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Friday, March 21, 2014

BBCanada: Friday Afternoon Pre-Nomination HoH Talks

Good afternoon, BB Lovers!  As we rejoin our HGs, nomination talks are underway.. Some with Sabrina, some with Rachelle.. It's that kind of HoH. ;-)  In a nutshell, as of right now, Heather and Allison will be going up as nominees.  Allison has been guaranteed by both Rachelle and Sabrina that she will not be going home.  In the event Heather comes off during the PoV, Ika will go up.  In the event Allison comes off, someone else who is sure not to get evicted will go up. 

Half Room
Sabrina gives Allison a heads up..

Sabrina: I just want you to hear it from my mouth.  You're not going home.
Allison: It's Heather, right?  If anyone else goes up against me, I'm gone. I'm expendable to these people.
Sabrina: It wont be you going home.  And it's not the boys.  Do you get me?  Do you know who I'm talking about?
Allison: Ika?
Sabrina: Ok?  I'm telling you the backstory so you feel comfortable. If you stay on the block against Heather, it's Heather.  If you get yourself off... But you can't say a word. Please don't do this to me.  I will go home.
Allison: You can trust me.

Andrew tries to come in.  Sabrina tells him to go away, and asks Allison not to mention any of this to him.

Sabrina: When she talks to you, be like, I'm taking your word for it, and let her know you're not coming after her.. And if you win HoH, please go after the other 2 girls first.. and when I say the other 2 girls, I don't mean me and Sarah.  I know it sucks, but can you just trust me?
Allison: I do. And if she keeps me safe, I will not go after her.
Sabrina: It's Heather before anyone, and then another person.  And Adel swore he wont use the veto. If anyone he would've used it on Ika, but he swore on his Koran he wont.. because then he'd be screwed next week, if he was up.  And I will not vote against you, I swear.  Rachelle's not the type to dirty her hands.  If she was, she'd listen to Ika, not me.

From her conversation with Allison, Sabrina moves on to Rachelle..

Sabrina: It's smartest for you.  I don't want any blood on your hands.  I'm gonna say, and we're all aware that she's a much bigger threat than Heather is..
Rachelle: It's safe, it's not a big power move, but I think it's best for my game right now.  Did she say she was gonna take herself off?
Sabrina: Yes..
Rachelle: I think it might be smarter just to put Ika up.  Or I'd put up someone that I know wont go home.. like Arlie.. No one's gonna vote against him .
Sabrina: Win the f'in veto.
Rachelle: What if Andrew wins it?
Sabrina: Swear on everything that you will take out Heather.  I really trust that Allison wont put us up.

Rachelle: If I take out Ika this week, next week, who are they gonna go after?
Sabrina: I think they'd take out Heather for you.
Rachelle: I'm leaving it the same.
Sabrina: After we play the veto, then you decide.  100% we don't take out Allison.. It's either Heather or Ika.

Allison comes to have a chat.  Sabrina leaves.

Rachelle: I really didn't want to do this to you.  People know how much I hate this girl, and I want her gone. I am not a liar.  I swear to G-d.
Allison: I trust you.  I will not come after you next week..  I understand. It's easy to put me up, and hopefully, against Heather..
Rachelle: If you win the veto, I'll just put someone else against her..
Allison: You wouldn't put Adel up?
Rachelle: I think next week will be the week for that.  He swore he wouldn't use it this week.  I'm playing it safe this week, but I think it's the smartest for my game.

Allison: I can be useful. I'm a strong girl.
Rachelle: I promise.
Allison: You swear on your mom's life.
Rachelle: I do. 
Allison: I will not repeat a word of this.  I think we can be useful to each other.
Rachelle: I agree. We're both strong girls.

Allison: What happens if Heather wins the veto?  DO you have someone else in mind?
Rachelle: I do.  If it comes to that point, I'll tell you.
Allison: I'm assuming this person is someone closer to Adel.  WOuld he use it?
Rachelle: He promised he wouldn't.
Allison: I appreciate you being honest with me, and I'm gonna trust you.
Rachelle: I appreciate that so much.

And this...

..because their hair isn't goofy enough already.

Sarah and Sabrina
Red & White Bedroom

Sabrina's upset about Andrew's excessive attention toward Allison, and brush off of her.. And she wants Ika gone. 

Sabrina: It's better for Ika to leave this week.
Sarah: I know.
Sabrina: It's still a possibility. Andrew's like.. and he's making her sushi, and he told me not to eat the shrimp for the sushi.. and he's making all of them for.. and he slept with her?? And the night before that, when he left thew hammock, he said come sleep with me?  How do you say, come cuddle me, I'll spoon you all night.. Hence.. whatever.. And I said no.  They think they're so strong and mighty.. and they walk around here like they own the place. Newsflash: It's Ika and Rachelle that won the last 2.
Sarah: Either way.. The fact that Rachelle and I were final 2..
Sabrina: I wanted you to see your kids.
Sarah: And even Rachelle.. She is genuinely an amazing person.
Sabrina: Her heart is such a good heart.
Sarah: After she won, and she ran over and was teary eyed for me?  I 100% know that.  Honestly. I do. And stop.. you might not have to betray her.  You never know. 
Sabrina: I want Ika to leave this week really badly.. Theonnly thing is, I don't want to put her through that heart attack.
Sarah: Do you think it's worth me talking to her?
Sabrina: Yes.  But also explain to her what you just told me.. That Adel will use his power next week, and if Ika's gone, that's one less vote for him.

