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Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Frank Discussion Between Rachel and Adam, Porsche & Rachel ReConnect and a Mini Adam-o-logue

10:08pm BBT

Rachel: Good job today, Adam.
Adam: Yeah, but unfortunately, it wasn't good enough. Throwin' those f'in goggles.. I know that probably just const me 50 or 500.. cuz.. I know you're probably not gonna wanna take me, right? You can be honest with me.. It's fine.
Rachel: I mean.. Dead honest? I.. made a deal with Porsche to.. take her to the final 2 if she won.. and.. I'm scared, because I think that if I take Porsche, she might beat me?
Adam: Well, I tell you what.. If you win, and you don't take me? I will still vote for you.
Rachel: I feel really bad. It makes me wanna cry. Like, I hate this.
Adam: No, don't feel bad. I said it all summer... that I would vote for the person who deserved it most, and you've definitely.. You've been playin' the game the entire season. You've...
Rachel: I've... I've been a target the entire season, Adam, and I have done nothing but like fight to be here.. I've always had someone gunning for me..
Adam: I know.. and I even told this to Shelly.. I know you're not gonna have Shelly's vote.
Rachel: I know.
Adam: Ans when I told Shelly I would vote for you, she was like, "Really? Why?" And I was like, "If Rachel makes it to the end, she earned her way there, so.."
Rachel: I won't have Shelly's vote, Daniele's or Kalia's.
***I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Adam: But..
Rachel: Regardless.
Adam: But if Porsche wins, the part 3? I'm not saying it to be mean, but I'll have to reconsider who to vote for, because to me, winning that final HoH is the most important.. so.. and I knew like, if I won, I was definitely taking you, because I knew that if I won and took Porsche? You would be upset with me, and probably not vote for me.. Brendon would probably upset with me that I didn't take you.. and I know Kalia and Dani are both voting for her.
Rachel: For Porsche?
Adam: Yeah.. they wouldn't vote for me over Porsche.. if I went up against you? I know I wouldn't have Brendon's vote for sure.. and I probably wouldn't have Porsche's vote..
Rachel: Well, and then..
Adam: I would have Jeff and Jordan's vote. Cuz I know that they won't vote for her..
Rachel: I know.. And I was thinking about it too, and if I did take you, you would have Shelly, Kalia and Daniele... and maybe Jeff and maybe Jordan.. and the Porsche, if I evicted her..
Adam: Oh no.. I knew when I lost.. that I just lost 50 or 500,000. So the only thing I could hope for is America's Juror.. which.. hopefully people respect an honest game.. keeping to the word.. I wanted to win.. Again, that's why I kept you around, because I wanted to be able to beat you. That's why I kept Jeff, because I wanted to be able to go in front of that jury and say, "Look what I did.. I went head to head with veterans.. I worked with them when I had to, I went head to head with them when I had to, and I beat them."
Rachel: And.. I didn't tell Porsche or you this, but if I win, I was gonna take whoever got 2nd..
Adam: Whoever won the 2nd part?
Rachel: (nods yes)
Adam: And that would've been my biggest argument too.. someone who earned their spot there.. and that's why I knew by losing today, that f'd me up.. But, hey, I've had a great summer.. I'm not gonna mope around.. I might get a little sobby at points, but just because I knew.. I wanted to have a position to win it, and I was in a position to win it, and I didn't. I'm not.. never gonna look back and say what if, what if, what if.. I am pissed off that I threw the goggles out, but whatever.. That didn't cost me 2 minutes... and 13 seconds. Bein' a smoker might have cost me 2 minutes and 13 seconds.
Rachel: hahaha
Adam: Bein' a smoker probably cost me at least a minute.. the goggles at least a minute.. so.. Even when I saw 6:03, I thought, I have a chance... And yeah.. I definitely would have put more stock in.. if I won, taking the other person that won the other part.. which is natural.. I mean it's.. This is what we've worked for.. You work to get to the different spots.. You work to get to 6 to play for the Veto.. You work to get to 3 to play for the finals.
Rachel: I mean, I obviously.. I wouldn't know what I was gonna do yet, because I haven't won...
Adam: Right.
Rachel: ..the 3rd part, and I don't know.. I mean.. I just..
Adam: Please don't feel bad about anything. You've earned your way here. You fought..
Rachel: I fought for 2 summers in a row.
Adam: 3 HoHs, 2 Vetos.. a veto when you had to.. I'm still not mad a Porsche for taking Pandora's Box. Cuz, even if she took Pandora's Box, Shelly or Kalia would've been goin' home.
Rachel: (nods)
Adam: So.. Cuz I wouldn't have voted Jordan out, and you wouldn't have voted Jordan out.. So we would've had the votes to keep her. And even.. My only regret of this entire game is.. Day 55.. When you and Jordan were at your lowest, and I turned my back on you guys for a minute.. Because it was just such a f'in whirlwind..

This is ongoing.. If you'd like to watch the rest on flashback, go to 10:16pm on feed 1 or 2..

**OK, this is where it becomes very obvious that I'm backdating so as to keep the blog clean of entries on September 11th.. save the memorial.

