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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kenny Tells the Whole House He's Gay

Good afternoon, BB Lovers! Well, he finally did it!  Amidst a very happy, honest time at the jacuzzi,  Kenny just came out to the whole house!

Kenny: F*ck it, I'm gay!
Neda: That's SO Cool!!!
Adel: Buddy, 100%?
Kenny: Swear to God..
Jon: Wow, I had no idea!! WOW!!!!

Honestly, I don't know who I'm prouder of.. Kenny for coming out, or the rest of the HGs for their honest and quite beautiful reception. This is their "favorite moment of the season so far," and I think it might be mine too.

Here's the clip.  The reveal happens immediately:

Video posted to youtube by Ben Kirschbaum
**You may notice I've placed a video from a different source. Why? It's much higher resolution, better angles, and you don't have to wait 9 minutes to get to the point... and the guy who posted it didn't plagiarize me for a whole season way back when.

I'll be transcribing a bit of it too... right below here. 

Heather: I'm so happy for you!
Allison: (big hugs)
Sabrina: Oh my God.. You should've been my best friend! Kenny!

Kenny: Well, I came into the game, I was a bartender, I was always good with women.. (to Allison) When you came into the house, and you knew Dalton, I was like, F*ck, she knows for sure!
Allsion: Nope.
Arlie: I was shocked that there weren't any gay people..
Allison: So was I!!!

Honestly, this is a must watch clip.. It's there for the taking.  Please give it a look. ☺ Once you're done, you may want to have a look at Andrew's reaction as it happened live on television as well: http://bigbrothercanada.slice.ca/watch/215831107775

And last but not least, here was Ika's reaction:

Obviously, Kenny's news takes over the rest of the afternoon... Spark up your feeds, folks!☺

If you're not in Canada, and you'd like to watch the FREE Big Brother Canada live feeds or participate in the show, you'll need to use a VPN to get around their geo-blocking.  I recommend HMA.  It's $11/month and worth every penny.   There are cheaper options, but they tend to be rather problematic and laden with malware.  Get going with HMA, and you'll be able to watch the feeds in HD, catch up on any episodes you've missed, participate in the show and have full access to the bigbrothercanada.slice.ca site.

☺ P.S. Though super easy for most to install, HMA has really helpful customer service for the less than tech friendly, like me..  If you'd like more info, I've got a How To post just for you.



Blogger nikkikole said...

Yay I finally have Google+ so I can finally comment on blog instead of just Facebook. Thank you for all you do Caro :)

April 9, 2014 at 11:47 AM  
Blogger nikkikole said...

Test test

April 9, 2014 at 11:48 AM  
Blogger CarolynBBDish said...

Hi Nikki! :0) Yayyayayayayyyy!!!!

April 9, 2014 at 1:54 PM  

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