes.  I think that's obvious. I like Caleb too.  Doesn't mean I'm working with him.  (gesturing to screen) Does that mean Christine and Cody are workin' together?  Probably.
Victoria: 100%.
Derrick: Well, people think you and me are working together 100%.  So if they think it, we might as well be doing it.
Victoria: ok
Derrick: So who do you think?  This is stuff that actually matters, cuz the Veto meeting is tomorrow..
Victoria: I know that.  I think Nicole.. would.. would go after Cody.

**Oy, the guilt.  She can't even hold her head up.
Derrick: I don't know if she would.  You think she would?
Victoria: (nods)
Derrick: ..cuz I trust your opinion.
Victoria: Cuz she told me.

Derrick: That she would go after Cody.
Victoria: Yup.  She does not like Cody.  She doesn't trust him.  I don't trust him.  Sorry.
**Fly, meet ointment.  These are the only words Victoria could have said that could possibly throw a wrench into the BackDoor Frankie Plan, as far as Derrick letting it happen.. and she did. 
Derrick: When did she say it though?  When did she tell you she would go after Cody?
**Well, shit, Detective LeVasseur, yes, I confess, I did it.. Whatever you just said, I'm guilty..

Derrick: Today after you bitched about him?
Victoria: No.
Derrick:  When? 
Victoria: Today.  She was talking in general today.  Cuz she was trying to not get me to go up against her. 
Derrick: mm hmm
Victoria: Cuz she doesn't want that.
Derrick: Right.
Victoria: And she was like, I don't think it's working, but this is a huge opportunity for a backdoor, and people are just frikking wasting it on me.. I don't know when she spoke to Caleb, but trying to get Cody up on the block or someone.. She said it was Cody, but that's never gonna happen.
**D, all of a sudden, you look a little gassy.. Tum, TaTumTumTummmmssss!

Derrick: I don't think so.

OK.. So, I believe that due in large part to this conversation, what seemed like a done deal to backdoor Frankie, returns to the great debate.. for the rest of the night!  We'll pick it back up after midnight in the Overnight Report.   Look for the first sections of that in a new top post at 8am Eastern.

♫Oh whatta night! 



Blogger seasons said...

I think this is stupid and could be the guys downfall.

If a girl wins HOH next week. She can put up two guys and control the votes..

Nicole will 100 percent put up Derrick and Cody at that point. I think Christine might as well. Victoria will probably put up Caleb/Cody and Christine.

So if Derrick/COdy let this happen. This could be the thing that kicks them out. And if they do it. Go girls for HOH and kick the guys out

September 1, 2014 at 3:11 AM  
Blogger TripL in Cen FL said...

Good Morning Caro, I'm hoping Caleb makes up his mind to evict
Frankie. It sure would make him look like the king he thinks he is. My problem is that Derrick is soooo good at convincing everyone of them to do what he wants without stating what he wants. I may have missed it if he had.
Tonight I was amazed at how he kept turning the conversation around when he was trying to get Vic to tell him who Nichole said she would put up. She tried her best to not answer him, he got it out of her.
I'm wondering if a Sgt on the police force does the interrogations of ones arrested. He would be able to talk just about anyone to confess.

September 1, 2014 at 3:33 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good Morning.
The boys are talking this to death. They have stated, over and over, that Frankie is the biggest threat Why are they still talking?

I think they have finally nailed it down.

Caleb finally said it, Frankie is the hardest to get out. That should be their guiding principle.

IMO, if they don't take out Frankie this week, I think he and Christine could well win the rest of the comps.

September 1, 2014 at 4:05 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Watching feeds right now it's 4 something AM and Cody Derrick & Caleb are in the HOH and Derrick woke them to try to talk Caleb to Backdoor Frankie, even after all the talk yesterday and last night. He was crying, after speaking to Vic. I feel Caleb is definitely not going to backdoor Frankie. What a shame.

Have a great day BBDishers,
Much Love and Peace,

September 1, 2014 at 4:49 AM  
Blogger Taylor said...

