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Saturday, August 2, 2008

While They Lay Sleeping

Good Morning, Big Brother Lovers! Happy Saturday! Am I really awake, or am I still dreaming?

It's 11:00am in the Big Brother 10 house, and all the inmates of the asylum are still asleep. BB is cutting them some slack this morning. After all, they were up all night with the PoV comp and the fighting and such. They've got to be exhausted!

Last night on the live feeds was beyond intense. It officially became an insane asylum in there. Please scroll down to get up to speed. Also, make sure to check out DishCaps for even more great pics.

Everyone but Dan, Memphis and Ollie got embroiled in the madness. These 3 were notably calm and collected throughout. It was perhaps the smartest move all of them, especially Memphis, could make: let everyone around you implode, and stay the hell out of it. Ollie, however, did manage to use April's aggression and the relative privacy of the HoH room to their mutual benefit, eventually.

The next several days promise to be quite explosive, what with all out war declared between Jessie, Libra and Keesha, to name a few. If you've been holding out on getting the 2 week free trial to the live feeds, now would be a truly excellent time to take advantage of it.

I'm gonna crawl back in bed now and wait for BB to wake them. ;) In the meantime, Look Who's on Ebay!



Blogger GaYToR said...

Carolyn, no rest for the wicked as they say. DishChicks will get their rest after the season finale. Not before. But we can all blame CBS/AGP for that I guess. Hopefully some day it will change. I really miss not getting to see the feeds when I can't be around.

Carolyn, are your nails short? I know what a problem I have typing since I do nothing else around here and can't wear press-ons. Besides, this is New Orleans. Everyone is expected to be strange. My Dr. doesn't even look at me funny anymore.

julie, I may have missed your comment last night but I was looking at Steven's stuff this AM and WOW at the prices that stuff is going for. He already sold the undies he actually wore on the show. The ones up now are just 'identical.' The only way I would pay a penny over retail (if that, I wait for sales) would be if he comes here and models them for me, then takes them off and signs them in front of me while I ..... nevermind.... keeping it clean.

11:30+ AM BBT! Come on BB. Get them up. Carolyn is ready for them.

HEY EVERYONE! Dishchicks are doing one heck of a job as always but even more this year without the help of live feed caps. Fill that TIP JAR!


August 2, 2008 at 11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

everyone's sleeping! hehee.. i'm the first to comment. LOL. hope everyone's doing well after the big fight last night. i went to bed early and woke up around 3 am and stayed up chatting and then... BOOM! FIGHT.. FIGHT... FIGHT... JERRY, JERRY, JERRY! LOL. hahaaa


August 2, 2008 at 11:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carolyn..phew!! Though I lost you on explorer but I figured Mozilla was the way to go and get my heapin helpin of the Dish. What happened?

What a night last night...I need caffine too!


August 2, 2008 at 11:41 AM  
Anonymous Michigan Man said...

Good afternoon all. I made until about 5:30 this morning then couldn't hold out any longer. I can't believe

Memphis is up!

that they had more stuff to argue about after the comp. Michelle and the unitard...really Michelle? To even suggest that you would quit because you have to wear the unitard, a time honored Big Brother piece of clothing, that's as bad as fighting over who said what to who.

August 2, 2008 at 11:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband tivo'd after dark last night and is just watching it now. Its funny now, after seeing it live last night, reading all the great comments here and rewatching how not one of these hg's remembers what they really said. And Libra and Keesha are so caught up in their own lies they don't see that Ollie and April are listening to Jesse and working with him. What was that comment in the HOH when April told Jesse and Michelle that they HAD to win POV? I wonder who April was pushing them to win to nominate in place of Jesse? It was uncomfortable to watch that last night, and it's uncomfortable to listen to it again. These people are CRAZY and we are crazy too cause we can't stop watching!!!
Have a great day all :)

August 2, 2008 at 11:54 AM  
Blogger JulieB said...

Gaytor....I think those undies are the same ones he posted before. He had to change the title cause you can't sell used underwear LOL

Wow I can't believe how well Steven's stuff is going bid wise. He definitely will have his down payment for a new vehicle.

Brian has the sock puppet up...way cute!!

I love BB but I just cannot afford to buy trinkets for that kind of cash. Besides, hubby to be might have a problem with that.

If I was authentic Rocky Horror stuff, I'd win the argument hands down :) (and I must say I think MTV doing a remake is sacrilegious.)

I'll just keep some of those pennies to myself, send more to the tip jar and save for a trip to New Orleans. I want to get some Mardi Gras masks and do the vampire tour and just soak in the ambience. I also want to do a trip to Ireland...one day in my lifetime.

August 2, 2008 at 11:58 AM  
Blogger JulieB said...

It's Noon and THEY'RE UP!!