Skipping ahead to around 12:54am, Rachel tells Porsche that she was upfront with Adam about her promise to take Porsche to Final 2. Porsche is surprised by Rachel's candor with him...

Rachel: I just thought about that.. on all the blogs and stuff, it has our pictures still, and it's like Porsche, Rachel and Adam.. and then it's like..
Porsche: Final 3
Rachel: Exes over everyone's faces..
**or even faded out... ;)
Rachel: And then they're like..
Porsche: Probably predicting.
Rachel: Oh for sure.
***Well, here we do that rather subtly, by placement on the banner, but yes..
Porsche: They're like, well, the live feeders know that Porsche and Rachel have a deal.
Rachel: yes..
Porsche: And that they're at least making 50Gs this summer.. for being awesome!
Rachel: For being awesome... I felt so bad when I told him.
Porsche: I'm surprised he didn't ask me.
Rachel: He didn't?
Porsche: mm mm. mmmmm...
Rachel: Why'd you look at me like that?
Porsche: (smiling) You better have told him... cuz I'll find out.
Rachel: No, please, ask whatever you want. I told him. But just tell him like..

Adam returns..

Adam: They told me I had to wait til Wednesday to do any hair stuff..

The girls go inside.. and Adam launches into a mini Adam-o-logue...

Adam: Yes, America.. and Canada.. I sucked. Suck, suck, suck... suck. I made one stupid move in the game.. Cost me about a minute.. So it's now down to Rachel and Porsche for the half million dollars. Who deserves it more? Whoever wins that final HoH.. I'd be willing to give the money to. F*CK!!!

Adam can't sleep... and he's in agony..



Blogger justpinchme said...

That Rachel girl soooooooo deserves to win!

September 11, 2011 at 7:13 AM  
Blogger SnowdogBob said...

Sad to see Adam say "Who ever wins last comp". I guess Adam really isn't willing to make a decision in this game, just seems a cop-out to me, but with him being friends and/or allies with both it really makes sense too. I guess there's nothing new to learn before Wednesday's show unless Adam can swing Rachel or Porsche's mind.

I sure hope Rachel wins the last comp and makes it a moot point. Thanks for a great year of bloggng.

September 11, 2011 at 7:30 AM  
Blogger pixie said...

Awww Adam. So close. And I would so much rather have had a Rachel & Adam F2. Rachal will win no matter who she sits beside on finale night. That I'm happy about. Porsche said some really horrile things about Rachel that I can't get over. I just don't care for Porsche and wanted Adam to win the 50k.

Thank you Carolyn & Genie for your hard work. I've faithfully read the dish since season 8 when I found ya'll and it's still the best BB site out there.

Cajun Mamma set up a facebook group for anyone wanting to stay in touch. It's Watermelon Whag.

Have a fantastic Sunday.

Remembering 9/11 and all the sadness, loss and heroes that America had that day. God bless those who lost family & friends & God bless our first responders and all the other "regular folks" that became heroes that day.

September 11, 2011 at 8:36 AM  
Blogger Granite said...

Adam was very silly to tell Rachel he would still vote for her if she wins part 3 of the HOH and takes Porsche to the end. That pretty much guarantees Rachel will win if she sends Adam to the jury. She will have Brendon, J/J and Adam's votes. Good for Rachel but bad for Adam.

It would be stupid for Porsche to promise Rachel she will take her to final 2 and then take Adam. That would almost guarantee a win for Adam. She will not get J/J votes regardless of who she takes. Brendon and Rachel will be mad if Porsche evicts Rachel and they won't have any time to get over it. They will probably vote for Adam.

I would be shocked if we don't end up with a Rachel/Porsche F2.

September 11, 2011 at 9:23 AM  
Blogger Frank The Bear said...

Adam Adam. if you read this post mortem.. from BB that is... let them be the final example of why you need to quit smoking. At this stage of the game where competitions are the most important (more important than social game) you were unable to beat two non smokers..what does that tell you? That tells you the smoking does bad things to you; esp in endurance situations. Please stop smoking!

September 11, 2011 at 3:55 PM  
Blogger nonnydefago said...

Rachel has been The Big Brother Warrior this season.I vote that she wins and takes Adam with her.

September 11, 2011 at 5:09 PM  
Blogger P.J. Trpster said...

My curiosity and wonder is this. After all is said and done, the votes cast, the winner crowned, I wonder how the HG's in the jury feel after viewing the feeds, or shows.

Let us ponder, they give the crown to Porsche, and then later see how she tainted the food, (you know that assault with malicious intent in some universe as it was the only food the HNs could eat)

I seriously would like to hear the after thoughts of the jury. They don't have all of the story, they do not get to see the knife marks in the backs, ect.

If any of you bloggers here get a chance to interview one of the HGs about that issue, I would love to read it.

I also want to know why BB allowed it. Tainting a food to make another player ill is the same (to me) as decking them in the chops. It is worse even, as it can impact their ability to play in comps, and their health.

*Rant over*

I do wanna know though.

September 11, 2011 at 5:52 PM  

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