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Friday, September 14, 2012

BB14 Friday Night: 20 Questions With Dan & Danielle

BBDisher MarlaP just messaged me on facebook with this:

I was on flashbacks and came across Dan & Danielle playing 20 questions, Ian squeezed a few good ones in, but overall didn't want to play. Started about 9:10 on F3/F4 and thought I'd transcribe and share with you. I thought Danielle came up with some rather interesting questions, that Dan then in turn asked her too. Danielle only managed to get in 16 questions vs Dan who probably asked about 45.

***Thank you Marla!!  Here ya go, Dishers!

20 Questions With Dan & Danielle

Dan to Danielle:

1. Would you ever dye your hair blonde, pink, purple, etc?

No, One, I wouldn’t look good as a blonde, and I like being a brunette. The only other color would be black.

2. Favorite song you could listen to 24 hours a day?

These Days by Rascal Flatts

3. Favorite ‘Back that ass up song’?

Get Low, Yeah by Usher

4. Place you would get a piercing where you don’t have one?

Belly button again.

5. Best way to piss someone off?

Be sweet to their face, Kill them with kindness

6. White lights or Multi olored for your Christmas tree?

Multi for sure. I have a white tree with Multi lights and its so pretty.

7. Would you marry a non-christian?

No. My aunt married an athiest and its too hard. My faith is very important to me. it’s a deal breaker.

8. Would you change your religion for a guy?

Maybe, I’d go catholic, I believe in Catholicism, I believe what y’all believe. But no pro There’s 5 that wouldn’t be an issue.

9. If you could change 3 cast from this season, Who would you change and what kind of roles would you put in their place?

Frank for someone his age, athletic guy really into sports. Jojo for a girl that’s a mix between Jenn & Jojo. Jodi for a funny, older, motherly, not all in your face, Joe kind of girl.

10. Would you like to live in
a. a 1000 sq. foot home fully loaded, husband, kids, every things paid for, and you never have to work again
b. a 4000 sq. foot home, newest cars, same husband & kids but one of you has to work 70hr a week.

Small house.

11. Would you coach your kids sport.

Mhm. If they wanted me to. I don’t want to be too involved if they don’t want me to.

12. Are you a Republican or Democrat?


13. Would you ever date Jessie.

Not that he doesn’t have a nice body or isn’t a good lucking guy, From what I seen in episodes, they portray him as boastful. Doesn’t seem like a bad guy, but if he’s so full of himself it’s a turn off.

14. Favorite TV Show?

Dancing with the stars, Big brother clearly.

15. Worst thing you ever drank?

Four Horsemen.

16. Would you ever get a cosmetic surgery.


17. Would you sell 100lbs of drugs for $300,00 if you knew you wouldn’t get caught.


18. Would you eat your dogs liver if it was the best tasting thing?

Hell no, I couldn’t imagine eating any liver. You know the stuff processed through those things.

19. If you found a wallet with $1000, no id, in the street in the middle of time square, What would you do?

I’d ask the people around me if they lost a wallet, ask them to describe it, maybe wait 30 minutes to see if anyone came back.

20. What would you spend the money on?

Probably buy a purse, or some shoes. Might just save it.

Danielle To Dan:

1. If you had to choose between all boys or all girls?

All boys, (smirk) I’ll surprise you and say all girls. 1 girls enough, 2 girls are too many for me.

2. If you could pick your daughters hair color, What would it be?

Ginger. I don’t care as long as she’s healthy.

3. Picture your daughter, What does she look like?

Dark hair. Me, with a wig ha ha. No, I hope she looks like a mini Chelsea.

4. If you could choose one person to talk to that’s already died, Who would it be?

My Moms Dad

5. Why?

If he was still alive, things in my family would be totally different. He like, was the only one who kept people in line. For my mom and aunt, when their father figure dies, its way different.

6. How close are you & your mom?

Pretty close. But the wedding stuff put a minor riff, cause she sided with my sister on a lot of trivial things.

7. If you could’ve changed one thing from this season, What would you change?

The patio furniture outside. Or the bench around the chess.

8. *Side question from Ian:* Not even giving Jodi a chance to play?

No, I don't regret it. I liked all the other 15 people. I could see me & Jodi bumping heads.

9. If you could change one event that’s happened in here, good or bad, What would it be?

I would’ve rather gotten the money than the sushi party. So I could’ve given it to people I wanted to.

10. *side question from Ian: Who would you have given it to?*

You & Danielle. It would’ve been cool to be able to give away money.

11. If you could change 3 cast from this season, Who would you change and what kind of roles would you put in their place?

Interesting. I don’t know cause I liked everyone and didn’t have a problem with them personally. Change Boogie for Memphis. Add a funny girl. Change Jodi for a guy who played football.

12. PC or Mac?

Two years ago PC, Today Mac.

13. If your wife really had to work, and wanted to work, and had to travel, and she asked you to quit coaching to care for your kids and family, Would you?

If she really wanted to, In a heartbeat. You got to look at what she gave up. She let me leave on our one year anniversary to come here, for a 60 **75** day game show.

14. What do you think the audience thinks about me and Shane?


15. Are you a Republican or Democrat?

I actually don’t share my political beliefs. *Me either buddy* But I did go to a republican convention and a Romney rally.

16. If you had to live anywhere BUT Michigan, Where would it be.

South Carolina. Its nice.

- Marla



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