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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cody Wins Final 4 PoV: Confirmed!

In case you missed it last night when the feeds came back on, Cody won the All-Important Final 4 PoV.  He will be the sole vote to evict either Caleb or Victoria during the Live Show tonight.  It looks like they may have been actually playing for PoV between the times the east and west coast were viewing the Tuesday show. 

Here is the transcript and pics of the confirming moments...

Camera 3
Living Room

BB: Cody, please go to the Diary Room.
Caleb: There he goes. 
Cody: There it is..
Off he goes to the DR.. 

Victoria takes a seat in the living room, looking particularly adorable this evening..

Cody returns 2 minutes later on Camera 1, as BB has told him to retrieve his PoV necklace for his DR session.. We see him take it off the wall..

Derrick: Oh, excuse us.. The Veto.

Caleb: The only way I could compete with that is if we had an HoH necklace.  Oh wait, we do.. Derrick's got it on.
Cody: Zing!
Caleb: Zing! hahaha

Derrick: I would trade one of my HoHs for a Veto.
Caleb: I would too. We both have 4.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Derrick going to throw the final hoh? If Victoria somehow eon she'd take him. If Cody won, he'd likely stay loyal & take him & Derrick would be guaranteed to get Victoria vote. While Cody likely would win vs Victoria, he doesn't seem like the type who turn on Derrick... Derrick posed to leave the show with close to six hundred grand

September 17, 2014 at 2:22 PM  

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