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Monday, April 7, 2014

BBCanada: Veto Ceremony Spoiler and Aftermath

Good afternoon, BB Lovers!☺

**CONFIRMED: Sarah has gone up as the ReNom.  She joins Allison on the block.

When last we saw our HGs this morning, Kenny had just figured out that Arlie was flipping to the other side, and he informed Sarah, Sabrina and Rachelle of the news.  In a talk with Arlie, where Arlie was trying to blame his coming hinky vote on Sabrina, it all became clear to Kenny.

Incidentally, Kenny said, rather pointedly in earshot of Arlie, that if one of the first 5 voted to evict another, he could never vote for that person to win.

Heather was mildly upset that everyone knew she'd be putting Sarah up, and that consequently she hadn't succeeded in making Sabrina suffer with worry over going up as the ReNom... once Kenny takes himself off. 

Then there's Allison, who may or may not have the hidden veto.  If she uses it today, forcing Heather to choose 2 new nominees, that'll confirm it. Otherwise, we simply don't know yet...

12:15pm - Feeds are back!  Allison remains on the block.  If she has the Hidden Veto, she did not use it for this PoV Ceremony.

Sarah and Sabrina

Sarah: I just have to think of a couple of good reasons (for Arlie) why it doesn't make sense to f*ck us.

Kenny and Allison
Storage Room

Allison: I know Sarah's your girl, and I would never expect you to vote her out over me.. I'm not even gonna ask.  I know who your alliance is.  You have the numbers.
Kenny: I don't know about that. There's whispers going around, and I have the feeling someone has flipped.  I'm so sick and tired of playing this game with people I can't say anything to, because I know they're just gonna turn around and stab me in the back.  It's exhausting.
**Welcome to Big Brother.

Kenny: I don't want to voice my suspicions yet, but if they're right, I'm gonna be livid, and I'm gonna be in this house, and I'm gonna go guns blazin'. There's nothing that will stop me from getting this HoH. Nothing.  And then we'll do some damage in this house.
Heather: I can't wait to watch it.
Kenny: I have a feeling you may be here to watch it.

Heather and Neda

A conversation between Heather and Neda confirms it: Sarah has gone up as the ReNom...  Adel pops in to tell them that Arlie's getting some heat from the other side, so he plans to lay low the rest of the week to try to dissolve the animosity.

Shortly after, Allison has a one on one with Heather in he HoH Room, pledges herself 100% to this new alliance, and lets Heather know that it's better if it remain secret, so she can continue to get information from the other side.

Arlie tells Sarah, "Honest to God, I love you in and out of this game. I don't have a choice." Sarah knows her goose is cooked.  She heads outside a few minutes later to tell Kenny, Sabrina, and Rachelle that Arlie has definitely flipped.  They have a good blowing off steam session, and then Sarah tells them the only possible way she might get Arlie's vote is if he feels guilty about certain things only the 2 of them have shared. Sarah tells them not to do or say anything. 

Arlie, Jon, Neda, Allison
Arlie tells the assembled why he made the decision to leave the 1st 5. Because of the strong bonds between Kenny/Andrew and Sarah/Sabrina, he felt like the low man on the totem pole.. and he didn't like Sabrina.  He then goes week by week detailing the actions of the 1st 5.. or Sabrina, to be more exact, since she was doing a good 95% of the leg work for the alliance.

If you're not already, please follow @BigBrotherDish on twitter for breaking BB news and commentary.

3:14pm -- I'm out for a bit.  Please mind the critters!

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☺ P.S. Though super easy for most to install, HMA has really helpful customer service for the less than tech friendly, like me..  If you'd like more info, I've got a How To post just for you.



Blogger Lulu (aka Stefanie) said...

Bummer, I love Sarah!! But if she has to go, I'd rather it be before jury, cause I know she is missing her kids. Hoping Kenny and Sarah can work a miracle...JMO.

April 7, 2014 at 10:12 AM  
Blogger Blue said...

"Hell, he'd be giving me crap for taking 2 and a half days off."

Yes, he would! ☺

XOXO to ya, Chica.

April 7, 2014 at 10:29 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Very good point, Lulu!

Hi Blueee!☺ xxoo!

April 7, 2014 at 12:42 PM  

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