Kitchen - Sushi preparation and Chatter..
HoH Room - Sabrina's Homesick and Teary with Rachelle and Adel.

Sabrina gets to the point...

Sabrina: If Ika wins next week, we're f'd.  She's telling everyone she doesn't like you.  She's telling Sarah, if Rachelle was smart, she would put up 2 strong guys, but she's not smart.
Rachelle: She said that?
Sabrina: Yeah.  Sarah told me, she called her out on her bs.  Why do we have to keep this person in the game?
Rachelle: My only worry is it's takes away one week. I would do it, if they promise to take out Heather next week.
Sabrina: I really believe that can happen.  And I believe if she wins HoH next week, she'll go after us! I think.. it's best... If Ika leaves, then there's Heather gone.
Rachelle: You thnk they would do that?
Sabrina: I do.. because Adel has his power.  If you do this for them and take out Ika.. I said to them, if she does this for you and takes out Ika, Jon goes before her, and they said yes.

Neda comes in.. Sabrina brings her in on the Ika bitching and nastiness..

Neda: What is happening?! I hate this whole lying thing.. 

They bring her up to speed on the coming nomination.. "It's Allison and Heather, and Heather leaves."

2:33pm Jon comes into HoH, then Ika.. Sabrina returns to the "I miss my family.."

Ika: Rachelle, girl, I wanna give you your space..
Neda: What do you think it's gonna be.. the numbers?
Rachelle: (sings) Why soo shy...
Ika: You can't sing.
Sabrina: You have an amazing voice.
Rachelle: Guys, let's think.. What could those numbers be?  Think.
Neda: It reached 2 million.. They voted for something..
Sabrina: I think something got unlocked.  I think something that they've been voting for has finally been unlocked.
Neda: The lights were flashing like New Year's. Something got unlocked.. Like a power?  Or a room?   I think it's a power.
Ika: Is there floss in here?
Neda: I don't think so.

Sabrina leaves to investigate..  Neda, Rachelle, Ika and Jon remain. 

Storage Room
1st 5 + Allison

Sabrina: Has something been unlocked?  We were looking at the screen yesterday for a reason.
Kenny: The unlocking thing, with the key holes?  That's probably right on. 
Sabrina: It's always been keys, and this season we got Key Holes.. It has to mean something.

No one seems as intrigued by the mystery.. 

2:50pm -- Hush Hush...briefly.


Sabrina: G-d forbid anything, and Ika gets wind of it, guillotine.
Rachelle: Do you think I should talk to Andrew?  To tell him Allison's only a pawn?
Sabrina: I talked to him.. I told him.. She's strictly a pawn, 1000%...

Hush Hush..  Grrrr

HoH Room
Kenny and Rachelle

Rachelle: I looked Allison in her eyes and told her she wasn't a target.
Kenny: Would you want me to take Allison off and put Ika up (if I win Veto)?  And even if Adel's an idiot and takes her off, Heather goes home.
Rachelle: Yes.  I'd have to put her up.  As long as she goes home.  The only thing that could fck me, is if Adel uses it.  If he chooses to save her, then literally he has nobody.
Kenny: But he does do stupid things.. Look what he did with Kyle and Paul. I'm worried that this is a weird Canadian Veto that's gonna last for a while. He seems too confident.
Rachelle: He said himself that he knows Ika's gonna go.
Kenny: So the best thing to do, I think, is to take down Allison and put up Ika.  Allison is still a question mark.. Her coming into the game late?  And question marks are dangerous.
Rachelle: She told me to my face today, I am not Canada's Player.  Heather's like a nothing..  If you guys guarantee Heather next week..
Kenny: Exactly.. it's an easy week. Even if she goes this week, that's fine too.  She is a little sheister.  Ika would, I think, be the best target..  I swear I would go after heather next.
Rachelle: What about Andrew?  Do you think he'd put her up?
Kenny: Absolutely.  I don't even think I should tell Gordo about the Ika thing yet, because he's kind of close to Allison. 

Talk turns to Ika talking shit about everyone.. The main thing is making sure Heather or Ika don't win the PoV.

Timecheck -- 3:22pm
**OK.. We know the noms.. How bout we make them, BB? 

Please refresh this post periodically, and more info will magically appear...

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Blogger Sam said...

Hi Carolyn great job on the updates. And you predicted an Endurance challenge for HoH, well done. If Heather went home I wouldn't be disappointed :)

March 21, 2014 at 12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lies, scheming, backstabbing, cheating...awwwww...BB how I love you....

So excited for BB16 to start.....happy, happy dancing...


March 21, 2014 at 1:07 PM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hi Sam! :) Thank you very much! As for the Endurance prediction, no spidey senses needed when there are massive construction noises and the HGs are told not to get dressed up. ;-)

Hi Pammm! :) Soooon, my dear! Soon!

March 22, 2014 at 5:45 AM  

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