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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wednesday Evening with the Final 3 - Derrick and Cody Talk Final 2

The plan that Derrick put in to motion so many moons ago came to fruition tonight.. His ideal final 3..  Immediately following Part 1 of the Final 3 HoH~ Endurance Comp, exquisitely covered by Lessa, there was this.. and it was good.

In this post, Derrick and Cody have a chance to speak privately in the beginning and the end.. In the post that will follow, Derrick and Victoria will have that same chance.. 

Cam 3
Derrick and Cody

Derrick: She says to me in the bathroom, "Did you throw that comp?" I'm like, "Are you f'in kiddin' me? I was up there 20 minutes longer than you were. How'd I f'in throw it?" She's like, "you just stepped off." I'm like, "I couldn't feel my hands.  I was waitin' til it went low, and then I jumped off."  I'm not gonna jump off from 10 feet in the air.
Cody: She said that?
Derrick: She said it right to my face. Pissed me right the f*ck off.

Kitchen Area
Victoria, Derrick, Cody

Victoria: (teasing) Well, I guess the only way to break the Hitman alliance is to win the comp tomorrow.  
Cody: I hope you're ready for another physical one.
Victoria: I'm ready.
Cody: Can you climb up a wall?
Victoria: It's my only chance!

Cody: Only way to break up..  (loud and happy) That is so epic that she just said that!!
Victoria: (muted) hehehe.. You lovin' it?
Cody: You don't understand!  We're in an alliance that started on the second day and made it to the finals! Like, we're the final 3.
Victoria: (nods silently, still with a smile on her face)
Cody: Not a lot of people do that.
Victoria: Nope.
Cody: Victoria, you're a girl that was part of it.  You were the Hitmen's little sister.  I don't understand why you're not happy about that.
**errrrrm.. What's she supposed to do? Jump on the table, do a little dance and say thank you so much for bringing me to final 3 so you can cut me?
Victoria: No, I am extremely happy!
Cody: You were literally our little sister.
Victoria: I'm .. I'm..
Cody: I know you f'in hated him..
Victoria: hahaha
Cody: ..but he protected you for this entire time.
Victoria: I never hated him!

Cody: And honestly, I was gonna have a conversation, cuz I was very mad at you for being pissed at him, and he made me not do it.
**it's interesting..  Since the Hitmen are out, this secret between Derrick and Victoria is the only one remaining.. apart from Derrick's job..

Cody: and he was like, "Do not go and talk to her."
Derrick: nah, we were good.

Cody: And I was pissed.
Derrick: We've kissed and made up.
Cody: You kissed and made up, but he protected you.  No one was allowed to go near you. At all.  In this game.  Like, your name couldn't come up.  You were never goin' home.  There was never even  an option where Victoria was goin' home.
**Cody.. just  take a moment to think about the words you're speaking right now...

Derrick: You need a hug now?

Victoria gets her hug..  The public freeze out is over.

Cody:  There was never an option.. and you know what?  F*ck me if I'm sittin' in the finals with me and him?  I hope you vote for me!
Derrick: heh
Cody: But! He f'in protected you for this entire game. And.. so did I.  I did it too.  I protected you as well.  I didn't put you on the block..

Victoria:  Hopefully I wont be the one voting.  I wanna be sitting in those chairs. he! hehehe!  I know it's not your plan, but..

Cody: I mean, essentially you know that this is my guy.
Victoria: Yeah, I know..
Derrick: ..smoke me in the mental.
Cody: There is no more mentals.  The last mental comp is the 3rd one.  This next one is a complete physical challenge. Again.  It's like, you're not gonna get luck.. You're not gonna do this.  You're gonna have to win it and earn it. Which is what the final 3 comps are.. always.
Derrick: I can't believe we did the wall for final 3 HoH.. That just goes to show you, we don't know shit.
Victoria:  mm hmm
**tell me about it!

Derrick: They've never done that.
Cody: It's always.. Heath said Endurance.
**brief fishies at the mention of Heath.

Derrick: I'm just excited to be here.  I mean, we all should be pumped.
BB: Victoria, please come to the Diary Room.
Victoria:  I mean.. i mean..
Cody: I mean, I mean what?  You got to the Final 3 with us.  It's not like I ever backstabbed you.  He never backstabbed you.
Victoria: No, not backstabbed..
Cody: There's never been a backstab ever.
Victoria: That is true.

Derrick: We wanted to hang out with ya.
Cody: Always.  It was never I don't know what.  You were probably one of the most sincere girls in the house..  Of the few that were sincere, which I don't think were any, minus Jocasta.. I mean obviously you know..
Victoria: She threw garbage everywhere. I don't know how sincere that was.
Cody: I'm not gonna talk bad about my girl Brittany, obviously, or my girl Amber.

Victoria: Alright, do me a favor, I'm going to the DR.  Can you just check that that thing doesn't get burnt?
Cody:  Yeah.
Victoria:  Thanks. (off camera)  I'll be talkin' bout the Hitman alliance!
Derrick:  (softly so she can't hear) Keep sayin' it.  It's actually givin' me a chubby.
**eww. Derrick. I know that was for Cody's benefit, but.. ew. You're better than that.
Victoria: (off camera) I actually like the name.  It's catchy!
Derrick: Isn't it?!
Victoria: Yeah!
Derrick: You think the fans like it?
Victoria: Nah, they hate it.
Derrick: Prob'ly.