Even though WE can see how subtle and powerful Derrick is, I am starting to think he's going to have a really hard time convincing the jury of all he's done. Cody and Caleb just dismissed him so fast as being beatable. That's insane. But at this point, if Derrick makes it to final 2 I forsee him having immense difficulty convincing the jury that he was really behind most of the moves this season. His greatest mistake might be that his game was SO subtle. He needs to win a ton of comps to be impressive in the eyes of this season's jury.

September 1, 2014 at 5:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

And Caleb just gave his main reason for not backdooring Frankie.. He wants to stay loyal...loyal to the final five.
So this loyal thing has now backfired on Derrick. How sad.
I still wish Derrick had stood up more for Vic. He's still my fav and always will be for this season, but he is going to be in complete and total shock when he gets out and sees the backlash on the entire situation..
Okay, Loves, have a blessed day!

September 1, 2014 at 5:09 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

WHY doesn't Derrick want Frankie to leave? Team America? I don't get it..Why is he so protective over him? Then the fan shout out again and no mention of it??? This HAS to be going through their heads that Frankie MUST GO. SMH , Talk about over thinkers, geesh..TY Carolyn , I had forgotten this wasn't TOR lol, wow, looking forward to reading that now.

September 1, 2014 at 5:27 AM  
Blogger Kdecruz said...

Thank you Caroline! I sure hope Caleb sticks to his guns. I would love to see the havoc Frankie has in store for them if he is on the block.
In another note I have a dumb guestion. When I started reading your blog it was the first time I had ever read a blog so the language and short hand is new to me. So......what does SMH mean? See I told you dumb question but I don't know. I took me a month I think to figure out IMO and IMHO. This is the only place I really go so I just had to ask. I tried my kid (11) but he didn't know either since he is mostly on gaming sites. Thanks for the info! I know when I find out I will have an aaaahhhh moment that comes with it.

September 1, 2014 at 5:36 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Derrick is such a master at this game.

September 1, 2014 at 6:19 AM  
Blogger Adventures of Bird and Buddy said...

Hahaha "fly, meet ointment."

September 1, 2014 at 6:49 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

@Lori Moffet

Unless something drastic has changed since 4:49 AM this morning, Derrick definitely DOES want Frank to leave!Derrick went to sleep after my last comment and I jumped offline, so unless he got back up and announced to us, the Live feeders that he wants them to keep Frank, I don't know where that is coming from. Derrick wants Frank back-doored/gone/evicted/out of the house, etc.... asap.

September 1, 2014 at 6:58 AM  
Blogger Deco said...

This is my first season here on the Dish. I am always lurking, multiple times on a daily basis. Now would be a good time to thank Caro and all the commenters for a wonderful and pleasant sight.
SMH, because I don't know how they have the tenacity to keep up with the feeds and report so accurately.
Which brings me to the reason I am going to try to post. I've tried before and couldn't log in.
I will attempt agin using another method because I know how frustrating it can be to not understand the 'shorthand'.myself.
SMH....... Shaking my head.
Have a wonderful Labor Day. Going now tok read TOR...(the Overnight Report). That one took me a day or so...lol

September 1, 2014 at 7:00 AM  
Blogger Sarah said...

SMH... shaking my head

September 1, 2014 at 7:44 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

LOL...At the end of the day Carolyn, I don't think he will put Frankie up

September 1, 2014 at 8:02 AM  
Blogger redzepplin_72 said...

SMH means "shaking my head". The other version is smdh which stands for shaking my damn head. I feel your pain...with two teenage daughters I have to google a lot just to keep up the appearance that I'm a cool mom who knows it all...lol.

September 1, 2014 at 8:08 AM  
Blogger redzepplin_72 said...

Smh means "shaking my head". As a mother of two teenage daughters, I feel your pain. I google a lot just to keep up appearances that I'm a cool mom who knows it al...lol!

September 1, 2014 at 8:13 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

*shaking my head ;)

September 1, 2014 at 8:23 AM  
Blogger Kdecruz said...

