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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Tuesday Nooner - Devin Campaigns and Free Froggy

Good afternoon, BB Lovers!  Devin's campaign to stay has just begun... If this is your first time on BBDish today, and you've been away from the live feeds as well, please have a look at the previous posts to get you up to speed with what's happened in the house in the past 24 hours:  Tuesday Morning Updates, The Overnight Report, PoV Ceremony Spoiler and Aftermath

OK?☺ Now let's peek inside the house and see what our HGs get into this afternoon... 

Camera 3

BB: Houseguests, the lockdown is over.  You are now free to go outside.
HGs: yayyyy!

Devin: I wanna just chat real quick.. real quick..

Without a word, Derrick follows Devin up the stairs and into the HoH Room they go.

Derrick: My blog is today. What's the word?
Devin: I've been thinking about this.. I know Caleb volunteered.  His words were, 'Well I have to protect Amber" to me.  God forbid somebody else won HoH and put you up.. I know you don't have a vote, but you have a lot of pull in this house.  I know you and Caleb could still be pretty close.  But, for your sake, if Amber was ever up on the block next to you, later in this game, he...

Derrick: I haven't talked to anybody about votes yet.  I know it's gonna start coming out in the next couple of days, and you're gonna know as well a I do what's gonna happen.  I'm not gonna try to influence them.  I think that's one of the mistakes you made, as far as trying to manipulate..
Devin: For sure.
Derrick: ..a little too much.
Devin: Yeah
Derrick: I don't have as much influence as you think.  I told them right out what I was planning on doing, but  ultimately, they could turn around on me, and vote Caleb out in a heart beat.  If aleb goes home 11-0, it wouldn't surprise me one bit. I've seen it happen.
Devin: I love this game, and I wanna be here.  As much as I miss my daughter..
**10 Squats!

Devin: Nothing's ever peachy keen all the way through..
Derrick; The one thing I'm not doing is campaigning against you.  People are like "what are you thinking," an I'm like the ball's in your court now.  I have no vote.  Ultimately I have no power.  If they decide to keep you, I'll be kissin' your ass next week.  I didn't mean to backdoor you.  It was an accident.
Devin: Just know I want to work with you later in this game, if I'm still here.

This is ongoing.. and good for Devin for doing something, but.. wrong guy. Go pitch to someone who can vote, dear.

Meanwhile, in the backyard, Jocasta and Donny are lowering the blinds per BB's request, while Donny hums and makes hand fart noises..

Donny: Thank you so much, Jacosta.

Victoria: You look stunning! Can I do your hair for live eviction?
Hayden: Sure.

They go outside.

Victoria: Isn't it stunning?
Donny: You look like a little 3 year old girl about to be in a pageant.

Jocasta: hahahaha
Victoria: I think you look gorgeous.
Hayden: Thanks, Victoria.
Victoria: You're welcome.

Camera 3
Victoria's getting ready for the day.. Cody's manscaping.. Jocasta is creaming..

Cody: I'm shaving my hair, because I think it's gross. Not gross.. It just grows in weird.
Christine: Well, it looks nice.
Cody: Well, that's a compliment I've never heard from Nicole. Never ever ever..

Devin's out in the kitchen.. so Christine is eating her breakfast in the bathroom, rather than having to listen to him.  Cody makes his morning hug rounds..
**Shame he can't make it through the computer.

Hayden: Victoria, I'm getting mixed reactions on the hair.
Victoria: Nicole, you don't like it?
Nicole: Absolutely not.  He's a guyyyy.  Jocasta, you think it looks good?
Jocasta: yeah..
Nicole: Maybe I need to reassess.  Jocasta and I usually agree.

Cam 1
Pool Table
Devin makes a go of it with Cody.
Devin: So, bro.. You know that i'm gonna have to campaign.. I'm not gonna trash anybody's name.  I just want you to think about this.  In my opinion, the biggest threats in this house right now are Caleb and Amber.  If there's ever a time where Caleb and Amber are on the block, and Amber gets the Veto, you know who she's usin' it on.

Devin: And same thing...when we went into this comp, Caleb said, I volunteer myself.. Me, I'm a lone wolf in this thing.  If I had won the Veto, I would've used it on Jocasta too. They're threats.. They're not a couple, they're a power attraction. The deal is, someone's goin' home if one of them wins the veto.  If I'm still here 2-3 weeks from now and we're able to talk, get a smaller group back together, I'm more willing to sit there and win.. Caleb's physical, but he can only do so much.  When you came to me and said, you were gonna vote for Zach to stay.. I said nothing.. Caleb went to you against my wishes..
Cody: I'll just be completely blunt.  With all the stuff that got stirred in the house, it's..
Devin: I've owned up to it.  I made a lot of mistakes.  My thing is, I've always been pretty straight up.  Everyone has to protect their game.  All I need is 6 votes. I don't think it's that hard..
Cody: I just think the toughest part is with all that went down.
Devin: If there's truly no alliance anymore, it should be a free-for-all.

