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Monday, April 7, 2014

BBCanada: Monday Morning Before the Veto Ceremony

Good morning, BB Lovers!  Happy Monday! This morning, the HGs are getting ready for the PoV Ceremony, during which Sarah will likely go up and join Allison on the block when Kenny Vetoes his nomination.

We've got some serious catching up to do from the weekend.. Allison MAY have found The Hidden Veto.  Erring on the side of caution, having not actually seen it, we do not know for certain.  We do know she found several clues for something, and one led her back into the war room. We do know she hid something in her Big Brother bag upon her return to the house.  Could it be the Veto that was released into the house? Absolutely, but again, we do not know for certain.

If it is, that could make for a very interesting turn of events either today or on Thursday during the double eviction!

Even without the hidden veto, Allison has propelled herself into a good position with the numbers in the house, so she's an unlikely evict sitting next to Sarah, who can only truly count on Kenny, Sabrina and Rachelle. Arlie's way too much of a wild card, and everything, including his own DR sessions, points to him having flipped on the First 5.   Heather and Company have convinced themselves that getting Sarah out is a huge move that disables their biggest threat: Kenny.  Meh. It's group think. 

At 9:30am, Heather calls Jon up into the HoH Room.  She feels bad, not about putting Sarah up, but that she knows, everyone knows, and Sabrina isn't suffering any worry over potentially going up. 

At 9:40am, Kenny seeks to confirm with Sabrina, Rachelle and Arlie that Sarah has their (including his) 4 votes.  Rachelle and Sabrina confirm solidly.  Arlie may have given Kenny a nod, but I heard him say nothing. Once Arlie leaves the room, Sarah says, "We just can't act suspicious, because if he thinks we're suspicious, then he'll flip for sure." Well, at least they know.

9:45am Arlie and Kenny are outside discussing the votes.  Arlie's trying to cast doubt upon Sabrina as the only vote he can see going astray..  Kenny's subtle, but he's not letting it fly. 

Kenny: To tell you the truth, she's worried about you, because you've been talking so much to the other side, and she's said basically the same thing you've said.
Arlie: Do you believe she trust Sarah more than she trusts Allison?
Kenny: I do. I think she'd stick with Sarah, just because there's been loyalty since day 1. Allison will go whereever she's safest, because she doesn't have the roots we do. I don't think this week is the week shes gonna do it.  That's what my gut's telling me, and my head.  If Sarah goes home, somebody f'd up, and I will go crazy. Jon's controlling Heather so much right now.. He's such an asshole.  Him and Adel.  They need to go.
Arlie: I hear that, man.
Kenny: I know that they're doing this to break me and Sarah up..
Arlie: If you'd been a fly on the wall for the conversations me and Sabrina had, you wouldn't feel this way.

OK.. As of right now at least, we can deduce that Arlie's voting to evict Sarah and he wants to pin the blame on Sabrina for the vote.  Kenny deduces the same.  Immediately following his conversation with Arlie, Kenny tells Sarah, Rachelle and Sabrina,  "I think he's flipped."

The feeds went to Hush Hush at 10:06am.  PoV Ceremony Time??

Disclaimer: I was away from the feeds all weekend, mourning the loss of our beloved GayTor who died moments before his wedding. I'm back updating today, in the spirit of "the show must go on..." which I believe Gaytor would have supported.  Hell, he'd be giving me crap for taking 2 and a half days off.  If you would like to add your thoughts or your wishes to Danny, GayTor's partner, please do so in this post: RIP GayTor.



Blogger Unknown said...

Hello Miz Carolyn,

Hello Dishers...

Yeah he would be giving you hell...yep... <3

Having a procedure today so won't "talk" until tomorrow...

Have a good Monday everyone...



April 7, 2014 at 8:52 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hugs, Pammmm!! Best of luck with the procedure. You're in my thoughts.

April 7, 2014 at 12:40 PM  

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