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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cody Leans Toward Dumping Caleb at Final 4

Cody's deep in thought... The seed Derrick planted Friday night about getting rid of Caleb at Final 4 and bringing Victoria to Final 3 has taken root, and Cody is thinking about what he'll say to Caleb when he votes him out.  As you'll recall, Caleb also offered to bring Cody to final 2 on Friday night, but I don't believe the offer even registered a blip on Cody's radar.

By the way, if anyone didn't realize that Derrick has spent the entire game grooming Victoria for Final 3, I'm sure there's a remedial BB class available somewhere.

**The following conversation is 100% contingent on Caleb not winning the PoV at Final 4, but we'll let that slide for the moment.

Saturday, September 13
Camera 3
Derrick and Cody
Derrick: Whatchu thinkin' about?
Cody: My speech to Caleb in the final 3 when I send him home.

Derrick: Dude, we don't have to do it..
Cody: I seriously am thinking about my speech when I send him home.
Derrick: So you're convinced..

Cody: I'm down with it.
Derrick: Well, I don't know what the right answer is.  That's why I tell you these things.
Cody: I know the easier way to the final 2 is with Victoria.  Is it the right thing to do?  I don't know, but I'd rather...
Derrick: Guarantee it.
Cody: Not even guarantee it, cuz it's not a guarantee.  Nothing is a guarantee, but I'd rather..

Derrick: It's not like we're choosing between Caleb or Nicole.
Cody: It's not like we're choosing between Caleb or Frankie.. It's choosing between Victoria and Caleb.  If Victoria ends up winning, I'll kick you square in your balls, but is it gonna happen? No.
Derrick: If she goes to the end and beats us, we need to kick each other in the balls.
Cody: Right. But I'll still kick you in the balls first.  Then you kick me afterwards.
Derrick: I'll kick you afterwards. But who has a better chance of doin' it?  Her or Caleb?
Cody: That's what I'm sayin'.  I'm just thinking of what I'm gonna say to him.  I'm literally just planning out my speech.
Derrick: I'm tryin' to think of the humps that we have left..
Cody: I wasn't saying it in a negative light at all.  I literally am just sitting here planning my speech.
Derrick: Oh nononono.. I'm not saying that either.  I'm about to say something positive.

Cody: Oh..
Derrick: I'm trying to thiunk of what other humps and hurdles we have to get to the final 2, and the only one I can think of is this next HoH and PoV.
Cody: This next HoH.  We need to win it. One of us need to win it.
Derrick: Yup.  Well, we're gonna.
Cody: One of us need to win it, because that would make sure that even if the Veto doesn't make it.. matter.
Derrick: As long as she doesn't beat us in the HoH,
Cody: ..she's not winning the Veto. I'm just trying to think of what the HoH could be.
**I'd be far more concerned about Caleb winning the PoV, personally.
Derrick: If it's a double evict (which it's not), it's gonna be Before and After.
Cody: But then what?  What if you and I get the first one wrong and she gets it right?
Derrick:  I think it's best out of 5.. but it could be.
Cody: 1st HG of you 3 to get 5 points is the next HoH?
Derrick:  Yeah. But let's say she does win, then..
Cody: Then one of us would have to win the Veto and send Caleb home.
Derrick: Correct.  Correct.  But if she wins HoH and he wins Veto, yeah, (**Noise alerts them that someone has come outside, and they transition effortlessly, as Caleb joins them) that'd be the only way where he would have an opportunity to talk shit about us.

Cody: I'll be very frustrated if it is a double...

And... End Scene. ;-)



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