Cam 3

Donny: What concerns me is Victoria.. 
Brittany: I think she will be the new Pao.  They'll use her to just keep putting her up and she'll do what she's told to do. 

Brittany goes inside to get some coffee..  Hayden comes over to Donny to get a surfer name..

Donny: Gnarly Nate?
Hayden: I like that..

Hayden goes immediately into a surfer version of his poet voice..

Hayden: Hey' what's up, little froggie?  I'm Gnarly Nate.
Nicole: I have very good news.
Hayden: What's that?
Nicole: I get to take off the costume to go in the pool.
Hayden: Take it Off! yayayaya! Comeon Froggie, take it off!
Brittany: You can do it! Put your  croak into it!
Hayden: TAKE IT OFF!!!

Nicole: Hayden!!
Hayden: hehehehehe

Brittany: I love how mad she gets at you.
Hayden: hehehe

Nicole's frog head flies into the pool..

Nicole: (happy) Oh no! I wont be able to wear it for at least an hour now..

Talk turns to Brittany's voice..
Hayden: Your dirty talk is probably outstanding..
Brittany: I've never done dirty talk.  I have to learn from you youngins..
Christine: Learn from me.  I'm the best dirty talker on the planet.  All the girls in my church, we're all super naughty.
Hayden: Nicole is a FREAK!

It gets racier from here.  I'm blushing..

**Saved by the bell - it's 1pm! The Nooner is now complete! ☺  Time for a wee bloggy break... Please mind the critters!



Blogger BoilerUP said...

Good afternoon! I am usually too far behind to post, but not today - yay!

Derrick's comment "I didn't mean to backdoor you, it was an accident"... how do you type the sound "kkch"?

(And from a super old TOR, Frankie said "Relax". Had to work hard to not choke on my coffee...)

Thanks for all your hard work and the loveliness that is you, which is mirrored in the sweet posts of the blog family!

July 15, 2014 at 1:13 PM  
Blogger BeeBelle said...

Derrick: "I didn't mean to backdoor you. It was an accident." LOLOL Whoopsy, sorry I slipped! I like Derrick a lot but that's just funny. He must know his audience because most people wouldn't have let that slide.

July 15, 2014 at 1:16 PM  
Blogger PamelaD said...

I literally laughed out loud (LOL) at that comment too.

Quick observation: Is spelling Jocasta's name Jacasta a typo or a dig on her that I can't figure out. LOL I keep saying it all different ways to see if there is a "double meaning", but if it's a typo, no biggie, I'll just stop looking for a hidden meaning. ;)

July 15, 2014 at 4:52 PM  
Blogger cadd1122 said...

I hope that H/N are able to bring Christine and Donny into a state of trust. If Donny shared his TA status and alliance it might be just the show of trust Christine needs to leave the BS remnants behind. It would show that two BS members were secretly also in TA and could have ulterior motives. BUT the new 4 would HAVE to keep it down so low for a couple weeks. I think thats possible too. H/N already hang as do C/N and H/D so there's little need to reconvene as the 4 often. JUST TRUST. I think Donny realizes that TA members are all truly out for themselves no matter how strongly Derrick tries to convince otherwise. In fact I think Derrick is misleading himself (and us) on that. Cody (&brit) are his true alliances whether he names that aloud or not). With the TA knowledge the new 4 would have brigade-ish hands and ears in all the house. Christine could manipulate the BS remnants (the Leftovers is better than detonators which is def gonna blow up too). Donny could reinforce Christine via TA. Hayden's fringe membership with the guys could reinforce Donny's position. Nicole would be believed to be in check via D/H/C on all counts so shed likely be safe. And N/D would have access and influence over the other houseguests. That four would never BE brigade"ish" because their power would be soft and precarious until jury.

Derricks feeder comments are too contrived for my tastes. It's like he wants to convince himself as much as us. I feel like just talking openly would be more convincing to me as a viewer. ED and Frank's conversations seemed more "real" or truthful. Derrick has too many alliances for me to believe he even knows himself who he is true to. I think it's whoever has the most pull votes-wise. He's spread too thin and he went into deep cover mode over trying to maintain the BS. He's blown. He needs to extricate himself from that group and start over. But on the inside it's still working so my armchair analysis might be biased.

Still holding hope for Operation Blindside Caleb but it looks like a fail. I won't be sorry to see Devin go, I just want to see something happen besides the BS plan.

Thanks Caro for all you do.

July 16, 2014 at 11:41 AM  

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