Let the fun begin :)

August 2, 2008 at 12:06 PM  
Anonymous charlie said...

in keeping with bb10 regal tradition:

Good Effin day to all you f*ckin bloggers!

Let me start by saying i was lucky enough to stumble onto this website last yr, my first for BB, so ive never been to another BB site, and have never felt the need to. Becuase dishchicks rock. Carolyn, Dawn, ReporterX, whose name i dont know, are simply the best, and the bloggers are top shelf!!!

I am soooo happy the hgs didnt vote jessie out last week, he stirred the pot tremendously last night and in his position he did really well.

Having said that he can go now. These emotionaly bulimic women will continue to bing and purge their way thru this, needing only the slightest stimulation from here on out.

I know it presumptuous, but for TRD's weekly recap, im already humming "ring of fire" by johnny cash!!

Epic show last night made all the more enjoyable by this site thanks everyone

August 2, 2008 at 12:07 PM  
Anonymous scottdish said...

Wow!! Fantastic job Carolyn, staying up to find out who won the POV! We really appreciate it! Last night was sincerely riveting! Loved Keesha telling Jessie off, Libra was hilarious! Jessie sorry...looks like your going back to Wendy's for a 99 cent value meal :)

August 2, 2008 at 12:08 PM  
Blogger Becky aka mom aka tata! said...

Gaytor you put a smile on my face everytime I read the comments! Thanks!!

August 2, 2008 at 12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn,

Thanks for the help last night. This is working sooo much better!!


August 2, 2008 at 12:09 PM  
Blogger Ry said...

I feel like I need a choke collar everytime GayTor gets sexual. Wait a sec, he's just gonna turn that sexual...dang u Gaytor!

Sorry for the book but I just have a few things to get off my chest, besides Gaytor :)

Libra April Keesha - Finally the group is imploding! Libra, have fun trying to be the quiet person in the background now, lol. Keesha, I love ya but you need to start being quiet. Ears are perking up and u are quickly looking like a nice target. Shhh! April...hold on, I got a lot for her.

April, I sooooo don't like you. My respect for you went away faster than Ollie's stains. You deserve a free week next week since you've had a crazy week? Screw you! I hope you go out 6 -0 next week. She gets my blood boiling. And I know it was a smart move to put Jessie up, but I lost a bit more respect for her by doing this and breaking her word to Michelle. Whoever gets HoH next week, if they put up both April and Libra, they will be my next fav HG. This whole "OMG, I can't believe she is talking to him, GALLL! We should look at her all mean and be bitchy to her!" UGH...Mob Mentality needs to stop like yesterday!

Michelle Memphis Jessie ~ She's a tough cookie. Bit of a whiny brat with the Uni, but I am starting to like her. Memphis, you are playin the game smart by being non-existant, lol! Jessie...Peace Out Tool!!

Jerry Renny Dan Ollie ~ Congrats on winning PoV Jerry, now it's time to being scared crapless into not doing anything by April n Libra. Dan n Ollie, you two being in the background is very smart right now, let's keep it that way. Renny, I heart you. I hope ure around till the end!

Thanx for indulging me with my book writing. Enjoy the feeds today everyone!

~ Ryan ~

August 2, 2008 at 12:13 PM  
Blogger GaYToR said...

Charlie, Good Effin Morning to you too. Ya wanna do it now? I'm ready for you any time studmuffin. ;P

Julie, you forgot the most important thing of all about a trip to New Orleans. Come to see me perform.

I have a good fiend (spelling intended) that does Tours. I could get you a freebie.

YAY! They are up, and with very little music we can tell by the short fishies show. Let the bloodbath start!

Good grief. The first words I hear are from Michelle. Something about she should leave the f'ig house. Can she get through a complete sentence without dropping that bomb?


August 2, 2008 at 12:19 PM  
Anonymous Michigan Man said...

Time to wakey wakey and shakey shakey hands and start those fake apologies. Then April has to get to work to convince the mob that they really need to get Memphis out, because after all it is her decision and no other matters [call that Keesha's rule]. Jerry has no power with the VETO just a target on his back for next week if he uses it.

You do have to love Jerry though. If he knows it or not, I don't think he does, he causes more trouble to the mob and himself. A couple of those fights wouldn't have continued if he hadn't brought it back up. The whole going and telling on Memphis for his color commentary on the girl fight. What are you thinking Jerry? Memphis is already up on the block, the target, he doesn't care. I am loving Memphis's game though, he is so slick. He plants those seeds of doubt like Renny and just watches them blossom.

Can't see why Michelle was so upset, I think she looks good in the uni.. Plus she matches the fridge lol.

Last thing, will April backstab someone at POV ceremony or get over it, get Jessie out, and just wait til next week? I think Jessie is dead but with these hamsters, who knows.

August 2, 2008 at 12:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charlie you are too funny!


August 2, 2008 at 12:31 PM  

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