Thank you! I kept coming up with "so much hate" and knew that wasn't it. I'll say it now, aaaaahhhh I get it now. Thanks you thank you!

September 1, 2014 at 9:15 AM  
Blogger Kdecruz said...

Thank you! I figured out most everything else. But, it kept popping up and "so much hate" didn't fit.

September 1, 2014 at 9:17 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

They have nothing else to do but over think... It's a lot of money and there is nothing in the house for them to occupy their time with.

September 1, 2014 at 9:18 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

I can't believe in all that there was only 1 at the end of the day.... Lol

September 1, 2014 at 9:20 AM  
Blogger look4stef said...

I agree Derrick has been so masterful at getting others to comply with his plans that it might NOT be obvious to the jury. And with Caleb and his military background his strong sense of LOYALTY might be a weakness for him.
Please get rid of Frankie now.

September 1, 2014 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger look4stef said...

I agree Derrick has been so masterful at getting others to comply with his plans that it might NOT be obvious to the jury. And with Caleb and his military background his strong sense of LOYALTY might be a weakness for him.
Please get rid of Frankie now.

September 1, 2014 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I realize Derrick "Caved" into wanting Frankie out, BUT he sure has given much resistance. he Threw everything but the kitchen sink at Caleb and Cody when talking it over instead of asking one or two questions and being done, IMO he went over board, as always

September 1, 2014 at 10:57 AM  
Blogger cyninbend said...


Isn't google the best? I use it every time I see some new abbreviations.... It's great.

Lori Moffett,

That is the issue I have with Derrick as well...he just goes too far. He cannot point out Nicole's strengths without turning her into a frightening super she-devil. That silly talk about her ignored her personality completely. And these yokels are so scared of females, they buy it hook line and sinker. Whenever someone exaggerates to me, I distrust everything they say. Because their credibility is shot.

Derrick talks about his daughter--his wife better start pointing out the misogyny in his personality or the kid will grow up with some serious issues. Or go through an awakening when she gets to college (on his winnings he says) and she takes a class on gender politics....and she has to teach her dad what she learns.

Women don't totally change their personalities to turn on their friends...if Derrick thinks that's the case, I'm guessing certain women in his life have tried and tried to enlighten him for a long time and finally given up and left.... And that's when he thinks they changed overnight.... The man has serious issues. Additionally, Derrick's genius at convincing people of his version of the truth is exactly why attorneys plead with clients to "Shut up!" Even if you are innocent, you may be tricked into saying something that can be twisted to make you look guilty. It's why the Bill of Rights gives us all the right to remain silent. ;)

Finally, the reason we all on the outside of the game think that Derrick has the win if he's final 2 is that we know how the jury members will view his game and that of others likely to be with him. Caleb and Cody (and probably Frankie and Christine) do not know that Derrick gives a powerful misting to each player before they leave for the jury...he tells them that he has tried to save them, at the risk of damaging his own game.....that he wanted to keep them in the game, but the rest of the house wanted them out....etc....

They all like him and have told him he has their vote unless Christine, Hayden, or Donny were sitting next to him, of course. Hence their presence at the jury house... Jocasta did nightly Bible study or prayers with Derrick; she doesn't feel any connection to Cody, Frankie, Caleb or Chrustine. Same can be said for the others... Hayden had no friendship with the others, and Caleb sent him out. I think Donny thinks his game is much better than the other B.S. members. Nic will give him her vote.

He has not left his game contingent on the other B.S. members voting for him...he won over the other side of the house! None of the others was bright enough to even try to do this! They wear the dislike of the jury towards them as a badge of honor. Derrick won the juror's votes and kept it a secret. It was one of the most brilliant aspects of his game. And it's the kind of thing learned from watching other seasons with an eye toward strategy, unlike "Superfans" who seemed to concentrate only on comps, cute guys, or whatever.

So the fact Caleb and Cody think he can't win is all part of his game. Assuring his longevity and increasing the odds other members of his alliance take him to final 3 then 2 if it's their decision to make.

September 1, 2014 at 6:56 PM  

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