9:49pm We hear the DR door close behind Victoria.

Derrick: You're getting smoked in the mental.
Cody: Dude!
Derrick: Gonna smoke her.
Cody: I'm dead ass serious.. Like, right now I'm trying to keep from being giddy, because like, I don't wanna get overwhelmed..
Derrick: I'm gonna smoke her.
Cody:..but like, Dude, it is not even a thing.
Derrick: I'm gonna smoke her.  The only one who's at my level as far as mental is you.
Cody: I f'in lost in the mental challenge, and the only person who was close to my Veto mental challenge was you.
Derrick: yeah.
Cody: The face Morph?  The only person that was close..  That's another mental competition.  We had to sit in front of this wall and study..
Derrick: But you do think it's gonna be a mental, don't you?
Cody:  It's gonna have physicality to it.
**I'm wondering if Derrick means to try to throw it.. Since they will not be able to see each other compete - it's always done separately - throwing this one would be quite difficult.

Cody: ..which is gonna make her be f*cked.
Derrick: I'm just hopin' it's a rock wall..
Cody: Bro, every one of em.. SHe was talkin' about season 14's.. and then you were just talkin' about season 13's..
Derrick: Well, one was a rock wall.
Cody: Season 13 was goin' underneath it.  Season 15 was a rock wall. There's no straight mental competitions any more.

Derrick: It's gonna be me and you sittin' in those chairs. I promise youBecause honestly, if I'm not, she'll probably take you.
Cody: She'll never beat me.
Derrick: So for my own..
Cody: She'll never beat me in the end.
Derrick: Well that's..  Sometimes it changes. 
Cody: Which is what made me a little.. I was out there and I was like, is he f*cking serious?
Derrick: no.

Cody: I was like, do you think you even have a f'in hair of a doubt?  I didn't have a hair of a doubt.  I was just a little frustrated.  I was like, is he f'in kidding me that he thinks he's gonna lose to her?  Dude.. you're f'in literally in every HoH competition, the top 3. 
Derrick: No, I'm gonna beat her.  I promise.
Cody: You're not just gonna beat her.  You're gonna smoke her.
Derrick: I promise. I'm gonna smoke her.

Cody: You and I are gonna sit there.  We're gonna give the opposite answers every time.  We're gonna get to watch the 7 things that they're gonna show us.  We're gonna see how dicked the jury is, and we're gonna sit in the 2 seats, and they can be as mean as they want..  You and I are gonna say, "you can be as bitter as you want.   I'm not gonna let any of you punk me, because if he wins 500k, it's just as good as me winnin' 500k."

Derrick: I feel the same way.
Cody: Our f'in Hitmen..
Derrick: She's already sayin' it..
Cody: And the thing is, Hitmen is gonna rattle for everyone.. Once Caleb brings that to jury, dude.. It's even better than us revealing it..
Derrick: They're all gonna say, "Motherf*cker.  They were workin' together the entire time."
Cody: It's gonna be 80 times better..
Derrick: They were workin' together the entire time..
Cody: Dude, our f'in alliance was THE best thing that his this game.
Derrick: Even Chilltown didn't get to the Final 2 together.
**cue the haters..

Cody:They started early right?
Derrick: Yeah.  And Renegades.. I don't know when they started, but they made it to the final 2.
Cody: BUT.. It was a completely different game.  Like, honestly, Renegades?  I feel like Dan coulda snagged somebody.  Like, if I was in a final 2 with anybody but you?  It would've been a lot tougher for me to get to this point.
Derrick: Right. We definitely had each other's back..  I mean, dude, you won 3 PoVs, 2 HoHs, and I won 4 HoHs.  Think about how many competitions that is.
Cody: And granted, if I was in a Final 2 with Frankie?   Would it have held true? No.
Derrick: No, it wouldn't.  No, cuz we're just loyal dudes.
Cody: If I was in a final 2 with Caleb, would it have held true?  No.  He flipped on Frankie!  Frankie used the Veto on him in week 9!
Derrick: Nah..

Cody:..and the kid flipped on him 2 weeks later.
Derrick:  We're just loyal guys.  That's all it is.  That was funny with.. in there.. I know what you got asked, but I was (we hear the DR door close as Victoria comes out) prodded.. (to Victoria)  I know you're all excited.. but don't talk about it.  She said not to talk about it.  (to both) I just said to her, are we gonna be able to find out which family members, and she was like, I couldn't tell you who's coming, but I..
BB: Derrick, Cody, you are not allowed.
Cody: HEY!!
Derrick: Yes, Cody, stop talking about it!
BB: ..to talk about Production.
Cody: Hey, come on now! I didn't say a word.
Derrick: I'm not gonna say anything.. Let's just put it this way.  They'll be there.
Cody: I don't care what happens..  I'm going to be crying, cuz if I see anyone of my family, I'm gonna be hysterical.
Derrick: It's a wrap.



Blogger Robin said...

In less then a week Derrick gets to see Tenley :)

September 18, 2014 at 9:18 AM  

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