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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday Afternoon: Donny Begins his Campaigning

At 2:30pm on Camera 1 and 2, Donny came to Frankie looking for the promise of his vote.  Frankie told him he's on board if Donny can get 1 more, and he advises Donny try to flip Caleb.   Donny then goes and talks to Caleb, but not game.. Frankie advises Derrick of his conversation with Donny.. And the Donny campaign watch begins.. Spark up your feeds, folks. 

The transcript follows.. 

Cam 1 and 2
Donny: Is there any way to save a member of uh Team America?
Frankie: Do you have any tricks up your sleeve?
Donny: I don't have any..  All I have is.. the only thing is.. America voted for us.
Frankie:  Not with me.  You know me. You don't have to convince me.  I've been trying.
Donny: Well, that's what I'm saying..
Frankie: I have been trying.
**I know you have, Frankie.
Donny:I'm hearin' that I just need to talk to you.
Frankie: From? (derrick?)
Donny: mm hmm
Frankie: Well, I have been trying.  The only person I think you maybe could sway is Caleb. . and if you get him on board, then we're good, but I feel like in order to do that you have to come up with something.. a rabbit in your hat. 
Donny: (inaudible)
Frankie: Like.. being military or something.. You know what I'm saying? I feel like he wants the truth from you..
Donny: There is no truth to be..
Frankie: I know.
Donny: I mean, I could come up with.. We could come up with a lie, but.. I am the truth.
**the way and the light.. I know this because people keep insisting it's so.

Donny: And see, the military, I couldn't lie, because he.. (***fishies)
Frankie: I mean I certainly have tried. I've really tried. 
Donny: I talked with Derrick that night and he said, go talk with Frankie...
Frankie: (inaudible).. he's your best bet.
Donny: Caleb?
Frankie: I think so.

Donny: The thing about it is, I hadn't asked anybody besides the 2 of y'all, because I didn't want y'all to think I was campaignin' against ya'll or nothin'..  I want ya'll to be aware of it if I did..
Frankie: Right, and if you do, I would say, leave our names out of it.
Donny: Yeah. Absolutely.
Frankie: That would be my thing that I say to you.. if you can pull him aside at some point and try it. 
Donny:  Ok.  Alright.  I understand it is only a game and ya'll have to do what ya'll have to do..

Frankie: No, but if he comes to me and says, "Listen, I think we should keep Donny," then I'm like,  Ok, Great.

Donny:  America has...
Frankie: Believe me.. You don't have to sell me. You have to sell other people.
Donny: So are you sayin' that if I leave, I'll still leave with your vote?
Frankie: Um, I would probably want to vote with the house, but I'm telling you you have my vote if you get 1 more. 
Donny: (inhales)

Frankie: I know.  I know.   All you can do is try.  That's all I've done.
Donny:  Well, I appreciate the honesty.
Frankie: Of course!

After this conversation, Donny does go and spend several minutes chatting with Caleb in the Living Room, but not game talk..

Cam 3
Derrick and Frankie

Frankie tells Derrick about the conversation with Donny..

Frankie: Basically I said, it's not looking good,  and he said, "can I still have your vote?"  And I said, "No, Donny, I have to vote with the majority of the house."  And I said, "Umm, if you want to try,  I would try Caleb.  If you convince him, and Caleb comes to me and says 'we have to keep Donny,' then, obviously, I'm on board."
Derrick:  We talked and I told him, I don't think you have the vote, and he said, yes, but if you vote for me, I only need 2 more.  He's like, "Where's Frankie at?"  I'm like, you need to talk to Frankie. I'm not gonna speak for him.

Frankie: I said, I'm not gonna vote for him unless we have a 3rd vote... and the only person that I think would potentially maybe.. is Caleb.  So I said, If you wanna go talk to him, then go for it, but leave me and Derrick's names completely out of it.  And if he comes to us, then I'm on board, but there's nothing else I can do for you.  I've tried. And I'm done.
Derrick: You really have to.  It's not like you're lyin' to him.
Frankie:  I know.
**he really has.. and to the detriment of his own game with all of the other guys.

 And the Donny - Caleb watch continues...

Cam 1 and 2

Donny comes to assist Frankie doing dishes.. They have a thing about softly talking game over running water.
Frankie: Any luck?
Donny: Not yet. (inaudible)
Frankie: Those are all valid points.. He would have to be the one to initiate it.. coming to us.  Jus tplease leave our names out of it..
Donny: I would not nominate you or Derrick.
Frankie: I know. 

Frankie: Did they lock it down about noon?
Donny: 9 minutes before.



Blogger pixie said...

Donny, you have lots of fans pulling for you! Put the mist on Caleb!

August 27, 2014 at 3:27 PM  
Blogger TripL in Cen FL said...

Hi Caro I guess I'll get back in front of my live feeds just as soon as I put the cake for tonight's party in the oven. I'm running a little behind time this evening since I've just spent over an hour picking snow crab out of their shells. By the time I finally finished 2 clusters I was too tired to eat what I had floating around in the butter. Believe me I did force myself , but I did eat.
Now about the 3rd vote for Donnie why doesn't Derrick just tell his shadow Vic to give him her vote. Maybe he's waiting until just before the vote so she doesn't let on to Nicole.
I'm so over Frankie's crawling all over the boys. Even more so over Christina. Her laugh makes me cringe and it's constantly heard when actually nothing is funny or sometimes even happening. Her actions with Cody are way way out of line. If I were Tim I'd be speaking with an attorney for a big surprise when she leaves the bb house. That's how much I feel she's gone well beyond her boundaries. Maybe that's why I've been divorced over 21 years. I gave him enough rope and sure enough he hung himself. In my opinion Christine should be the next to be evicted.
This isn't getting our dessert baked, see you in an hour.

August 27, 2014 at 3:50 PM  
Blogger Grendon said...

@zztop from TOR

Before jury started every evictee was asked in the exit interview who they thought was playing the best game. They all said Derrick. Along with that, almost everyone has said that if Derrick was in F2 he would have their vote. I think that what he is doing is definitely being recognized by the other HGs. And, even when people know they have been manipulated by him they still seem to like him. There are still a few weeks and things could change but if he was sitting in the F2 right now, whether the vote was based on game or popularity, I don't know if anyone could beat him.

August 27, 2014 at 3:53 PM  
Blogger sistershare said...

I think if they evict Donny then CBS should call a halt to Team America missions because if they don't it would be a travesty. After all Frankie and Derrick have led to cause to get Donny out for weeks. I would hate to see them profit from Donny's demise.

August 27, 2014 at 5:27 PM  
Blogger Lisa said...

Sorry to be impatient but really, if they want to flip, tell Victoria how to vote

August 27, 2014 at 6:15 PM  

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